I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 66

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Chapter 66 – 66. Contrived

Gloria Grace.

Although it is depicted as a powerful being, there is no actual confrontation with the main character in the game.

Rather, he is a character who acts as a helper and adds strength when attacking a specific boss.

However, as is the case in any game, when an enemy becomes an ally, it becomes rapidly weakened.

When an ally suddenly becomes an enemy, he becomes so strong that you wonder where he hid such strength.

Currently it was the latter.

Gloria Grace was spewing out red mana viciously, as if all I saw in the game were three shots of blood.

“Did the Archmage betray you?”


And when her eyes landed on Rockpelican, the archmage scratched her neck and shook her head in awkwardness.

“Not really. “If your Majesty wishes, I too will cut off Deius’ head.”

Then Deia and Darius were startled and immediately got ready for battle.

Rock Pelican asks, crossing his arms in confusion.

“But, is it true that His Majesty has decided to execute Deius? No, even if that were the case, I gave you an order like this?”

“Yes, I personally followed Your Majesty’s orders.”

“Hmm… … .”

Rockpelican’s response was that he couldn’t understand. Even if the Orpheus he knew had decided to kick me out, he knew that he wouldn’t have enlisted someone else’s help like this.

On the contrary, if I could hit it this refreshingly, I wouldn’t have had to worry about this until now.

“Deius, what do you think?”

Rock Pelican asks my opinion. I, who was looking directly at Gloria, only slightly turned my eyes and answered.

“Your Majesty is possessed by an evil spirit. “He’s the same snake that has been riding on the Griffin Dynasty’s long history.”

“… … .”

Rockpelican is serious, so he listens to what I say and then looks at Gloria.

There is only one reason why Gloria’s Knights cannot move yet.

This was because the residence of this old man, Rockpelican, had not yet been determined.

He made eye contact with me again and responded by tapping the floor with his cane.

“I owe you something, so I’ll trust you just once.”

“… … .”

“But, if this were a lie. “Before I present my head in front of Your Majesty, I will take your head.”

“Do whatever you want.”

The violent mana of the Rock Pelican standing next to me fluctuates. Gloria’s mana, biting her lip, feels insignificant.

“I never imagined you would become a traitor, Archmage.”

“Gloria. “Keep in mind that all my actions stem from loyalty and affection.”

The earth begins to shake. The Archmage’s mana began to seep into all directions, and soon.

bang! bang! bang!

Thick tree roots poured out from all directions and attacked the knights.

The knights wearing armor were slow to react, but they did not suffer much damage.

At most, a few people fainted after being hit on the head.

Gloria quickly swung her sword and shouted.

“Retreat back! “If the Archmage turns against the enemy, fighting underground is at a disadvantage!”

The guards quickly retreated. It was indeed a pleasant sight, but it was actually a sure tactic.

In the end, we had no choice but to get out of here. There is only one passage in the dungeon.

When I went outside, I felt like I could already see the Guard Knights surrounding me.

“Is there a way?”

Our steps slowly heading outside were indeed heavy. Despite Rockpelican’s questions, I kept my mouth shut and confessed honestly.

“My powers will not be put to good use.”

[This place has no soul.]

The dark spirit added with concern behind the scenes.

Since Griffin’s ancestors were warlocks, there were no souls left in the royal family. In particular, it seemed like the evil spirit that was currently occupying King Orpheus’ body was up to something.

‘There are not even ghosts simply resting.’

When people die, they close their eyes and fall into sleep. That is rest.

However, the number of ghosts in this place was very small. Even though I didn’t want to, I wondered if I should wake them up with Remegeton, but with this number, it was no more than borrowing a cat’s help.

‘Has the soul been completely destroyed? Or absorbed like human bone worms?’

According to the testimony of the dark spirit who had an appearance similar to that of a devil, there was a good possibility that this was the case.

In the end, even if there is a Remegeton called the Stone of Death, it is useless if there is no soul that can borrow its power or manipulate it.

“Off, maybe the referee, Tyrn, is outside. Wouldn’t it be a good match for him? “Didn’t we win overwhelmingly once?”

I knew right away that the dull mana that felt heavy from the outside was Tyrun’s.

I answered honestly.

“It’s not impossible. But it’s not possible to overwhelm like before. “It was possible because of the souls who were sleeping at the execution site at the time.”

“I guess so.”

Rockpelican answers that he understands and then turns his head to Darius.

“What about the Earl of North Sweden?”

“… … .”

Darius looks awkward and turns his head. Even if he was a count guarding the frontier, he could not deal with the head of the knights of the royal guard or the magic judge.

“Then you… … .”

Rock Pelican turns his gaze to Deia and asks. Deia took out the magic power gun from his waist and shrugged his shoulders.

“We did add magic to Republic products. “Maybe it’s ticklish to people outside?”



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Not to mention the trio of scrap metal dealers behind them.

“… … Phew.”

