I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 225

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Chapter 225 – 225. Misery

“what the.”

Findenai sighs and prepares to make tea. My eyes immediately frown when I see a teapot and a container of tea leaves in her hands.

“Put that down.”

I definitely warned you not to make tea carelessly.

“That’s bullshit. “I heard it got better.”

“How much better will pig urine be?”

“You really talk so harshly.”

Even while pouting her lips, Findeneye doesn’t stop making tea.

What on earth should I do with that woman who looks like a tank?

I just sighed.

“You know that everyone in the neighborhood heard Aria shouting yesterday, right?”

“… … .”

“Is it okay for a professor to spend that kind of time with a student? Besides, you have a fiancee?”

“It didn’t happen like you think.”

Aria expressed interest, but of course I rejected it.

He just smiled and crossed his arms, saying he wouldn’t back down that easily.

“Ugh, the owner is the problem. “If you give it that much space, strange things will stick to it.”

What are you talking about on the strangest topic?

“uh? “I mean.”

While the water is boiling, Finden Eye takes a stance and makes a motion to slap the cheek.


“Like this! Bitch, get out! It’s a body you own! “You can do it like this, right?”

“… … “Use some common sense.”

What kind of crazy person would refuse a confession like that?

“No, but if you don’t do this, everyone will stick to the owner all day. Is that right or not?”


After talking with Findeneye, I became strangely tired, so I pressed the corners of my eyes and looked at her again.

“Put your cheek.”

“Do you like being sadistic? Like wearing a leash and hitting your butt and something like that?”

“… … .”


On this side, I fired a simple slingshot, but it felt like the other person was hitting me with a machine gun.

Most of the time, when I talked to Findenai about these topics, I had no choice but to stop them.

There needs to be logic for something to make sense, but they just answer without logic or common sense.

“Well, there’s nothing I can’t accept.”

While saying that, Findenai placed the teapot on the desk, making sure that the tea was finished brewing.


He poured the tea he had brewed into a teacup and held it out in front of me.

“… … .”

“Oh, if it’s better than pig urine, doesn’t that mean it’s still as good as human urine?”

How do I know that?

When I looked at Findenai silently with that expression, he shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t know? “Have you never tried it?”

“When on earth will I ever drink something like that?”

“Didn’t you drink it when you were with Iluania?”

“… … .”

“You sucked my butt, but you didn’t drink my urine? that’s interesting.”

“Are you upset about something?”

Judging by the excessive bickering today, it seemed like there was some dissatisfaction.

Pick up the teacup and take a sip.

It was definitely a lot better than when it was brewed in the past, but it still tasted like an apology to the people who grew and processed the tea leaves.

“I’m not angry, but I think I’m a little frustrated.”

“… … .”

It’s not a joke, I almost spewed tea without realizing it. I never thought you would say it so blatantly.

In fact, Findeneye was looking at me without any change in expression.

“why not? I am an adult and you are also an adult. “f*ck, didn’t I say I liked you?”

“… … .”

“But how many days are you leaving it alone? “I’ve been stuck in a place like a dream or something for a month, and now I’m here.”

“Do it in moderation.”

I tried to stop him because I thought he would just continue if I left him alone, but he wasn’t the type of person to be stopped.

“I’m going to make a spider web on the x, you bastard.”

“Owen, get out.”

“Yes, yes!”

For your information, not only me and Findenai were left in my office, but also Owen.

Owen blushed and rushed out.

Upon seeing that, Findenai’s speech became even harsher.

“Master, let’s be honest.”



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“You were too honest earlier.”

“I understand that the owner has weak emotions and is not sure if his feelings for me are love. Oh my! “The more I think about it, the more it feels like shit, but I get it!”

“Ha, what on earth are you understanding?”

I sigh and press my itching forehead. However, this did not solve the cause of the headache.

“Something huge crisis is coming, so I know I have to act like a dog for the next four years.”

The destruction of the continent will come in the next four years. No, because many of the currents have been distorted, it may perish even faster than that.

Since that was something we didn’t know anymore, we needed to prepare quickly.

“But you’re saying you haven’t had a lover in the meantime? “Did you deliberately make Erica her fiancée so you can’t flirt around her?”

“… … .”

“You don’t understand this?”

Findenai put down the teapot with a thump and crossed his arms, arguing.

“Let the hardships of a dog be like the hardships of a dog! “Wouldn’t it be nice to get some healing by rubbing your face against a girl’s body?”

Although the words were quite vulgar, Findeneye was getting to the point very sharply.

“But the way I see it, it’s not that they avoid it because of the threat. “It seems like he doesn’t want to create that kind of relationship because he’s worried about what happens after that.”

“… … .”

“There were similar types of guys at the scrap metal store. “People who don’t take lovers because they don’t know when they will die.”

It rattled.

Finden Eye stands up on the desk in front of me. Papers were flying around, and Finden, who was sitting cross-legged, leaned forward and made eye contact with her.

“No, right?”

Different from the harsh words and actions just now.

“No, right?”

A voice close to a plea.

There was no change in expression, but a slight tremor was felt.


That’s why I answer clearly without averting my eyes.

“I have no intention of sacrificing myself.”

“… … .”

“I will survive too. When everything is done, I will give up both my professorship at the academy and my memorial service. “I will live in the quiet of North Wales.”

It’s not a lie.

I truly wanted to live like that.

I had no intention of sacrificing anything of my own will.

The idea was to prevent such a situation from happening.

If possible.

“… … “It’s definitely not Gura, so why are you so anxious?”

Findeneye, who was tilting her head, sighed and slowly got up.

Earlier, my panties were completely visible and I had nowhere to put my eyes, but now I thought things were a little better.

