I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 359

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Episode 359

But there was no time to make a sour expression any longer.

The moment I shook my head, I saw Delac, who was far away, extending his right hand to the sky.

The moment you tilt your head at a somewhat strange movement… … .

A dark energy formed on Delak’s palm, and was shot into the sky like a cannonball.


The energy fired remained stationary in the sky above the sandstorm hill. It is a sight as if a small dark cloud has suddenly appeared.

When my lips become dry due to some unexplainable anxiety… The dark clouds split into hundreds of pieces and fell down.

“… … !”

It looks like hundreds of weapons are raining down from the sky.

The moment I realized the murderous intent contained within, a chill ran down my spine. Only then did I understand Delak’s intention.

I plan to ignore me and kill the dwarves first.

‘Damn father… … . ‘When did you get that kind of application technology?’

For a moment, I was at a loss as to how to respond to this wide area.

I don’t know if it was a eclipse, but as Luzard, I couldn’t think of any way to respond to that attack.

Is it because of that?

[Grasp Myeongryong-ah with both hands and swing it towards the sky!]

The moment I heard Vulcan’s voice in my head, I was able to do exactly what he said.


From the moment the strength was put into my grip, the blade blazed as if on fire, and when I finally swung it, an enormous amount of flame shot out.

“… … !”

It has a splendid scale, like a great magic cast by an archmage.

The flames that shot out soon took the shape of a firebird. Perhaps due to my mood, I felt like I could hear the cries of a phoenix from somewhere.

And the moment the Phoenix spread its wings, it was able to completely block Delak’s attack range.


Flame and darkness clashed in the sky.

Is there any other fireworks display so intense? The combination of fireworks and darkness unfolding under the night sky was so beautiful that it was dazzling.

While I was momentarily distracted by the fascinating sight, I realized that Delac, who had been on the roof, had disappeared.


If targeting the dwarfs was a trick, it is obvious who they were actually targeting.

I immediately felt an eerie presence coming from behind. I didn’t have time to look back, so I wrapped my back with Myeongryonga.


Because of his unstable posture, it was not a perfect defense. Because my weight was suddenly shifted forward, I gave up and gave myself up to the flow.

Adding strength to the inertia that threatened to fall, he somersaulted in place.

Then, I firmly fixed the arm holding Myeongryongah, and for a moment, my body became shaped like a wheel with blades.

Of course, because the movement was so large, Delac seems to have easily avoided it.

‘ah… … . ‘Should I have just used my tail?’

Lizardman’s tail attack is quite powerful. Depending on his skill level, he could produce more destructive power than a whip made of steel.

However, I keep forgetting that my roots are not lizardmen, and that tails exist.

While I was thinking somewhat useless thoughts… … .

Coo coo coo coo… … !

A gigantic shadow condensed on the Iron Blood Ball’s forearm and soon became so large that it made one’s mouth drop.

It looks as if darkness has been refined and wrapped around its arms. The hand, which was almost bigger than my body, reminded me of a giant… … .

Immediately afterwards, the giant’s hand struck me.


I quickly defended myself with Myeongryongah, but my body was blown away by the immense power.

How many times has your vision turned upside down?

I jumped up from my seat, covered in dust.

I don’t know how long it flew from the square. It appears that three or four buildings engulfed in flames were destroyed.

As I was wiping away the fire from my collar, Delak reappeared.

“… … .”

While holding Myungryonga and waiting for the next attack, Delak watched me without willingly making the next move.

Only then did I look around.

A place far enough away that the dwarfs cannot be seen.

“There is no truth to what you say.”

“… … .”

Unexpectedly, Delac’s first words were acknowledgment.

“Killing everyone might be too much. “For most of them, there is some room for extenuation.”

“then… … .”

“But not all will be like that.”

I closed my half-open mouth at the stern voice.

“You said it earlier. Not all of them joined hands with the church… … . “There must have been some who had no choice but to jump on the overall trend.”


“Actually, most people are like that. Personality is determined by the environment. A child who grows up in a back alley is bound to become a petty thief.”

It’s strange.

