I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – 29. Maid Findeneye

Lovern Academy, a week after the entrance ceremony.

In just one week, there were a lot of rumors floating around the Academy, most of which were not good.

In particular, the story of a strange man with a twisted body who appears on the right staircase on the third floor is the hottest issue recently.

Even though the professor directly mentioned it and blocked access, curious students still ended up getting hurt.

In addition, there is a woman walking around with her whole body wet, an old woman offering candy, a monster with the skin on his entire body torn off, a man crawling with only his arms and no legs, etc.

There were many stories floating around about evil spirits, and many people actually saw them.

In the case of the second floor of the women’s dormitory, access was completely restricted, and it was a rare rumor that the reason was that the students were in a coma after being attacked by an evil spirit during vacation.

Students’ trust in Lovern Academy is falling to the ground, and the number of students who are already quitting school or requesting a leave of absence is increasing day by day.

Another bad rumor has emerged at the Academy.

“No, really?”

“uh. I saw it? “It was a maid.”

That is, a heavily exposed maid appeared at the Academy.


Erica Bright was already feeling stuffy and in pain, but this time she wondered what was going on again.

Erica Bright ignored it, thinking it was just a rumor or that a strange evil spirit had appeared this time.

“Key, you work in a nice place.”

The moment she saw the white-haired, red-eyed maid who rudely opened the door to Erica’s lab and came in, even Erica could not help but look with her mouth open.

The short skirt felt like my underwear would be visible even if it was lifted just a little, and my chest was clearly visible, so it was not an appropriate outfit for work at all.

The students who had been chasing Findenai were sticking their heads out and watching outside the lab door, but when Erica waved her hand, the door slammed! It closed with a sound.

“who are you.”

Erica did not hide her displeasure at the sudden uninvited guest, and the assistant professors who were with her also jumped up and looked dumbfounded.

“My master. So, Deius sent it.”

The entire lab seemed to freeze at the sound of the name that was said out of frustration.

The name Deius was almost like a taboo in front of Erica.

Erica’s discomfort from just a moment ago also disappeared, and she looked at the assistant professors in embarrassment and spoke.

“Bar, please disperse the students outside.”

“All right!”

“I’ll leave right away!”

The assistant professors, realizing that they shouldn’t be here, quickly open the door and go out.

There were still students who had gathered to see FindenEye, so naturally we started to disperse them.


The door closes.

Findeneye, who was annoyed and unresponsive, continued speaking.

“Well, I didn’t tell you to come find me. “They told me to get help from any of the professors?”

“help? day… “Has he accepted reinstatement as a professor?”

“I heard that would happen. “They told me to come in advance and get ready.”

“… … .”

Erica’s feelings were extremely complicated. In the end, she passed away without even having a clue about her evil spirit trying to kill Deius.

Spilled water anyway.

Erica calmly took a breath and asked Findenai.

“So what can I do for you?”

“Ah, more than that, for now. “Where is the most troublesome evil spirit appearing right now?”

“… … “You mean an evil spirit?”

“Yes, I have to go and check something.”

Erica hesitated for a moment, but then explained about the 3rd floor hallway on the right.

“There is a place where there is a man with his whole body contorted. “There are many cases where students flock there and get hurt.”

“Twisted man? Perfect! “Let’s go right away.”

Turning around and flinging open the door, Findeneye was caught. Thanks to the efforts of the assistant professors, all the students had already left.

Erica followed behind, putting on the coat she had hung on the hanger.

“I’ll be back for a bit. “Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“All right.”

Erica was already getting a headache from how upset the assistant professors would be if she left.

Because my ex-fiancé’s maid came to visit me dressed up in great clothes.

So I was a little upset.

“Hey, why are you wearing those clothes?”

When Erica said it as if she was thinking about it, Findeneye replied that it was no big deal.

“I heard this is the owner’s preference?”

“… … yes?”

Since entering this year.

No, perhaps, Erica’s head seemed to harden for a moment due to the shocking information that was almost within five fingers of living this life.

“He, he, he likes that? “No, I know Deius, right?”

“okay. Deius Verdi, Verdi’s second son, younger brother of the Earl of Northwedon. I heard you were very famous in North Wales as a libertine? “I also sexually harassed his younger sister.”

“Ahhh! What nonsense! Are you saying this because you know how gentlemanly and cool that person is?! Are you really his maid? “It’s not a lie, is it?”

“You will find out about that later. I’m just giving you the facts. Of course, I don’t think the owner would do that either. “I heard it was like that just six months ago?”

“No, no, that can’t be…” … .”

