I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – 74. The Great Debate

royal family and church.

The grand debate, in which both sides will fight, is just one day away.

The topic, of course, starts with the necessity of Deius Verdi as a memorial service, and whether it is a heresy, etc.

So many accusations were raised by so many denominations that it was difficult to list them properly.

In such a situation, the church was divided into moderate and hardliners.

In the case of the moderate faction, the saint was a member of this faction, which was in the position of debating the issue through a grand debate.

On the other hand, in the case of the hardliners, they were in favor of standing up strongly and bringing Deius down immediately.

However, of course, the position of the fierce hardliners was narrow, and the current situation meant that there was no need to go that far.

No matter how difficult it was to see a warlock entangling himself with the royal family, the hardliners were no different from calling for rebellion.

‘That doesn’t make sense.’

What era was it?

The grand debate was open to the public and could be viewed by citizens.

This was a proposal from the church, but I had no idea that the royal family would accept it.

Anyway, Lucia was watching the steps of the man called the memorial service one by one.

He didn’t just stop there, he planned to give a clear explanation about the warlocks he had seen.

An eerie atmosphere that makes you feel like you are a different race from humans who are selfish and only care about themselves.

Of course, not all warlocks are the same, but it is still too early for citizens to accept the existence of warlocks.

‘If you had told the church in advance, there wouldn’t have been such a public confrontational picture.’

It was a shame that I couldn’t do it, but I also thought it was wrong.

‘Tsk, stubborn bishops could have said absolutely no.’

This agenda may have been ignored before it even came up in the first place. Thinking about it that way, I thought that setting up the memorial in such a surprise manner was a strategy of the royal family.

So, does that mean we can at least persuade citizens to understand?

Ultimately, a debate is a battle to persuade the public rather than the other party.

Right now, I was confident because the church had the citizens’ backs, but I was a little uneasy about the current situation where the royal family was overly accepting everything.


Lucia tilts her head and taps her chin with her finger.

No matter how much I thought about it, the question was how the royal family would persuade not only the bishops but also the citizens who were deeply prejudiced.

“I don’t know who you are, but once your face is sold, it will be difficult to live in the kingdom.”

Monumentalist Deius Verdi.

The earl’s younger brother who lives in North Weden. Rumors that he was a professor at Lovern Academy were already spreading widely.


The moment when Lucia, who had a complicated expression on her face, turned her neck this way and that and stretched.

“Holy woman, I have obtained additional information.”

A bundle of papers filled in the arms of a believer who opened the door. This was a passage that showed how serious the church was about this matter.


But from the perspective of having to read it, it was terrible.

In this way, I felt like I would know more detailed information about Deius Verdi than the Gospel.

“Here is the resume he submitted to Lovern Academy.”


When I thought about it, Lucia realized that she hadn’t even seen her face, so she took it right away.

The moment you look at the photo attached to the top, ignoring the blank history to the point where you wonder if this is okay.

“uh… … ?”

Lucia’s expression became grotesquely distorted.

* * *

“Key! I’m serious?”

Findeneye clicks his tongue as he looks at the citizens who have already come to the entrance of the royal palace.

They all held up and waved signs containing radical language, criticizing the royal family’s foolishness and unreasonableness.

“Don’t look at me for nothing. “It just makes me feel worse.”

When Deia, who was half-lying on the sofa, grumbled, Findeneye responded with a grin.

“Griffin is a really nice country to live in.”

Deia suddenly raised her head and asked what that meant. Findeneye’s blood-red eyes contained a strange sense of skepticism.

“Even if you do that damn thing, the king won’t pull out his sword. In the Clark Republic, their tongues would have been pulled out, their fingers and legs cut off, and they would have been executed alive in the city.”

“Ugh, you really say that?”

The cruel iron-fisted rule of the Clark Republic is told half as a ghost story. Deia responded as if she couldn’t believe it, but Findeneye only shrugged.

The Republic appeared in the game as a cruel place and didn’t have much of a role, so I didn’t know much about it.

But the more I learned about it, the less I wanted to go there at all.

I removed the gauze from my cheek. The throbbing pain I felt a few days ago is now gone.

