I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 23

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Episode 23

The Sapphire Snake I saw after a long time seemed to be bigger than I remembered.

It hasn’t even been a few days.

‘So, I heard snakes don’t stop growing until they die?’

A jeweled beast that is sure to live much longer than an ordinary snake.

I suddenly became curious about the age of this snake.

“Whoa… … .”

I suddenly heard a sigh and looked at Calzac.

The chill was enough to make his breath come out, but the man was sweating profusely.

“Are you okay?”

“Are you okay? “Are you asking me now?”

Calzac smiled calmly, but it felt awkward somehow.

Anyway, guys need to be aware of their pride.

Anyway, it’s surprising.

No matter how strong the opponent was, it was unfamiliar to see a man this nervous.

‘Arjan… … .’

Looking at his position, there is still some time before the battle begins.

I spoke to Calzac to increase my odds of winning even a little.

“You’re hiding something, right?”


“Between you and that bailiff.”

“Why do you think that?”

“There is no clear reason.”

I deliberately spoke in a casual manner.

“If you have something to say, say it now. “When I have time.”

“… … .”

Calzac, who had been glaring at me for a while, blurted out.

“You cheeky bastard.”

Cursing here?

“It’s similar to Delac.”

“… … .”

“That guy took my most precious thing.”

“More than your arms?”


“What is it?”


Calzac closed his mouth.

I felt like I needed time to choose what to say.

“I had a younger brother. There was a big age difference between me and him, so he was actually around the same age as you. “He insisted so much on going hiking with me that I couldn’t refuse.”

“… … .”

“He didn’t have any skills, but he had good instincts. I was the first to realize the existence of the jewel tree down in the swamp, and when the snake cub opened its mouth, it pushed me away. That was the last thing I saw. “The person I was supposed to protect protected me.”

I didn’t have anything to say so I kept my mouth shut.

Instead of making eye contact with each other, we were looking at the giant jewel tree.

“From that day on, I followed that snake bastard and fought countless times. But it didn’t end there. When I felt like I was being pushed, I backed off and planned for the future. At the time, I thought that was the right answer. If I die, my brother’s revenge will be in vain. But.”

Calzac looked down at his hands and said.

“Looking at me now, I wonder if I was simply a coward rather than being cautious.”

“… … .”

“f*ck, you’re talking about all sorts of things. “Is it really time to die?”

“I have to live.”

I took the ring sword out of my fingers and handed it to Calzak.


“It’s an artifact. “Ringsword.”

Although it exploded once when fighting an assassin before, the main body of the ring sword is this ring.

As long as you have a ring, you can do it again and again… No, you can draw your sword two or three more times.

“I have a sword.”

“I know. “Use it as a spare.”


“I’m strong even without swordsmanship.”


Calzac twisted the corner of his mouth and put the sword he was holding into its scabbard.

I also laughed and said.

“It’s simple to use. You can adjust the length by rotating the ring… … .”

I looked at Calzac’s bare right sleeve and shrugged my shoulders.

“Which finger should I put it on?”

Calzac silently raised his middle finger toward me.

People are so mean.

“Can it be this long?”

“A little longer.”



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“… “Like this?”

“It’s just right.”

Calzac made a complicated expression as he looked at the ring sword, and muttered to himself.

“… “Dan always brought me a knife before a mission.”

“… … .”

Dan, I guess, was my younger brother’s name.

How would an older brother feel about using his dead younger brother’s name as an alias?

I couldn’t imagine myself without my younger brother.

I didn’t particularly like the ones called older brothers and sisters.

“Would Dan be happy if I killed that bastard?”

“How can someone who is already dead be happy?”

Calzac stared at me.

“But that doesn’t mean nothing will change. I believe that requiem is a ritual for the living. If you kill that guy, there will definitely be a change in your heart. “Wouldn’t that be enough for now?”

At this point, Arjan’s location was confirmed.

Arjan, who had been skillfully climbing the wall, was now within close range of the Jewel Beast.



“That’s an artifact.”

“I told you earlier.”

“It’s expensive, so use it wisely and return it.”



At that moment, a deafening roar rang out.

I could see the Jewel Beast going on a rampage and Arjan flying away in the distance.

‘It was successful.’

It starts now.

* * *

The critical point is certain.

When he stabbed Yeokrin, Arjan was convinced.

Of course, this confidence does not come from fully knowing the physical structure of this snake.

What Arjan focused on was Sapphire Snake’s reaction and the feel of it in his hand.

A roar mixed with pain, this level of chaos, blood pouring from the eyes and mouth.

The reaction is too loud for a small scale to be pierced.

Arjan flew with great force and landed near the ceiling of the cave.

This was possible because there was a protruding part on the wall.

In that state, you can see the overall appearance of the Sapphire Snake.

‘Again… It’s too big.’

First of all, it was an opponent that Arjan could not kill even if he was dead or awake.

Even if you stab it a thousand times with the dagger in your hand, you can’t kill that guy.

If it was that size, it would take several days just to kill it from excessive bleeding.

Perhaps that monster can only be killed with Calzac’s attack.

With the skills of a sword teacher, the size of the auror blade-sword flame can be increased to several meters.

With a sword of that size, it is not impossible to cut off the head of this giant snake.

So Arjan’s role was to disrupt.

Head, body, tail.

In a battlefield divided into three, her role is to be the head.


The only thing the enraged jeweler could see was Arzan.

I had no choice but to wake up with the worst pain after a short sleep.

For now, I focused on running away.

Even though I focused all my attention on avoiding it, I had to constantly feel the threat of death.

No matter where you ran inside the cave, you couldn’t escape the Gem Beast’s range, and you had no choice but to dodge most attacks right before.

