I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 26

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Episode 26

When people are very tired, there are times when they start to see things in vain. This is a fact I have personally confirmed through experience.

Now we are in a situation where we are hearing nonsense, not nonsense.

“… “Musin?”

[Yes. Yeonja.]


God… … .

There is no way to guess what is being said.

The inverted triangle pattern discovered by Carl Jacques.

An altar to a forgotten god, said to be located somewhere in a cave.

‘no way… … .’

Did the god who had just been forgotten by the battle awaken?

[Are you surprised? But, Yeonja, this warrior does not speak twice. This means that this glorious offer is not just idle talk. ruler. Please come to the altar where I am.]

It’s so noisy it’s killing me.

Maybe it’s because I’ve overexerted myself for the first time in a while, but I’m starting to feel itchy bones.

Is it martial arts or tattoos? First of all, I just want you to shut up.

[hmm. I guess you’re not happy about this relationship. is it. Weren’t you my speaker…? … .]

I don’t know, I’ll just sleep for a while and then…

[Then I guess I’ll have to find another believer. It seems like an excellent warrior is coming here.]

“… what?”

When I heard those words, I forced my eyelids to close.

A drone is coming here?

I’m probably not talking about Calzac or Arjan.

If it was as I expected, those two would still be frozen in the cold that Sapphire Snake emitted.

[Someone is running at breakneck speed from the other side of the cave. Hmm. I can also feel God’s protection.]

God bless you.

This being said so, but that does not mean that what is coming now is the descendant of a great family.

As I said before, the Forgotten God is a being with ambiguous concepts of good and evil.

What this means is that they consider not only the blessings of the 72 gods, but even the curses of the evil gods as protection.

In other words, the one currently heading here is Haden Eihar’s minion, and if he becomes a follower of this forgotten god… … .

In the worst case, there may be one more Demon Lord.


I gritted my teeth and stood up.

“Where should I go?”

* * *

The place I headed to was the place where the jeweled beast’s eggs were stored.

This is the space revealed during the fierce battle with Sapphire Snake.



Moving forward, stepping on old eggshells.

As I walked through the pitch-black darkness, I came across a series of forks in the road.

[It’s on the right.]

[Here, on the left.]

[Now go straight.]

I was able to move forward easily following the guidance of a self-proclaimed martial god.

How many crossroads have we passed?

After a while, a very large space appeared.

It was large enough to comfortably accommodate dozens of buildings, and the ceiling was high enough to hold a Sapphire Snake standing in a straight line.

In such a wide and distant place, there was a building that had suddenly been erected.

“… … .”

A tower built upside down.

Relics of a forgotten god symbolizing reverse heaven.

The tower itself was shabby and had many damaged areas, as it had not been able to avoid storms and waves over the years.

Nevertheless, I was momentarily overwhelmed by the atmosphere.

Rather than being unsightly, it has an old-fashioned feel.

[Yeonja, come here.]

I quickened my pace at Musin’s words.

There was a simple altar in front of the tower.

“… “This wasn’t made backwards.”

[Obviously. If you make the altar upside down, you can’t offer sacrifices.]

“Sacrifice… … .”

I said with a sigh.

“God of War, I have no deep knowledge of the Forgotten God. “What are the specific benefits of becoming your first believer?”

[Huh. How do we judge the value of faith in terms of pros and cons? Becoming a follower of this god of war is an honor in itself.]

“God’s standards are difficult for humans to accept. “I don’t think it’s wrong for a worldly being to covet worldly values.”

[hmm… … .]

Musin sighed.

[That’s not wrong. okay. The perspectives of God and humans are different.]



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After thinking for a moment, Mushin spoke in a triumphant voice.

[I understand. then… If you become a believer, I will teach you the strongest martial arts I have learned!]

“I don’t really need that.”

Mushin asked in a confused voice at my immediate answer.

[You say you don’t need it? Why?]

“I already have some martial arts that I’m learning.”

[That’s not a problem. Yeonja seems to be still young, so learning new martial arts will not be a problem.]

“I have no intention of learning a new martial art for the time being… … .”


“That’s because the martial art I’m learning is the best.”

[…] … .]

It looked like Musin had forgotten what to say for a moment.

[Yeonja, as a martial artist, you are still immature and don’t seem to know, but if you are a martial artist, you should not say the word ‘strongest’ so easily.]

“The Lord of War just said that.”

[I am a warrior. Isn’t it strange that a being who is like the god of martial arts can’t say that the martial art he created is the strongest?]

That’s true.

[It’s frustrating. The speaker does not know how much luck this is.]

For some reason, God’s reaction was more human than expected.

Aside from that, a transcendent sense of devotion and maturity was felt in the way he spoke and in his prayers.

Maybe the saying that there is no god may be true.

The moment that thought occurred to me, I wanted to ask a few questions and answers with this martial artist.

“Oh, Martial God, the teacher who taught me said that among all the martial arts under the heavens, there is no higher or lower level. “The most important thing is the competency of the learner and how well the aptitude for martial arts matches the user.”

[That’s not wrong.]

“Do you agree with what my teacher said? “Then why did you call your martial arts the strongest?”

Although it is not a being that can be called a real person, I could not think of a proper way to refer to it.

Mushin said in a voice filled with laughter.

[Yeonja is growing up prematurely for his age. In his own way, he seems to have caught a clue about an individual’s lack of education. Regardless of the state, it is a difficult achievement to achieve at that age… … .]

“… … .”

[I will answer your question. First of all, if you are a martial artist who has reached a certain level, everyone will inevitably have different opinions about who is the strongest.]

