I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 – 47. Necromancer

“your majesty!”

The magic judge quickly steps aside and kneels on one knee on the dirty prison floor.

In fact, since he was one of the few people who had to leave this kingdom in a low-key manner and appeared at the same time, he couldn’t say anything else.

Looking down at him, Grand Mage Rockpelican chuckles.

“It seems like the referee was looking for this man because he had some business to do. “Could you make a concession to us?”

“Yes, I understand.”

Under the pressure of Rockpelican’s request, the big Tyrun rolls his tail and retreats.

However, his expression still showed a deep sense of murder towards me, so when he left, Rock Pelican clicked his tongue and grumbled.

“Ah, the problem is that people have very fiery personalities. “If you’re in the position of judge, it’s a bit harsh, so you have to keep a cold edge.”

King Orpheus smiles and replies to Rockpelican.

“He is protecting our kingdom with such a passionate personality, so we can trust him that much more.”

“Well, if Your Majesty says so.”

As Orpheus held up the appointed judge, Rockpelican did not bother to add anything else.

Now their eyes are finally reaching me.

“Yes, you are the crazy person who confessed that he was a warlock.”

Orpheus looks at me with interest, with his arms crossed. The act of spinning around me made me feel like I was a valuable item in the hands of an appraiser.

“You probably don’t know about the laws of our kingdom, right? “A warlock can be summarily executed at the discretion of the Magic Judge.”

“I know.”

The kingdom’s oppression of warlocks is stricter than you can imagine. Summary execution without even a trial was a rare right even in the Middle Ages, and a method unimaginable in modern times.

This is the Middle Ages and it is a game.

Especially when looking at the kingdom’s past, the suppression of warlocks was understandable to some extent.

“Could it be that you are the reincarnation of Herald Hazard? Are you even thinking of destroying the kingdom by yourself?”

Herald Hazard.

It’s a name that any citizen of the Kingdom of Griffin can’t help but tremble at just hearing.

As a warlock, he is a monstrous being who single-handedly brought the kingdom to the brink of destruction.

The main story of the game also involved tracing his footsteps and uncovering the secrets of the kingdom.


When I answered calmly, King Orpheus let out a long sigh as if he was frustrated and asked.

“Then why did you embroider? Did you feel any sense of remorse for your evil deeds? “I heard that a strange incident occurred at Lovern Academy, but I haven’t received any reports yet, so it might be related.”

Not even two days have passed since the incident occurred at the academy.

No matter how king he was, he could not immediately know information about an incident that was no different from a supernatural phenomenon.

“Just for the kingdom.”


At the assertion, the eyes of King Orpheus and Rockpelican, who had been silently sitting behind him, waver.

“You must have seen my letter.”

I have never sent a letter to the king. There is no way such a hotline exists in the first place.

The one I sent the letter to was the magic tower where the archmage resides. If it were a simple letter, of course it would not have been able to reach the archmage.

I had enclosed in the letter my own special device that he could never ignore.

Rock Pelican slowly extends his hand.

Then, a transparent membrane that looked like a fishbowl appeared. Inside was a moving chunk of blue mana that I had placed inside the letter.

“Let’s leave aside the content of the letter about voluntarily surrendering.”

King Orpheus looks at him with interest.

Rockpelican seemed to have a lot to say, but he couldn’t open his mouth in front of the king.

“How does magic work on its own? Is this also a type of black magic? “It was only 30 minutes ago that the archmage, who is said to have mastered most magic, was so wide-eyed that he brought this to me.”


Rock Pelican cleared his throat and looked away as if he was embarrassed. However, there is no denial and the Archmage listens.

“It is truly amazing that magic can move on its own. “If done well, it is a groundbreaking issue that can create a semi-permanent driving force that does not require resources.”

“… … .”

When I looked at him as if asking if he was saying something obvious, the archmage smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I guess so. In fact, there is no way that the person who invented it himself would not know the greatness of his achievement.”

Then Rock Pelican asks me with a low groan.

“If you were not lying when you said that you were for the kingdom and for His Majesty, could you explain this principle to me? “This mysterious miracle where magic has will.”

I responded without much emotion to the great wizard who praised my magic for being brilliant.

“It’s necromancy.”

“… … .”

“That is correct. They say it acts as if it has a will, but in reality, it is magic that thinks and acts on its own.”


“Because it was created through the souls of the dead.”

The expressions of the archmage and the king were visibly distorted. Although I might have expected it, hearing it from my own mouth made me feel a variety of emotions.

The Archmage asks, trying to catch his breath and feign calm.

“I know that you are a rare necromancer even among warlocks. However, the necromancers I know extract mana from the soul, mix it with resentment, and use it as magic.”

“… … .”

“I have never heard anywhere that a soul moves with its own ego and becomes magic like this.”

Of course.

There is no necromancer who can communicate directly with spirits like me.

“That’s why I’m special, and that’s why the kingdom needs me.”




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King Orpheus, who was listening to our story with interest, secretly looks at me.

“Your Majesty, I am a necromancer. “He is one of the few wise men on the continent who knows the truth after death.”


Orpheus, realizing that I am trying to persuade him, grins and leans back against the bars with his arms crossed.

“Unfortunately for those who believe in God, there is no world after death. The dead simply close their eyes and rest.”

After death, he is held in the arms of the goddess Justia, and banquets of pleasure and luxury are always held in the palace of the god Belas.

There is no future like becoming a beloved angel praising Goddess Hertia.

For people, rest comes only after death.

“Hmm, you casually say things that would make the priests crazy when they hear them.”

“Because it is the truth.”

“However, you don’t necessarily need to know the truth. “In this world, there are those who are saved by religion and those who make it their living.”