Although the attack was avoided, the shattered wall and scattered stone fragments left small scars on the body.

Of course, you don’t have to run away like this all the time.


Gemsu let out a scream once again.

‘The instructor’s attack occurred.’

It’s hard to see clearly because of the Gem Beast’s size, but down there, Calzac’s offensive has probably begun.

Calzac is in charge of the body.

The role is to inflict continuous damage to the jeweler by slashing at the safest location whenever the opportunity arises.

This is because it has the strongest attack power among the three.

Arjan felt the jeweler’s attention disappearing from him.

He is a clever guy.

No matter how angry I am with the animal subject, I am not completely swept away by my anger.

Through this short attack, the snake has established its enemy priorities, and has just placed Arjan at the bottom of its priorities.

Now, the person to be most wary of is not Arzan, but Kalzak, who is swinging his sword down there.

Rather good.

As the enemy’s attention moves further away, Arjan is naturally able to hide his presence… … .

In such an environment, the assassin’s battle is the most efficient.

‘Next chance.’

At that time, I will either stab out this jeweler’s eyes or cut out his tongue.

The snake has not yet forgotten Arjan’s existence.

Does not matter.

This battle will be a long one, and it is impossible not to miss Arjan’s presence at every moment.

Even a moment is good.

At some point in this battle, for example, when Calzac’s next slash was struck, when that guy’s attention was distracted even a little, or when a golden opportunity was caught in Arzan’s attention.

At that time, this jeweler will realize Arjan’s existence once again.

* * *

There are days like that.

A day when my head was exceptionally clear.

A day where my body, mind, and every cell seemed to claim that today was the perfect day.

Calzac wanted to subdue the Jewel Beast on a day like that.

But today’s conditions were not that good.

It was like that until just before the battle.

‘Your head is clear.’

And the body is light.

Perhaps due to my mood, there is no excess in the sword flame surrounding the blade.

Calzac realized the reason and burst into laughter.

‘That reckless bastard.’

The kid who spoke to me right before the battle.

It wasn’t like there was any grand conversation going on.

It’s not like he gave any meaningful advice.

But sometimes, simply letting out what’s inside can clear your head.

Calzac suddenly remembered something.

The fact that it’s been so long since I told someone what I thought.

The longer you hold a thought, the heavier it becomes.

Sometimes I had to exhale to reduce the weight, but I couldn’t.

‘You cheeky brat.’

Thanks to you, I had a rare experience.

I started in the worst condition, but the more I fight, the clearer my head becomes.

As if my body was gaining momentum, I felt like the sword became sharper as I swung it.

This gem number.

It’s true that it’s a threat, but it also feels like it’s somehow weaker than before.


Calzak jumped high and lowered his sword.

Kwagagagak, a straight line was drawn on the jewel beast’s body. Were these scales this easy to cut?

Calzac twisted the corner of his mouth.

As I was fighting, I was becoming more and more confident.

Today, this gem beast dies by my hand.

* * *

I hit the tail of the jeweled beast flying like a whip with my fist.

My wrist was throbbing, but I managed to pull it off.

The tail is this gem beast’s main means of attack.

The size of a rock, scales as hard as metal, and a tail that swings at incredibly fast speeds are nothing short of weapons of mass destruction.

This means that it is the most important thing to keep in check when it comes to attacking Jewels.

Arjan is having trouble with his head.

It is Calzac who deals the final blow.

And I’m the one blocking the tail’s movement.

So far, things are going well as planned.

It’s smooth.

In other words… … .

‘It’s going really well.’

The jeweler’s movements gradually become sluggish.

The wounds inflicted by Calzac are slowly taking effect.

Because the blade was heavily coated with the poison that was stolen from the assassins.

Indeed, the effect is as great as Ossel’s boast of accepting the Great Jewel.


Once again, something fell with a tearing sound.

At first I thought it was some sort of bright red snake, but upon closer inspection it was different.

‘Is it the Sapphire Snake’s tongue?’

In other words, Arjan, who was in charge of the head team, achieved meaningful results.

For snakes, the tongue is a more important sensory organ than the eyes or nose.

Now that we’ve succeeded in cutting it down, it will no longer be able to fully capture our position in this battle.

then… We have passed all of the points that were thought to be the most dangerous in this battle.

All that’s left is to steadily wound the body and make it immobile until its head is cut off in one go.

‘… … .’

So I frowned.

‘This much?’

Not weak.

In fact, even now, I am risking my life every moment.

but… … .

Were Kalzak and Arjan that wary of an opponent of this magnitude?

‘It’s too easy.’

My head felt cold.

The more optimistic the situation, the more nervous I was reminded of the death penalty’s teachings.

Could it be that I missed something?

I once again repelled the rushing tail with my fist.


The jeweled beast’s tail was stuck on the wall.

The collision was so strong that the wall shattered into pieces.

His movements are becoming more intense as he gets closer to death, but it won’t last long.

If I get the chance, I will completely destroy that guy’s tail.


At that moment I stopped moving.

A new space opened up in the place where the tail hit.

There was a space behind the wall.

It wasn’t a strange thing, but the place where Calzac stayed in the first place was in a similar context.

But the moment I saw the scene unfolding in that space, I felt a chill down my spine.

What was behind the wall were countless white eggs.

Even this.

‘It’s already hatched-.’

I quickly looked at the battlefield.

Another entrance to the cave, hidden by the Sapphire Snake’s huge body.

Kurrrrrr… … !

Beyond that, dust was rising wildly.

“… “f*ck.”

It seemed like this.

I gritted my teeth as I looked at the ‘babies’ who were flocking towards me.


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