They are the elite among the kingdom’s elite. We could see that we were now bitten by the hardest molars in the tiger’s jaw.

“This is truly devastating.”

Yet Rock Pelican does not relax his grip on his staff.

Before I knew it, the stairs leading outside came into view.

“The old man will try his best.”

Rock Pelican exhales. There must have been her own students outside of her, so it was a bit heartbreaking to see her trying so hard to pretend to be calm.

If it doesn’t work out, there is no way. But it really is a bastion that must be saved until the very end.

That’s why I held the Lemegeton tightly and spoke to the dark spirit.

“I don’t know what will happen. “Stay close to me.”

[all right.]


Suddenly, an answer came from behind the dark spirit. As the dark spirit clung to my back with a flutter, Deia, hidden behind her, caught her eye.

Since Deia couldn’t see the dark spirit, she seemed to have mistakenly thought it was speaking to her.

“what the.”

Deia turned her face away for no reason and looked irritated, but she took a subtle step towards me.

Yeah, it worked out better.

It was safer for Deia to be near me in case she lost her life.

“Wow, I’m touched.”

Deia and I looked behind us at the sound of a reproachful cry coming from behind us.

There, Darius was so moved that he was holding back tears as he looked at us.

“Yes, this was family. This was Verdi. Even if my family ends here today, I have no regrets. Brothers and sisters, in the end we became one.”

“I have never become one with you.”

“Don’t make a fuss because it’s embarrassing. And you’re not going to look back?”

Even though Deia and I denied it at the same time, Darius still couldn’t hide his emotion and came in between us, sighing.

Then, he put his arm around my shoulder and he had so much strength that I couldn’t easily shake him off.

“Shame on you! okay! “What’s so scary about us three siblings working together?”


“Don’t do it, you bastard.”

I let out a sigh, and Deia kept hitting Darius’ side, but he didn’t move.

“We are not born on the same day, but we die on the same day. How cool is this? “I want to recite a poem.”

“I fell asleep after talking nonsense. “What kind of vision do you have when you don’t read a single line of a book?”

“I want to applaud you for knowing the concept of poetry.”

Despite what Deia and I said, Darius became sentimental, reciting a poorly written poem of his own. Deia lowered his face in embarrassment and I decided not to say anything.

The weight and warmth felt on my shoulders.

It was my first time in a situation like this, and I was annoyed, so I snapped.

Honestly, part of me felt like I had one more clear reason to live.

Even if they bicker, fight, and say they don’t like each other, in the end, they are there for each other.

Is this what a family is?

It wasn’t too bad.

When I came out, the sight of the early morning moon rising brightly was extremely refreshing.

If it weren’t for the knights in red armor and the judges wearing golden robes listed below, I would have had a drink with the moonlight as a snack.

“Relax. “The opponent is an archmage.”

“I never thought we would fight again so quickly, Deius.”

Knight Commander Gloria and Sorcery Judge Tyrn take the lead to welcome us.

It’s a situation where speculation is extraordinary and simply standing is extremely uncomfortable.

In Deia’s case, she couldn’t hold on and stumbled slightly, so I held her by her side.

“Strengthen your legs. There is no need to face them directly.”


Deia obediently listens to what is said, probably because it is quite difficult. I stand in front of her and catch her breath.

I thought it wouldn’t end easily, but it seemed like it would be hard to see them like this.

“I can handle at least one. What is it like? “Can you three siblings take on one?”

A rock pelican asks while gently wiping its beard. He glanced at me and asked, and I sighed and nodded.

“I can do it alone.”

The plan is to fix it.

The moment I brought the Remegeton close to my heart with the intention of pouring my all into it from the beginning.


Something that fell from the sky.

Heavy dust obscured our view, but Tyrn seemed to think we were playing a joke and immediately scattered mana.

Likewise, Gloria also swung her huge greatsword and pushed away the dust.

As the field of vision cleared, the two people appeared proudly between us and them.

Aria Rias, the main character of this world with long flowing black hair, smiles at me.

“professor! “It just arrived!”

“aria… … .”

The moment I saw her face, I unconsciously felt relief. She tried to express her gratitude honestly.

Findenai, wearing a maid outfit with a cigarette in her mouth, joins in, exhaling smoke.

“This is bullshit. “I kept waiting for the owner to make a dramatic appearance in a crisis and make me fall in love with him.”

Thanks to you, words of gratitude entered my mouth.

“and! Mr. Lee! You decided not to say that! “I even gave you the strawberries from the cake!”

“Is that so? “I thought you hated strawberries.”

While listening to the story, I slowly step forward.

“You two ate cake and seemed very relaxed.”

As they looked at the two people with a sharp flash, Aria and Findeneye simultaneously turned towards the enemy.

“Can we just take care of those?!”

“Findenai, the slaughter maid for the master, is ready! “It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

Arya draws her sword, and Findeneye carries the ax on her shoulder.


And I couldn’t help but sigh.

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