I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – 58. The weight of a princess

Soul communion.

It’s easier said than done, but since it was my first time, I didn’t think it would be anything big.

I thought that if I could just connect the souls of two people, that would be fine.

“What is this place again?”

I looked around and saw that this was a huge room. It is a place that is definitely not in my memories.

The wallpaper is antique-looking, and there is luxurious furniture. They were luxurious items similar to those used in the royal palace, but had a slightly more old-fashioned, dignified sensibility added to them.

As soon as I take a step out of the room, I immediately feel uncomfortable.

Much thicker wrists than Deius. In addition to the yellow skin color unique to Asians, the clothes he is wearing are modern suits.


An old-fashioned way of speaking that comes out naturally. I was startled without realizing it and checked my body.

When I checked my face in the mirror in my room, it was indeed Kim Shin-woo. It was my original self.

I only had this experience once.

When I met Deius in the form of a soul.

‘So, does that mean I have now become a spirit and am inside Eleanor?’

I needed to calm down.

It cannot be confirmed whether it is an exchange of souls or a continuation of a dream. It is presumed that this was an incident caused by the resonance between the power of Remegeton and the fragments of Mac.

But that wasn’t the important thing. First, I needed to meet Eleanor.

If I’m right, she must be in here.

And that too, with two personalities.

With the thought that this situation will end if I let those two meet, I open the door handle and move outside.


A profound hallway unfolds. But I could only be sure after I came out.

This is the royal palace.

The proof was the neatly laid red carpet floor with the kingdom’s unique patterns.

‘I guess I should go to Eleanor’s room first.’

Head straight to her room. She thought she might bump into someone, but surprisingly there was no one.

‘If we call it a dream world, it is still unfinished. ‘I guess this part is lacking.’

Since no one is going to see me anyway, I immediately start running down the hallway. It was definitely easier to run around, probably because my body wasn’t drenched in drugs and alcohol like Deius.

I didn’t realize it because I was used to it, but when I moved like this, I could clearly feel how much Deius had strained my body.

‘Or is it because it’s just a soul?’

I’m not sure, but I arrived at Eleanor’s room.

Surprisingly, a fierce scolding was coming from there.

“Is that the right thing to do now?”

When I slowly opened the door, there stood a young Eleanor and a woman who looked like her mother.

Eleanor’s mother.

Hyran Luden Griffin.

However, it was my first time seeing it in person. As far as I know, I heard that she died of illness a long time ago.

Little Eleanor keeps her mouth shut and her head down, unable to resist her scolding mother in the slightest.

“again! “Do it again!”

At Hyran’s shout, Eleanor took a step back and bowed carefully, bowing with dignity.



Hyran touches Eleanor’s cheek with her hand. She hit so hard that Eleanor’s body flew backwards, but she didn’t back down at all.

“Are you kidding? Is that correct now? You stupid bitch! You are a princess! He is the face of this country! If you can’t do anything like this, what’s the point? Now that’s an act! “You need to bring out your true elegance!”


“shut up! I know that from now on, I will get hit every time I don’t do it right. “Anyway, you can easily erase the marks if you ask a wizard to do so!”

Hiran pulled Eleanor’s wrist roughly, forcing her to stand up again, as she stood up trembling and shaking.

Eleanor said hello again, and the moment Hyran, who didn’t like her either, raised his hand.


When I entered the room, I grabbed Hyran’s wrist.

“What are you!”

Hiran shouts angrily at me. However, my mana had already violently hit her body, sending her flying and slamming her into the wall.


It’s a dream anyway.

Eleanor’s mother, Hyran, is already dead.


Eleanor is looking at me blankly. She looked unsurprised at me having knocked down her own mother, and then her body trembled.

“uh? what?”

I felt it right from the way he spoke.

This Eleanor was the second Eleanor to shoulder royal duties.

“what? Me, until just now… … .”

“Do you remember anything? “Get your mind straight.”

“uh? “Wait a minute, who are you?”

Eleanor pointed a finger at me and frowned, and I answered in annoyance.

