I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 24

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Episode 24

“There’s a snake cub-!”

Arjan and Calzak did not immediately understand Luan’s shout.

It was about a few seconds later that I fully understood what he meant, but then I realized that I wasn’t saying that there was a snake cub in this cave – a Spire Snake – but… … .

‘There’s a baby snake?’

Calzac immediately expanded his attention.

It wasn’t that difficult to detect the presence of many people coming from the entrance.

‘What is this crazy… … .’

But awareness and panic are two different things.

The moment he realized the enemy’s presence, Calzac’s hair turned white.

how… When did she give birth?

And why didn’t I know that?

Immediately after, Calzac also witnessed the scene that Luan had seen earlier.

The space beyond the wall was confirmed.

The moment I saw the pure white eggs there, I got goosebumps starting from the soles of my feet.

So then this situation is… … .

‘You kept it from me on purpose?’

Calzac felt fresh fear.

I knew that Gemsu was smart.

Because it was Calzak who told Luan and Arjan that fact in the first place.

But I was arrogant.

While he acknowledged Jewel Su as his lifelong enemy, a part of him also thought this way.

Yes, it’s a beast. There is no brain enough to engage in a brain war with humans… … .

At this moment, I realized how wrong that thought was.

The monster, thought to be a beast, deceived Calzac with clear malicious intent.

Just as Calzac spewed out hatred while thinking of the Jeweled Beast,

The jeweler would also have thought of Calzac as a disgustingly persistent bastard.

So I hid the fact that I was pregnant.

This monster may not have any concept of tricking the enemy or setting traps.

He must have instinctively understood that he could turn the situation around by hiding this fact.

So, Gemsu blocked the entrance on the other side with his huge body so that no one could see it, and raised his children beyond it.

‘then… … .’

This insidious plan may have started from the very beginning when this cave was used as a home.

When Calzac was waging an invisible war of nerves with Jewels Beast, Jewels Beast’s children would have grown steadily.

To kill Calzac instead of my mother someday.

‘Calzac, you idiot. ‘Why didn’t you notice?’

If you think about it, there are more than one or two strange things.

Sapphire Snake was unusually weak.

No matter how winter it is, this hibernation was too long.

This guy, who moved his residence whenever he got the chance, had been staying in this cave for almost several years.

What if Luan hadn’t come here?

Or, if we had spent another half a year ignoring his insistence that we defeat him today.

Doesn’t this mean that Carlzak kept looking for an opportunity like an idiot and was torn to death by the snake cubs that had grown up a few months later?


Gemsu’s children rush in.

Although it is much smaller than its mother, it is as agile as it is small.

Calzak stepped back and cut down a group of baby snakes.

What I realized from the fleeting encounter was that the strength of their scales was formidable.

‘How many of them are there?’

Only a few dozen can be seen at a glance.

In order to reliably take out one or two of them, a considerable amount of mana had to be injected into the blade, but Kalzak was not in a position to afford it right now.

This is because from the beginning, the only enemy Calzac had assumed was Sapphire Snake.

Thinking that he could achieve revenge soon, he happily swung the sword full of mana without thinking about anything else.

Damn it, now that I think about it, I should have suspected it from then on.

The reason Jewels felt that it was easy was not because Luan and Arjan joined, nor because Calzac was in good condition.

It was simply because the bastard was tired after laying eggs.

‘It’s not good.’

When mana runs out, no matter how much Kalzak you have, you will no longer be able to deal effective damage to these guys.

To be honest, it’s almost dark before my eyes, but I don’t have any intention of dying obediently.


Carlzak gritted his teeth and shouted as he poured mana into his blade.

“Whoever wants to follow mom, come first! “You bastards!”

* * *

Do snakes also understand swear words?

I don’t know if he really understood it, or if Calzac’s shouting was just annoying.

In any case, Calzac’s heroic shout attracted the attention of the snake group, and I was able to gain the time necessary to assess the situation.

First of all, jewels.

‘Even if I stay still, I’m in a state of death.’



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In other words, it means that it is still alive.

You never know.

If you leave it like this, it might recover.

The blood that flowed from this guy was enough to form a puddle, but the vitality of this guy named Gemsu can never be underestimated.

I saw Calzak and Arjan.

First of all, what is surprising is Arjan’s movement.

That guy was fighting, showing off the same moves he made when he defeated the assassins last time.

Perhaps because the technology had severe side effects, the body could be seen creaking even from a distance.

‘I won’t be able to hold out for long.’

Calzac’s condition appears to be worse than that.

There was nothing I could do since I had used all my strength to cut down the jewel tree.

To make matters worse, most of the snake cubs’ attention was focused on them, so it looked like they would die immediately if they made a mistake.

To conclude, the person who is in the best condition right now is me.

This means that I am the only one who can turn the current situation around.

There was no time to think any further than this, so I immediately put the plan I had in mind into action.


I stepped on the tattered tail from the successive blows, took a leap, and ran down the snake’s back.


Gemsu screamed and twisted his body.

‘Tough bastard.’

Even if Calzac couldn’t do it, he would have cut himself ten times, and he still has this much energy left.

The cave was as huge as I first said, but it wasn’t even wide enough to accommodate the luminescence of the Gem Tree the size of a small hill.

The rampaging bodies of the Jewel Beasts pounded the ground and walls of the cave, and sometimes even the ceiling.

Rumbling… … !

The entire cave trembles as if it will collapse at any moment.

This bastard isn’t planning on crushing everyone to death like this, is he?

I thought about it and denied it.

There are children, and the wounds suffered by Jewel Su are not shallow.

Since he was a conniving guy who had even dug a trap, it was a strange situation in which he could actually be trusted.