Delak’s current mental age was obviously younger than mine, but his age was evident in his voice.

It was as if I had personally seen and experienced countless groups of people.

“… Those dwarves will choose the church again when given the chance. You will be swept away by the atmosphere again. “Now he regrets his sins and speaks passionately about atonement, but he is just ‘jumping into the mood.’”



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“Maybe so. So our role is more important.”

“What is our role?”

I laughed and responded.

“Is there anything special? “I run around all day and night to prevent that kind of atmosphere from being created.”

“… … .”

“To prevent the cult from running wild. If we prevent them from getting involved in the daily lives of good people, they won’t even have to come into contact with evil in the first place. So, their conspiracy is not without our faults.”

Saying something somewhat absurd, I looked at Delac. I saw a boy who had not yet become an Iron Blood Ball.

I don’t know what kind of turmoil is inside this man right now.

It’s hard to even guess.

But there was definitely something to know.

“It’s not a problem that can be solved by dying, is it? “There are limits to what an individual can do, and sometimes just believing can be the way to go.”

“trust. It’s important. But I’ve already seen countless precedents. It is easy to reform (repent for one’s mistakes), but it is difficult to change one’s mind (to change a bad mind and become good). The same goes for them too. When faced with an executioner, he kneels down, puts his hands together and asks for mercy, but how long does that mindset last? 1 year? Or 10 years?”

Delac shook his head.

“Once someone has committed an evil act, it is not easy for them to change their mind. “Because that’s human nature.”

In fact, that may be the essence of the world.

Evil deeds are easy and sweet. Once you get your hands on it, it’s difficult to break it off. This is because the reward is greater than the effort put in.

On the other hand, doing good deeds is tedious and arduous, so patience is required to achieve them consistently.

Therefore, the denomination claims.

It is said that human nature is more inclined toward evil.

“But we still have to believe.”


“If you don’t believe it, you have to kill all the humans in this world. “Isn’t that too extreme?”

“… … .”

“I said it earlier. A child who grows up in a back alley has no choice but to become a petty thief… … . “That is wrong.”

I said looking at Delak.

“Even a child born into a prestigious family that everyone envies can become a fool. Conversely, even a goblin born down a sewer can become a hero.”

“Goblins can be heroes?”

“You can become a more noble hero than anyone else. “I saw it with my own eyes.”

It was confirmed that a goblin, born in a sewer, abandoned by its own people, unable to mix with human society and despised, can still be good.

The fact that you can die for others.

“So our role is to build a better environment. It is about uprooting the roots that spread evil. There is no need to cut out the entire area. Of course, there will already be some blades of grass that are contaminated. “The seeds of evil may still be curled up beneath the surface.”

“… … .”

“But you will definitely be able to see the strong life growing upright within it. “Until it’s fully grown, we won’t know.”

It takes a long time to come to heaven.

For an asshole like me, about 10 years.

So I respect all possibilities.

As long as they don’t cross the line, I don’t want to kill them if possible.

Because I think the most important thing to avoid is trampling on the possibility itself.

I said finally.

“You could call them cowards. I might fall into evil again and become corrupted. However, they are the ones who serve carefully prepared bird meat to hungry people of a different race. “I don’t think such people are evil enough to die.”

“… … .”

After finishing what I wanted to say, I quietly looked at Sanghyeolgong.

In fact, I said everything I could.

I didn’t come to persuade you in the first place, and although my words were a bit incoherent, I conveyed my true intentions.

So now it is up to Delac how the situation will unfold in the future.

I looked at my opponent while holding Myeongryonga… … .

And Delak Badniker.

“… Fuha.”

I burst out laughing.

I couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment.

Although I had seen Delac smile a few times, this was the first time I had seen him smile so purely.

“… “You were thinking that way when you were served your food.”

The Iron Blood Lord muttered in a lonely tone.

“You really don’t look like me. “He looks more like you than me.”

older brother?

“I understand your ways. I also respect you. However, I must also respect the methods of ‘Steel Blood Ball’. Even if the path is wrong, even if it is a path that is pointed at by everyone, I must not deny it to myself. “At least for me.”