“I also have no desire to win through painful discussions with them.”

“… … “That’s wise.”

If this truth is spread, not only the kingdom but the entire continent will be swept into chaos.

Moreover, we will be in sharp conflict with the religious world. They will never admit the truth.

I also had no intention of acknowledging it or spreading it.

I had no intention of questioning whether religion was true or false, but I also knew that it existed because it was necessary.

“However, Your Majesty, you must not turn away.”

Make eye contact with King Orpheus. My eyes became like a spear and stabbed in so that he could not escape anywhere.

“The continent that has received the dead for countless years is being overrun. “There are fewer and fewer places for the dead to rest.”

“… … .”

“Aren’t the number of strange incidents where the culprit cannot be found increasing as the years go by? “Aren’t you forcing yourself to cover it up?”

As if he had been hit by a completely unexpected blow, King Orpheus’s arms uncrossed and his body leapt forward.

“Are you saying that is the work of the dead?”

“So far so good. “Because there were still places on the continent where the dead could rest their eyes.”

But now it’s different.

“Can you hear the continent screaming? Can you hear the voices of ghosts wandering around, unable to find a place to lie down even after death?”

“… … .”

“The flesh of the body rots, the bones turn to ashes, and return to the embrace of the earth. But not the soul. Even after eons, it will not decay.”

It’s just there.

“There would have been no choice but to cover up this bizarre unsolved case. “A tragedy that cannot be resolved will ultimately lead to public distrust toward the royal family.”


“But in the end, it’s just a cover, not a solution. In the end, it will all come out again and threaten the entire kingdom.”

Rejecting warlocks means not acknowledging their entire academic knowledge.

The kingdom, which was so deeply wounded by Herald Hazard, forced its eyes away from black magic and became hostile towards it.

The price of ignorance was coming.

“Soon, countless dead people will grab the ankles of the brilliant divine beast called Griffin and try to drag him down. That is the price of ignorance and turning away from fear.”


Orpheus intervenes. Instead of continuing to talk, I slowly close my mouth and listen.

“But that doesn’t mean we can break the rejection of warlocks that has been passed down from countless ancestors. It’s almost 200 years of history. “We have been suppressing black magic for over 200 years.”

It was a long, long history.

200 years ago, when a warlock named Heralhazard was active. It was brought to the brink of destruction by just one person.

“Citizens now understand that black magic is naturally evil and believe that it is absolutely evil. “The religious world is also using it to solidify their position.”

“… … .”

“Now you suddenly embrace black magic? “People with faith will rise up from all over and plot a revolt.”

It doesn’t matter whether the belief is right or wrong. Because it was an unwavering truth for them.

“The scars that Herald Hazard left behind are still painfully painful to us.”

The king’s reply was unacceptable.

I open my mouth again to King Orpheus, who frowns and says there is nothing he can do.

“your majesty.”

“… … “Speak.”

“If you keep a bandage on your wound forever, you have no choice but to know whether it is scarred, rotted away, or completely healed.”

“… … .”

“How long will the kingdom of Griffin suffer from the wounds caused by black magic? “How long does it take for the wounds of that day to dull?”

“Their deaths will be remembered forever!”

Orpheus grits his teeth and instantly pours out his anger at me, his feet bloodshot.

“The countless people who died at the hands of the evil warlock will be remembered within me and in our land forever! “Don’t insult me ​​carelessly.”


It is right to remember the dead.

Because their deaths were sad, tragic, and mournful.


“your majesty.”

The dead are the dead.

“Look at the living person.”

As for the dead person.

It’s just a person who is already dead.

“Look at your citizens working out there, sweating hard, having a drink to relieve the fatigue of the day, and then going to sleep, looking forward to tomorrow.”

King Orpheus is not the king he was 200 years ago. He is not the emperor who ruled over the people who died at the hands of Herald Hazard.

He must see the people living in this reality now.

“It’s good to remember the past. Honoring the dead is also wonderful. However, don’t mistake your priorities.”

I can only say this because I am a necromancer.

“Sin Deius Verdi. As someone who has realized the principles of necromancy, and as someone who stands closest to the border between life and death, I will firmly assert this.”

Because I am old enough to see both the dead and the living, I can draw a clear line.

“The dead cannot stand above the living.”

King Orpheus purses his lips and lowers his eyes. It seemed like many concerns were going back and forth in my head.

“your majesty.”

A magical sword has been created and placed in my hand.

The Rockpelican Archmage behind him was surprised and tried to respond. King Orpheus stops him with a wave of his hand.

“Look at this sword.”

His eyes reach the tip of the blue mana sword.

“Now it is a weapon threatening you. Even the slightest movement could damage His Majesty’s body.”

But slowly, I put the sword hilt in his hand. He accepted my sword as if he was being pushed by something.

Now the sword was pointed at me.

“With just a slight twist in direction and a change in the person holding it, it has become the closest weapon to protecting His Majesty’s Jade Body.”

With the sword in between, I make eye contact with his golden eyes again.

“If you get cut by a sword once, are you going to define the sword as evil and never pick up a sword again?”

Most things in the world are too vague to be defined in a dichotomous way.

“Admiral Lee. It is said that poison is used to control poison, and to destroy evil, another evil is used.”

Numerous hurts and resentments created through Herald Hazard.

“I will touch and heal the open wounds created by black magic.”

“What are you?”

The king’s voice, which slowly opened his mouth, was full of great weight.

I answered the requested answer with a naturally generous smile.

“A woman who borrows the power of God to save people is called a saint.”

And I am.

“I, who borrowed the power of the dead, am merely a necromancer.”

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