I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 363

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Episode 363

“What did you just say?”

“that. that is… … . Lord Iron Blood came to visit.”

“… … .”

Taina Sater, the golden ball, put down the grape she was about to put in her mouth and blinked her eyes rather slowly.

This is a habit she often displays when organizing her thoughts.

Even if the golden ball, which has a quick mind, faces most difficult problems, it takes only two or three blinks to come to a reasonable conclusion… … .

This time, I couldn’t organize my thoughts until I blinked five or six times.

‘Steel-blooded baller?’

What is he doing in the South?

First of all, there is one thing in common: the five archdukes representing the empire, but other than that, there is no particular point of contact.

In the first place, the Golden Ball rarely left the southern region.

The last time I saw him was apparently five years ago, on His Majesty’s Birthday.

I remember even at that time, we exchanged a formal greeting or a word or two.

“I’m sure it’s Iron Blood Ball…” … . no.”

The golden ball stopped mid-sentence.

It was natural that no matter how far away from the system the southern part of the country was, there would be no idiots impersonating Iron Blood Ball.

The golden ball’s head rotated rapidly.

It can be said that there is almost no chance that an uninvited guest, a big man who came at an unexpected moment, came with good business.

Statistics say so, and my gut feeling says so too.

So it’s probably one of two things.

I brought bad news.

… Or maybe he smelled something.

“… … .”

Of course, a good businessman must have the ability to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

“… Say you are away for a moment. Two hours… no. “Please politely tell me to wait an hour.”

“Oh, I understand.”

The Golden Duke quickly ordered the maid to take a bubble bath and prepare her favorite golden dress.

Afterwards, I decorated my entire body with makeup. At first glance, it seemed like she only cared about how she dressed, but that wasn’t the only thing she did.

In the process of washing his body and decorating his whole body, the golden ball was able to organize his thoughts and formulate a plan… … .

“haha. Who is this? “I never thought I’d see it in the South.”

I was able to greet Sanghyeolgong with a truly happy face.

“It’s been a while.”

Sanghyeolgong nodded.

The golden ball looked at the opponent with his eyes for a moment.

‘It’s true.’

Dark hair and dark skin. Above all, those purple eyes that you cannot forget once you see them.

Aside from his clothing, his appearance is exactly the same as when I last saw him.

“I’m sorry for coming to visit you without notice.”

If you know that, just don’t come here.

The golden ball had that thought in mind, but he said it without showing it at all.

“It was nothing. The busiest nobleman in the empire came to visit me in person, which made me happy. then… … .”

Asking about the purpose of your visit right here is the worst of all.

The Golden Ball smiled slightly, hiding his inner self, and shook the bell that had been placed in advance.


As if waiting, the door opened, and servants began carrying food.

“I didn’t know what would suit my taste, so I prepared different types. “I know you have a short mouth, but I’d like you to at least have a taste.”

“hmm. “Thank you.”

The table was filled with enough food to make your upper legs bend. There was enough food for not two people, but twenty people.

I didn’t prepare this much because Golden Ball is a big eater.

It’s definitely not for bravado or showing off.

The moments when living things relax the most are when they sleep and when they eat.

There was a talent that was not Golden Ball’s talent; if you knew their taste for food, you could also figure out the other person’s tendencies to some extent.

For example, people who prefer bland food have a calm and relaxed mood.

If you like spicy or spicy food, you are likely to have a somewhat impatient personality. If you eat your food relatively quickly, that argument becomes even stronger.


“… … .”

Iron Blood Gong cut off each piece of food, put it in his mouth, moved his jaw meticulously about ten times, and then swallowed it.

And before eating new food, I lightly moistened my mouth with wine.

This task was repeated exactly 30 times, as many times as there were different types of food on the table.

“… … .”

It’s a sight that looks like it’s not a meal but a meal.

There were many great people in the world who would give even gold to taste the food in this palace.

Iron Blood Ball only moved his jaw in an inorganic manner, as if he couldn’t feel any taste from the food he put in his mouth.

“It was a good meal.”

“… “Thank goodness.”

The Golden Ball waved the bell again and sent out a plate containing food.

Originally, I had planned to prepare tea and dessert after the meal here, but the strategy has changed.



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This is because my spine has been strangely itchy since a while ago.

The Golden Ball opened his mouth with the thought that it would not be a good idea to wait any longer.

“so? “Why did you suddenly come to the south without warning?”

“I’m just here to do my job as a Sanghyeolgong.”

The words came out as expected, but the Golden Ball deliberately frowned without showing it.

“You mean the church? Of course, I am aware of them, but… They’re like maggots that won’t die even if you kill them. Don’t you know much better than me? “Their behavior is not something you can stop if you want to.”

This is especially true in a land mass as large as the South.

“But at least in my city, Airuga, they can’t run wild. “I guarantee this much.”

“… … .”

Sanghyeolgong said nothing.

All I could do was stare at the golden ball with eyes that could not tell what was inside.

And when the silence began to feel uncomfortable, the mouth that had been tightly closed opened.

“For example, even if the leader of the dark church dies and all the priests die… … . “It will take at least several decades for the church to completely disappear from the empire.”

“that… “That could be possible.”

Literally at least several decades.

It may take close to a hundred years.

That’s why the current church is so deeply rooted in the empire. Deep enough to be considered a community at first glance.