“Deius Verdi.”

“what? Is it different from the Deius I know, like the difference between heaven and earth? What are you?”

Eleanor was embarrassed, but there was no time to explain. Because Hyran, who was stuck in the wall, was slowly getting up.



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It also starts to become very large, bending at the waist and touching the ceiling. With his long hands, he slams the door shut, preventing him from leaving.

“Where is the princess talking to the man?”

At the sound of a curse-like shout, Eleanor and I turned outside at the same time.

Once again, he used mana to shatter his hand and the door itself and came out.

Strangely enough, I feel like my mana is moving better than usual.

As I was thinking that, Eleanor clicked her tongue and answered.

“It’s the mana of a dream. “In fact, will is the most important thing rather than talent or effort.”


“Instead, precise control would be impossible.”

I turn my body around and try to raise my mana with all my might.

A huge Hiran, missing a hand, came out of the door and tried to come stomping towards us.


It was pushed back by the waves of mana pouring in like a flood, and eventually fell through the window.

“Of course, it’s okay even if I use more mana than I can normally use.”

When I nod my head in wonder, Eleanor stares blankly with her mouth open.

“Doing that would take up a lot of your mental power and make you feel dizzy, right?”

I thought mental strength was a very ambiguous word. In any case, it wasn’t too much of a problem because I was mentally unshakable.

“… … “Are you really Deius?”

When Eleanor asks me a question, I scratch the back of my head and answer.

“To be precise, he can be seen as a man using Deius’ body.”

Because I didn’t want to introduce myself as Deius in my current form.

Reach out for the little girl.

“Kim Shin-woo. “That’s my real name.”

“Kim, CNU?”

Eleanor was holding her hands and making a puzzled expression, but she had no intention of wasting any more time.

Hailan’s strangely distorted face was already glaring at us from beyond the window.

“That thing doesn’t even die.”

Eleanor, who was glaring at Hyran with salty eyes, taps my thigh with her hand.

“Pick me up. “I think it would be better to run away rather than defeat it.”

“… … .”

“And I think I know where the other Eleanor is. “Let’s go there.”


To be honest, I didn’t really want to carry her, but Eleanor’s strides were too narrow to run away from Hyran, who was crawling on all fours.

“rooftop! “I feel half there.”

Hearing her answer, Hiran, who was carrying her on his back, slams his forehead into the ground and shouts.

“Princess! A man outside! Get on my back! it’s crazy! it’s crazy! it’s crazy! Come on! “Come here!”

Hiran started to catch up at an alarming speed. I rather confront her head-on and pour out my mana to push her away.

I pass by Hyran, who was pushed against the wall by my mana, and climb over the window she was pushed out of.

The outside scenery wasn’t even properly implemented.

Moreover, my senses were strange: the walls of the palace seemed as high as a high-rise building.

I wondered if the royal palace might have looked like this when Eleanor was young.


It flies through the sky pouring out mana. Eleanor quickly hung herself around my neck, but she didn’t suffocate or anything.

Moreover, since I couldn’t use sophisticated magic, my body was swept around as if I had been caught in some kind of tempest.

However, I didn’t feel dizzy or nauseous at all.

“Over there!”

Eleanor shouts amidst the strong artificial wind.

When I slightly turn my head to ask why, Eleanor asks with an annoyed expression.

“Why did your tone of voice change?”

“… … .”

“No, it has changed so much. Well, originally Deius was a bit… … “That’s an unlucky way to talk, isn’t it?”

Is it because they are royals?

I thought he really spoke without any hesitation.

Should this be passed over as something like the dignity of a king?

“There is a difference on purpose.”

Let me explain briefly. Eleanor didn’t seem to understand right away, but she was a bright child, so she would figure it out quickly.

Eleanor and I reached the end of the building before we knew it, soaring and landing on the rooftop.

Behind the scenery that looked like a spilled watercolor painting, a blonde girl crouching came into view.

Unlike little Eleanor, she looks like a 17-year-old girl.

The moment we were about to approach her.

“Do not come!”

There was devastation in her crying voice.

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