I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God Chapter 22

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Episode 22


“Breaking things down is too difficult for you. So it is damage. “Even if you dent or crack it, I’ll give it a pass.”

“… … .”

Calzac looked at our expressions and smiled.

“why? Do you think it would be too easy? Then try it right away.”

Then Arjan looked at me as if asking for consent, and although he still had an expressionless expression, he felt strangely motivated.

I guess this guy doesn’t want to be stuck here for half a year.


“… Excuse me.”

Arjan placed the scale on the floor and took out the dagger from his arms. I don’t know where that dagger keeps coming from.

Arjan glared at the scale as if it were an enemy of the Great Heaven, then wrapped his hands around the scale and struck it down.


It sounded like something had been struck with steel.

Arjan looked like he almost missed the dagger.

If my swing posture had been a little awkward, my wrist might have been damaged.

“This… … .”

Calzac said as he looked at the scales that had bounced off.

“I’m telling you, the scales of the real thing are much harder than these. “It’s been a while since it fell out of that snake bastard’s body.”

“… … .”

“But what about those who can’t even break a jewel beast’s scales? three days? “You have severe delusions.”

Arjan closed his mouth.

His face is still expressionless, but somehow somber.

The slightly biting lip seems to indicate a desire for revenge.

“Now that you know the topic… … .”

In the meantime, I picked up the scales and spoke.

“Can I just destroy this?”

“… “Did you hear me correctly?”

“I heard.”

I looked down at the scales.

As I held it still, my hands became a little cold.

This is because the scales themselves have a negative energy.

As Calzac said, if it is still releasing this much cold even though it has been separated for a while… When fighting the main body, you may feel like you are fighting in snow.

‘This is why Osel prepared such a dagger.’

then… … .

Perhaps the one who holds the key to the strategy here, not Calzac, may be me.

“okay. Give it a try. What weapon will you use? “Can I at least lend you my sword?”

“it’s okay.”

I repeatedly flicked and caught the scales like a coin.

Calzac crossed his arms – he looked quite funny with one arm – and watched me.

After repeating the motion approximately five times, the scale was thrown high.


I took a stance while the scales floated in the air.

As I touched it, the texture was clearly imprinted on it.

Thanks to you, I understand the intensity to some extent.

Naturally, my mind searched for the most effective herbivore for those scales, gemstones, and sapphire snakes.

When the floating scales fell to my eye level, I concentrated the fire inside my body into my fist.

100 days 100 days 白日 style, 6th beginning ceremony 第六招式.

Falling flowers and fire.


Scales flew in all directions with a sound like ice breaking.

The aftermath was loud, but fortunately the two here were strong enough.

They easily blocked or avoided the fragmented scales.


“… … .”

“… … .”

Even with my apology, the silence was not immediately broken.

Calzak and Arjan looked at us with similar expressions.

I don’t know if it’s an appropriate metaphor, but it looks like he just witnessed a dog tap dancing.

It may sound unlucky, but I expected these two to be surprised so I waited for a while.

Calzak was the first to come to his senses.

For some reason, this person walked towards me with a red-faced face.

“That’s a martial art that has forms.”

“that’s right.”

“Who did you learn it from?”

“I made it alone.”

Then Calzac frowned.

“gibberish. The essence contained in your movements just now was not just a few years worth. “It contained a profoundness that could only be felt from a master who contributed to martial arts throughout his life.”



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He is also a sword teacher.

When it comes to insight, even Kean can’t compare.

However, my situation was such that I couldn’t say it honestly, so I insisted for now.

“I actually made it. “There were many books I referenced.”

“… … .”

Calzac gave me a suspicious look, but I don’t think we could tell anything from that alone.

Actually, I have nothing to complain about.

Not only is it not entirely wrong to say that I created it, but even if I dig into my past later, nothing will come out.

“but… no. Still, if he is Delak’s son… … .”

Calzac, who had been sleeping for a long time, groaned and was lost in thought, then suddenly raised his head.



Somehow, the look in his eyes is burdensome.

You’re not going to insist that you don’t understand, are you?

While I was thinking that, Calzac said something completely unexpected.

“You, become my disciple.”

“… … !”

Arjan was surprised.

