I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 – 72. Concurrent Writer


The king’s official letter, which was spread from Graypond, the capital of the Griffin Kingdom, surprisingly spread throughout the kingdom and had a huge impact on the entire continent.

In the Kingdom of Griffin, where the warlock Heralhazard left deep scars.

It was as if the title was given to a warlock belonging to the royal family.

The name of the man who is a warlock belonging to the royal family and will be called ‘Memorial Master’.

Deius Verdi.

He was the younger brother of the Earl of Northwedon, who was called the northern bulwark and giant.

Griffin, who was hostile to warlocks, had finally opened its doors, and the surrounding countries seemed nervous about the sudden change.

In fact, in the Griffin Kingdom, there were far more people who saw change as corruption than progress, and as a result, controversy was swirling like a storm.

And its influence was spreading to Lovern Academy, where he originally belonged.

“… … ha.”

Erica was heading to the dean’s office with busy steps.

The students’ whispers grow louder day by day. After Deius turned himself in as a warlock, the academy was also having a pretty busy day.

We are barely able to get back on track by persuading and encouraging the students who submitted their resignation letters during the last Angel of Setima incident.

I thought the academy was back to normal now that the midterm exams were over.

Once again, the story about Deius became a hot topic and there was a lot of commotion.

Erica opened the door and entered with a knock. Health professors Karen and Gideon were already inside.

Gideon frowned at Erica, but she spoke without even giving him a glance.

“It makes no sense to dismiss Professor Deius again.”

Cool, yet calm.

The dean shrugged his shoulders and answered in a cold voice, as if he were seeing Professor Erica from his old days.

“It’s not confirmed yet. Sigh, what on earth should I do in a situation like this?”

Although he did not serve as a professor, Deius was already listed as a faculty member.

Now, on paper, he was on the quarterly business trip that had been requested at the time of signing the contract.

This is where Gideon stepped forward.

“Do you know how many calls we are receiving from parents right now? “There are many parents who want their students to drop out again, saying they have nothing to learn from warlocks!”


That was the problem.

The Setima Angel incident had finally come to an end, but now that another incident like this had occurred, there was no way to really hold on to the students.

But Erica strikes again.

“It’s as if the royal family gave Professor Deius a new position, that of ensign. “Dismissing him may be seen as ignoring the will of the royal family.”

In the end, the dean is once again conflicted when Erica says that having Deius will be beneficial in the long run.

I glanced at Karen, the health professor, but she only shrugged her shoulders and maintained a neutral position.

Why does a man named Deius make me so dizzy?

It was the dean who felt like he wanted to go and ask some questions.

Erica and Gideon continue to argue, exchanging sharp words with each other.

Gideon’s fiery personality and Erica’s cold tone were like polar opposites, and they fought each other.

Jump up!

The door to the dean’s office opened again and a girl came in.

The dean, who was about to ask her if she was trespassing in her uniform, froze with his mouth open.

Brilliant blonde hair that symbolizes the authority and pride of the royal family. Eleanor Luden Griffin confidently took the top spot among first-year students in this midterm exam.

She declared, crossing between Erica and Gideon with a powerful step.

“I understand there has been a lot of talk within the academy recently.”

Eleanor here was not a student.

As a princess, she was demonstrating her dignity and authority.

“It was a story about Deius Verdi, who was recognized by His Majesty, my brother.”

“ah… … .”

“Of course, you wouldn’t treat the memorial service of a royal public official carelessly. Deius, a warlock, became a member of the royal family. “I can safely assume that His Majesty favors him that much.”

Erica calmly nodded, giving strength to her remarks.

Eleanor slowly approached the dean, looked at him and declared eerily.

“I already turned a blind eye to the last incident by not making it public. However, if you ignore the royal family’s will again… … .”

With a swish, Eleanor turned around and declared.

“Within a few days, you will have to come down from that position.”

Obvious intimidation.

However, it was clearly persuasive, and it was like an order that could not help but be followed.

The Dean exhales, leaning against the back of his chair as if melting.

It worked out better.

It was difficult to decide, because they unilaterally narrowed down the options to one.

“Professor Deius is the talent the Academy needs. “I will pretend that the dismissal never happened.”

Gideon’s expression crumpled at those words, but he couldn’t say anything either.

It’s as if the princess abandoned her status as a student and moved on.

After hearing the dean’s answer, Eleanor glances at Erica just before heading out.

“… … ?”

I wondered if there was some problem, but Eleanor bit her lip, gave strength to the doorknob, and opened it.

“I will win.”

Before I knew it, she had returned to being a fresh-faced schoolgirl who was in love again.

* * *



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The woman who got off the carriage moves around and does some stretching.

The hair that was braided and placed on her shoulders was unusually a color reminiscent of noble silver.

