I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 27

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Episode 27

I have now come to halfway accept this being as a martial god.

Maybe that’s why, despite the somewhat rude remark, more questions than pictures arose.


[That martial art is unfinished.]

I paused and asked.

“… How did you know? “There will be no flaws in the level of completion.”

[This is a problem that is difficult to explain theoretically. When you just see a painting – no matter how great the artist is. If one place is blatantly empty, it will naturally be considered an unfinished work.]

“… … .”

[However, the reason I advise you to stop learning it is not simply because it is an unfinished martial art.]

Mushin continued.

[There were a total of ten forms of eclipse that the speaker showed me. And those shapes had nothing in common. Except for the fact that it has a polarizing energy.]

I nodded because it was the correct interpretation.

As I mentioned before, all herbivorous eclipses are special moves.

Of course, depending on the application, it can serve as a check and also be used as a chain, but basically -.

It means a technique that will surely kill the enemy with just one herbal attack.

[Besides this, there was one unique feature. As we get into the second half, it becomes more and more powerful. Like a flame that gradually heats up while engulfing the surroundings.]

“… … .”

[Right now, the only ones that can be used as Yeonja’s body are the seventh or eighth brothers. The last two types don’t seem to be available at the moment, correct?]

“… you’re right.”

[Also, the form you have to create in the future will have to be much more powerful than now. Probably, starting from the eleventh form, it can no longer be called a human martial art.]

It’s as they say.

That’s why I can’t even touch the second half of Hundred Eclipse right now.

Because you won’t be able to use it anyway.

Musin sighed.

[It’s a dangerous martial art.]

“… … .”

[It’s destructive power is great, but it’s basically a martial art that can only be used if you have a transcendentally strong body. A body made of blood and flesh will inevitably reach its limit one day.]

Although I couldn’t see it, I felt like he was scanning my complexion.

[I’m not surprised. Was the speaker aware of this fact?]


[Then why do you keep learning it? Aren’t you afraid of side effects?]

I hesitated for a moment and spoke.

Anyway, if you tell a secret to this divine being, it won’t spread widely.

“The training method I learned is very effective in recovering the body. “No matter how much load is applied, it is possible to offset it with the recovery power of the refinement method.”

[I saw enough in the bloody battle we just saw that you have learned a special training method. Even though he was clearly exhausted, he regained his strength in an instant. However, that too is only a temporary measure. In the end, didn’t he use his true energy?]

“… … .”

I was again surprised by Musin’s insight, but did not show it.

Mushin sighed again and said.

[Most martial arts always include an element of training. By following the step-by-step process, you will climb to the next level in order and naturally lead to the next step. So the martial arts learned from our ancestors are a milestone in themselves.]

“… … .”

[Thanks to this, younger students are able to cultivate not only their bodies but also their minds in the process, which is also the founder’s consideration. In the end, in order to handle the martial arts of Ascension, you must also have strong mental strength. however.]

Musin’s voice subsided.

[There is no such consideration in Baek Il Sik. It’s a collection of simple destruction techniques. Personally, I don’t even want to call it a martial art.]

“… … .”

[I’m not saying don’t use it. It means don’t cook it anymore. The ten forms I just showed you won’t be enough in battle. Pursuing more than that is like breaking a bowl.]

Musin took a short gap and then spoke.

[To be honest… I cannot guess the true intention of your teacher who taught this martial art.]

“There must be some reason.”

[Is this a reason to achieve something even if it means destroying the disciple?]

Musin spoke sharply, but strangely enough, I wasn’t offended or shocked.

It’s not because I think Mushin is lying.

Actually, it’s something I felt to some extent.

I felt that Baek Il-sik was a strange martial art in many ways even as I was practicing it.

It is true that it is dangerous if you keep learning it.

But is that wrong?

“There is an aptitude for people and martial arts. “For some, martial arts may be a treasure, but for others, they may be worth less than a stone.”

[This is a story about risk, not aptitude.]

“I know. “I just want to say that there is compatibility among priests.”

[…] … .]

“My Lord, my teacher did not force me to learn the Hundred Illusions. “The choice was mine, so the responsibility should also be mine.”

I can feel Mushin’s gaze.

Maybe I’m being rude.

What I realized from our short conversation was that this warrior was basically good.

This advice must have come from goodwill.

However, I was not happy that the priest’s territory was being invaded by someone.

Even if it comes from good intentions.

[…] I understand what the speaker means. I can vaguely understand why you rejected my martial arts skills.]



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“yes. Therefore, it is better for the military to look for another speaker besides me.”

