I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 29

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Episode 29

White road light.

The best in the world and the best in all times.

Yeongsan’s radio and transcendent.

And my teacher.

It was a name that came to mind several times a day… After going retrograde, I never thought it would come out of someone else’s mouth.

Because Master is not from this world.

Not in an idiomatic sense, but in a literal sense.

“How did you get that name…?” … .”

How on earth does a being in this world know Master’s name?

Even if the other person was a divine being, my surprise did not diminish.

[I see. Was it Baek No-gwang who taught you martial arts? But, why is he like a disciple… … .]

“… … .”

I felt like Musin was a completely different person. As I mumbled to myself, I felt an inexplicable chill.

Until now, Musin has only seemed warm and benevolent like the spring breeze.

Right now, I felt a sense of anticipation as if I could cut down anyone who approached me with one fell swoop.

Don’t dig any further.

Although my instincts sounded the alarm.

“What is your relationship with my teacher?”

I ignored it and asked.

That’s because, to me, instinctive alarms are important enough to be easily ignored.

[…] … .]

Musin was silent.

Just because of that, I felt pressured.

This is ridiculous.

I was the one urging him to answer, but it was I who felt the burden.

I held on, clenching my molars.

Since it was basically an intangible being, I didn’t know where to focus my gaze, so I tried looking beyond the altar for now.

[I can’t say.]

“… … .”

[Don’t be mistaken. It’s not that I don’t want to talk. I can’t say it.]

I wasn’t stupid enough to not know what those words meant.

But understanding was a different matter.

“It’s God. Even if you are forgotten, who can oppress you, a god?”

[This is closely related to the story of how I became forgotten.]

“What’s the story?”

[Yeonja, how many people do you think have divine status on this continent?]

A person with divine status.

If you are asking about a divine being.

72 gods.

13 Dragon King.

Nine spirit gods.

Five kings.

And vengeance.

I mentioned the most recognizable gods in the empire one by one.

After hearing my answer, Mushin nodded.

[The being the speaker spoke of is only a small part of the divine being. Probably no one knows the exact number. What is the reason?]

I shook my head because I had no clue.

[This is because there is no absolute god who can be the center.]

“Absolute God?”

It’s an unfamiliar word.

[In other words, he is the God of creation. Do you know? In all myths, there is always a record of the creation of the world. A myth without that is contradictory in itself.]

“… … .”

[But in this world, no matter what mythology you search for, there is no mention of creation anywhere. The leader of the 72 gods, the leader of the 13 dragon kings, the leader of the nine spirit gods, and perhaps even the five kings you mentioned – they all have great power, but they have nothing to do with the creation of the world.]

It seemed as if Musin’s gaze was examining me, and then the voice continued.

[…] Of course, you will not feel puzzled or uncomfortable about this fact, because you have forgotten it. That is truly ‘forgetting.’]

I thought for a moment and shook my head.

“Not really. “When I think about it, it’s a strange thing.”

Then Mushin asked, looking slightly surprised.

[Do you believe what I say?]

“I don’t completely trust you. “But I think it’s strange if everything you said is true.”

[That alone is amazing… Are you perhaps a descendant of a hero?]

I knew what Musin meant by hero.

He nods and says.

“Now that I think about it, the introduction is late. “My name is Luan Badnicker.”

[Badniker… … ! Was Yeonja a descendant of the black fairy Kuset?]

The black fairy Kusset is the hero who put an end to the despairing [Age of Darkness] and the progenitor of Badniker.

I said while touching my bangs for no reason.



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“Well, the black fairy’s blood is faint, but… … .”

In fact, my appearance was influenced more by my mother than my father.

Most of my brothers have black hair, but I have blonde hair.

Even though the eyes are the same purple color.

“You know my ancestors. “Could it be that he was also a lecturer of God of War?”

[Not really. Kusset was a man who was closer to my colleague.]

Come to think of it, I said that Musin died about 2,000 years ago when I was climbing the pagoda earlier.

Although there were almost no records left at that time, it roughly overlaps with the period when the black fairy Kusset was active.

After hearing Musin’s words, I somehow became immersed in a strange feeling.

The two were active at the same time.

One became a god but was forgotten, and the other is still passed down orally as a hero.

Will you become a god and be forgotten, or will you become a hero and be remembered? … .

Which ending is better, I don’t know.

[then… … .]

Musin looked at me and said.

[Perhaps the speaker can reach the truth of the ‘forgotten era’.]

“I have something else to do… … .”

[I have no intention of forcing it. It’s okay to put this task to the last of the speaker’s priorities. Anyway, the more you want to know about these things, the more you get further away… … . All you have to do is remember this and not forget it, and move forward as fate leads you.]

“… … .”

[But this time too, I will assert. The truth of a forgotten era will also be beneficial to Yeonja, just like the Galaxy Sword.]

I looked at Musin and asked.

“In the process of finding out the truth about a forgotten era, will you also learn about my teacher?”

[That is an unanswerable question.]

As Musin said, that itself was the answer.

Think about it for a moment here.

I was very embarrassed when Master’s name suddenly appeared… Suddenly, this thought occurred to me.

Is this really that much of a surprise?

I don’t know the exact circumstances, but Master dragged me to the mountain when I was about to die, and even sent me back here.

And that goes back a long way in time.

In other words, it is not strange for Master to come to this world… … .

This means that going against the past is not impossible.

And if I know Baek No-gwang’s personality, it wouldn’t be strange if he had a fight with the gods in the era of mythology.

The problem is that I cannot guess Master’s true intentions.

‘Was it simply because of the ambassadorial punishment that sent me to the past? Are you trying to make me grow even more than before so that I can kill you?’

