I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 362

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Episode 362

At that moment, Ludwig approached me and struck my face with the sheath of his sword.


My head turned, and Ludwig spoke in a raspy voice.

“Hey, half-breed. Who opened the spout arbitrarily? Shut your mouth and keep quiet. “You sinner.”

‘Hey… … .’

As expected, brother Ludwig.

His acting skills are killer, including his murderous expression and voice.

Now that I think about it, my current status is that of a prisoner of a different race.

Just being of a different race is despised, and just being a prisoner is despised, so I am a combination of the two.

In general, union is a man’s dream, and in most cases, it creates positive synergy… … .

In the current case, evil and evil are mixed together to create the worst evil.

And James, the knight of Badniker, would not look kindly on me for daring to rebel against Iron Blood Prince.

‘then… … .’

I bit my cheek lightly, making blood flow from the corner of my mouth. It was for dramatic production.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

“… … .”

I saw myself answering briefly… no.

The guy who had a 90% chance of being Seren looked at it with meaningful eyes. The atmosphere seemed to have become somewhat colder.

And Ludwig pretended not to be like that, observing the figure carefully with snake-like eyes.

‘Ohh… … .’

They were trying to figure out Seren’s tendencies by deliberately being rude to people of a different race.

Since the opponent is the master of a secret information guild, it would be better to have at least one piece of information.

Of course, to me, who knew all the details, it was a comedy unfolding at close range.

“Shh-hyeon? Sigh… … . hmm. That’s an unusual name. Is it Eastern style?”

Ludwig muttered to himself and continued.

“Then how should I call you? Mr. Si? Or Mr. Hyun?”

“Call me whatever you feel comfortable with.” However, Sihyeon is my name.”

“okay? Then just call me Master. “It’s really hard to pronounce.”

When Ludwig said that, Sihyeon nodded and was silent for a moment.

“… … .”

And I was once again bewildered.

‘… Really, what kind of situation is this?’

To sum up, the three of us were now in a situation where we had hidden our original identities.

Seren probably didn’t know that we were both disguised… … .

Ludwig only knows my identity.

Lastly, I am the only person in the room who knows everyone’s identity.

In other words, out of the three of us, only I have an overwhelming advantage.

‘… ‘Do you feel pretty good?’

anyway… … .

Ludvik and Seren are both trustworthy characters, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can cooperate.

That’s because both of them are great people with strong self-consciousness.

Right now, Ludwig even pulled out his sword to stop me a few days ago.

So how should we use this monopoly on information?

First of all, I think we need to know why Seren became the master of the Southern Intelligence Guild.

By the way, why did this guy choose Sihyeon as his pseudonym?

After thinking about it for a while, I thought that maybe that was also a clue that Seren left for me.

So, this guy also prepared insurance in case he crossed paths with me.

I am probably the only person in this world who knows about the unique name ‘Sihyeon’.

That means… … .

Wasn’t Seren in a situation where she couldn’t come to the north from the beginning?

He couldn’t keep his promise, and because of that, he was deliberately working under the name ‘Sihyeon’ in case I came all the way to the south.

If we roughly assume this, it makes sense.

“Have you eaten? “This place may look shabby, but the owner’s cooking skills are quite good.”

“it’s okay. “Let’s talk about work first.”

Seren gently dismissed Ludvik’s sly suggestion and took out a document from her arms.

“Take it.”

“What’s this?”

“This is information about Marcus, one of the officials at Rahilde Workyard. It contains information about how you look, what you do during the day, and what luxury items you prefer. For reference, other information… … . For example, if you want to know about family history, personal preferences, female history, etc., an additional fee will be charged.”

“Hmm… … . I understand first of all. “Just think about it.”

“Of course.”

“Can I check this now?”

“of course.”

At those words, Ludwig received a rather thick document and flipped through it as if he were skimming it.

Even though it may seem like they are just skimming through the documents, they are actually checking the contents of the documents more thoroughly than anyone else and looking for anything unusual.

After a while, Ludwig, who had read the document in an instant, nodded.

“I heard that [Bastard] has a tight grip on Airuga’s information source, but that’s completely false.”

“It was nothing. By the way, he wouldn’t have been able to properly tour this city in half a day, so he heard such a rumor. “It seems that our hard work so far was not in vain.”



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“… … .”

A heavy silence fell for a moment at Seren’s naturally virtuous words.

‘… ‘You already know when we arrived?’

I glanced at it to see if Ludwig had said it in advance, and it seemed like that wasn’t the case.