[You mean the one who is coming here now?]

“… “That’s a bit much.”

Come to think of it, Haden Eihar’s minions are rushing towards me.

Since the cave is so big, there will still be some time… It won’t be a situation to take your time.

I said desperately trying to shake my head.

“How about this? “When I leave here, I will find a believer worthy of the god of war.”

[Hmm. Then, hold off on choosing Shinto until then?]

“That’s right.”

[It looks like Yeonja doesn’t like the warrior coming here.]

“Yes. “He is an evil person who worships the God of Disaster.”

It wouldn’t be particularly persuasive to say something like this to a divine being, but for now, I said it.

[Hmm… … .]

Musin seemed lost in thought for a moment, and then spoke after a moment.

[Speaker, if you accept only one condition, I will accept the offer.]

“What is it?”

[Learn my martial arts.]

“Like I said, I-.”

[It’s okay to keep cooking 100 days’ food.]

Mushin said.

[I will not interfere in that matter. But isn’t it an unfinished martial art anyway? If you don’t want to focus on development all the time, it won’t hurt to learn other martial arts. And I am confident in my own way.]

“Are you sure?”

[My martial arts will be of great help to you.]

“… “Why would you do something like that to a guy like me?”

I asked because I didn’t understand.

[This is stubbornness as a military god.]


[I am sure. As you learn my martial arts, your thoughts will definitely change along the way.]

“Are you thinking that I will change and quit practicing Baekil-shik on my own?”

[I see.]


I laughed out loud.

“… “Aren’t such intentions usually supposed to be hidden?”

[I thought it wouldn’t matter whether I hide it or not. And the longer this fact is hidden, the bigger the repercussions. Isn’t trust fundamental between priests?]

“I am not a disciple of God of War, but… … .”


Musin responded indifferently.

I felt like I was being stopped somehow, but I didn’t bother to argue.

“All right.”


I thought that it would not be polite to refuse any further when a being like Martial God would bow down to this level… … .

In fact, it was also because the proposal itself had no harm to me.


Now that I think about it, I didn’t ask the most important thing.

“What martial art would you like to teach me?”

[It’s called the Galaxy Sword.]

“… … .”

“Tap,” he said.

My mouth dropped open.

A name that no citizen of the empire would know.

I asked, barely hiding my surprise.

“… “Is it true that God of War is the nameless king?”

* * *

Galaxy Sword Silver River Sword.

It is a swordsmanship that has now been put into practice, and is the swordsmanship of an unknown king who is considered the greatest king since the founding king of the empire.

The Unknown King’s achievements include uniting the scattered nations despite the massive invasion of demons at the time, and forming friendly relationships with most other races.

And that too with a sword.

Based on the relationships created by the unknown king at that time, the kingdom today is now called an empire.

Nowadays, no one thinks it strange that there is only one country on the continent.

Just 500 years ago, many countries and tribes on this earth were at odds with each other.

The evil called religious denomination still exists.


However, Musin denied my words with a bitter smile.

[Isn’t the Nameless King human to begin with?]

“The five kings, including the Unknown King, have god-like status in the current empire. “There are even religions that believe in them.”

[is it? Times have changed a lot… … .]

Martial God muttered in a slightly surprised voice.

[But I am not an unknown king. If I had been that famous to begin with, there was no way I would have been called the Forgotten God.]

That is correct.

I was convinced by Musin’s words and asked carefully.

“Then what was your relationship with the Nameless King?”

[…] He was my speaker in the past. That’s all.]

Kurrrr… … .

At that time, the sound of the entire cave shaking was heard.

Small pieces of stone fell from the ceiling.

[It looks like this cave won’t last long.]

“Does this mean it will collapse?”

[The fight Yeonja just had was so intense.]

Mushin said.

[Yeonja, if you are to inherit the Galaxy Sword, there is something you must take with you. There will be a sword stuck at the top of that tower.]

“… Surely it’s not the Seven Deadly Sins Sword?”

A weapon used by the Nameless King in the past when he united the seven races of the continent.

The name of the famous sword that was able to achieve victory without breaking even in repeated battles with the strongest of each race was the Seven Sins Sword.

Of course, I heard it’s gone now.

It is said that only replicas are on display in the imperial palace.

The book I read also described its appearance in detail.

The blade clearly has a blade extending out strangely like a twig, and there is a strange pattern on the sword body.

[If you are talking about a sword with a blade that extends strangely like a twig and twenty-seven runes engraved on the body, then that is correct.]

That’s right.

“… “You said it was at the top of the tower, right?”

I need to get it quickly and go.


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