I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 226

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Chapter 226 – 226. True Face

This wasn’t what I wanted.

The title of prince, which he had been carrying since birth, was heavier on him than he thought.

Still, I had no intention of throwing it away.

I wanted to become a stronger version of myself.

I wanted to become someone who was not pushed aside by other brothers.

A purple door that appeared in a room one day.

The first door I saw didn’t have anything written on it, but for some reason, the moment I saw it, I started walking as if I was being sucked in.

I met a man there.

“Welcome to Claire’s General Store.”

A being that does not know whether it is a man, a woman, an old person, or a child.

The moment I finished dealing with him and came out.

The German Kingdom began to twist strangely.

I wanted something like this.

Obviously, it wouldn’t have been so.

* * *

The carriage provided by the royal family to go to the Germanic Kingdom was not only fast but also capable of absorbing external shocks.

There was almost no rattling characteristic of horse-drawn carriages, so it was definitely more comfortable than other carriages when traveling long distances.

“Oh, I’m tired.”

Deia, sitting across from me, yawns and turns around.

It wouldn’t be difficult to fall asleep since there was no shaking, but she seemed uncomfortable somehow.

Originally, Deia was supposed to return to North Weden with Darius, but Deia came along, saying she wanted to visit the Kingdom of German.

I wasn’t going to have fun, but she wasn’t following me because she wanted to have fun, so I allowed it.

In the carriage that followed, Aria was accompanying her along with a gift to be handed over to the German Kingdom.

Originally, she would have told her not to come, but she came along in the name of helping her friend Eleanor.

I don’t know if he really followed along with such benevolent intentions.

Anyway, I thought Eleanor would like it when she saw it.

“You can’t sleep in a carriage.”

She grumbled and tried changing her posture here and there, but Deia continued to look like she didn’t like it.

Then he glanced at me and quietly came to the seat next to me.

“Lend me your knee.”

“… … what?”

Before I can answer anything, Deia naturally lays her head on my lap.

I put the book I was reading aside and looked down at her, and before I knew it, she was crossing her arms and closing her eyes.

“What are you looking at?”

Still, he answers calmly, probably because he expected me to be looking at him.

In the past, there was a feeling that the distance was close. I thought it wouldn’t be a big problem if I thought of it as the distance between siblings.

Is this the distance between siblings now?


Even though I called her lowly, Deia said nothing. She couldn’t have fallen asleep already, so she was deliberately not answering.



In the end, when she saw that I wasn’t going to back down, she slowly opened her eyes and became very grumpy.

“There must be a line that shouldn’t be crossed, even between siblings.”

I didn’t have any brothers or sisters, so I don’t know for sure, but there are lines that must be maintained even among family members.

“It doesn’t seem very desirable for a grown sister to fall asleep on her brother’s lap.”

Deia seemed offended by what I said and snorted in bewilderment.

“Is everyone like this? “What’s wrong with family members lending their knees?”

“… … .”

“Aren’t you acting too much because you think of me rationally?”

When I said that, I had nothing more to say.

I was practically ignorant of the concept of family.

Was it uncomfortable because, without realizing it, I was seeing her as a woman rather than a younger sister?

Then you might think I should have come to my senses.


But isn’t the tone typical of gaslighting?

“Can I lie down like this on Darius’ lap?”

When I asked the question bluntly, Deia kept quiet for a moment. Then she quickly stands up.

“Not sleepy.”

“… … .”

“Really. “I just woke up because I wasn’t sleepy.”

I sigh, but I begin to focus on the book again. Since I had trouble sleeping in the carriage, I tended to read books.

“Oh, I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

I thought I would be able to focus on the book, but I heard grumbling next to me.

I was wondering something else, but Deia’s complexion had really worsened.

“Is it motion sickness?”

The royal carriage didn’t shake much, and Deia was used to riding in a carriage, so I thought there wouldn’t be any problems.

I wondered if I should give her motion sickness medication, but Deia covered her mouth with her hand and muttered.



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“I imagined lying on Darius’ lap because of you.”

“… … .”


I really hated it.

I sighed and said to Deia, whose expression was becoming more and more contemplative, saying that she was disgusted.

“Lean on my shoulder.”

“… … .”

“It’ll be okay if you just lean back and rest.”

Deia slowly approaches me and places her head on my shoulder. His expression cleared up, as if he felt a little more comfortable.

Soon after.

Through the disheveled hair, a rhythmic, light breathing sound could be heard.

“Are you asleep?”

When I took a quick look, I saw that he was sleeping comfortably with his eyes closed.

I briefly remembered him complaining about how difficult it was to fall asleep in the carriage.

“Even siblings can do this.”

I closed the book and looked out the window so as not to wake Deia.

* * *

“don’t worry.”

Rahul Jerman, the first prince of the Jerman Kingdom, smiles to reassure Eleanor.

“I’m not really worried.”

Eleanor responded angrily because she really wasn’t worried about anything, but Rahul laughed and said that he even liked that.

“Haha, of course it’s Princess Eleanor. “It’s different from other women.”