“Uh, I don’t like it.”

“… … !?”

Arjan was even more surprised.

* * *

Badniker’s obsession with blood ties is beyond imagination.

To be precise, it is an obsession with blood relatives, that is, children.

– Possibilities lie latent in blood.

I said all this because the above statement symbolizes the iron-blooded hero and is talked about throughout the entire empire.

They are more sincere about raising their children than anyone else, and if they show even the slightest hint of growth, they literally do not spare their full support.

He eats all kinds of precious elixirs and elixirs instead of rice, and is given a famous sword kept in the family.

In the name of growth, you will be able to receive treatment as generous as the royal family of a country.

But just one thing.

No matter how much Sanghyeolgong values ​​his children, there is one factor that he cannot pay any attention to.


The skill of an iron-blooded warrior is never left out when discussing the strongest empire.

Naturally, children respect their father more than anyone else, and desperately hope to receive even a single word of advice from him.

It is physically impossible.

Iron Blood Prince is not only the head of the Badniker family, but also the best demon hunter in the empire, the imperial sword, and the executor of the [Great Family].

Even if he only did the minimum amount of work he was assigned to, he would need two bodies, so no matter how precious his children were, he would not have time to watch them train.

So, Iron Blood Prince wandered around the empire himself.

To personally invite those who will teach their children on their behalf.

That’s how Badniker’s title of Grand Criminal was created.

The great criminals, made up of a total of ten people, each have a different field.

There are experts in weapons such as swords, spears, axes, and bows, as well as scholars who teach etiquette, culture, and history, and even experts in theology, animology, and magic.

The iron-blooded craftsmen wandered around the empire and carefully selected them, so to speak, as the best talents in each field.

And Carlzak knows.

Among the great criminals, the children of Iron Blood Master show the greatest interest in the sword teacher – himself.

Of course.

Even the weapon of the head of the family, Sanghyeolgong, is a sword.

It is natural that the attention of most children who admire the head of the family is focused on the sword master.

So Calzac finds this situation even more absurd.

‘What are you doing here, you idiot?’

What did this kid just say?

– Oh, I don’t like it.

I think I heard that clearly.

I’m not deaf yet, so I’m not hearing anything wrong.

So Calzac immediately thought of another possibility.

“Did I say something in vain? This can be happen. Let me say it again especially, kid. “This student of sword teacher Calzac is-.”

“I don’t like it.”

“… … .”

Calzac’s mouth opened wide.

* * *

Even as I looked at Calzac’s blank expression, my thoughts did not change.

After a while, Calzak suddenly came to his senses and spoke.

“you… Don’t you know what a valuable opportunity this is? Or do you think I’m lying? aha. Now I understand. Are you afraid that later I will pretend that I never happened? Hey, I’m not that mean bastard. “I won’t go back on what I say once I say it.”

“is it so?”

“okay! So, think again… -.”

“it’s okay.”

“… “Heh, heh.”

Calzac burst out laughing as if he had lost his mind. Then he looked at Arjan, who seemed to have changed his target.

“Hey, I think your master is out of his mind. As a butler, do you have anything to say?”

“… … .”

Arjan thought for a moment, then looked at me and opened his mouth.

“Master, this is a very valuable opportunity.”

A unique, calm voice continues.

“Establishing a relationship with a sword teacher as a priest does not simply mean receiving martial arts lessons from him. If you are acknowledged by the great monk, the eyes of the elders will change, and soon this news will surely reach the ears of the head of the family. This means that it could be the first step in ultimately changing Mr. Master’s negative perception.”

“… “It’s a bit too political, but I liked it anyway.”

Calzak gave a thumbs up to Arjan and then looked at me again.

I felt really bad when a man with a beard down to his collarbone gave me such bright eyes.

‘It’s not wrong.’

Of course I know what Arjan is talking about.

In addition to what I just explained, the benefits I would gain from having Calzac as my teacher would be endless.

“But that’s okay.”

It’s not that I’m stupid and keep turning down these offers.

In fact, right after I rejected it, I couldn’t understand why he was so adamant.

When I thought about it carefully, the reason was simple.

Perhaps I don’t want to have anyone other than Baek No-gwang, the best in the world, as my teacher.