Anyway, it wasn’t easy to run on the smooth snake’s back as if it had been placed on a grill.

On the contrary, the baby snakes that were chasing them also fell in a heap.

It’s hard to say it was thanks to him, but because of that, I was running slowly down the snake’s back.

At that moment, the Gem Beast’s movements suddenly stopped.

Ssssssssssssssssshh… … .

I got goosebumps as I felt like the air was being sucked in somewhere.

I have heard of this phenomenon from Calzac.


The moment Calzac’s shout was heard from somewhere below.


Coldness erupted from Jewels Su’s whole body.

* * *

It is common to breathe out through prayer.

I heard it somewhere.

Amphibians such as snakes and frogs breathe through their skin.

So this guy can emit breath and cold air with his skin?


Arjan almost lost consciousness due to the swirling snowstorm.

It had only been slightly creepy a moment ago, but now I felt like I might literally freeze to death.

That’s probably what would have happened if I had lost consciousness.

“───Haaa… … .”

Arjan let out a hot breath.

Mana must be used.

It must pump the heart and promote slow blood circulation.

It didn’t go as planned.

Because the cold has invaded deep into the body.

Too cold.

‘… I can’t move. It’s much colder than what I heard from the instructor earlier.’

Since it was just after spawning, the body must have become weak, so why did the cold feel even stronger?

Arjan looked around the cave and quickly realized why.

The gemsu was not the only one emitting breath.

The children also understood their mother’s intentions and at the same time vented their coldness.

Arjan held his dagger tightly. In fact, he may have had a tight grip. Overall, the body has no senses other than cold.

This also meant that this was all Arjan could do right now.

‘Damn it.’

Even Arjan, who was the furthest away from Gemsu, ended up like this.

Kalzakna, who was swinging a sword nearby,

Luan, who was running on Gemsusu’s back, must have frozen to death a long time ago.

Arjan’s consciousness gradually became blurred.

In a situation where even if you bite your lip hard, no blood comes out… … .

Arjan somehow felt as if he had seen an unrealistic scene.

A place where only the cold blows, and a scene where flames appear to be rising from the back of a gem beast that looks like it was carved out of ice.

* * *

I almost fell behind.

I’m not kidding, I really just saw a ghostly mountain shimmering vaguely.

If I had realized just one second later that I was emitting cold air, I would have turned into an ice statue.

Of course, I’m fine now.

It’s not frozen, and it’s not like I’m feeling cold.

Not only that.


I’m still running.

Even up to the moment the jeweler emitted cold air, I didn’t stop running.

It’s also the reason I’m still alive.

I used Ilyeongbo and concentrated my fire on my entire body, especially the soles of my feet.

I didn’t need to adjust my firepower like I did when fighting the assassins, but that’s because my goal now isn’t to fool the eye.

As a result, my steps left burning footprints… … .

Even in this urgent situation, I gave Chosik a name, as was my habit.

Ilyoungbo 日影步 salty speed race.


This shit is going to be so hot.

That’s because I’m pouring a lot of energy into each step.

For a weakened jeweler, this fire will be an unbearable pain.

Since you’re putting weight on your steps, wouldn’t you be feeling the pain of a fireball falling from the sky and randomly hitting your back?

Anyway, the breath just now was probably the last resort for this guy, and now he has no strength to even struggle.

Thanks to this, I was running much more easily.


When I was halfway behind the jeweler’s back, the jeweler’s children who had run away came after me again.

The love for their mother is truly admirable.

Why, snakes have the image of being cold-blooded.

‘Still, it looks like they are close together.’

So what should we do now?

First of all, I couldn’t stop running.

If we get surrounded by those bastard snakes as is, it will be the end.

However, running to the end is not a trick.

Although this snake is incredibly long, it naturally has an end.

When you reach the snake’s head, you have no choice but to jump, and once you hit the ground, you are surrounded for just a moment.

… Even while I’m thinking, I’m losing all my energy while using the flame sprint.

Just then, I reached the snake’s head, and I took a moment to catch my breath and look back.

A group of baby snakes are now just around the corner.

The moment when you have to make a decision… … .

I poured out all my energy into my fists.

100 days 100 days 白日 style, 6th beginning ceremony 第六招式.

Falling flowers and fire.

A fist covered in red flames struck Jewels Su’s head.


I could feel the Jewel Beast’s scales being crushed and even the skull beyond them being shattered.

More than half of the remaining energy disappeared in an instant, but it was okay.

With this, I’ve definitely killed the Jewel Beast – Sapphire Snake.


The large body of the jeweler lay on the ground.

I saw the children of the jeweler who was chasing me fall down in a patter.

It was a fall from a fairly high place, but I don’t think they would have been hurt.

Would it be luck if they get tangled up among themselves and even one or two of them get crushed to death?

Anyway, at this moment when I was briefly free from their pursuit, I also finished landing on the ground.


A dead sapphire snake was seen with its mouth wide open.

Blood-like water is constantly flowing from the eyes and mouth, and a cross section of Arjan’s tongue is also visible.

And then I stepped directly into the maw of the sapphire snake.


After a while, the snake bastards came to their senses and came towards me.

It looks very excited as if it realized its mother’s death.

“Whoa… … .”

I slowly exhaled as I looked at the approaching enemies.

The snake’s mouth.

This is the battlefield I chose.

It’s a damp and unpleasant place.

A place where you only have to worry about the enemy in front.

At least a place that won’t be under siege.

‘Although there is nowhere to run to.’

I let out a soft laugh.

Anyway, since I’ve come this far, I have no intention of running away.

Now there is one of two endings.

Either kill all these snake bastards,

On the contrary, I die.


Of course, this smelly place cannot be my grave.


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