I quickly put on a hood to hide my hair, which naturally attracts people’s attention, and then put on my glasses.

Finally, in hand, not a thick gospel, but a relatively thin romance novel.

Her name, who instantly became a different person, was Lucia Saint.

In the Griffin Kingdom, she is a woman chosen by God who can be said to be the most famous person except for King Orpheus.

She was a saint.

‘It’s been a really long time since I’ve been called Greypon.’

The religious leaders offered to provide a separate carriage, but she had no choice but to send a private carriage and take a carriage that ran regularly as she was busy handling the remaining work.

But it wasn’t bad.

Thanks to this, I was able to leisurely see the outside scenery and enjoy some alone time for the first time in a long time.

Plus, I had plenty of time to think.

‘A dark wizard.’

The religious leaders asked the saint for support in an incident where a warlock was suddenly given the name of a royal magician and a memorial priest.

It was a shallow ploy by the bishops who thought that they could solidify their position just by appearing as a saint at the upcoming public debate.

To be honest, the saintess’s honest feelings were that she did not want to be caught up in something like this.

I was curious to be curious.

According to the information secretly conveyed, he solved Princess Eleanor’s nightmare, which he himself could not solve, and even destroyed the existence of a demon sleeping in the Griffin Kingdom.

‘I guess it’s a memorial service in the sense that it’s someone who comforts the soul, right?’

He seemed to be a slightly different person from the warlocks he knew.

To be honest, Saint Lucia had no choice but to view it with skepticism.

Most of the warlocks he had seen were truly selfish maniacs.

The fact that it had no malicious intent and was solely for research results or magical achievements was even worse.

Doesn’t that mean there’s not even a feeling of guilt?


As I started walking downtown, I heard protests coming from everywhere.

Citizens gathered their courage and took to the streets holding signs to protest, and the contents of the signs were quite extreme.

– The king is controlled by a warlock.

– Our land is not tainted by evil.

– withdraw. Do not be defeated by the wicked devil.

– The goddess is watching.


Extremist phrases that were so extreme that there was nothing to say even if they were immediately arrested were being thrown out.

They seemed to have taken to the streets with the intention of becoming a martyr.


In reality, the kingdom’s military response was lukewarm. I thought they might suppress it by force, but instead they just watched from afar.

Although feeling puzzled, Lucia naturally entered the store, observing the atmosphere of the street.

A restaurant called Mersen.

It felt a bit late for lunch, but it was actually better.

This is a restaurant that Lucia always visits when she comes to Gray Pond, and it was one of the best restaurants.

In particular, drinking coffee and looking at the streetscape at the window was one of her small happinesses.

The owner of Mersen also sees her as a regular and greets her with a smile.

Although he knew his identity, he was a grateful person who pretended not to know.

“ah… … .”

Lucia, who was smiling as she walked to her usual seat, let out a sad sigh when she saw someone sitting in her reserved seat.

There was a man sitting there.

His hair was a little long, so he tied the back of his hair into a ponytail, and even externally he looked like a very tall and handsome man.

For some reason, there was gauze stuck to his cheek, and it looked like someone had hit him.

The sight of him ordering a cup of coffee and calmly reading a book in the sunlight was enough to make the hearts of many passing women flutter.

To Lucia, he was simply an uninvited guest who took her place.

‘it’s a shame.’

But I can’t help it.

It wasn’t called Lucia’s seat, and that customer was just sitting in one of the many seats.

The moment you try to move to another location.

Jump up.

The man got up and headed to the counter.

Lucia thought she had a seat, judging by the fact that she was carrying a coffee cup and a book, so she quickly put her butt down on the chair.

“You’re lucky.”

Is the goddess accompanying me?

Lucia was thinking about that while looking at the menu and thinking happily.


Someone sat on the chair opposite.

The man just finished refilling his coffee and was sitting down looking at Lucia.

“ah… … .”

Lucia realized she had made a mistake and quickly tried to get up.

The man looked at the book in Lucia’s hand and spoke calmly.

“Rosemary. “It’s a good book.”

A calm voice that perfectly matches the person’s impression, but also has a cool side to it.

The man doesn’t seem to be very uncomfortable with Lucia sitting in his seat, but he glances at her and takes off the cover of the book he was reading.

That, too, is Rosemary’s latest volume.


When Lucia made an odd expression along with an exclamation, the man slightly lifted the book and said.

“This is an author I like. “He uses the pen name Ruse and has never publicly shown his face, but he is a writer I would definitely like to see.”

“Well, I see… … .”

Lucia felt her face turn red.

Even though she was a saint, she was blasphemously writing and serializing romance novels in secret.

This was because the pen name ‘Luce’ was roughly created by taking only the first part of the name Lucia Saint and the last name.

Because this was my first time meeting my favorite fan like this.

Although Lucia was embarrassed, she sat down again.

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