A heavy weight came down on me from above.

Before I knew it, Findenai was sitting on top of me and was laughing mischievously.

“Are you standing?”

Finden Eye checks by moving his hips slightly. I tried to yell at her to come down right away, but she hugged me tightly.

“Don’t think about going anywhere.”

“… … “I try.”

“Yes, you should try.”

Findeneye pulls away and looks at me. She didn’t seem to want to come down, so she tried to push him away, but he stuck her tongue.

“Come to think of it, hasn’t it been a while since we kissed?”

“Don’t cross the line.”

“You treat your worn-out body very expensively by giving it a few kisses.”

“That wasn’t me.”

“Okay, close your eyes.”

The moment I tried to raise my mana, thinking it wouldn’t work.

It rattled.

“Deius, Your Majesty… … .”

The office door opens and Erica comes inside.

It looked like it had something to say, but when it saw us, its expression hardened and a cold wind gradually blew.

“What are you doing?”

Erica’s voice was so cold that it made you wonder if she had used magic.

Before I could answer anything, Findeneye frowned and answered.



Unable to bear it any longer, he blasts her away with magic, and she is pushed away, rolling over the desk behind him and falling to the floor.


“What’s going on?”

He stood up and adjusted his clothes, leaving Findenai complaining that it hurt as if he had hit his head.

“… … His Majesty is calling. “You have something to say.”

Erica is still glaring sharply with an expression of disapproval.

I reply that I understand and walk past Erica and out the door.

Then she naturally follows behind me.

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

The expression on her face as she stood next to me, pouting, resembled that of a pouting girl, not that of a cold professor.

Slightly swollen cheeks and fingers poking the sides.

Still, since it was Erica’s fiancée, it seemed necessary to at least make an excuse.

“Don’t attach meaning to Findenai’s actions.”

“… … “That doesn’t mean you should feel at ease, does it?”

“It’s difficult.”

As I headed to the throne room, I thought about how to explain it, but it was difficult to explain it to her in a convincing way.

Because Findenai’s eccentricity was not that common sense.

It was difficult to make Erica, a professor who lives by common sense and logic, understand.


Erica sighs as if she’s going to let it go for now, but then blurts out a word next to her.

“Just don’t forget who your fiancee is.”

“… … okay.”

I arrived at the throne room listening to Erica’s words, which I didn’t know were a request or a warning.

I wondered if other vassals were also there, but only His Highness Orpheus was sitting on the throne.

“Did you call me?”

If no one is watching, there is no need to show excessive etiquette and formality.

It was a method of conversation with His Highness that I had now become accustomed to.

“Okay, you’re here.”

Through this incident, the blood of many citizens was shed, and King Orpheus mourned it together.

But at the end, they even held a festival to encourage them to move forward.

He regretted losing so many lives despite taking the wisest action he could.

So I understood that his expression was not good, but he looked even more gaunt today.

“Do you know that Eleanor is currently in the German Kingdom?”

“Yeah, I know.”

When I wondered where she had gone after not being seen in Graypond, I was told that she had attended as one of the delegations from the German Kingdom.

As the Clark Republic collapses, he is actively working to negotiate about it.

Although she was quite resourceful, the princess showed her sincerity to the German Kingdom by taking action herself.

Especially since there are circumstances in which they attempted to invade the Griffin Kingdom.

With that in mind, Eleanor will proceed with negotiations with an aggressive attitude.

“The negotiations went well. Zerman may not be able to meet the Clark Republic’s demand for shares. “The Marias took advantage of what we had and caught up on the last incident, so it was resolved easily.”

“But is there a separate problem?”

“Yes, there is a very big problem.”

Sighing, Orpheus continued.

“A huge demon has appeared in the Sahar Desert.”

“Demon Beast… “What do you mean?”

Could there be a demon that adapts to the heat there and lives there?

No, there wouldn’t be any animals that could be prey in the first place.

“That witch is very troublesome. “I heard they’ve already eaten up to three digits of German soldiers.”

Are humans used as food?

“Thank you for giving me a lot of trouble. “It’s because of him that we can’t cross the desert.”

“… … “I don’t have much expertise in exterminating demonic beasts.”

If it were a desert, there would be a significant number of souls, but it was questionable whether they would really try to fight the demonic beast.

“I know. In the first place, the German Kingdom will take care of exorcizing demonic beasts. He also says he is forming a punitive force.”

“Then what is the problem?”

Another deep sigh.

It was said not as a king, but as an older brother.

“the problem is… … “I guess it’s because my sister is such an attractive girl.”

“… … .”

As I stood still without saying anything, King Orpheus’ eyes widened strangely.

“Don’t you agree?”

“… … do.”


“Yes, Princess Eleanor is truly an attractive woman.”

“okay! that’s right! That’s right! “The damned Germanic princes have recognized her charm and are courting Eleanor!”

This was a bit surprising.

Because it was something unexpected and unexpected.

But as if that was a problem, King Orpheus said, holding his forehead.

“Marriage with one of the German princes would certainly strengthen trust between the two countries, but… … “I have no intention of forcing my sister into an arranged marriage.”

Now I wonder why King Orpheus called me. Also, it seemed like he wanted to go to the German Kingdom.

“Go and show me. “You must not overlook Eleanor.”

“your majesty.”

“You know what?”

Even with a dark complexion, King Orpheus only slightly raised the corner of his mouth and spoke mischievously.

“Eleanor is now 18 years old. “She is of marriageable age.”

“… … .”

“It’s important to know. Now, let’s get ready to leave.”

When I stood there silently in protest, he added that he had forgotten.

“It’s the king’s name.”

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