I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 361

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Episode 361

I looked at Ludwig with a puzzled look for a moment. Are you lying? Or maybe you’re just kidding.

But at a time like this, he wasn’t a great person to talk nonsense about a topic like this. Because Ludwig was not oblivious.

“… … .”

Since I was speechless, Ludwig also became more serious and asked me with a somewhat puzzled look.

“What did your father say?”

“He said I look like his older brother.”

“Did you really say that?”


“Aren’t you talking about someone else? So, not a blood relative, but another older acquaintance.”

For a moment, I thought about what Sanghyeolgong said.

– You really don’t look like me. You look more like your brother than me.

“… I don’t think so. “The flow of the conversation itself didn’t feel like that.”

People started saying that he looked like him or something, so it was highly likely that he was talking about his older brother.

Ludwig also looked puzzled as if the mystery had deepened at my words, but soon he raised his hands and said,

“Let’s stop. Even if we talk about this among ourselves, it doesn’t mean anything. “The range of guesses is so wide that if you make a mistake, you will end up in trouble.”

“hmm… … .”

“If you’re really curious, let’s ask my father again when he comes.”

“Is that so?”

We nodded and left, preparing to set up camp right here.

But Ludwig, who had just unfolded his sleeping bag, paused and said.

“… But now that I think about it, is it okay to camp like this near the sandstorm hill? “It’s a place where sandworms lurk.”

“This is a rocky area, so it’s okay. “Sandworms don’t like places like this.”

“ah. “It’s worth it since he’s the one who digs and moves the hole.”

Ludwig was convinced and looked at me with sad eyes.

“But how do you know that?”

“I saw it in a book.”

“ah. “Yes.”

Ludwig, who wasn’t convinced at all, went ahead and set up his sleeping bag, started a fire, and we grilled the little dried beef jerky we had left over the fire.

After a simple meal, I sat on a rock and looked up at the sky.

Strangely, I couldn’t sleep, so I spent some time focusing my eyes on a group of stars.

The peaceful time passed quickly as I took in the night sky with my eyes and thought about the future with my head.

At some point, as if the world had been accelerated, the darkness encroaching on the sky was concentrated in one corner, and a faint purple ray of light appeared on the other side.

“… … .”

Dawn dawned.

And by then Delac had not returned.

* * *

The southern metropolis of Airuga.

In this barren land, it is the only city with a commercial district that can be called a downtown, and it is also the place that southerners naturally think of when they think of a big city.

Of course, it is also a transportation hub, making it a hub where you can reach anywhere in the south relatively easily.

The same goes for the destination, Rahilde Labor Yard.

Ludwig and I eventually reached this place without finding Delak.

We searched around the sandstorm hill for a day or two, but there was no significant results.

If Sanghyeolgong decided to hide in the first place, how many people would be able to find traces of him?

‘If there are no traces, it means that nothing special happened.’

It’s really unlikely, but if something happened – for example, if you engaged in a fight with an unknown person and got seriously injured in the process – naturally, traces would have been left here and there.

In other words, it means that Sanghyeolgong left the group of his own accord.

I feel uncomfortable because I don’t know what the intention is, but… … .

Since I wasn’t the kind of person who would be dangerous if left alone, I had no choice but to move according to my purpose, and that’s how Ludvik and I reached Airuga in five days.

‘… … .’

Airuga is also the city where I mainly stayed before returning.

Of course, because it was a big city, prices were extremely high, but compared to other areas in the south, it had a strong sense of people living there.

It is a place where the minimum economy and security are secured.

I said all this because it is also the only place in the south where a branch of [De Malin Tea Shop] is located.

Of course, a person with no skills was forced to stay in a big city, so Luan Badniker had no choice but to spend most of his life penniless before returning.

“Is this Airuga? “It’s busier than you think?”

“… … .”

Ludvik, newly disguised, whistled as he looked at Iruga.

Currently, Ludwig is disguised as Sir James, a member of the Iron Blood Knights under Badnickerker.

First of all, it is a temporary status that was hastily prepared to put Luzad, who rebelled against the Iron Blood Duke’s wishes, in a labor camp.

It was inevitable because of Delac’s sudden departure, but Ludwig was sad that he could no longer dress up as Aibel.

I don’t understand, but if it’s a hobby, you should respect it.

‘Hmm… … . ‘I wonder if it’s still there.’

I naturally took the lead, remembering the inn where I stayed for a long time before returning.

Because it’s a big city, it took some time just to get there.

In the meantime, I saw a southern street that was somewhat different from what I remembered.

Even though it was a big city, there weren’t even roads built on the streets.

Humans, dwarves, and various other races walked on that yellow road. Although it was a place with many of the aforementioned races, beastmen, giants, and fairies were also seen occasionally.



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What they have in common is that most of them are covered in scars, have dirty looks, and walk around with their shoulders strained on the streets.

Even though it looks a bit comical, it doesn’t matter.

A mercenary group is a group of people who make a living based on their name and reputation.

