I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 33

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Episode 33

I thought I said something I couldn’t say.

This is because everything became quiet as if cold water had been poured on it.

At this point, I was almost thinking back on what I had said.

I am the youngest in this house.

Subject, object, and even verb.

When I think about it again, there is nothing strange about it.

“Luan from Badknicker?”

Then someone called me.

It was a man standing on the podium, and it was a face I had seen several times when I was at home.

‘It’s Luke.’

Luke, leader of the Iron Blood Knights.

A man who is also the matriarch’s half-brother.


Luke looked at me gently and nodded.

“It has been confirmed. Please take a seat.”

“… … .”

What kind of respect?

‘Sit down rather than sit down…’ … .’

What is this place doing in the first place?

I scratched the back of my head and remembered how I came to this auditorium.

I somehow arrived at my home with Arjan’s help. I wanted to first soak in a warm bathtub and then fill my stomach with sumptuous food, but I couldn’t.

This is because I met an unexpected person near the entrance to the mansion.

It’s Collector Kayan.

– oh! Sir Kayan, it’s been a while… … .

– Master, please quickly go to the auditorium.

– what?

I came to the auditorium as if half-pushed by Keian’s fuss… … . The situation reaches now.

Anyway, it was a bit awkward to keep standing, so I walked unsteadily and sat down in a suitable place.

“There was a delay. We will continue. Tonio of the Ferris family… … .”

Luke on the podium resumed calling names again.

‘Now that I think about it, was tomorrow a blessing ceremony?’

Only then did I roughly understand the situation, but I also asked the guy sitting next to me to confirm.

“What are you doing here now?”

“Don’t act like we’re friends. “Before I kill you.”


I stepped back in surprise.

She was a woman around the same age as me, with hair that was unclear as to whether it was white or silver.

But what is most impressive is the facial expression.

Even though I haven’t done anything wrong, he glares at me as if he were looking at some kind of bug, and then turns his head.

[Ho… He is the owner of an unusual history.]

‘It’s a surprise.’

I criticized the military god who suddenly appeared.

‘Are you awake? He didn’t say a word when I called him that.’

[I told you. Unless I sense a special presence, there is no way I will wake up.]

‘You didn’t say anything.’

[is it?]

Mushin said in a slightly amused voice.

[By the way, it looks like everyone gathered here is descended from heroes, is that correct?]

‘That’s it, isn’t it?’

[It is literally a collection of jade. In particular, the girl in front of me seems to be the heir of an outstanding lineage comparable to yours. Are you acquainted with the speaker?]

‘That can’t be right.’

Unlike Calzac, neither his appearance nor his voice are familiar.

It’s impossible to forget someone with such an impressive appearance in the first place.

Still, there’s something strange about simply having a prickly personality… … .


Now that I think about it, I feel like a beggar. It would also give off a bad smell.

‘Anyway, I want to monitor the situation, so please stay quiet.’

[Even if you don’t say that… I think I need to go back to sleep soon… … .]

Mushin’s voice gradually becomes fainter.

I waited silently for Luke to finish calling me… … .

‘hmm… … .’

Why are my eyelids heavy?

I feel like my body is slowly relaxing, perhaps because of the relief of arriving at my hometown.

“… “Luan.”

“… … .”

“Luan Badnicker.”

“… … .”



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“Get up.”

“… Seup.”

I opened my eyes slightly when I felt someone shaking my shoulder.

I must have dozed off before I knew it.

I swallowed the accumulated saliva and looked up to see Luke looking down at me.

“… Today’s schedule is over. “I need to clean up the auditorium, so please go back now.”

I looked around blankly, and sure enough, I was the only one in the auditorium.

“Yeah… … .”

I answered lazily and got up from my seat, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

That’s because my body isn’t normal yet.

The artist’s aftereffects.

It was about four days ago that I defeated the Jewel Beast in the mountains, so it will take another three days for my physical condition to fully return.

‘I need to see my mother too.’

I wanted to come see him right away, but there was no way I would welcome my son’s wife, whom I was seeing for the first time in a while, acting like a beggar.

I decided to wash my body first and left the auditorium, but there was someone standing in front of the auditorium.

It’s like they’re blocking the entrance.

It was my first time seeing him, so I was just about to pass by when he started talking to me.

“Luan Badnicker.”

“who are you.”

“Hariba Garcia.”


I remember that one of Badniker’s branches had that last name.

I tilted my head.

“Do you have any business for me?”

“… … .”

Hariba looked at me with a calm expression, but I narrowed my eyes.

‘What is this guy doing?’

This guy probably met me for the first time.

Fingers constantly wiggling, breathing disturbed, slightly bloodshot eyes.

All of these elements taught me about the emotions hidden beneath the calm face.

This bastard has murderous intentions towards me right now.

The guy named Hariba stared at me for a while and then left without saying anything.

It was so uncomfortable that I wanted to hit him in the back of the head, but it was hard to chase after him now.

And there are situations where washing takes priority over anything else.

The moment I took a step again.

“It’s been a while.”


Let’s take a shower.

It’s not a local specialty, and it’s annoying to hear people talk to you every time you take a step.

