I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 25

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Episode 25

I have reached the battlefield I wanted, but the situation is still not good.

About a minute after the battle in the maw began, I became desperate for the ring sword that I gave to Calzac.

‘Write… … .’

If I had known this would happen, I would have just kept it.

My main force is still a fist rather than a sword, but in situations like now where I need to conserve my strength, a bladed weapon is still good.

This is because the basic attack power is different from that of a fist.

My external skills were still at a poor level, so I had to use my internal skills at every moment to deal with these snake bastards.

If you fight it with your bare body, your muscles will be torn and your bones will be shattered in no time.

If I had been hit by a poisonous dagger from Osel and had not been able to convert the extreme energy contained in the poison into internal attack, I would have died long ago.

… Looking back. Is it right to just chalk it up to luck?

I had a strange thought that being hit by that dagger might be the starting point of some great fate.

Since my thoughts were literally wandering, I focused my attention on the fight again.

… … .

… … .

My body is hot.

While I was hitting, kicking, and tearing at the snake babies that were running at me, I suddenly got curious.

‘How many people did I kill?’

I don’t remember.

Therefore it is dangerous.

This is evidence that cognitive ability is gradually being affected.

Even though I was swinging my fist with a firearm loaded on it, I felt like it was getting colder and colder… … .

Before I knew it, my breath was tinged with breath.

‘It’s not good.’

It’s really bad.

The reason I can endure like this is not because I am particularly good.

The problem of compatibility is that the martial arts I learned are from the Geukyang series.

On the contrary, Calzac had a poor compatibility. It would be difficult to show even half of one’s original strength against an enemy like this.

“ha… … .”

Let out hot breath.

Simply put, a flame melts ice, but the melted ice turns into water, and the water extinguishes the flame.

Regardless of the basic compatibility, this means that the longer we fight, the more disadvantaged I become.

If my level has reached a level where I can evaporate even the moisture of melted ice, it won’t matter whether it’s a long game or not.

Right now, my external and internal skills are at a completely insignificant level.

The biggest variable in the current situation is, of course, Gem-su’s children.

The cold that naturally flowed from their bodies eroded the surroundings as time passed, and even affected me.


I exhale again.

How much time is left now?

First of all, the number I see seems to be similar to the first one.


While thinking about useless things, I got hit in the face by the tail. If I had been hit harder, my teeth might have been knocked out.

“This bastard… … .”

In return for a slap I had never received, not even from my mother, I tore the owner of the tail to death with my own hands.

And I think as I spit out the blood from the corner of my mouth.

Maybe I could die today?

… … .

… … .

At some point, my mind became hazy, as if I was walking through a dream.

There was no pain anywhere, and my right arm was especially sore, but when I looked closely, the wound on my forearm was serious.

A lot of blood was shed.

But what I am feeling right now is a bit different from the dizziness caused by anemia.

A feeling that the mind and body are separate.

As before, even while I was thinking about useless things, my hands and feet were steadily annihilating the enemy.

At the same time, I was thinking about the words of the third brother, who was particularly talkative.

– The angrier you get, the stronger you become? He looks just like the Hulk.

– Rather than anger, I just feel like the stronger my emotions become, the more I resonate with Cheonhwa Jeilgong. What is the Hulk more than that?

– there is. He has green skin, is very big, and is incredibly strong… … .

– Ogre?

– … It looks similar, but it’s completely different.

The third brother, who was famous for being a chatterbox, would say useless things nine times out of ten, but sometimes he would say something helpful.

That advice happened to be just that.

– Youngest one, I heard you were a mercenary before you came here.

– Ah yes.

– Do you know? Anyone who works as a mercenary risks their life at least once.

It’s not wrong.

In the first place, when it comes to mercenary work, even the easiest missions are not without the risk of death.

Even if you don’t realize it, you are risking your life almost every moment.



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– Some people treat the decision to ‘risk one’s life’ as something noble, but in reality, it is not. Still, it is true that such trials are great opportunities for growth.

– Listen carefully, youngest child.

– Throwing your life on the line and pushing yourself beyond your limits are two completely different things. because… … .

“… “Because venom and persistence are different.”

I never realized the true meaning of these words during my lifetime.

He could not overcome the limit and died on the battlefield.

What I realized was after that, after experiencing death.

It was in a new place called Yeongsan.

… … .

… … .

The body remains hot.

My throat felt hot as if I had swallowed a flame, and lava seemed to be flowing inside my skull.

However, it is a contradictory situation in which a sharp chill is felt throughout the body.

It seems like there is no longer any room for useless thoughts.

I kept fighting.

At some point, the thought of winning faded away, and my body moved according to more primal instincts.

Until the moment my strength runs out, to kill even one more person.



I stretched out.

“… uh.”

The fist that had been crushing the snake bastards so far touched the scales in vain.

The snake guy also flinched for a moment, perhaps because he was embarrassed.


He soon realizes that there is no pain and tilts his head.

I saw a bare fist.

Even if I squeeze the dantian, not a single drop of internal power comes out.

The poisonous snake, which had been tilting its head, changed its attitude and attacked me.