‘Ah, sir… … .’

Eleanor swallows, barely holding back the curse that almost comes out of her mouth.

I heard that the royal families of Jerman have been dating a lot of women since ancient times, and Jehuul in particular has many women.

However, I had no idea that he would flirt so blatantly with himself, the princess of the Griffin Kingdom.

‘How can I take responsibility later?’

If his father and current king steps down, his eldest son has the first right of succession.

However, if he had a close relationship with Eleanor, it would naturally mean that Eleanor would become Jerman’s mistress.

That would be a direction that even the German Kingdom would not want.

Even if they do get married, they would want it to be with other brothers rather than their eldest son.

Rahul Jerman left and the other brothers came in one by one.

In particular, the second and third children, who were participating in the battle to subdue the giant monster today, were quite blatantly aggressive with their affection.

“Haha, your brother came and went? “Don’t take it too seriously.”

The second child, Lehu, speaks softly and considerately, but I don’t know what he’s thinking inside.

“Stay calm. “You are the princess of Griffin.”

Cold voice.

The third, Serhul, is not very affectionate with people and is unpleasant to meet.

The two were naturally competing for Eleanor and trying to talk more with each other.

‘Why on earth are they doing this?’

But Eleanor was looking at the situation calmly. Not just one or two, but all of the princes suddenly come to woo her.

All I could think was that the German Kingdom was up to something.

That’s why I’m on guard.

‘Isn’t this real?’

Looking at the princes’ actions, they seemed to be truly in love with Eleanor.

Since she had a special eye for people, she couldn’t help but be particularly embarrassed.

The princes were wooing her with sincerity and enthusiasm, as if they were under some sort of spell.

The second and third are leaving.

Now I wondered if the next things were coming again.

For reference, the youngest child, the sixth child, was just eight years old.

He is 10 years older than the still young Princess Eleanor.

When he said he loved me, I felt like he was really doing something bad.

‘I hope you don’t come.’

I’d like to keep the door locked, but I don’t know what kind of suspicion I’d get if I did something like that in Jerman’s palace.

In the end, Eleanor sighs and looks out the window.

The desert spread out behind the city.

Beyond the horizon will be the Kingdom of Griffin, where… … .


For the first time, she missed the man she thought was her destiny. He wanted to go back quickly.

Vacation will end soon, so I have to go to the academy.

It was Eleanor who hoped that the princes would succeed in subduing the demonic beast.

at that time.


The door opens and a man comes in.

He also had the same smile on his face, thinking he was one of the six princes.

“How are you satisfied with life in the palace?”

A well-groomed beard.

Wrinkled skin.

However, the bronze-colored appearance still remains dignified.

An old man sitting on the throne of the German Kingdom.

Ramahul Jerman had visited this place in person.

“Yes, I’m just grateful that you treated me so well.”

Eleanor responds with a smile.

Actually, I haven’t had a long conversation with Rahmahul Jerman, but seeing him up close gives me a headache.

What should I say?

It felt like a scorpion’s sting was lurking behind the smiling, kind old man’s back.

It wasn’t a very good feeling.

The old man actually did not hide his greed and came forward.

“I heard that my sons are behaving very rudely.”

“no. You’re just making fun of me. “I also receive it with a smile.”

“Hehe, is that so?”

The desire in Ramahul’s eyes. Perhaps he was a man in charge of a kingdom for no reason, and his desire itself was extremely grand and selfish.

‘Aren’t you crazy?’

Eleanor received the brunt of the disgusting desire boiling in the corner of his eyes. However, he passes it off naturally without changing his expression and maintaining a smile.

“Now that I think about it, other princes will be arriving soon. “He comes to my room once a day.”

“Hmm, my sons are being rude.”

Ramahool seemed to not be very pleased with that and took a step back. He walked out, stroking his beard and smiling as he looked forward to his next time.

“… … and.”

Feeling dumbfounded, Eleanor cleared her throat and sighed.

What kind of situation is this?

From the sixth child, who was 8 years old.

He is an old man with six sons and five daughters.

Eleanor, who saw and experienced with her own eyes the promiscuous and passionate sexual desires of the German royal family, began to feel irritated.

Besides, it wasn’t because King Rahmaul really had feelings for her.

Perhaps he was just trying to get the weird satisfaction of stealing the girl his sons liked.



I bite my teeth and rub my forehead.

He was saved by Deius Verdi and lived a simple life at the academy.

“This comes out every now and then, right?”

Eleanoa Luden Griffin, like Findeneye, was a boss in charge of a chapter in the game ‘Retry’.

In the original, she is a fallen princess.

A rebel who stays up all night.

A girl who was called a classy monster.

Orpheus, whose mind was destroyed or whose body was taken away by the evil spirit of the griffin, was judged to be unfit to be king.

He was the one who incited countless students, led the knights, and made the cool-headed judgment that it was right to overthrow the country.

“Let’s do something.”

Eleanor gritted her teeth and began to reveal her secret plans and true nature.

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