I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 36

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Episode 36

There is no particular reason for suddenly saying something like this.

This is because the more shocking a statement is, the easier it is to ruin the other person’s breathing and the easier it is to take the initiative.

As expected, the atmosphere became quiet, as if cold water had been poured on it.

It is a silence that is not particularly uncomfortable to me.

After standing silently for a moment, one of the elders spoke.

“Now that’s what you’re saying-.”

“They were all assassins.”

I interrupted the elder as if I had been waiting.

And before the old men could point out my rudeness, I added:

“Did he kill those who were originally knights and imitate them? Did he enter Badniker with a sinister purpose from the beginning, or did he transform along the way? “I don’t know that much, but they were a particularly bad class of assassins.”

“… “Is there any evidence?”


I thought this statement was interesting.

If they could really see through all truths and lies, there would be no need for things like ‘evidence’.

in other words… … .

– There is no need to be scared just because you entered the trial room! It’s not like they can distinguish between truth and lies anyway.

– There are more restrictions than that.

– Only applies to Badniker bloodlines, and can’t be used very often.

This means that in my past life, what my brother said was true.

He was too pretentious to believe from the beginning, so I checked it again on my own… … .

“Of course there is.”

“Do you have it now?”


“Show me.”

Is your tone really harsh?

Even though I grumbled inside, I obediently did as he said.

He took out a dagger and a note from his chest and placed them on the table in front of him.

Then a ray of light came down from the ceiling and illuminated the table.

“That pattern couldn’t be… … !”

“Haden-Eihar’s pattern… … .”

My words caused a small commotion among the elders.


“A minion of the Six Demon King infiltrated Badniker?”

“How can the church’s scheming reach this far?”

The devil and the devil are the same thing.

Nevertheless, the cultists insist on calling them gods, and the great family insists on calling them devils.

There is no grand reason.

This is because the more conservative they are, the more they think it is undeserved to give such terrible beings the title of God.

That’s all I know… … .

Actually, I don’t know much about revenge.

There is no contact, no interest.

From the beginning, I thought he was the Five Demon King, not the Six Demon King, so that’s all I said.

“Was that dagger really recovered from the Fang Knights?”

“That’s right.”

“… … .”

The elders were silent.

What does this silence mean?

Surprisingly, I thought that they didn’t seem to be very surprised by the betrayal itself.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t embarrassed at all.

‘then… … .’

I knew there was a traitor, but I didn’t know for sure what was behind it – isn’t this the most natural interpretation?

“… “Is that all?”

“The item recovered from the assassin.”


I thought you would ask that.

“There are also notes and maps. “The map contains general information about those hiding in the mountains.”

“A map?”

“Take a look.”


‘These bastards…’ … .’

Even if you look at a person as a fanatic, he or she is oily.

“Why me?”


“This is my stuff. As a member of a great family, I killed Dark Church bastards and obtained the trophy with my own hands. “The dagger was submitted as evidence, so even so, there is no obligation to share the map.”

How valuable is the information related to the cult’s base, and are you trying to get it for free?

I don’t know, but if you auction it off to heroes from great families, it will fetch a huge price.

Heroes are generally crazy about performance.



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“Are you saying that right now?”

“I know what kind of place this is.”

“It’s a place for explanation. “I’m in the process of explaining it.”

I said with a chuckle.

“My explanation is over. Is there anything else you want to say?”

“… … .”

For a moment, the surroundings became completely quiet.

It’s a little surprising.

If a bright young guy came out like this, it wouldn’t be surprising if he ran at me with foam at his mouth.

‘It’s not that easy after all.’

Council of elders.

The old monsters who actually lead Badniker on behalf of the Sanghyeolgong, who is busy externally.

It occurred to me that that appearance, which seemed authoritative at first glance, might also be a mask.

“… “There is no explanation yet.”

“Luan Badnicker, you haven’t cleared up the most suspicious part yet.”

“What is it?”

“How did you deal with Hadeneihar’s minions?”

“It wouldn’t be possible with your skills.”

The most awkward question came.

Of course, it was also the moment I had been waiting for.

Trial room.

A place where authenticity can be determined.

then… … .

“There was progress during training. “We took him down based on that performance.”

It’s not a lie.

Of course, the progress achieved through this training naturally refers to what happened at Yeongsan… … .

In any case, it is true that he trained and that he killed Osel based on his progress.

“… … .”

The same silence as before.

However, it seemed to me that the elders were strangely perplexed.

I wanted this.

If this room had the ability to tell the truth, you would know that what I am saying is true.

If I had just said something like this, no matter how much conclusive evidence I presented, I wouldn’t have been able to easily convince these old guys.


At that moment, a voice I had never heard before intervened.

It’s a relatively young voice.

“Hadeneihar’s assassins are especially troublesome among the church’s scum. Even if you are an active hero, depending on the location and situation, you may lose your life in vain. By the way, you killed some of those guys?”


Then a faint mocking sound was heard.

“What happened to the rest? “You said the Fang Knights were all dead.”

I said, frowning slightly.

“My colleague who was with me took care of it.”

“As expected, you had a companion. Who is it?”

“This is Arjan.”


If you are an elder of the main family, there is nothing strange about knowing about Arjan.

Maybe he knows more about its identity than I do.

‘Who is this bastard?’

The guy who suddenly intervened.

It feels different from the elders I have dealt with so far.

It’s okay to say it’s annoying.

“I think I know roughly how it works. “You’re clever, Luan Badnicker.”