Even if it’s a minor dispute, we can’t show that we are inferior to anyone, or even to the same industry.

So wherever you go on the streets of the South, you can often see childish arguments and fistfights.

“You pudgy bastard, you had a good day today.”

“Who cares what to say, you idiot!”

There were dwarves and fairies fighting in the streets, shaking their fists.

People around me whistled and watched the scene. Some people even bet on who would win.

The moment I secretly bet on the dwarf side… … .

A security guard who appeared to be a security guard appeared on the street.

“… … .”

The security guard, who had a somewhat slovenly appearance, yawned when he saw the fight taking place in the middle of the street and just passed by.

‘Nothing has changed.’

Actually, that’s the southern average.

As long as you don’t pull out a knife on the street, most of the disturbance is ignored.

I understand.

This city has long ago surpassed the controllable level.

If you try to forcefully control the impatient and foul-tempered mercenaries, a bigger disaster may occur.



“under! “You foolish bastard!”

Meanwhile, the dwarf who won the fight smiled fiercely and spit out bloody spit.

“… … .”

Several people around nodded and wrote something.

Those guys are commission brokers.

These are the guys who evaluate the skills of mercenary groups and recommend groups that are suitable for their clients.

They may seem like pitiful middlemen who eat up commissions, but in reality, it is not such an easy industry.

Information in the mercenary industry changes all the time.

It is not unusual here for a mercenary group that had a great reputation until last night to be wiped out the next day.

The petty fights that take place on the streets like this are one of the ways to guess the power of the mercenary group.

“Get out of my way, you slugs!”

“You bastard. What are you staring at so stupidly? Should I pluck out your eyes?”

Like those guys walking around this huge street like it was their own home.

I felt slightly welcomed.

The well-built mercenaries were wearing quite luxurious equipment for a mercenary, and each one of them had a one-eyed mark engraved on their armor.

Those guys are the Cyclops mercenaries.

The most famous and powerful mercenary group in the South.

“What are you?”

“… … .”

They stood in front of me.

Since they were advancing across a wide street in the form of a siege, they had no choice but to collide.

“Look at this guy? “It’s an interesting-looking lizard.”

“I know. “This is my first time seeing black scales.”

“Tsk tsk. Should I catch them and sell them to a circus or something? “I think it will be salty.”

The mercenaries who were flirting with me seemed to be talking vulgar words at first glance, but were scanning my whole body with cold eyes.

They are checking which mercenary group they belong to.

Of course, there are no mercenary marks on my body.

Luzard’s official status is that of a free mercenary.

A cynicism crossed the faces of the Cyclops mercenaries who realized this.

“What are you looking at?”

“… … .”

“Stop glaring and get out of here, monster.”

Monster is, of course, a derogatory term for a different race.

The Cyclops mercenary group was a mercenary group that advocated pure-bloodism, and for that reason, they were particularly hostile to other races.

“Excuse me.”

I nodded my head and moved out of the way, and the mercenary snorted and passed me by, hitting me hard on the shoulder.

Anyway, considering his nature.

‘You should consider yourself lucky.’

If it had been Luan, he would have made a fuss here, but Luzard, the lone Lizardman warrior, has the same heart as Hahae, so he doesn’t get caught up in this kind of controversy… … .

Anyway, after that, I was able to reach my destination without any major incidents.

I arrived at an inn full of memories, [the last glass of wine of my life].


When I opened the door and entered, the inside was so quiet that the noisy southern streets felt like a different world.

Due to the nature of the southern inn, it also doubled as a bar, and it wasn’t like there were no customers on the first floor… … .

Most of them were quietly drinking.

It has to be that way.

Most of the guests at this inn are people who get angry at any disturbance.

“… … .”

There were some eyes looking at me as a newcomer, but they disappeared after a while.

“here is… … .”

I nodded.

What caught a glimpse of us were orcs, lizardmen, and goblins… … . So, they were all of different races.

It’s not strange.

That’s because from the beginning, this was an inn mainly used by people of different races.

The man sitting at the counter, that is, the owner of this bar, had an appearance that did not suit such a place.

“… … .”

If it were not for the clothes he was wearing, his elegant appearance, which would have been mistaken for a nobleman, was not much different from what I remembered.

I smiled and looked at Bacchus, the bar owner.

“What would you like to eat?”

Bacchus said bluntly while wiping his glass.

“Give me anything. Mainly meat. And I’ll take a room as well.”

“How long are you planning to stay?”

“Just for one day.”

“3 silver.”

The cost of one meal per day was extremely expensive, but this is a relatively reasonable price at Airuga.

When I, who didn’t have any money, looked at Ludwig, he took money out of his pocket and handed it to me.

“Can I eat my meal in my room?”

“It doesn’t matter, but please bring your own food.”

I nodded at Bacchus’ words.

After waiting a bit, I took the food and went up to the second floor.

The only thing in the room was a hard stone bed and a shabby table.

There were no chairs.

