I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 88

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Chapter 88 – 88. Elia Convent

Actually, even though I was at the academy, there wasn’t really anything to do.

No joke, there really was nothing to do.

Sometimes he talks to Erica or sends Gideon away in tears.

Other than that, she exchanges opinions with Professor Per, who uses the same lab, regarding her research.

Days like that continued.

Anyway, since it was right before summer vacation, there was nothing else to do, and the first semester summer vacation passed by without much happening in the game.

Professors and lectures started in the second semester, so I just spent my days reading books.

The letter I received from Saint Lucia after a long time was unexpected.

– How are you?

This place is still immersed in deep turmoil, but if you think of it as an ordeal, you must have the courage to overcome it… …

When I skipped over all the unnecessary words and looked at the content, it was like this.

Before Lucia became a saint, a letter came from the convent where she was a nun, asking for help.

It seemed like a phenomenon related to evil spirits, so I asked for confirmation.

‘It’s better.’

I was bored waiting for vacation to start anyway. Using the saint’s letter as an excuse, she prepared to leave Lovern Academy ahead of me.

Of course, there was one part that caught me off guard, and that was Aria.

I wondered if I should take her with me, but seeing as I had work to do during summer vacation, I didn’t think I needed to worry.

Since it was the second time, I had enough ability to become stronger on my own.

Before the exam begins, leave the academy one step ahead.

“Wow, there’s so much baggage.”

“I will help you.”

“Okay, what about giving birth?”

Because there were so many books, the luggage was heavy.

As we headed to the carriage waiting outside with Findenai grumbling and Illuania standing awkwardly next to us, the professors came out to see us off.

“oh my! Monumental Master! You work hard for the kingdom!”

The dean immediately bent down and took my hand. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Dean stretch his back while looking at me in all the time he’s been here.

That meant that he was looking at me by bowing his head slightly.

“Yes, let’s go.”

As he shook off the dean’s hand, other professors also added their words.

“Have a nice trip.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“I hope I can have a cup of tea next time.”

Formal greetings.

When I was getting bored, Erica Bright, a blonde woman, was looking at me blankly.

I thought he might ask me to follow him, but he didn’t ask me that far.

However, no matter how I looked at her expression of uncontrollable regret, she seemed more like a young girl than a professor.

“Are you coming next semester too?”

“Okay, I have to lecture then.”

Of course.

In the second semester, I was also a formal professor with lectures scheduled.

When Erica heard that, she nodded, looking a little relieved.


The eyes of the professors around us were naturally focused on us, but when I glanced at them, their eyes spread out in all directions like a flock of fleeing pigeons.

You must have been curious about the conversation between me, the memorial service chief, and Erica, my fiancee.

Finally, I got into the carriage and gestured to Gideon, who had been looking over anxiously from earlier.

“Ride together.”


“At least send me off out of the city.”

Iluania and Findenai sneakily make room for Gideon.

Not only he was surprised, but so were the other professors, and Erica was especially disappointed, but I ignored it and took Gideon with her.

It may have seemed strange to take a male professor instead of his fiancee, but there was a reason.

The carriage departs and the interior becomes quiet and calm.

Findeneye is wriggling her hands, wanting to smoke a cigarette, and Illuania offers a drink to the unexpected guest.

Gideon drank the water Illuania gave him and then carefully asked me.

“Hey, I wonder what the reason is.”

“I will teach you how the Geronia family survives.”

“… … !”

Gideon’s eyes widen. His once shiny red hair had become dull, and the dark circles around his eyes showed how stressed he was.

Now that I had tamed it enough, it was time to use it.

“A few hundred years ago, during the war of invasion. “You probably know about the Setima residents who lived on the Academy grounds, right?”

“… … !”

Of course you would know.

Because what Erica wanted while pretending to be fake lovers was records about them.

“Report to the continent one by one the atrocities you committed against them. It would be enough to tell her saint that she regrets her past sins.”

“B-But then…” … !”

Even if the inhumane acts of torture committed on the people of Setima became known, it would be quite a blow to the Xeronia family.

“Don’t stop there, build a memorial to honor them. “You already have the list, so it shouldn’t be difficult.”



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“… … !”