I blinked slightly.

That’s because it’s something I don’t understand for the first time in a long time.

[For some, being the strongest may simply mean invincibility, and for others, it may mean undefeated. Others may consider simply surviving to be the strongest. Differences arise depending on what kind of life each person has experienced.]

After listening to Musin’s explanation, I understood.

Invincible with no enemy and undefeated with no enemy seem to be similar words, but in fact, the difference is clear.

It’s a different thing to fight directly against something that has no opponent and only win.

And you don’t even care about losing, and you consider surviving at the end as a victory… Well, that’s fine.

From my perspective, I think it’s closer to a competition between animals than between humans.

[The reason why my martial arts skills are the strongest is simple. If anyone learns it under the same conditions and with an equal amount of time, the person who has learned my martial arts has the highest probability of reaching the strongest level.]

“Has that been proven?”

[That’s right. A long time ago… It has been proven countless times in times that you have forgotten.]

For a moment, a faintness lingered in Musin’s voice.

[…] Anyway, I’m curious. The person who taught Yeonja seems to be quite an expert. What did he say about his martial arts?]

“You said that there will never be a martial art under heaven, before or in the future, that can surpass this.”

Although this refers to the greatest effort of all times and all times rather than a hundred sun eclipses.

This ideology was ultimately Baek No-gwang’s, so it was not wrong.

[It is a martial art that has never been seen before… … . You are truly arrogant.]

Mushin added.

[But, it looks like you deserve it.]

“… … .”

[Judging from the impression I heard from the teacher, the teacher probably has these thoughts.]

– Even if I only half-learn street swordsmanship, I am the strongest.

For a moment, goosebumps appeared on the back of my neck.

Although he may have never seen it in person, this man named Martial God accurately understood the teacher’s tendencies.

[That’s interesting. I know someone similar, but… … .]

“… … .”

[Anyway, since he has such thoughts, it would be natural for him to consider the martial art or method of operation he created himself as the best. In other words, if you interpret the words spoken to Yeonja, ‘There is no advanced level in martial arts,’ this is how it is interpreted.]

– There is no higher or lower level in all the martial arts that exist under the sky. Except what I invented.

“… hmm.”

I have never seen anyone who understood what Master was like so quickly.

I’ve never even met or seen him in person, he’s only heard a few things about me.

“I understand what you said.”

I spoke politely.

Regardless of the truth, I decided that he was a being worthy of being polite.

However, this does not mean that all questions have been resolved.

“But, God of War, if you say so, the martial art that God of War teaches you is not the strongest, and isn’t it possible that you are simply thinking that way yourself?”


Mushin burst out laughing.

Fortunately, he didn’t seem to be in a very bad mood.

Mushin thought for a moment and said.

[Then let’s do it like this. Show me the martial art Yeonja said you mastered. Then I will tell you the improvements in that martial art.]

“… … .”

[I have no intention of insulting your teacher, so calm down.]

What is my expression like?

I almost instinctively touched my own face, but I barely held back because I thought it would be an even worse behavior.

[All you have to do is listen and accept it if you feel it makes sense. How is it?]

“… hmm.”

I never thought there would come a day in my life when I would hear such an arrogant suggestion.

Oh my god, are you going to edit the martial arts of Baek No-gwang, the best in the world?

If it hadn’t happened before, I wouldn’t have even snorted at this.

But now… I was curious.

I thought that perhaps this martial being could be the pinnacle of martial arts comparable to my teacher.


I took a stance right away.

* * *

Like a sword dance, the Baekil Ceremony was performed from the beginning.

There’s no need to rush it, so take it slow.

So that the being called martial arts can clearly realize the core and truth of martial arts.

[…] … .]

Meanwhile, Calzac’s suggestion suddenly occurred to me.

You said you wanted to make me your disciple.

Calzac was a man worth respecting.

He is a man who is strong, affectionate, knows when to be strict, and is also persistent.

It is not that his social reputation is low, nor that he has no aptitude for teaching.

In summary, Carlzak was an outstanding teacher with humanity.

It was not for nothing that I thought that my life before returning might have changed if he had stayed at home.

But I rejected Carlzak’s offer.

Not once, but several times.

Strangely, I don’t want to call him instructor, teacher, or teacher.

In fact, this applies to everyone, not just Calzak.


[…] … .]

Martial arts, Baekil-sik, created together with a teacher.

To me, a solar eclipse is a memory.

The first half, from the first ceremony to the tenth ceremony.

The origin of all herbivores, what process they went through, and how they came into existence, all of that still comes to mind vividly.

… learned a lot

It’s not just martial arts.

What is wrong as a person, what needs to be corrected, the direction of life, what kind of life should I live, what kind of life do I want to live?

And I realized that even people like me have strengths.

So, to me, the existence of Baek No-kwang feels inadequate to simply describe him as a teacher.

“… … .”

The demonstration of the eclipse has ended.

I gasped slightly and looked at the altar.

Maybe it’s because I’m out of shape, but my body feels hot even after just demonstrating.

‘Rotten… … .’

When you wake up, it will be difficult to even lift a finger.

I swallowed hard, remembering the white flower’s rebound that would sooner or later return like a boomerang.

[Yeonja, what is the name of the martial art you just learned?]

Musin, who had been silent all this time, spoke.

“It’s the 100th solar eclipse.”


Musin, who was silent for a moment, spoke in a stern voice.

[Yeonja, I won’t talk too much. Stop learning 100 days of food.]


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