Because this guy had a smile on his face to hide his agitation.

Of course, I wasn’t really hiding my whereabouts, but as Seren just said, it hasn’t even been half a day since I set foot in Airuga.

In other words, Bastard has its eyes and ears planted throughout this huge city.

‘You didn’t come to organize information, but rather to hear a report on our whereabouts?’

Actually, it is not a surprising reaction.

Seren doesn’t really like her family, Goodspring, but she probably doesn’t have any good feelings about Badniker either.

Rather, they are people who need to be more cautious due to their status, so it is not strange for them to be suspicious of the sudden contact from James, a member of the Iron Blood Knights.

Seren’s eyes glanced at me.

“Is this the Lizardman that Sir James wants to hand over to the workhouse?”

“that’s right. Since he committed a serious crime, I want him to rot in a labor camp for 30 years… … .”

“… … .”

30 years is no different from telling the Lizardmen to rot there for almost their entire lives.

This is because the lifespan of this lizard species is not very long.

Ludwig shook his head slightly and said.

“… Honestly, I don’t understand the situation. Rahild Workyard is a hell of a place for sinners, comparable to Northern Utgarde, the final station… Wasn’t it some kind of place? But did I understand correctly that you have to pay a bribe to hand over the prisoner?”

“That’s right. Of course, the driver was not mistaken. “It hasn’t even been 10 years since the worksite changed.”

10 years ago is relatively recent.

Ludwig frowned.

“How exactly has it changed?”

“… … .”

Seren was silent for a moment.

It felt like a silence to break the flow at this point, rather than to really organize what to say.

“… Do you know anything about the place where the labor yard was built?”

“Ra-hirudaras. Above the capital of an ancient nation called the Golden Country.”

“That’s right. Although it is now covered in sand and weathered, many valuable treasures were actually discovered at the ancient site. “I’m sure everyone knows this by now.”

“What next?”

“About 10 years ago, monsters started appearing under the sand at the workhouse.”


“That’s right.”

Seren continued.

“I still haven’t figured out the exact identity of the monster, but I heard that most of its appearances are similar to insects. Some say it was simply an ancient species sleeping under the sand, while others say it was an experiment to protect the royal family of Ra-Hirudaras. Whatever it was, this unidentified monster was quite strong.”

“If strong, how much?”

Seren thought for a moment and said.

“… There was a scarab with a shell that glittered like gold. It was roughly the size of this inn, and twenty-five people died and twice that many were seriously injured in subduing the monster. Even though among the people who participated, there were A-class mercenaries, former knights, and even wizards.”

“… … .”

Isn’t that level of power equivalent to a normal A-level mercenary group?

By Heros standards, it’s almost like a class A monster has appeared.

For reference, Class A monsters are monsters that are dangerous enough to destroy several villages on their own, excluding monsters that have gone too far, such as the Jewel Tree of the Jewel Mountains.

At least guys like Oh, Manticore, and Drake.

However, if the insect monster that appeared while excavating the relic was that strong… … .

“Shouldn’t we close the labor camp immediately and request reinforcements from the imperial family or Heros?”

Ludwig put my thoughts exactly into words.

Seren nodded calmly, as if expecting such a reaction.

“It would have been so if the only thing that came out was monsters.”

“… … ?”

“The important thing is that with their appearance, the results of excavating artifacts were sparked.”

Ludwig asked with a puzzled look.

“It’s on fire?”

“Before the appearance of demons, the number of relics excavated was usually around 5 to 6 per year.”

Although it may seem like a small amount considering the investment of thousands of workers, it is actually natural.

The size of the labor yard was large, and if the excavation of relics had been efficient in the first place, it would not have been used as a labor yard for prisoners.

The empire must have pushed harder and placed experts there.

“But after the appearance of the monster, the situation has completely changed. The number of artifacts discovered in the year the monster appeared was exactly 137. “Even with a low estimate, the discovery rate has increased by more than 2,000 percent.”

“… … !”

“Of course, not all of the excavated artifacts were usable… … .”

Seren added slightly, but that didn’t lessen the surprise.

The value of ancient relics, of course, varies greatly depending on the type, but if it is an item from the Kingdom of Gold, it can be worth over several hundred gold.

The expensive ones could be several times that much, or even tens of times more. Depending on the type, you can build a castle with just one relic.

If more than 100 such items are unearthed in a year… … .

‘It’s a real gold mine?’

Seren said.

“To put it simply, risking death has become worth it. Afterwards, Rahilde Labor Yard was transformed into a place with a completely different value than before. Now, a systematic system has been established.”