I see the disgusting-looking snake’s throat, the lingering chill, and the flashing white fangs.

A moment of desperation.

… … .

… … .

in other words,

The moment to go beyond your limits.

* * *

– You are a funny guy.

A time in the past.

Master looked at me and said.

– I have seen countless people called geniuses. There are four masters above you, all of whom have unexalted talents that are hard to find in the world. They also practiced here like you.

– I had to survive in this mountain by any means necessary for a month.

A pitchless voice continued.

I quietly listened to the voice like a sinner being rebuked.

– Everyone went through crises big and small. Although the crisis didn’t necessarily lead to injury, they all felt death here at least once or twice.

At that time, the word ‘once or twice’ pierced my heart deeply.

Master looked at my face intently and said.

– How many times have you almost died in this mountain?

I do not know.

There were too many to count.

Because at the time, I was busy trying to survive.

– It’s number 27. 27 times in one month. He almost died at least once a day.

– … What do you want to say?

I was in tears and responded.

With executioners who have only experienced one or two crises at most.

I almost died more times than I can count.

I felt miserable at the incomparable level difference.

It’s disappointing.

I thought I was going to hear the words I most wanted to hear from my teacher’s mouth, and the words I had heard countless times in Badniker.

– Good job.

I was surprised and raised my head to see an old man with a kind expression.

– There have been numerous crises so far. I was hurt a lot and suffered a lot. No human being can truly be indifferent to death. You faced your biggest fear for a month and overcame it. In the true sense of the word, it has been tempered.

On second thought.

I think that was the only time I was praised so clearly by my teacher.

– I think it would be better for you to accept the chlorine fire.

– Why?

It was a strange suggestion.

If one could personify fire, it would be a very hot and passionate person.

No matter how much I think about it, it is far from me.

But apart from that,

At that time, I already knew.

– The fire attribute of the best warrior of all time is a martial art that only the most persistent can succeed.

When it comes to martial arts, what the teacher says is mostly true.

* * *

Was the jeweler a poisonous snake?

And did Jewelsoo’s children inherit their mother’s fangs?

I will never know the answer to my question.

This is because just before the fangs touched the forearm, the group of snakes disappeared from sight.

Like fallen leaves touched by flames.


My head is blank and my vision is as clear as day.

I was shivering because it was cold just a moment ago, but now it is warm.

… … !

… … !

A group of baby snakes ran towards me, screaming, but I couldn’t hear them well.

My five senses seemed to have become very numb overall, but apart from that, I could feel the movement of the group of snakes so clearly that I could feel them with my hand.

‘… ‘You entered.’

I laughed and laughed.

I couldn’t hear myself laughing because my ears were completely gone, but thanks to that, I was able to laugh to my heart’s content even more without worrying about what other people were thinking.

The snake paused for a moment, as if it wanted to avoid the crazy guy, but right after, one swung its tail at me like a whip.

It felt slow enough to make me yawn.

I caught the flying snake by its tail and tore it off.

It was definitely easier than hitting it with a fist. It had the disadvantage of being messy in many ways.


And I moved forward.

When I thought about it, it was the first time.

In this battle, I was the one who approached them first.

The thing I was most wary of while fighting a group of snakes was being surrounded.

That’s why we’ve always taken a passive defensive stance, but there’s no need to do that anymore.

Now I knew exactly how many snakes there were.

‘What’s left.’

Roughly about fifteen.

Perhaps because they thought I was a fool for stepping on a limb, the snakes hesitated for a moment before attacking again.

It seems like they will have to spend a lot of time in order to inherit the name Jewel Tree from their mother.

The attack was extremely simple, as these snakes lacked cunning.

Then, now that their physical abilities have increased significantly, it doesn’t matter whether the number of these guys is ten or one hundred.


At some point, the red flame changed its color and became white flame, emitting pure white light.

Likewise, it seemed as if I was surrounded by white flame on all sides, but if I looked closely, I was inside the white flame.

‘… The reason why only the most persistent person can achieve great success in Cheonhwa Jeilgong.’

This is because this mental technique has the characteristic of becoming stronger the longer the battle continues.

As time passes, the body gradually heats up, and the user feels cold.

A body that creaks, a mind that feels like it has run away from home, and pain that feels like torture.

These elements make you feel like you want to die at every moment, but the more you endure without giving up, the hotter it becomes.

– In other words, it gradually becomes stronger.

Like a flame that burns right up until it goes out and expands without limits.

Physical performance also advances to the point where it exceeds its limits.

When it finally enters an overheating state, white flames come out from the whole body… … .

Master called this state white and white.

Only practice can lead to true growth.

Achievements that would never have been achieved if it had not been for the risk of death.

So, I was thankful for today’s actual battle and struggle.


The last snake died.

I stood there, out of breath.

In the midst of the fire, enjoying the feeling of being born again.

The cold is now gone.

… … .

… … .

It was at that moment that something unexpected happened.


[A boxing dance that you risked your life for -. I will recognize you as a worthy sacrifice to awaken this martial god from his long slumber.]

[Yeonja, you are qualified to be my first believer.]

… What does this mean again?


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