“Are you okay now?”

Deia asks, pretending not to be interested and looking elsewhere. I nodded and told him not to worry.

Then Findeneye giggles and laughs, saying it was fun.

“You hit me very cool and left, right? Even though you felt sorry, you must have been very happy on the inside, right?”

“… … .”

It wasn’t wrong.

I saw the corners of Darius’ mouth subtly turn up as he punched my cheek.

Darius, who cannot leave North Weden empty for long, already left a few days ago.

Before that, he hit me hard with his fist so hard that it left a scar on my cheek and told me to leave.

It was out of necessity.



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“I’m glad you got better before the debate.”

If I had left the debate wearing gauze, my first impression would have been ruined.

For reference, Aria also left for the academy.

I spent the whole time trying to force myself to stay with me. She promised that I would join the academy and said that a student is most beautiful when he or she behaves like a student, and she quickly left.

Originally, Deia would have had to leave with Darius.

I stayed at Gray Pond, saying I wanted to enjoy my first vacation in a long time.

To be honest, I wanted to leave if possible because it could be dangerous. Well, it can’t be helped.

“Wow, I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s debate.”

Findeneye hums. In fact, what she is looking forward to is not the debate, but what comes next.

Perhaps from then on, assassins will come from all directions?

Even in the royal family, most people would risk their lives for their faith in the name of martyrdom.

That’s why tomorrow’s debate will be a feast of confusion and distrust.

“… … .”

Suddenly, the saint Lucia came to mind.

She’s as kind and fresh-faced as I’ve ever seen her in the game. She was also a simple but strong woman.

You’ve probably figured out by now that the person you’re debating with is me.

I needed to meet her in advance.

Before making any judgments, I met myself without any preconceptions.

Since the image has been imprinted with a good enough image, it is impossible to enter into a discussion by simply assuming that a warlock is evil.

‘I’m sorry, but I will win.’

It may be said to be cowardly, but the saint’s position was just as important in this matter.

The moment when she does not unconditionally oppose me, but takes on a slightly ambiguous position.

This side was planning to solidify their victory.

* * *

next day.

Funnily enough, the place where the great debate between the royal family and the church takes place is a place I have already been to once.

It was the Gray Pond execution site.

People crowded into the seats designed with the Colosseum as a motif. It must have been prepared with great care, and in the very center of what was once a simple execution site, there was a huge stage and a round table placed for discussions to take place.

“Wow, it’s so intense.”

“I didn’t know they would block it that much.”

Findenai and Deia wiping off their cold sweat. There were quite a few citizens who were blocking our ride from the royal palace to the execution site, so it took a long time to get rid of them.

King Orpheus and Archmage Alfredo were already waiting for the discussion at the place where the distinguished guests were.

The nobles seem to be quite divided among themselves, so a war of nerves is taking place even among those in the VIP room.

The King and the Archmage forced themselves to remain silent despite all the noise and criticism.

They won’t necessarily let down their strength and raise their voices or punish them for being rude.

Because after today’s grand debate, everyone will end up being dumb and only paying attention to the king.

The wise king is silent, waiting for the moment of reversal, but in his head he is probably drawing up a list of the names of those who have loud voices.

“They’re already out there?”

Deia points toward the discussion room with her hand. Bishops serving each god.

And Saint Lucia standing in the center.

The atmosphere is completely different from what I saw at the restaurant Marchen.

Her silver hair, which she had braided at the time, was loose this time, and she was praying with her hands folded.

I took the stack of paper I had prepared and a steel water bottle to drink during the discussion.

I slowly turned my head and saw Findenai and Deia smiling at me.

“Get rid of them all.”

“Honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be hostile to the church, but if you have to, just destroy it.”

After hearing some cheering, I nodded and headed outside.


“Get out of here!”

“There is no place for a warlock in the Griffin Kingdom!”

“Execute! execution!”

A flood of boos.

There were even people throwing trash and food, but the Magic Judges’ protective magic naturally protected me from them.

In the end, I stood in front of the debate hall despite the cold stares of the bishops.

I made eye contact with Lucia, who was looking at me as if she was lost on her own.

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