“What His Majesty wants is the contraction of the Geronia family. “You were opening your hands too wide.”

However, it has been clearly decreasing through the royal family’s checks. Now a clear shot was needed.

Not for the royal family, but for the Geronia family. It will be an unwavering sign that they have been ruined to such an extent that they do not dare to challenge the royal family.

“If you inflict a blow on yourselves by reporting the atrocities committed against the people of Setima, you will now be free from the pressure of the royal family.”

“… … .”

“The choice is yours.”

Will it continue to be eaten away by the pressure from the royal family? Or are you just going to end up taking a hit yourself?

Are you going to cut off the flesh yourself?

Or are you going to wait for your opponent to take the bone?

That was their choice.

Before I knew it, the carriage was headed outside the city, and an arrow flew out of the window, accompanied by a strange rattle.


Findeneye, who was looking outside with a displeased expression, was curious and asked what all the fuss was about.

I grabbed her shoulders and made her sit down naturally.

And he gestured to Gideon.

“Now, leave now.”

“Ji, are you talking now?”

He nodded softly in response to the foolish question.

I thought there might be an assassin out there trying to take my life. It could have been sent by the nobles in retaliation for this pressure from the royal family, or it could be that the religious side is still out of their wits.

Since I knew that there would be danger if I went outside the city, I deliberately brought Gideon along.

“I guess I can at least clean it up.”

When I placed my chin and ordered, Gideon opened the carriage door without even thinking about resisting me.


Iluania was taken aback by the sudden attack and the inside of the carriage being swept away. Gideon glanced in my direction with a bitter expression and answered.

“Advice, thanks… … do.”

“Go quickly.”

There was no need to force myself to say something I didn’t want to say.

As if looking at a well-trained dog, he clenched his chin and immediately jumped out of the carriage.

As Findeneye closes the door, he glances over and looks over with regret.

“Wow, that sounds fun.”

The sound of Gideon’s anger mixed with fighting the assassins by creating a flaming sword sounded quite loud at first.

The carriage moved further and further away, and then disappeared completely.

* * *

Elia Convent.

A convent boasting history and tradition, it was a place to professionally train a small number of nuns.

A place where the rules are extremely strict and communication with the outside world is cut off.

However, it was a place where God was served solely, regardless of worldly life.

The current saint, Saint Lucia, is also from the Elia Convent, as is her predecessor.

As such, it is safe to say that Elia Convent was in fact a place where saints were produced.

To that extent, they were clean, pure, and every day was an offering to God.

“What the hell is this?”

The abbess, Hamates, had lived here for a long time and had never been so embarrassed.

No, beyond embarrassment, fear rises.

Early in the morning, the sun gradually rises over the mountain range.

The pentagram depicted outside was in the shape of a goat, symbolizing the devil, and on top of it were three charred corpses lying in nuns’ clothes.

The burns were so severe that the convent was filled with an unfamiliar smell of burning meat, and the faces were distorted to the point where they were unrecognizable.

In addition, the devil’s pentagram has already been vaguely erased, which means only one thing.

The devil was summoned by sacrificing three nuns.

In addition to the crisis throughout the convent, there was a need to find out what kind of crazy nun was acting like this.

The abbess hurriedly rang the bell she always carried in her arms.

Jing! Jing! Jing!

Nuns pour out with the harsh sound of bells. There are a total of seven nuns at Elia Convent.

The feeling of betrayal was special because the abbess was worthy of the title of women closest to God and was confident that the next saint after Lucia would come from this place.

As many as three people betrayed God and did something like this.

The abbess couldn’t hold back the anger boiling over her as she ground her teeth.

The nuns came to the abbess in a hurry because it was their first time hearing the morning bell.

In fact, their numbers were lower than they should have been.

But the important thing is.


The number of nuns was five.

The original number of nuns was seven.

There are three corpses that summoned demons.

But there are five nuns left.

One is more.


The abbess looks at the corpse and the nuns alternately with bewildered eyes.

Then, after seeing the devil’s summoning circle, he naturally reaches the correct answer and throws the bell he was holding on the floor.


The bell rings loudly and glares at the remaining five nuns.

One of these.

The devil is lurking

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