I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 28

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Episode 28

Climb the upside-down tower.

Fortunately, there was an entrance to the tower and a staircase inside, so the disaster of climbing up the wall did not occur.

The exterior looked more unique than any building I’ve ever seen in my life, but surprisingly, the interior was okay.

It wasn’t that shabby compared to the outside.

Although it was a bit dusty.

“When was this tower built?”

[It was built before I died, so it must be at least 2,000 years old.]

“It’s amazing that the tower from 2,000 years ago is still so intact.”

[The original appearance of an outstanding building does not lose its shine even after 50,000 years of wind and rain.]

“Then this building has 3,000 years left to live.”

[That’s what they say.]

The height of the tower was considerable, so climbing it was not easy.

Normally there wouldn’t have been a problem, but now I’m exhausted.

I used not only my inner strength but also my true energy, and after going into a state of whiteness, my body began to ache here and there.

To be honest, I want to faint right now.

[Cheer up, Yeonja. Just go a little further.]

“I think you’ve said that five times already… … .”

[It’s real this time. See.]

When I raised my head at Musin’s words, I saw a dim light.

A hole in the ceiling.

There were stairs leading towards it, probably leading to the rooftop.

“… “It’s real.”

[Why would I lie about something like this?]

I nodded and kicked down the few remaining stairs.

The rooftop, or top, of the tower that was soon revealed was open and free of any trivial decorations.

There was a shabby knife stuck almost in the exact center.

“is this right? “It looks different from the Seven Sins Sword I know.”

[That’s right. Although it has now lost its original appearance.]

“What does that mean?”

[I’ll explain the details later. Because it doesn’t seem like a situation to relax.]

Kurrrr… … .

I could feel the cave shaking in response.

I brushed the dust off my shoulder and grabbed the hilt of the sword.

“I wonder if the scabbard is…” … .”

[There’s no way it exists.]

“… Right.”

I nodded and pulled out my sword.

Even though I applied quite a bit of force, it was pulled out.

“They just get picked.”

[What does it mean?]

“Why, don’t you need qualifications to even draw a legendary sword? “There is a saying that a famous sword chooses its owner.”

[You sound strange. The sword is just a tool. It’s not something to deal with, so there’s no need for qualifications just to select it. In the first place, it is absurd to choose the owner of the sword.]

“… … .”

Maybe it’s because he’s a god, but there’s no romance.

I guess there were no hero novels 2,000 years ago.

Hiding my disappointment, I roughly put the sword of the Seven Deadly Sins between my belts.

Fortunately, the blade is very rusty, so it doesn’t seem to be too dangerous.

“That’s enough now, right? “I just want to get out of this damn cave.”

[There is still one more left.]

“What is it?”

[You must go to the altar you were just at, raise your sword, and make an offering to me.]

“An offering? I don’t have anything… … .”

After rummaging through my pockets for a moment, I soon found some leftover beef jerky.

“I’ll give you this at least-.”

[It’s okay to eat. All you have to do is place your sword on the altar and pray briefly.]

“aha. All right.”

I quickly came down the tower.

It was more difficult than climbing up because my body was not normal.

If I relax, I feel like I will just collapse.

I can’t believe I even have to pray with this body.

You might not just close your eyes and pass out.

… Standing in front of the altar, hiding his true feelings, he put his hands together and bowed his head slightly.

With what mindset should I pray?

Although I am not an atheist, I do not believe in religion. There is no god to believe in.

It’s a childish reason, but it’s because they don’t receive God’s protection.

This pride also became the reason why I did not seek God until the moment of death.

Although we are now interacting and communicating with divine beings… There is still no faith in my heart.



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So how should a person without faith pray?

In the first place, my actions now – putting your hands together and silently bowing are not the universal way of praying in this world.

I just closed my eyes and mouth and remained silent, and some time passed.

It was at that moment that I felt a soft breeze from somewhere.

A wind so warm that you forget the seasons.

The voice of the god of war was in the wind.

[Now open your eyes.]

I opened my eyes.

Then, a whitish seal appeared beyond the altar.

Although it has the shape of a human, it does not feel like a human.

To me, it just seemed like a bright shadow, so I wasn’t sure about its appearance, age, or even gender.

[Hmm. It seems that complete manifestation is impossible because faith is still lacking.]

“That look… … .”

[I told you, Yeonja. I will teach you the Galaxy Sword.]

“You don’t have to teach me in such a hurry… … .”

[That’s because I don’t know when it will be if not now. If there is this forgotten altar, it can appear, albeit in an imperfect form.]

That’s why.

[Look carefully. I will demonstrate it here and now.]

Reach out and grab the Seven Deadly Sins Sword,

The martial arts figure took a stance.

“… … .”

In most martial arts names, the meaning and true meaning are secretly hidden.

The White Japanese Style that I learned is a martial art inspired by the brilliantly burning sun.

For that reason, the mind method developed for Hundred Ilshik – Chloride First Ball is strong in explosive power, durability, and recovery.

Then, what is the secret behind the Galaxy Sword? … .

“… … .”

Musin’s movements were a demonstration full of consideration.

A movement that is literally meant to show someone something and teach them.

If it hadn’t unfolded so slowly, I wouldn’t have gained any insight from Martial God’s movements.

It felt vague now.

Flower petals were falling from all directions, and although I could barely grab one of them, I was still able to understand a little about the Galaxy Sword’s mechanics.

‘Big and majestic.’

That is the characteristic of the Galaxy Sword that I felt.

This is natural when you think about where the origin of this martial arts lies.

I was immersed in it, forgetting about fatigue and time.

I tried not to forget even the smallest movement.