“… … .”

And the Iron Blood Ball turned his back and disappeared beyond the swirling flames.

… Are you really gone?

10 seconds of staring into the flames.

As soon as I became convinced that Delak had left, my legs almost gave out.

My body wasn’t that tired, but why was my mental fatigue so severe?

[That must be because I used my power! ‘Firebird Sortie’ is a technique that consumes a huge amount of mental power!]

‘What kind of technology name is that? … .’

As someone who has an excellent sense of naming, it was a name that was difficult to understand. I’ll have to build a new one later.

Anyway, while I was standing there, out of breath, I felt the presence of people around me, and one by one the dwarves began to gather again.

“Gwae, are you okay?”

“Where is he, Iron Blood Ball…?” … ?”

I know you’re a Sanghyeolgong.


Delac’s makeup was simple.

It looks like I’ve heard about it somewhere, but it has transcendent strength, and the power it uses is also darkness and shadow, so it would be strange not to notice.

‘Should we make some changes to Ludwig’s plan?’

I nodded, thinking about this and that.

“He left.”

“Left, left… … ?”


“You mean that cold-blooded, heartless, merciless Iron-Blooded Ball?”


“Ha, the person who never changes his mind once he decides to kill us has given up on killing us?”

That’s right, fuck it.

The inner Luan said so, but Luzard patiently nodded once more.


And after a moment of silence, cheers erupted from everywhere.

Some dwarfs sat down as if their legs were giving out, and occasionally dwarves were seen shedding tears.

I said, looking at the village that was still glowing with sparks.

“I’m sorry about the village.”

“Gwae, it’s okay. “Because it was roughly built, it can be rebuilt quickly.”

“Anyway, what happens to you now? “It may be for our sake, but it would definitely be a serious crime to confront that Iron Blood Prince.”

I know.

It’ll be awkward when we meet again later, so whatever. Well, I won’t try to kill or imprison you, but… … .

Think about it up to that point.

‘… ‘A serious crime?’

Suddenly, I felt like my mind became brighter at those words.

I feel like I’ve come up with a trick to take advantage of this situation.

At that time, an old man who seemed to have a lot of life experience spoke with a worried face.

“… I understand that the Iron Blood Dukes have secured their own unique position in the empire. I understand that he also has the right to summarily execute people without following procedures, but since he has rebelled against such a person, I wonder if he will be punished by imperial law… … .”

“Punishment? “That is unacceptable to us!”

Konjian said, clenching his fists.

And he shouted, looking at his dumbfounded compatriots.

“Isn’t everyone like that? We have already received a great favor from our benefactor! ‘Vulkan’, who fought against the Iron Blood Lord to save us, is imprisoned in the Imperial Prison? “With the pride of being a dwarf, something like that will never happen!”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Sandstorm Dune knows God!”

Voices of support erupted from all over, and Konjian spoke to me as if he had gained more courage from those words.

“Come with us! At least here in the south there will be dwarves who will join us! “If you share with them the fact that ‘Vulkan’ has appeared, you will gain a lot of support!”

“surely! “If we dwarves join forces, even the empire will not be able to ignore it!”

“That’s right!”

I looked at the dwarf, who was a bit upset, and spoke quietly.

“Don’t do that.”

“yes… … ?”

I said with Luzard’s characteristic stiff expression.

“It means you must not reveal my identity to anyone.”

“Uh, why… … ?”

“Look at me.”

“… … .”

I said with a somewhat sad expression.

“… Besides you, can any other dwarf understand? Lizardmen and other races are the messengers of Vulcan – Vulcan.”

“… … !”

And I see the desert with rain-soaked eyes.

“The world is not ready yet. That’s why I’m wandering the South.”

“What is that… … ?”

“Some people disparage the South by calling it a barbaric land, but I think differently. I believe that those who live here as their home can change faster than anyone else. “Just as you eventually recognized me as ‘Vulkan.’”

“… … !”

At my words, the dwarves trembled at the same time as if an electric current passed through them… … .

In the meantime, I delivered the final blow.

“I didn’t do this in the first place hoping for something in return.”

“… … !”

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