I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 46

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Chapter 46 – 46. Letter


The dean of Lovern Academy sighs as he looks at the business trip plan on his desk.

A plan for a private business trip presented by Deius Verdi.

When I signed the contract, I was told that quarterly personal business trips would be possible, but I didn’t expect to use it as soon as I arrived.


Moreover, what made it difficult to refuse was that Professor Deius was named in the business trip plan.

Greypond, the capital of the Griffin Kingdom.

A huge griffin’s nest where numerous kingdom residents live and where the royal palace where His Majesty personally resides is located.

The dean wasn’t so stupid that he didn’t know what this meant.

‘I think he’s thinking of solving the problem of himself being a necromancer.’

I wondered if I should do Tosagupeng right now, but I kept feeling anxious and wondering what might happen.

I feel like my brain is going crazy.

While submitting the business trip plan, Professor Deius said that there are still evil spirits remaining in the academy, but that they are not a major threat right now, so do not worry.

Also, he gave a very firm answer regarding his return, saying that he would return within this quarter if possible.

“Ha, my head hurts.”

Originally, the dean’s feelings toward Deius were naturally not good. I was thinking of kicking him out as soon as the case was solved.

I saw his competence.

Looking at his bizarre actions of neatly solving the case while the dean was unconscious from the evil spirits’ pranks.

“There is no harm to the academy anyway.”

Although the contract was signed, it has not yet been reported to the royal family and has not been added to the list of professors.

Because the situation was such that such tasks naturally had to be postponed.

There will be no problem if you later say that the Academy is a victim.

“I guess I’ll have to take it with me for now.”

He takes out a stamp and stamps it on Deius’ business trip plan.

After taking the picture, I felt a lot more at ease.

‘Let’s see what happens to the Academy after I’m gone.’

It was definitely not because of the serious warning he gave me when he handed me the business trip plan.

Rationally, I only embrace Deius as Dean because he is a necessary person.


While he was comforting himself, the dean heard a loud noise outside and covered his face with both hands.

* * *

As the golden-armored judges approach from the end of the hallway, each time they take a step forward, the evil spirits nearby run away in fright.

No matter how evil they were, they were ultimately human beings.

Even the dead had no choice but to bow their heads in the face of overwhelming coercion.


Even the dark spirit next to me straightens his body as if he is nervous. For wizards, the Magic Judges were almost like natural enemies.

“Stick close to me.”

When I cautioned that the dark spirit might fall, the dark spirit said it was absurd and took a step closer to me.

[Aren’t you scared? Can you see the space around those people shaking? It looks like that because the shield is layered with mana.]

“… … .”

[Even with something like a ballista, you have to hit it properly for it to come off.]

I didn’t bother to answer.

I already knew how strong the Magic Judge was through the game.

You only have to fight one battle in the story, but it was actually a battle you were made to lose.

Before I knew it, the Magic Judge had arrived in front of me. The man in front of them asks heavily and stiffly.

“The younger brother of the Earl of North Sweden. Deius Verdi. “Is that correct?”

“Yes, I am Deius Verdi.”


The machine-like Magic Judge’s eyebrows twitched slightly. He seemed displeased, as if he didn’t know he was going to show up so proudly.

I put both wrists together and extend them forward.

“Go quickly.”

“… … “You are under arrest on charges of involvement in the Kingdom’s Magic Act and black magic.”

The Magic Judge is trembling and putting handcuffs made of mana. The moment when other judges behind me came forward and tried to capture me from both sides.


A woman’s voice mixed with heavy breathing was heard from behind.

I slowly turned my head, and Erica Bright was standing there with a shocked expression.

As she raised her mana as if she was going to save me right away, Gideon, who had been following her, quickly backed away and admitted that he was not involved.


The Magic Judge who handcuffed me also noticed that Erica’s mana was flowing in a hostile manner and glared at her.

An imminent situation.

Just before golden magic appeared from her fingertips, I opened my mouth.

“Erica Bright.”

“… … .”

“Don’t be swayed by coalition. “Be cool and always maintain a cold mind.”


Erika hesitated for a moment at my words, biting her lip to collect mana.

The Magic Judge clicked his tongue and turned around, and I remained silent and was taken away along with them.



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The Magic Judges took me to the Academy Garden, the place where I warped.

Meanwhile, they didn’t say a word, and I didn’t even bother opening my mouth.

“uh? What is that?”

As I went outside through the first floor entrance, I caught my eye to see Findeneye, who was smoking a cigarette outside and talking to Aria.


Since Aria already knew everything about my plan, she only briefly bowed her head and said goodbye, but Findeneye was a little different.

“what. What’s going on? Master, are you getting arrested? “Do you want me to help you?”

The Magic Judges immediately glared at Findeneye at those words. Even in the Clark Republic, it was only a bad thing to stand out as a former slave.

“What are you talking about, you bastards?”

She provokes the Magic Judges by swearing without any hesitation.

I was letting out my remaining emotions to the judges because I had just been mistreated by them.