This may not be the only reason.

There is something more hidden.

And that secret, as Musin said, may be deeply related to the truth of the ‘forgotten era’… … .

There wasn’t really any evidence, but I felt that way.


I raised my head and said.

“I will accept Mr. Musin’s offer. What should I do specifically?”

[There will be someone in your family who will continue Kuset’s legacy. There is a high probability that she will be the head of the family.]

Musin looked at me and said.

[He would be able to tell you much more information than I can. You never know. Since a lot of time has passed, you might know more than me.]


This is connected again like this.

In any case, what needs to be done right now hasn’t really changed.

A direct descendant of the black fairy hero Kusset and the head of a great family.

A man who is simultaneously the imperial sword and executioner.

I must meet my father, Sanghyeolgong.

* * *

Go back the way you came.

Even though that’s all, I feel like I’m falling behind.

– If the bleaching is over, just go to sleep.

My teacher’s advice comes to mind.

Although he said it indifferently, as he was a person who had built a wall around kindness, the weight of advice he sometimes gave was extraordinary.

‘How much time has passed since the White Flower?’

one hour? Two hours?

In any case, the price of disobeying advice is harsh.

“Huh, huh… … .”

Even when I just walk, my consciousness comes and goes.

This may be the reason why I am not running but moving slowly like a turtle.

The place where Sapphire Snake’s body is, which was obviously not far away, feels very distant.

[Yeonja, don’t overdo it. Why not just rest for a bit and then move?]

“The one coming here is my enemy. “If I hit it, there’s a good chance it will kill me.”

I asked breathlessly.

“Where has he come now?”

[I don’t know.]


[The reason we were able to figure out the inside of this cave until now is because the Sword of Seven Deadly Sins was stuck in the tower. Now my consciousness has been separated from the cave and transferred to the sword. It means I can’t figure it out anymore. I’ll probably fall asleep once I leave this cave.]

“Are you screwed?”

[The speaker is a bit harsh-speaking]

“That’s it! When was the last time you figured it out?”

[hmm. If you take this place as a standard, it would take 10 minutes to get there.]

“When was that?”

[10 minutes ago?]

“Ah, f*ck!”

I suddenly started running.

I felt my whole body tremble, but I forced myself to run.

Not long after, it returned to its original location.

The place where the corpses of the Sapphire Snake and its cubs were piled up was still very cold.

It feels even worse because I’m tired and cold.

Where are Arjan and Kalzak?

“young master!”

At that time, someone fell from the sky.

It was a woman with her hair and bright red blood all over her body.

Of course, it’s a face I know.


“You’re safe. “I hope you’re okay.”

“What about you, senior?”

Arjan shook his head.

“I do not know.”

“… Things are not good. The church is coming here now. “I’ll give you a detailed explanation later, so let’s find the senior first and then get out of here.”

“All right.”

Fortunately, Arjan was a sensible guy.

I don’t know how I knew that, but I left with a stern face without worrying about the little things.

I, too, looked around with my sickly body and looked towards the entrance for a moment.

This is the place that Sapphire Snake was blocking.

The open sky and mountain range came into view.

I finally realized that it was daytime.

My eyes stung from the sunlight I hadn’t seen in a long time, so I closed them for a moment.

… Come to think of it.

I think I’m forgetting something.

Kurrrrrr… … .


I forgot about the state of the cave.


This is not the time to be looking for Calzac.

This cave probably won’t last long.

Let’s get out of here first…


The moment I heard Arjan’s voice from somewhere, I immediately lowered my head.

I felt like something had grazed the top of my head.

A shiver ran down my spine.

Because I never felt that someone was attacking me.

It was also proof that my current feelings were not words.

Arjan then passed me by and collided with someone in front.

‘You’re already here!’

no. Should I say that it came exactly as Musin expected?

What Arzan was blocking was a monster whose whole body was covered in a bright red robe.

I saw dozens of Haden-Eihar’s assassins here, but even at first glance, that guy’s outfit was different.

In other words, that bastard.


It was a guy whose whole body was covered in hideous murder, and just looking at it made my stomach tingle.

Of course.

The opponent is a religious official.

Even if I am in perfect condition, it is a monster that I am certain to defeat.

I saw Arjan.

It seems like he can’t use the unidentified power he used when escaping from a group of assassins or fighting Sapphire Snake.

If that’s the case, that guy probably won’t last long either.


As expected, Arjan, who had been kicked in the stomach, flew towards me.

The moment he reflexively grabbed the body, the priest swung a black sword.

I plan to cut Arjan and I at the same time.

It’s a big deal.

You can’t avoid this.


At that moment, Calzac appeared as if he had fallen from the sky and struck down the priest’s black sword.



I closed my mouth.

And Arjan spoke as he stood up unsteadily.

“Sir, this cave-.”

“No, go!”

You heard the sound of the cave collapsing.

Even though I know this, I plan to stop it.

While I admired Calzac’s quick thinking, I also realized that he had made up his mind.

If things don’t work out, Carlzak plans to be buried with that guy.

“I heard this sword is expensive.”

Although Calzac’s face was not visible, there was laughter in his voice.

“I’ll return it to you unharmed, so don’t worry. I’m going to my parents’ house first. “I’ll follow you right away.”

“… yes.”

I answered briefly and then took Arjan.

“Arjan, let’s go.”

Arjan also gritted his teeth with a sad face.

We quickly escaped the cave, supporting each other.

I heard the sounds of battle behind me, but I deliberately didn’t look back.

The moment we finally left the damn cave.

Kurre Tomb!

A sound like a huge landslide echoed everywhere.

The entrance to a cave large enough to accommodate a jewel tree was buried under rubble.


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