“… … .”

“no. Beyond that, you are wicked. Luan Badnicker.”


“Do you know why we urgently summoned you the day before the protection ceremony?”

There are probably many reasons, but in this case… … .

“Is this the final proof before the protection ceremony?”

“Yes. “I guess that’s why you’re bluffing right now.”

“It’s a bluff.”

“That nonsense about killing Haden-Eihar’s subordinate.”

“… … .”

The elders continued speaking.

“Now I understand what happened in the mountains.”

“I’ve definitely been through a lot of crises.”

“But you’re talking as if you overcame the crisis with your own strength.”

“I didn’t do it all by myself, but I think I did my part well.”

“no. “You are just surviving.”

“It must have been Arjan who solved the crisis.”

Look at these?

“If you’re so suspicious, how about asking Arjan directly?”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“She used to work at the main house, but not now.”

“It means that I can tell enough lies for you.”

“… … .”

I wonder if the effect of [Judgment Chamber] can be applied to Arzan… … .

The effectiveness of this room only applies to Badniker bloodlines.

They have no way of clearly determining the truth of what Arjan says.

“But the most disgusting thing about this is that you think you really helped yourself.”

“It’s about Badniker’s incompetent child who didn’t receive any protection.”

I see.

Now I know roughly how the trial room operates.

The discrimination system in this room is not absolute.

For example, even if it’s a false fact, wouldn’t it be okay if the person saying it believes it to be true?

And the elders now think of me as an immature child with delusions of grandeur.

‘I understand.’

At this point, Luan was a cheap guy even if he was treated like this.

They won’t even trust me.

okay. I understand… … .

As I continued to hear the scratching sound inside, my patience was slowly running out.

Strangely, it made me laugh at times like this.

“Then what should I do?”

“Prove it.”


“That you really dealt with Haden-Eihar’s assassin.”

“So what do you mean?”

“You just have to fight and prove it.”


I scratched my head.

As expected, it is the most reliable method… … .

“We will prepare for our opponent.”

“There is no need to worry. “He won’t be stronger than the church’s assassin.”

“It doesn’t matter, but I’m not feeling well right now.”

“Because of my physical condition… … .”

Somehow, I heard a chuckle.

“Then when do you want it?”

“… “Maybe three days later?”

I brought this up because I thought the artist’s side effects would probably have completely disappeared by then.

Now there was clear ridicule everywhere.

Of course, I didn’t remember making jokes, so I looked at the elders.

“You are holding on to foolish thoughts until the very end.”

“You are now gambling out of desperation.”


“Three days later? “Probably not.”

“What you’re aiming for is the Guardian Ceremony that will be held tomorrow.”

“And you thought so.”

“If we receive new protection there, we will be able to fight and win against those we have prepared.”


At this moment, I forgot everything and was purely amazed.

This is because the fit was at this level.

“You will not be able to attend the protection ceremony.”

“And you will be punished for insulting Badniker.”

“When did I disparage Badniker?”

“Didn’t you report false facts?”

“At least if you were of Badniker’s bloodline, you shouldn’t even say a lie.”

Because it’s not a lie.

“Keep in mind.”

“The suppression of the Dark Church is something that should not be talked about lightly.”

“It’s a good thing that this place is Badniker. If you had said something like that outside, the matriarch’s reputation would have been tarnished.”

I said with a grin.

“Is the matriarch’s honor so insignificant that it can be diminished by just a few words from me?”

“Luan Badniker, you are the matriarch… … .”

I cut off the growling elder.

“I am trying to turn the situation around by using the protection method. That’s an interesting guess. “Then wouldn’t it be enough to be an opponent who can overturn that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I told you to prepare for an opponent that will be difficult to defeat no matter how much protection I receive.”

I said in a sarcastic voice.

“For example, the elders can deal with it directly.”

“… … .”

In an instant, the surroundings fell into silence.

Of course, when they respond to my suggestion, they say, ‘That’s great!’ It’s not because I admired it.

It’s tingling, my skin is stinging.

The old people no longer even thought about hiding their lives.

“… “You are crossing the line.”

“Now that’s enough. “There was nothing left to prove.”

“Right here and now, you will have to pay the full price.”

“Are you going to punish me? “Are you talking to a direct blood relative of Iron Blood Duke without the permission of the head of the family?”

“okay. “When the head of the family is not around, we will act on his behalf.”

“That’s an interesting lie.”

I said with a grin.

“Isn’t the head of the family at home now?”

“… … .”

I felt that most of the elders, whose faces were not even visible, were as hard as stone.

“… “What does that mean?”

“The head of the family is currently away from home.”

“It would be the opposite.”

I know the power of the Iron Blood Ball.

For example, the end of a hallway, an unoccupied room, a crowded restaurant, the central hall where a banquet was held, the rose garden I saw on the way,

‘no… … .’

The last place my eyes turned was to the council of elders surrounding me and beyond.

A thought I had from the beginning.


Was it really the council of elders that called me?

“Are you here?”

“… … .”




For the first time in a long time, I was thrilled just by the sound of his voice.

The council of elders, who had been flinching, split into left and right, and the darkness between them flickered.

Rather than gradually revealing itself along an invisible line… … .

It is a sight as if a being that had been covering its body with a black curtain is slowly taking off its outer layer.

And I witnessed it.

Black hair and dark red eyes that are completely different from mine.

“It’s been a while.”

“… … .”

The head of Badniker and an iron-blooded master.

And my father.

Delac C. Badnicker.


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