I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 360

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Episode 360

There are times when notoriety can be used, and now is that moment.

At this point, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to separate Luzard from the group.

The story goes that a Lizardman mercenary who happened to be staying in this village dared to disrupt the Iron Blood Ball’s event.

First of all, it was not a light crime since it was a direct defiance of the imperial duke’s will. I don’t know, but it won’t be difficult to go to the labor camp.

“That can’t be… … .”

“This is so unfair.”

Of course, the dwarves who had already given me the blame did not seem to be easily convinced.

I slowly turned around, looking at the crying dwarves.

“Live well, everyone.”

“… Vulcan, will we ever meet again?”

“… … .”

Of course, that will be difficult.

This way I go to the workhouse. Throwing oneself into a cave completely cut off from the outside world.

If things go well there and I kill Gustav or something, I’ll leave the south… … .

Naturally, the name of Lizardman Luzard will disappear beneath the sand.

“If Vulcan is looking down on us, we can do that.”

I responded with a cliché and left the sandstorm hills behind.

The dwarves didn’t catch me.

* * *

The black-scaled Lizardman left, and silence fell among the remaining dwarves.

The flames that covered the entire sandstorm hill have now died down as there is nothing left to burn.

The somewhat darkened hill was immersed in silence, but it was not a gloomy and heavy silence.

The tension lingered between them as if something big was about to happen.

Konjian opened his mouth.

“What are you going to do now?”

Konzian’s gaze was directed towards the oldest dwarf.

He is a dwarf who performed the duties of a master before becoming Master Visid.

Since Visid is dead, we can say that the old man is the leader of Sandstorm Hill.

said the old man.

“Vulkan said that reunion would be difficult. Probably so. From now on, in this vast desert, you will have to engage in a cat-and-mouse chase with the Iron Blood Ball… … .”

“That’s for us too, right?”

“okay. He said that if he didn’t attract attention, Sangvis might come after us… … .”

In other words, that lizardman was prepared to die.

How is that possible?

No matter how ‘Vulcan’ he is, he risks his life for a dwarf he has never met.

Once again, emotion flashed across the dwarves’ faces.

A young dwarf said.

“I just can’t understand it! “We can’t let ‘Vulkan’, who has only appeared in hundreds of years, go like this!”

“you’re right! “We have to stop it somehow!”

Hearing the voices of the young people, the old man sighed with a stern face and said.

“I also agree. Vulkan… He is our dwarf hero. Not heroes who appear in legends or tales, but heroes who actually saved our lives. “I can never let you die like this.”


“We need to spread this news. At least we dwarves should know what he looks like. Even though ‘Vulkan’ said it wasn’t the time yet… … .”

“… … .”

“When that ‘time’ comes, he will definitely lose his life. “Then it will be too late.”

The old man said, looking around with a stern expression.

“You-all… … . Are you ready to let go of the hammer for a while?”

* * *

Leaving Sandstorm Dune behind… … .

After walking for a while, I realized that there was a weapon hanging on my waist.


They just brought Myeongryonga with them.

[Okay! Vulcan!]

It’s a surprise.

I calmed my startled heart and criticized Vulcan.

‘Oh, please turn on your blinkers and come in.’

[What is a blinker?]

‘Iknow, right.’

I don’t know if he was just copying the third brother’s speaking habits.

‘Before you say anything, please at least give me a notice. Or lower your voice a little.’

[hmm! Keep that in mind!]

Vulcan answered in a voice that was completely unconcerned.

‘Anyway, what do you mean by Vulcan? ‘Isn’t that acting over now?’

Then Vulcan answered with a straight face.

[Uh huh! Acting! With my excellent insight, foresight, and magical powers, I have appointed you as God’s messenger! Moreover, my devotees have even witnessed your manipulation of my breath! You are now a true name, ‘Vulcan’, the messenger of Vulcan!]

‘… … .’

[To commemorate you becoming my messenger, I will give you that bright dragon! Mmm haha!]