“So I’m just doing what I can.”

“What can you do?”

“To root out evil.”

The calm voice gave me goosebumps for the first time. She didn’t contain any mana, even though she didn’t even have life.

“Before I came here, I stopped by Sandstorm Hill. “The dwarves joined hands with the church.”

“what? Then they… … .”

“They treated me like a criminal.”

This means that almost everyone was killed.

The golden ball had a headache.

‘I wonder how much hundreds of dwarf craftsmen are worth… … .’

I suppressed the urge to sigh.

okay. As a citizen of the empire, he joined hands with the church. He’s definitely a sinner.

But what would the Golden Ball have done if it were him?

Rather, he would have taken advantage of that fact.

Hundreds of dwarf craftsmen who can exploit their weaknesses to their heart’s content?

If you could treat those arrogant and self-indulgent guys as you wish, how much profit would you be able to create from it?

Even if there had been just a little bit of flexibility, those profits would have rolled in.

It has nothing to do with Sanghyeolgong.

This man sees the world in stark black and white logic.

Was it related to the denomination?

Or is it not related?

“The reason I came here today is to ask for some permission and cooperation from you.”

“… “Some permission and cooperation.”

“There’s a big guy in the South now.”

“If you are a big person worthy of coming in person, are you a priest?”

“no. “It’s still a guess, but it’s probably a higher being than that.”

“… … .”

In the Dark Church, there are only two beings higher than the priests.

And the golden ball is somehow the entity that this man is referring to… I thought that it might be something that no one in the empire had a clue about yet.

‘if so… … .’

Interfering with the Iron Blood Ball’s event now might mean risking one’s life.

“It looks like we’ll cause quite a bit of trouble to find him, but I think we should tell him in advance rather than notify him after the fact. First of all, you own jurisdiction over this area, including Airuga, right? Including the Rahilde labor station.”

“… yes.”

At the mention of Rahilde, the labor station chief, mentioned in passing, my head went cold again.

The golden ball took a moment to gather his thoughts.

The Iron Blood Ball’s goal went far beyond expectations, but that didn’t mean it would interfere with the plan.

In fact, it may be possible to use it more actively.

“… Of course, it would be all the better if the influence of the denomination in the south were reduced. “But there is one thing that holds me back.”

“Say it.”

“I have a business that I am very serious about right now. “It’s about Rahilde you just mentioned.”

Sanghyeolgong nodded.

“I know you care a lot.”

“It’s not that bad. Depending on what happens to Rahilde, my title may change from Golden Duke to Diamond Duke.”

He said it with a hint of a joke, but of course, not even a faint smile appeared on this blunt man’s face.

The Golden Ball said with a dull expression on his face.

“Do you know how I got the name Golden Ball?”

“… … .”

“Even half a century ago, you couldn’t find work in the South. The only way to not starve in this barren land was to go out into the middle of the desert with a sword and fight monsters. “Even if I risk my life and fight, I only have enough money to buy one meal.”

The golden ball laughed.

“I didn’t do anything big. We just built a road around this Iruga. By hiring people who can’t find work. What happens after… There wasn’t any noise, but we somehow managed to calm it down and we got to where we are now. “This is the way I pursue it.”

“Are you talking about utilizing surplus manpower?”

“That’s accurate. And the core of Rahild Workyard is the prisoners.”


“It’s about giving the glorious right to work for the empire to those who would normally be worthless.”

“… … .”

“But recently, they’ve been detecting some suspicious movements.”

“Is it half term?”

The Golden Ball’s smile deepened, and he spoke in a soft voice.

“When we loosened management regulations a bit to expand the business, they immediately tried to rip off the owner. This is why these shallow bastards… … .”

“… … .”

“I can do anything you want in the South. If you are a member of the church, you will not be reprimanded for cutting off anyone’s head, and there will be no restrictions on your movements. “Instead, would you like to be my face for a while?”

The golden ball knows.

Iron Blood Ball’s gaze is only directed at the church members.

therefore… … .

You will never be able to refuse this offer.

“… … .”

And Sanghyeolgong laughed.

* * *

“Anyway, the rough situation is like this.”

“… … .”

After Seren finished speaking, Ludvik and I fell silent as if we had come together.

Both of them were probably trying to organize their thoughts.

I’m not sure what Delac’s intentions are now.

However, I knew that for the time being, he would have his own thoughts and move alone.

‘… Although he is not dangerous if left alone.’

I feel strangely uncomfortable because I can’t guess what’s going on inside. Did you bring them all the way to the South for no reason?

I thought about it for a moment, but there is no point in regretting it now.

“I understand first of all. The information is impeccable. great job.”

“It was nothing.”

“Master asked for information about the Gold Fairy, right? “Do you want me to tell you right now?”

“… … .”

Then Seren thought about something and glanced at me.

I was shocked for a moment.

Could it be that this guy also discovered my identity?

“Before that, there are a few things I’d like to ask.”


“What crime did this lizardman commit?”

“Protest. I dared to rebel against Badniker’s event. “I can’t go into detail because it’s an internal situation.”

“Protest… … .”

Seren, who had been mulling over the word for a moment and muttering, spoke.

“I have something new to offer. “Please hand this lizardman over to me.”

“… what?”

“Friend, I will buy it.”

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