Right now, I can’t interpret even 1% of this movement, but just keeping it in my head would definitely be helpful someday.

“… … .”

Finally, Martial God’s movement came to an end.

It felt like a very long time had passed, or it seemed like only a moment had passed.

I remained silent, still unable to easily escape from the lingering feeling that the Galaxy Sword gave me.

[A galaxy is a collection of countless stars spread out in the night sky.]

Musin spoke in a calm voice.

[Yeonja, do you know that the sun is just a star in a broad perspective?]

“hmm. “It’s something that makes worshipers of the sun god foam when they hear it.”

[I have no intention of disparaging their faith. I am simply speaking the truth of all things in heaven and earth.]

“… … .”

The God of War’s seal placed the Seven Sins Sword on the altar again.

[What did you feel when you saw the Galaxy Sword?]

“It was magnificent.”

And I added.

“It seems a little tight.”

[Are you scared?]

“therefore… It means I was afraid.”


For some reason, Mushin burst out laughing as if he liked my honest confession.

[Honest. Even though he is young, he is still an unmanned person. It’s not easy to admit fear… … .]

“… … .”

[Actually, it’s natural. Because humans are naturally afraid of gigantic beings beyond their knowledge.]

“Are you talking about something like a colossus?”

[I’m not just talking about God.]

Musin’s voice continued.

[Has the speaker ever thought about the age of the earth you stand on?]

[Who was the ancient ruler for whom no documents or records remained?]

[Conversely, what will the world look like hundreds of millions of years from now?]

Musin seemed to see my expression, and smiled calmly and said.

[The speaker does not seem to have thought deeply about these factors.]

“That’s right.”


“It feels so distant. “My life was always focused on taking the next step, so I couldn’t afford to look at things that were that far away.”

I felt like Mushin was nodding.

[Perhaps that is the essence of humans.]

Human essence… … .

I somehow liked that word.

[What I want to say is that a being that is far beyond cognition can make you feel awe just by its mere existence. That would be the same feeling that humans have when seeing God.]

“… … .”

[And the universe is the biggest concept that encompasses everything.]

Only then did I feel like I could clearly see what was contained in the Galaxy Sword.


[That’s right.]


Something whitish disappeared like a candle going out.

[The ultimate meaning of the Galaxy Sword means the inclusion of all things.]

“Then, if you learn that martial art to its extreme… … .”

[The speaker’s vessel will be wide enough to embrace the universe. There will be no burden even if you perfect the sword technique that imitates the sun.]

I took a quiet breath.

I finally understood what Musin said.

In a way, the Galaxy Sword was the martial art I needed most right now.

This does not necessarily mean that the Galaxy Sword is a high-level martial art of the Hundred Ill Styles.

Likewise, the level of martial arts is not above that of the teacher.

This was simply a matter of compatibility.

[The Galaxy Sword consists of a total of seven stages. In order, there are one autumn, two lines, two lines, three elements, four powers, five forms, five forms, six yangs, and finally, seven lights. To get what you desire, you will have to reach at least the level of the Five Forms.]

I tilted my head at the somewhat familiar name.

“Is the classification of that realm taken from the Red Heaven and Seven Stars?”

[That’s right.]

The seven stars are the seven stars that shine the brightest in the night sky.

Strangely, this group of stars was given the name above because it appears to shine brightest at sunset.

I looked down at the Seven Sins Sword.

“Is it possible that the shape of the Seven Deadly Sins Sword was also taken from the Seven Stars?”

[That’s right.]

Goosebumps appeared on the back of my neck.

The Seven Stars have special meaning not only in astrology, but also in magic, black magic, animism, alchemy, and theology.

In most studies, the seven stars symbolize light, darkness, wood, fire, earth, iron, and water, respectively.

therefore… … .

Looking at the bigger picture, the Galaxy Sword also means a martial art created by being inspired by the Yin-Yang Five Elements.

What this means is that there are parts that are in contact with Cheil Chloride, which can be said to be my foundation.

In my head, the martial arts sword dance just came to mind from the beginning.

Martial arts is a fascinating field.

It is also an area where it is most appropriate to say that you only see what you know.

I only found one thing in common with the First Sword of Flame, and the Galaxy Sword no longer felt big and scary.

Rather, I was excited.

‘If I apply the techniques of the Galaxy Sword that I have now learned to the eclipse-.’

… Of course, it won’t be an easy process.

Because the difference between martial arts and swordsmanship is not small.

Nevertheless, my head was spinning more violently than ever before, and I instinctively started performing the first attack of Chloride.


An internal force the size of a rat’s tail ran through the entire body’s bloodstream.

It was a cyclical process that had been repeated thousands or tens of thousands of times, including my experiences during my time in Yeongsan, but now I was feeling unfamiliar and new.

The reason the road I was so familiar with looks different is because my perspective has changed.

To me now, my body felt so vast, as if it were a small universe.


At that moment, I suddenly realized.

That you don’t have to accept the concept of the universe as just big and gigantic.

All humans have their own universe.

It’s simple once you realize it.

The human body was a microcosm.

[This… … .]

I heard Mushin’s voice, but I couldn’t respond.

I was in the midst of being swept away by the mental pleasure that comes after enlightenment.

… … .

… … .

How much time has passed?

My whole body was drenched in sweat, but the wetness wasn’t unpleasant.

The aftermath of enlightenment.

At times like this, it is human psychology to want to be alone for a while without anyone’s interference.

[Yeonja, congratulations on entering the Galaxy Sword.]

Although I could feel a calm lingering effect in Musin’s words.

However, following Musin’s words, I came to my senses as if I had been hit with cold water.

[however… What is your relationship with Baek No-gwang?]


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