“No, but-.”

“Enough about my disciple. “Now that I’ve broken the scales, you’ll do as I say, right?”

“… … .”

Calzac still spoke with a dissatisfied expression.

“No matter what you do, you couldn’t destroy Arjan in the end.”

“This guy is hiding his powers, so it’s okay.”

Carlzak probably knows more about this than I do.

We must have talked about this just before I woke up.

As expected, Calzak grunted and then sighed.

“… I can’t just say that to Delak’s son. Even if I die, I won’t know.”

“I won’t die.”

I said with a grin.

“Let’s go out together, senior.”

* * *

Three days later was the optimal time for me to think and choose from many perspectives.

The timing took into account not only the group’s physical condition, but also the remaining food and information sharing, as well as the precarious return to home.

“It’s eye-poppingly delicious. “Are there any more?”

“Uh huh. “You have to eat sparingly.”

Calzac became a beef jerky hunter.

I wondered what they were eating here to survive, but they ate the water or moss that flowed through the cracks, and occasionally the bats in the cave.

It was a way of eating where hard beef jerky was considered a delicacy.

After a short meal, I heard an explanation about the jewel beast – Sapphire Snake from Calzac.

“Do you know that there are ranks even among jewelers?”

“yes. “It is said that the ones the head of the household subjugated were those who were of the lower to middle class.”

Calzac nodded.

“right. And the Sapphire Snake is clearly superior. “You can get a feel for it just by looking at its size.”

Calzac continued talking while drawing a picture of a snake on the wall with a sharp stone.

“build. It is an incredibly important element in battle. Even a snail would be a disaster if it were that big, and even that thing is a snake. “He’s cunning enough for his size.”


“Head-on confrontation is crazy. So I watched that guy for a very long time, and in the last fight… … .”

Calzac’s snake painting was better than I expected, and he was able to draw it well with his left hand.

He may have been left-handed from the beginning.

“… “I found its weakness.”


Calzac stabbed a certain point in the snake painting with a piece of stone.

“It has reversed scales under its chin. “This is its weakness.”

Scales turned upside down.

I muttered, remembering the Imoogi I once caught in Yeongsan.

“… “It’s disgusting.”

“What did you say?”


Calzac habitually stroked his beard and looked into space as if recalling the past.

“During the hectic fight, I touched its scales, and it went crazy as if it had been hit by an X.”

Suddenly Arjan clenched his fists.

You like jokes like that. Wake up a bit.

“If it had been stabbed a little deeper, it would have been fatal.”

“You won’t die if you stab it, but it will definitely make the fight easier.”

“that’s right. “My strategy is to sneak up on him while he’s sleeping and then hit him in the vital spot.”

And then he adds with a slightly embarrassed face.

“Actually, I had the opportunity to do that several times while I was staying here, but I guess I’m not good at moving secretly.”

Same goes for me.

Moving while hiding your presence is not my specialty.

My eyes naturally turned to Arjan.

Calzak, who knew more about this guy than me, also shared his gaze.

Arjan quickly realized his role and said:

“I will take on that mission.”

“Are you going to be okay?”



Afterwards, Calzac gave us a few more things to watch out for.

I was worried that he might be forced to follow what I said, but after hearing his passionate explanation, I realized I was wrong.

In fact, Calzac was much more serious about hunting gemstones than me or Arjan.

After the explanation, I briefly warmed up, practiced, practiced, ate, slept, and talked with Arjan.

Of course, there were some annoying things.

“Hey, are you sure you don’t want to be my student?”

“… … .”

Calzac, who saw me training, started to get upset again.

After he refused on the first day, I declined to be polite, but he whined like he was breathing and my patience was slowly running out.

“I have nothing to do, so please go. “Let’s do some training.”

If you send him away as if you were a petty merchant, Calzac will say, “You cheap bastard!” “You’re great!” And withdrew.

After a while he came back and repeated the same thing.

In fact, chasing Calzak was more mentally draining than training.

Just like that, three days of ups and downs passed in an instant…

“… Are you ready?”


“let’s go.”



Calzac muttered, loosening his neck joints.

“… When it’s all over, let’s try some snake meat.”

Finally, the day of snake hunting dawned.


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