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While Vulcan burst out laughing happily, I narrowed my eyes and said.

‘Are you hiding something?’

[what?! How dare you insult God!]

‘I heard people get angry when something bothers them.’

[This Vulcan is not a man, but a god!]

‘You’re changing your language.’

[…] … .]

‘If you don’t tell me honestly, will I just take it to the temple and throw away this form, Myeongryong?’

Actually, I didn’t intend to do that, but somehow, wouldn’t this level of bravado be enough to bring out Vulcan’s true intentions?

Vulcan, who had been hesitant about my threat, cleared his throat loudly.

[Hmm… … ! Do you know! That this is a time of sorrow!]

‘Age of grief?’

[Yes! This is an age when believers doubt the majesty, power, and existence of God. How can one not feel sad? Especially in the desert! Because all kinds of evil spirits are running wild!]

The South, a barbaric land.

All kinds of superstitions and religions are prevalent here, and because of that environment, the existence of religious denominations is also more deeply entrenched than you might think.

Needless to say, the southern region is where the denomination began to grow in earnest.

In that process, the natives here also naturally abandoned their faith in the gods they had previously believed in.

[Among our glorious thirteen brothers, the only one who still receives consistent faith is the Three Kings… … .]

Three Kings.

Three Dragon Kings.

This refers to Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto, respectively.

They refer to the Thunder God Dragon, the Sea God Dragon, and the Dark God Dragon, respectively… … .

Certainly, those three had a relatively large number of believers even before I died.

[…] Originally, there wouldn’t have been any problems even if a village of this size abandoned Vulcan, right? But now I am in a situation where I have to risk my life to stop it! If even they forget, this Vulcan will no longer be able to call himself the Incarnate Dragon!]

The condition was more serious than I thought.

But I was curious and asked.

‘For that matter, he paid tribute regularly and seemed to have been quite faithful before the religious order went astray.’

[The reason they offered tribute was not out of faith. It was for the breath of Vulcan and to preserve tradition.]

That statement is difficult to refute.

In fact, as soon as there was a way to replace ‘Vulcan’s breath’, I abandoned God.

At this point, I had a rough idea of ​​what Vulcan wanted to say.

‘So you’re saying you’re going to use me? If you become famous in the south as Vulcan, your faith in Vulcan, the Fire Dragon God, will naturally increase, right?’

[Yes! It wouldn’t be a bad thing for you either! Get your hands on Myeongryong! Because I can now use my powers to my heart’s content! And think of the fame and power that will follow you as a messenger of God!]

‘… … .’

[how is it! Is your mouth watering? Do you want to accept it? I want to become ‘Vulkan’!]

Vulcan behaved like a petulant child.

I sighed.

I’ve heard that the Southern God, the 13 Dragon Kings, are particularly humane, but seeing them in person was beyond my imagination.

At this point, the appearance that Musin sometimes shows when she gets upset is more like a fairy.

‘ah. that’s right.’


Suddenly, my thoughts went crazy again, and I took out the Seven Deadly Sins Sword, ignoring the clinking Vulcan.

[How dare you treat Vulcan so poorly… … !]

‘Mushin? Can you hear me?’

[…] … .]

Vulcan, realizing who I was communicating with, closed his mouth… … .

In the meantime, I was able to focus again on the Seven Deadly Sins Sword.

‘Are you there? Can you hear me? Do you know who I am? hello?’

[…] … .]

But still no voice can be heard.

Why are you really like this?

When I was puzzled, Vulcan spoke.

[Hmm! I can’t feel anything with that sword right now!]


[It means I don’t feel any faith!]

I don’t think it’s a belief, but in the context, it seems to be referring to God’s thoughts… … .

[Since when has it been like that?]

‘well. I don’t know exactly, but we had a good conversation until recently.’

[Hmm… … .]

Vulcan thought for a moment and said.

[First of all, it looks like the Seven Deadly Sins Sword is not in perfect condition yet! If you completely restore it, his thoughts may awaken again!]