One person will have to sleep on the floor, but it doesn’t really matter.

Perhaps because the lizard man had a tail, it was more comfortable to sleep on the floor than on a bed.


Only after closing the door did Ludwig open his mouth.

“It’s an amazing place. There are only two different races, but the owner is human, looks neat, but speaks rudely, and seems quite strong. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t know either. Still, he must be an unusual person.”

“hmm… … . “Looking at the fact that they brought me in, it looks like they don’t only do business with people of different races.”


In the past, I stayed at this inn for a long time thanks to the relatively low price, but the owner, Bacchus, pretended not to be like that and took good care of me.

Even if I couldn’t pay the rent for a day or two, they waited for me, and when I was starving due to a bad mission, they brought me leftover food.

Of course, even though I was like that at the time, I still had some ugly pride left, so I insulted Bacchus… …

The man didn’t seem to be offended by my immature attitude.

So, to sum it up in one word -.

The bar owner, Bacchus, can be said to be my benefactor, to whom I owed a great deal before returning.

‘But it feels a bit strange… … .’

Looking at Bacchus with a different perspective from the childish Luan of the past, I felt strangely strange.

Aside from the peculiarities as a person mentioned by Ludwig, should I say that it is a feeling of discomfort? Should I call it déjà vu?

… Of course, it feels quite ambiguous, so there is a high possibility that it is my mistake.

Meanwhile, Ludwig, who had finished eating, spoke.

“I’m going to take a moment to find out about the labor camp. What do you do?”

“I’ll stay here for a while.”

“good. “I’ll be back before the sun sets.”

He nodded, and Ludwig left.

I went down to the first floor, ordered a drink and a few snacks, ate them alone, and quietly enjoyed the nostalgia for the first time in a long time.

Even though it was inside the store, the air was somewhat acrid and muggy. I tasted steamed scorpions, something I had never even dreamed of in the past, and watched the mercenaries passing by outside the window.

Then, I heard the voice of a Lizardman whispering at me.

“Are they of the same race…?” … ?”

“no. Look at the pattern on the face. “He is an outcast.”


This was also what I intended.

If I became deeply entangled with the Lizardmen, my identity might be revealed, so I engraved the emblem of an outcast, which they were reluctant to do.

Anyway, after spending such a quiet but satisfying time, Ludwig returned shortly.

I said, wiping the remaining sip of beer into my mouth.

“Did it work out well?”

“hmm… … . Shall we go up first?”

“… … ?”

His expression seems a bit stiff, but it may not be because he is used to hiding his true colors.

I went back up to the room with Ludwig.


Ludwig opened his mouth only after closing the curtains, checking the next room, and looking both above and below.

“… “I knew the South was corrupt, but it was beyond my imagination.”

“What do you mean?”

“I heard you need a bribe to contact the labor yard manager?”

I blinked my eyes.



“What a bribe.”

“I don’t know the details either. But listening to his tone, I didn’t think of Rahilde as just a prisoner or a workhouse where debt collectors were dragged away. rather… … .”

Ludwig thought for a moment and said.

“rather… An arena where only those with proven qualifications can enter? A bonanza land full of gold? “I guess that’s what it feels like.”

“… … .”

“I’m not sure, so let’s wait for now.”


“The Information Guild. The information is accurate and, above all, it is quick. “The drawback is that it is difficult to contact and expensive.”

“Then you must have spent some money.”

“I thought so, but not this time. They treated me kindly because I was a member of the Badknicker Iron Blood Knights. “He said he had a few questions to ask.”

“Do you want to ask me something?”

“That’s the fun part… … . “They were curious about ‘Luan Badniker.’”

I blinked my eyes.

I almost reflexively said, “Me?”

Ludwig laughed and said.

“Why are you so surprised? Information about Gold Fairy Luan is currently very valuable. He is the young hero who attracts the most attention in the Empire, and there is even talk that he may be Badniker’s actual successor… … . “For an information guild, this is a mouth-watering sauce.”

I see.

It felt like I couldn’t understand it, but it wasn’t something to argue with and I just nodded.

Then I looked at Ludwig’s face and asked.

“But you’re waiting? “Are you sure you’re coming here?”

“that’s right. “They said they just cleaned things up and came back quickly.”

At that moment, an exquisite knock was heard.

“come in.”

With Ludwig’s permission, the door opens… … .

Soon, a person completely wrapped in a mask and robe appeared.


This is literally what comes to mind when I think of an information guild member.

“Are you Sir James?”

But why is the voice strangely familiar?


“I have the information you mentioned.”

“It’s good because it’s fast.”

Ludwig nodded in satisfaction… I felt a strange sense of discomfort again.

I narrowed my eyes and watched this person as if searching… … .

I asked suddenly.

“What is your name?”

“… … .”

Then the guild member who was looking at me glanced at Ludvik, then looked directly at me again and said.

“The introduction is late. “My name is Sihyeon, and I am the master of the information guild [Bastard].”

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