Finden Eye was ready to throw the tobacco on the floor at any moment and snatch the ax that was leaning against the wall.

“a little! Wait! Oh my! “With your temper!”

Aria is so urgent that she stops Findeneye. I had no idea she would try to save me emotionally like this.

Even though Aria repeatedly tried to stop him, Findeneye tried to rush in immediately, telling him to bring the axe.

He made eye contact with me and slowly lowered his hand as if he lost strength.

Then he took a long drag on the tobacco and exhaled the smoke.

“Anyway, I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

I don’t know what plan I have, but Findeneye also sensed that I was being arbitrarily arrested.

As I walked away from the two people, I came to a place where there were soot marks on the floor due to the influence of the warp.


When one of the Magic Judges struck the floor for a long time, a warp began with an echo.

“… … .”

In the blink of an eye, this place was a dark dungeon. I had originally heard that warlocks were summarily executed without trial, but I had no idea that they would come straight to prison like this.

Of course, the growing nausea and dizziness caused by the warp were more of a problem now than that.

I was so motion sick that I would have stumbled right now if the judges weren’t on either side of me, but I tried to feign calm.

“Hmm, I guess I’m more of a brat than I thought.”

“I endured the aftereffects of the first warp without using any protective magic.”

Those who had kept their mouths shut until just now and showed off their dignity as judges now open their mouths.

Since there were no outside eyes, it seemed to have relaxed quickly.

“For now, throw him in jail. “I will report to the referee.”

The judge in front said that and went off somewhere, and I was thrown into prison by their rough hands.

There was only one prison, and there were no criminals imprisoned there.

It seemed to be a kind of detention center used only by magic judges.

It is not cleaned properly and there are almost no traces of people. When the Magic Judges came out, it was usually when they were dealing with criminals who were impossible to arrest or who deserved summary execution, so prisons seemed to be relatively unused.

[Ugh, this is what it feels like to be captured by mana.]

Having absorbed the dark spirit into me for a moment, she pops out and looks around.

[The judges’ prison. It’s a place I never want to come to.]

I thought I could stay there because it was a bit secluded, but it wasn’t.

While he was silently watching the dark spirit cautiously look around, shouts of loyalty were heard from outside and heavy footsteps echoed throughout the prison.

A feeling of intimidation that is enough to make your skin tingle just by appearing. Even the dark spirit is startled and hides behind me.

A man who sits at the top of the elite Magic Judges and commands them all.

Magistrate Judge.

Tyrn ol’ Belochus.

Although he was a wizard, he had the physique and appearance of a warrior, and the space around him was trembling and shaking on a level different from that of other judges.

Even in the midst of such fierce hostility that I couldn’t even breathe properly, my face maintained the same expression as if it were leather craftsmanship.

“You are Deius Verdi.”


“okay? Huh, I thought he was a bold guy, but he’s crazier than I thought?”


As soon as he grabbed the iron bars, black cracks began to crackle and rise, then crumbled and turned into powder.

Violent operation of mana.

It was a very good example of what happens if a person is caught in those hands.

“Do you know where this is and how dare you be rude in front of me? Get down on her knees, bow your head. “He is a warlock who is vulgar and reeks of a disgusting corpse.”

His words were neither advice nor threats, but coercion. In fact, if he had been anyone else, he would have already been on his knees without realizing it.

Even though it had such a powerful effect that it felt like a mantra, I answered him with an expressionless expression.

“Did you receive the letter well?”



As I felt tired and sighed in frustration, Tyrun took a step forward and looked down at me.

He makes eye contact with Burari’s eyes as if he could kill me with just his fists, sighs, and then says something.

“I’m not an alley brat, so fight in moderation.”


“It means telling me clearly whether you came to talk to me or bark at me.”

“You really are crazy.”

Tyrun takes out a letter from his arms.

It was a letter I sent through Iluania saying that I was going to surrender.


That too creates a black crack and then disappears into ash.

“It was interesting, but it crossed a line. “At the discretion of the Magic Judge, the warlock Deius Verdi is executed here.”

The moment Tyrun was about to extend his hand towards me.

He frowns at the noise coming from outside.

“What’s going on!”

When he asked the judges outside, one of them rushed towards him, but behind him were two people who even the judges could not stop.

“It’s been a while, Judge of Sorcery.”

An old man with an impressive straight white beard, holding in his hand a staff that resembles an old tree that has lived for thousands of years.

The king’s right hand.

Archmage Rockpelican Linus.

“Do you clean? “The pleasant smell and dust are not very attractive.”

A young man walks ahead of the great wizard and points out each and every thing while covering his mouth with his sleeve.

A man sitting on a griffin throne.

The owner of a huge nest called a kingdom.

A noble yet hot-blooded ruler.

Wise King Orpheus Luden Griffin.

“Please leave the referee’s seat.”

He points at me and smiles.

“Me and the Archmage have something we want to ask that guy.”

There was a letter in his hand.

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