[Yes! From what I see, the state you currently share with the Seven Deadly Sins Sword seems to be after passing the First Chu, Second Second, and Third Third, but there will be a change even if you only reach the Four Commandments!]

‘hmm… … .’

[Your level now is sufficient to digest the Four Books! What’s left is the piece that can actually restore the Seven Deadly Sins Sword! There are fragments of the Seven Deadly Sins Sword in the southern part of the country too! If you get it, his thoughts will awaken!]

‘Ohh… … .’

I thought it was a useless god, but it was also helpful in this aspect of knowledge. This is knowledge that only God can know.

I asked as I was leaving.

‘Where is the fragment of the Seven Deadly Sins Sword?’

[that… … .]

Vulcan, who was about to answer, took a deep breath and spoke in a sinister voice.

[…] I will tell you if you, as ‘Vulcan’, promise to carry out Vulcan’s will!]

‘… … .’

It felt like I was talking to someone rather than a real god.

I looked at Myeongryong-ah with cold eyes and sighed.

‘Just think about it a little more first.’

[Do it! Hahaha!]

Vulcan seemed to think that I had almost gotten over it and burst out in a lively laugh.

At that point, I stopped and looked ahead.

In a place quite far from the village, there were two camels… … . Ludwig was sitting in front of him.

It seems that we secured our belongings and escaped with the camel before the village was completely burned down.

I’m sure you have good sense in this area.

Ludwig was leaning on a nearby rock and applying wound medicine to his face, and when he saw me, he sneered.

“Oh my, it hurts… … .”

“… … .”

I feel a little guilty thinking that my somewhat swollen face is my fault.

“So why are you doing something that deserves a beating?”

“… … .”

“At least because he’s my older brother, I got beat up less than other people.”

“It’s all good, but I’m more angry because it’s Haoche. “No one is watching, so can’t I just talk like normal?”

“Is that so?”

Ludwig stood up and patted the camel.

I said, looking around.

“My father?”

“It hasn’t arrived yet. What happened to that? “We need to share the situation.”

“hmm. therefore-.”

I summarized the situation and told Ludvik, and when Ludvik heard the story, he looked at me like I was crazy.

“Crazy guy. “Are you really saying that you directly rebelled against your father and broke his will?”

“For now, but you never know. “I wonder what that guy is thinking.”

“If your father has stepped down, he has decided to follow your wishes for now. “If we had fought there to the end from the beginning, who would have won?”

“… … .”

Well, there was a high probability that I would lose.

Even if you say that you borrowed the power of Vulcan as a bright dragon, the iron-blooded baller was an iron-blooded baller.

Even at this very moment, Delac was returning to the Sanghyeol-Blood Ball in my memories.

First of all, the combat power part is like that.

… So, what about the rest?

“… Anyway, my father’s identity was discovered. Isn’t this going to be a bit of a hassle? “Dwarves are not that loud-mouthed, so it will only be a matter of time before this spreads.”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while… … .”

As a Luzard, I told him about an operation that would put him in a labor camp.

After hearing the story, Ludwig looked quite interesting.

“Hmm. It’s a bit far-fetched, but… … . It’s pretty good, right? If you take advantage of your father’s power, handing him over to the labor camp will be a breeze, and you won’t be suspicious of the person who risked his life fighting the Iron Blood Prince.”


“There are some things that need to be reviewed, but if it works out well, it will be quite positive.”

And while I was looking at Ludwig nodding his head alone and examining this and that… … .

I said a thought that suddenly occurred to me.

“By the way, Brother Ludwig, may I ask you a somewhat unexpected question?”


“What kind of person was my eldest dad?”

“If you’re a big dad… “You mean my uncle?”


“… … .”

Then Ludwig seemed to be thinking deeply, and a deep furrow appeared between his eyebrows.

“What are you talking about? “My father has no older siblings.”


“You are the eldest son.”

What does this mean again?

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