Erica complains of dizziness as well as headaches. The Finden child smiled mischievously as she glanced at her like that.

“But I heard you broke off your engagement. I heard that you kicked it out yourself. “Is it okay to say something like that?”



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“… … Rain, please keep it a secret.”

To him, he is just a traitor.

A piece of trash who was so sick of her fiancé who treated her life carelessly that she betrayed him and became attached to another man.

For no reason, I didn’t want to tell Deius that I was actually a victim.

Anyway, I would have hurt him.

“Okay, then shall I tell you a secret?”

“… … “What is it?”

I was wondering if there was anything more surprising besides what I just told you.

What Findenai said was truly shocking.

“Among our maids, there is one who even licked each other’s buttocks with the master. “Hehehe, it’s awesome.”

“this! this! this! this! Don’t lie! Are you just lying? “I absolutely don’t believe in that!”

The Deius he knew was a noble, calm, and cool-headed man at all times.

A man like that would roll around in bed with a maid wearing revealing clothes and do things like that?

Erica’s face turned red and she wanted to wash her hair with cold water.

She herself has a reputation as a cool-headed and thorough woman within the academy, but she had no choice but to raise her hands and make a fuss at the amount of information coming in.

“Well, not if you don’t want to believe it.”

Findeneye giggled and enjoyed Erica’s reaction.

Before I know it, I arrive at the 3rd floor hallway, remove the barricade set up by the academy, and go inside.


At that moment, I felt like the air itself was changing. Sticky, soggy, ominous.

[Geek, Geek! Geek!]

And then a man with a twisted body whose voice sounded as if something was broken began walking towards me with strange steps.

“What do you plan to do?”

When Erica, who had regained her original mood due to nervousness, asked, Findenai took out a stick about a span long from the front pocket of her maid uniform.


It soon stretched out and took the shape of an axe, and Findeneye answered by placing it on her shoulder.

“Exorcism. In my own way, I also learned over my shoulder.”

“Retire… … mind?”

Findeneye grins and opens his mouth.

“Well, the owner said that? “All evil spirits keep their resentment and resentment hidden away.”

[Geek! Geek!]

“But I hope someone actually knows that. In particular, those with exaggeratedly contorted or damaged bodies are said to want attention.”

Findeneye seems to have really heard something from Deius and gently extends his hand to the evil spirit.

“how is it? Tell me what you want to say. “I will listen to everything.”

Since he was a Finden Eye who had seen what Deius did to Emily, he thought he could do it too.

[Geekigeek! Geek! Geek!]

“Yeah, I see.”



[Giggle! Let’s go!]

“개새끼야! “Speak up!”


The evil spirit, whose body is twisted, is hit by the ax and flies away, hitting the wall. The guy lying on the floor was in pain, writhing like a bug.

“Even though people treat this bastard nicely so he can talk.”

Findeneye puts an ax on his shoulder and snorts.

Erika, who was watching it from behind, asked in bewilderment with her mouth open.

“Oh, no. “Didn’t you understand something?”

“Aang? Do you understand that? What kind of conversation am I going to have with a guy who makes noises like sharpening knives? “Kids like that deserve some beating.”

No, better than that.

“How can you hit me? “No matter how hard we tried, the attack didn’t work.”

To those words, Findeneye responded confidently, pointing to his own axe.

“The owner did something to my axe. I don’t know the details either. “I told them not to tell anyone else.”

A shimmering aura that lingers subtly in the axe.

The moment Erica, a wizard, saw it, she immediately knew it was a type of black magic, but she kept her mouth shut.

‘That’s him.’

Erica’s hopes that Deius may not be a necromancer are fading away.

However, whether he knows her feelings or not, Findeneye relaxes his body and looks in the opposite direction of the evil spirit.


“And that’s what I said when I did this. Use it only in extreme situations. “You shouldn’t mess with evil spirits.”

“… … for a moment. “You come straight to me.”



“Uh, I’m a cute maid who doesn’t listen to the owner.”



Erica knew because she had already heard it once.

This was the sound of footsteps.

The sound of footsteps echoing from the floor below, combined with the screams of students, reaches the third floor.

“Tell me why I said you shouldn’t touch it.”

Even though Erica seemed to know the reason, she didn’t bother to ask. Finden Eye shrugged his shoulders and got into a fighting stance.

“I heard that a very fearsome swordsman who protects evil spirits is coming?”


A one-armed swordsman appears in the hallway as if jumping from the central staircase on the third floor.


He shouted viciously and started running towards Findenai.


Findenai raised the ax and took a pose while smiling handsomely.

“Is that you?”

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