I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – 73. Graypond’s Holiday

“It’s a good novel.”

The man’s calm voice, without any exaggerated or flashy packaging, actually felt like a bigger compliment.

This meant that Rosemary was a good novel, to the extent that even people who seemed to have such calm emotions thought it was good.

“is that so? “Can you tell me what you liked about it?”

Did it seem too random?

But I was curious, too.

As a saint, she couldn’t let people know that she was writing romance novels impurely, so it was the first time she had met her readers so directly.

Although the editorial department said the response was good, Lucia wanted to hear the opinions of readers directly.

“The female protagonist’s emotions themselves were very diverse and rich. “In particular, her fight with Rachel in Chapter 3 was quite surprising.”

As he explains the contents of the novel as if he had prepared it, he sincerely points out his opinions and even the parts that are slightly disappointing.

Lucia put it into her head, thinking that it could actually make up for her shortcomings.

Although we naturally ended up sitting together, I thought Lucia wasn’t that bad.

When coincidence overlaps, it is inevitable.

Didn’t God prepare this meeting today for himself?

This time, the man on the other side asked.

“Lady, which part impressed you the most?”

“Oh, me?”

You’re asking me, the writer, about the impressive parts of my writing. It felt like she was playing a practical joke, but Lucia was seriously considering it.

“That last part. In the end, the scene where Mary leaves everything to find her love was very impressive.”

“… … .”

The man nods with an expression of understanding.

“It felt like the author’s wish. “I want to cut off everything from the world and take steps to where my heart goes.”


How did he understand his intentions so accurately?

For Lucia, Mary, the main character of Rosemary, was nothing but a projection of her own ideals.

Feeling as if her feelings had been revealed for no reason, Lucia forced her head to look away in shame.

The coffee I ordered at the counter was placed on the table just in time. The server looked at the table that had unexpectedly become a meeting place, winked, and walked away.

‘It’s not like that…’ … .’

Thinking that I might have caused a strange misunderstanding, I grabbed the coffee cup with both hands and brought it to my mouth.

I glance at the man’s face while pretending to drink coffee.

The gauze attached to the cheek was meant to cover the wound, but other than that, the skin was smooth and soft.

People in the North usually have pure white skin, so I thought they might be from there.

The more I looked at him, the more I saw his appearance that would have made many women cry. As a saint herself, she had been courted by many handsome men, but all of them were bright and shining.

But he was the exact opposite.

If I were to be specific, it would be moonlight.

Although it is abstract, the image that comes to mind when I see him is of bluish moonlight shining lightly in a quiet night sky.


As my eyes followed the man’s face, I forgot that I was drinking hot coffee.

Lucia was startled as her tongue was burned by the coffee that poured into her mouth.

Normally, he would have used divine power to heal him, but now he is hiding his identity.

Strangely enough, he didn’t want to reveal his name to this man.

A saint.

Not a writer.

I just wanted to share stories with people.

That’s why Lucia endures the bitterness and wipes up the spilled coffee.

As I stuck out my tongue slightly, saying it was painful, the man carefully stretched out his hand.


I couldn’t even react to the situation, which was so unexpected. His hand that stopped in front of his face was truly beautiful.

A chill like frost flowed from my fingertips and carefully wrapped around my burnt tongue.

The bitter pain disappears naturally.

‘It was a wizard.’

The man withdrew his hand again and calmly drank his coffee. I felt grateful for the careful consideration as if nothing had happened.

Although I was a little embarrassed sticking my tongue out.

After that, the conversation between the two continued for quite a long time. A cozy and warm time.

When I was thirsty, I refilled my coffee, and when I was hungry, I ordered bread and cake.

As I watched him pour out his thoughts as a writer reflected through Rosemary, I felt like I had met someone who understood me that no one else knew.

I was impressed by his wisdom in naturally explaining his desires and ideals that he had put into the book while understanding them broadly.

The story of the book quickly spread and spread, including simple personal stories or thoughts about the current Gray Pond.

The topic continued, the conversation continued, and Lucia was surprised to see that he had broader knowledge than she expected.

Even though the long conversation continued, the two did not reveal each other’s names.

It felt as if it was an unspoken rule for each other, and it seemed like proof that our feelings were right even without saying anything.

Why does such a fun time pass so quickly?

It was already dark outside, and as a saint, she couldn’t waste any more time.

In fact, even now, the line has become quite dangerous.

“I think I should go now.”

As Lucia slowly got up, the man on the other side also calmly got up.

He mutters with a slight sigh.