I looked again to see what kind of guy it was, but fortunately this time it was a familiar face.



“… older brother.”

“… … .”

When I added, Hector burst into laughter.

Of course, it’s not a really funny smile.

“I never thought I would see you here.”

Is it any wonder that there is Badnicker blood in Badnicker’s original family?

I’m not sure what you want to say just by looking at the expression.

However, if you’re happy to see your younger brother after a long time, or want to strengthen the bond between brothers… … .

I don’t think I spoke to you for that kind of warm reason.

Even though we share the same blood, we are half brothers.

Moreover, the leader who stopped treating me after my lack of talent was discovered was Hector.

“I’m really sick of it.”

Should I say that too?

Hector, who was staring at me, twitched the corners of his mouth and said.

“I’m really sick of your shamelessness.”

“… … .”

“With what kind of face did you come all the way to my home? “Are you saying that the first protection ceremony wasn’t enough to tarnish the family’s reputation?”

Sparks flew out of Hector’s eyes.

It felt like he was going to tear me to death at any moment, and it’s easy to guess why he was angry.

All of Iron Blood Prince’s children want his approval, but this guy, Hector, is particularly so.

Hector is the one who can turn ten or a hundred corpses into corpses without hesitation in order to hear the head of the family say ‘well done’.

“The head of the family called me personally.”

“I heard that too. “It was so hard to believe.”

Hector sighed.

“I’m sure the council of elders, those old men, were just talking nonsense.”

“… … .”

“My father is a busy man. “He cannot fully understand the family’s affairs.”

Hector’s expression and voice contained an unconcealable respect for the Iron Blood Prince.

But the next moment, like a mask, his expression changed in an instant and he glared at me.

“The problem is you. It’s like they’re really crawling just because their father called them. Do you even have thoughts? It’s different from the first protection ceremony. Because neither the royal family nor the damn Goodspring family were present at that time. … This time, there are also the 4th Prince and Goodspring’s children.”

“… … .”

“If only you had the slightest sense. “You shouldn’t have come.”

I looked at Hector’s face and said.

“So what?”


“It’s a long time ago, so what are you telling me to do?”

My body was dirty and I felt uncomfortable, so I was irritated when they started a fight over something trivial.

“If I didn’t follow my father’s instructions, he would have scolded me for not following his instructions, and he would nag me.”

For a moment, Hector’s expression became scary and he stretched out his hand towards me.

The movements are clearly visible… It seems difficult to avoid.

As mentioned earlier, the artist’s side effects did not completely disappear.

‘Did I get nervous for no reason?’

Rather than just standing here and listening to the conversation, it seems better to get hit and quickly go take a shower.


However, before the fist was planted, someone intervened.

Hector frowned and said.

“What are you?”

This is Arjan.

It seems like he was waiting outside the auditorium and then intervened at the right moment.

“I’m sorry, it seemed like I went beyond the bounds of sibling rivalry.”

“Is that guy a butler?”

“… … .”

“Let go.”

Arjan obeyed obediently.


Hector slapped Arjan on the cheek. Arjan’s monocle flew off coolly.


Is the inside of your mouth torn?

It’s not strange since I hit him with the back of my hand.

I quietly looked at it.

Arjan just got hit on purpose even though he could have avoided it.

The attack that was directed at me was in contrast to the one that was blocked.

“… … .”


Why do I feel worse than being beaten?

“I don’t know what the family elders are thinking. “Wasn’t collection a system created because of this trash?”

“… … .”

“It would be a good idea to pray for at least some blessings tomorrow. “If I get a no-go decision again, I won’t just let it go.”

That was the moment when Hector turned around with an unfortunate look on his face.

I walked up to the guy and hit him on the back of the head.


“… … !?”

Hector didn’t seem to realize what was happening.

With this guy’s skills, he would have realized that I was coming from behind.

So, what was unexpected for Hector was that I hit him in the back as I approached him.

“This bird-.”

Hector, who had been staggering, immediately regained his balance and looked back at me.

The anger must have reached its peak, and a fist full of emotion flew out.

No matter how fast you are, you can avoid it as long as you know the timing of the attack.

This is especially true with straight fists like this.

I easily dodged Hector’s fist and this time hit him in the face.


“… … .”

Hector’s eyes opened blankly.

It doesn’t seem like it’s because he’s in pain, and he looks like a scholar who has witnessed a phenomenon beyond recognition.

It means completely lost consciousness.

I reversed my swinging hand and this time hit Hector on the other cheek with the back of my hand.


Hector also came to his senses after receiving two slaps on the cheek.

This time, he punched Katabuta without even opening his mouth, but he must have regained his composure in the meantime, so it was much sharper than before.


I dodged that attack again by just a piece of paper, and the guy ground his teeth.

“you… … .”

And as if feeling feverish, he placed his hand on the hilt of the sword at his waist.

‘Are you really going to pull it out?’

I also have the Seven Deadly Sins Sword, but in its current state, it looks worse than a kitchen knife without a blade.

The moment you wonder how to respond… … .


A lion-like roar separated us.


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