“It might be possible if the relics pour out that much. But does the imperial family know about that?”

“of course. “In the first place, most of the relics excavated from labor camps are destined for the imperial family.”

This means that the current operation of the labor camp is legal.

Ludwig’s expression slowly began to harden, as if he was beginning to feel that the place called the labor camp was very strange.

“I understand the situation. But what does it mean that a bribe is needed to put a prisoner in a workhouse?”

“… … .”

Then Seren’s eyes glanced at me.

Ludwig, realizing the meaning of the gaze, nodded.

“You can just say it. This guy won’t be able to resist us at all, and no one will believe him even if he talks about it. “They are of a different race.”

“Can’t you trust someone of your own race?”

“Look at the pattern on the face. I’m an exiled lizardman. “He was abandoned even by his own people.”

“… okay.”

Seren nodded and said.

“Let’s say a prisoner who enters a workhouse is lucky enough to obtain an artifact. After appraising it, it was found to be a fairly rare artifact, so its value was set at around 1,000 gold… … . Then half of it, or 50%, will be taken by the empire.”

You bastards.

I’m eating too much.

“The remaining 30% goes to the labor master, and the remaining 200% goes to the prisoner’s sponsor.”

“A sponsor?”

“If we put this lizardman in the workhouse, Sir James will become this prisoner’s official sponsor. “If we assume the calculations we just made, about 200 gold will be in Sir James’ hands.”

“… … .”

My mind became dizzy with a system that was far beyond my imagination.

I expected that the workhouse would have its own system, but isn’t this a bit excessive?

Ludwig burst into laughter.

“That’s fun. So, there is no role for prisoners to fight monsters directly in the workhouse and search for relics?”

“First of all, yes, but a sponsor who has earned income can put in an annuity fund. It is a system to encourage motivation. “There are many things to spend money on, even in the workhouse.”

“… “Wow.”

Now I’m finally getting a feel for the situation at the labor camp.

After hearing the story, I frowned.

‘This… In fact, the situation might get worse.’

I thought that Gustav’s arrival at the Rahhild work camp was a much worse development than his arrival at the Utgard camp.

If so many interests are intertwined over labor sites, there are bound to be many loopholes in the system.

That’s exactly what Seren said just now.

This means that as long as you have money, you can send as many prisoners as you want to the labor camp.

And for Gustav, who was called Big Boss in the West, these muddy fights were his main field.

From the beginning, he must have been a person who played around with the law and made a fortune.

“okay. I know there’s some crazy shit going on in the South. This neighborhood is more rotten than you think. But Guild Master, weren’t you speaking too hastily?”

“What does it mean?”

“What if I report this story to Badniker? “The head of the family is not the kind of person who will turn a blind eye to such violations.”

“The reputation of the Iron Blood Duke is well-known even in the South. But he also won’t be able to interfere in this matter.”

The corner of Ludwig’s mouth quirked up.

“Can you take responsibility for that?”

Depending on how you accept it, you may judge it as belittling the power of the Iron Blood Dukes and, by extension, the Badniker family.

Even though Seren probably doesn’t know that fact, he continues speaking with a calm expression.

“The person who is currently Rahilde’s successor is a man comparable to him. Sir James must have heard of it. “About the lord of Airuga.”

Ludwig frowned.

“… Golden Ball Taina Sater.”

“yes. “He is currently overseeing the business of Rahilde Labor Yard.”

“No matter how golden the ball is, it cannot stop the matriarch’s event. “Everyone in the empire knows who the person His Majesty the Emperor trusts most is.”

“I guess so. But even so, Iron Blood Lord won’t move.”

“What do you believe and are confident about?”

Seren was silent for a moment and then sighed lightly.

“Originally, the information on this matter was… … . “You need to receive at least a few dozen gold, but I’ll tell you especially since Sir James is a member of Badniker.”


“Two days ago, Iron Blood Lord came to this Iruga. He immediately visited Yeongju Castle and had a private meeting with the Golden Duke.”

“… … !”

Ludwig and I’s eyes widened.

This is because I had no idea that I would hear from Seren the details of the Sanghyeolgong’s whereabouts that I had missed.

“No one knows what the conversation was about. However, on the night that Iron Blood Prince visited, Golden Duke was said to have held the largest banquet of the year.”

“… … .”

“Do you understand now?”

Seren looked at us and said.

“Dong Iron Blood also condoned the work of the Rahilde labor station.”

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