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“I had more fun than I thought, so I lost track of time.”

Did he, too, force himself to continue the conversation because it was so pleasant?

not bad.

Hiding her faint smile, Lucia slowly offered to shake hands.

At that moment, my lips moved and several impulses passed through my head.

I really wanted to continue this novel-like encounter.

If you tell me your name, maybe we can schedule another time and make an appointment?

Considering my position as a saint, I know that I should never do that.

Not only dating, but even spending personal time with a man would become a source of gossip, which would greatly damage her image as a saint.


Lucia decided to admit it honestly. Even if only slightly, I am attracted to the man in front of me as the opposite sex.

It wasn’t that I was in love, but the possibility of that happening was creeping up.

“It was a fun time.”

However, the man pretended not to notice Lucia’s concerns and gently shook her hand.

That was the end.

It may have felt sad, but it actually felt like the man had put an end to Lucia’s worries in advance.

“I hope we meet again someday, if God guides us.”

Although he was blunt, Lucia also smiled softly at the consideration he felt inside.

“Yes, God will guide you.”

Yes, if my relationship with him was fate. If you were a person truly blessed by God, it wouldn’t end like this.

Somewhere, I’m sure we’ll meet again.

The man and woman left the store together and walked in different directions.

There were no regrets left.

For the first time, Lucia realized that even brief encounters can be truly beautiful, and that separation can be something to look forward to and not just feel nostalgic for.

The feeling of experiencing what a writer should experience. I wanted to play with the pen right away, but there was no time.

One of the largest churches in Gray Pond and the place where the saint officially belongs.

It is a church dedicated to the goddess Justia, who enforces justice, and the statue of the goddess holding scales and a sword is a place that remains in the memory.

And in front of him, for some reason, his old friend was standing, wearing a red robe and a hood.

“uh? Gloria?”


I wondered if it was okay for the Commander of the Guards to hang around in front of the church like this, but Gloria immediately hugged Lucia tightly and smiled.

“I kept waiting for you because you said you would come today, but where have you been?”


Until just now, I felt as if I had literally entered a novel, but now, seeing my old friend Gloria, it felt like cold water had been poured on me.

But I didn’t hate it.

I’m also happy to see Gloria after a long time.

“Meet someone for a moment. “Did you take any vacation?”

“Yes, you said you would come, so you only got away for a day.”

I heard that it is quite difficult for a guard to use vacation time, but I felt like I made my friend, who must have suffered quite a bit, wait for a long time.

“But I have something to do from now on… … .”

She is a saint who came to confront the memorial priest chosen by the royal family.

The picture becomes strange when he is with Gloria, the head of the royal guard knights.

Knowing that, Gloria smiles bitterly and takes a step away.

“I know. “I just came because I wanted to see you.”

Although they happened to be on opposite sides of each other, their status as friends never wavered.

“… … “Have you ever met someone called Uiryeongsa?”

I wondered if it was okay to ask this, but Gloria, who had no problem, answered with a strange expression.

“Hmm, I saw it… … Honestly, I don’t know. “He’s a very quiet person, but his abilities are outstanding.”

“… … .”

“Honestly, as long as you don’t have any preconceptions about being a warlock. “I don’t think he’s a very bad person.”

“okay… … .”

Lucia was troubled for a moment. Gloria waved her hand and waved her greeting.

“I’ll just go now, cheer up.”

“Yes, thank you.”

So, leaving behind the regretful separation from my best friend.

Lucia took off her glasses and put them in her arms. He takes off his hood, revealing his silver hair color, and heads into the church.

“Stand, saintess!”

“The saint has arrived!”

The cheers of people coming from all over.

Lucia, my writer and friend, is no longer there.

Here, a noble saint was chosen by God to purify all evil in the Griffin Kingdom.

There was only Lucia Saint.

* * *

[Are your skills good?]

“… … .”

[I didn’t believe the rumor that he was a libertine, but looking at things like this, I guess it was true.]

“… … .”

[Can’t you be kinder to me too?]

The dark spirit was grumbling earlier as if he was displeased with the time I spent with Saint Lucia.

I deliberately kept the dark spirit far away in case he got caught, but somehow he seemed to have heard the conversation.

[I’m in a position where I have to fight now anyway. I think we should be kinder to our teachers who are always with us and teach us rather than our enemies.]

If I leave it alone, I feel like I’ll be grumbling all day, so I glance at the dark spirit temple.

I could see her expectant smile through the black cloth.

“Please stay quiet.”

When I said something out of frustration, he immediately sulked and went somewhere.

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