I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 224

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Chapter 224 – 224. Really, really!

The sadness of losing someone should not be forgotten, but we should not continue to be tied down by it.

After holding the funerals for everyone in Gray Pond over a total of three days.

Today, to live in the future, and to give relief to those who have died, telling them not to worry.


The royal family had designated it as a memorial day and were holding a festival.

Findenai raises his glass high and lets out a harsh exclamation.

The beer provided by the royal family boasted a taste that was incomparable to ordinary beer, as if it was not supplied to the royal family for no reason.

As the taste of alcohol entered my tongue, I couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

“Hey, do it in moderation. “Don’t bother others for no reason.”

Deia bickered and warned Findenai, who was breathing heavily from the start, but she was already not listening.

“I heard you’ll never drink again?”

Seeing that, Findeneye snorted even though Erica added a word from the side.

“When is this young lady talking?”

Finden Eye has already given up on alcohol. In the first place, she didn’t get drunk unless she drank a certain amount.

‘It got a little weird though.’

In fact, ever since I regained my freedom from the Clark Republic, I have been secretly wondering if I am the type of person who gets drunk easily.

In the past, I would have kept my mind clear even if I drank a lot, but now I seem to have relaxed, so I lose consciousness quite easily.

“Well, it’s not bad.”

However, I didn’t find it unpleasant. Rather, it felt like she was no longer the leader of the resistance, but that she was really living as a woman called Finden Ai.

“Kiyaaa! “Griffin is good at beer!”

It was Findeneye who exclaimed as he took another swig of beer.

“But where is the owner?”

In response to her question, Deia, whose cheeks are puffy from eating skewers, turns her head slightly. Since everything from alcohol to food was being provided by the royal family, even simple skewers were excellent.

It was also a courtesy from the royal family to provide snacks on skewers so that people could eat while walking.

“I’m working.”


“If you’re a maid, shouldn’t you know better where your master is?”

“The owner has to come and go so often. “After all, humans never have a day off.”

Even as he said that, Findeneye clicked his tongue and drank his beer again, as if he was disappointed.

The taste of the alcohol, which had been so sweet just a moment ago, felt a bit bitter for some reason.

* * *

Gray Pond, where the festival was taking place, had an expression that made you feel various emotions.

Many people drink to forget their sorrows and move on to tomorrow.

As if deceiving yourself.

Because if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to bear the sadness.

I understood that feeling.

“In the end, only time will tell.”

On the castle wall.

As I was looking down at the city, I kept my back to them and kept my eyes on them.

“So, can you sleep with a little peace of mind?”

When I asked some souls nearby who had not yet entered into rest, they answered hesitantly.

[a little bit… … Can I see more?]

[I want to see my father smile just once.]

[I quit drinking, but I drink too much. That idiot.]

Those who survived were not the only ones who felt worry and sadness during the separation.

I was really giving my last moments to those who still felt regret about having to leave them behind.

“… … .”

I know you don’t want to break up.

Because I still have regrets, I guess I ended up staying like this and watching over the people who survived.

It wasn’t a very good act.

In the end, if you keep watching, your emotions will not be resolved and will only get bigger.

It only makes breaking up more difficult.

I couldn’t put those words out of my mouth.

It’s not like they don’t know either.

So I could only quietly hope that their unresolved feelings would be resolved.

Because it was the only thing I could do for the dead.

“many… … are you busy?”

At that time, a trembling voice was heard from behind. She approached so cautiously that she didn’t even notice her footsteps.


She came to me holding a bottle of alcohol in one hand and carefully stood next to me.

Now that he is in second grade, he is still short and only reaches up to my chest.

She will continue to grow until she graduates in 5th grade, and by then she will be about the height of my shoulders.

“Hehe, I’m going to have a meeting with the professor!”

At that time, won’t it be difficult to see simple smiles like now?


I thought that if anyone would come, it would be Dana or Erica, but it seems like they passed on their turn.

“Is there still much left?”



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At best, Aria can only see the stars and the moon. She still held countless souls in my eyes.

“Yes, because breaking up is difficult.”

Aria nods her head as if she agrees with my words and lightly uncorks the bottle with her index finger.

“Yes. “It was very difficult for me to forget the friends I met in the first episode and start new relationships.”

Let’s hear that.

It occurred to me that Aria’s situation was definitely similar to the souls in my eyes.

After death, souls who do not rest and finalize their separation through my magic.

After death, the episode started again, but all relationships disappeared, and Aria forgot the friends she remembered and started a new relationship.

In the end, the two breakups had similar aspects, except that Aria was still alive and building a new relationship.

“Do you have anything else to say to them?”

So I wondered if Aria, as someone with experience, might have some advice.

“No, I shouldn’t interfere with the breakup.”

Aria smiles and hands me a bottle of alcohol, then takes out some orange juice from her arms.

Originally, I had no intention of drinking, but even though the girl who was my student gave me a seat, I poured a sip of alcohol into my mouth.

As the sweet scent of American liquor enveloped my mouth and nose, I felt like my sorrowful emotions had dulled a little.

“Actually, there are a lot of things I want to ask the professor. “There are a lot of things I want to say.”

Gulp. Gulp.

Aria, who drank orange juice as if it were alcohol, slowly narrowed the distance.

The distance between the backs of your hands is almost touching.

“As before. “I just reported everything I’ve done, looked forward to what you would say, and waited to see what my next mission would be.”

Aria, whom I have been obsessively watching since the first episode. Of course, that’s what I did in the first episode.

When I think of the broken Aria when we first met, I still feel the guilt I don’t have.

“But I won’t tell you anything.”

The girl puts her finger to her lips and shushes.

Even though it was a dark night, her black hair was softly illuminated by the moonlight, and fluttered in the wind, dispersing the girl’s unique scent.

Why is this child the main character of the story?

It was a sight that was immediately recognizable.


Even though I knew the reason, I insisted on asking. Just as a professor asks questions to help students arrive at answers.

“Because I won’t entrust you with anything other than your responsibility as a warrior.”

“… … .”

“Hehe! My life that you gave me back. Because I am in charge of life as student Aria Rias. It’s mine.”

When I was suffering from Capgras Syndrome, I forcibly awakened Aria and brought her her destiny as a warrior.

As a result, Aria reached the ending and lived as an ordinary girl.

If there was one blind spot in it.

In the end, Aria was passive.

The country did not do it on its own, but solved it with help from the main body.

I can do that because I am a student.

Since they are still young, they naturally need help from adults.

So I thought there was no problem, but after looking at the Romuleus incident, I realized that it was not enough.

In the end, the subject was Aria.

The girl who gained freedom through others had no power to protect it.

So, even at a few words from Romuleus, his heart was shaken and he trembled with fear.

But it’s different now.

Aria escaped by cutting down the fallen god and severing her fate.

Perhaps, even if someone else comes to visit her in the future, she will walk her own path without wavering.

“how is it?”

When I saw him leaning forward slightly and asking if that was the right answer, a smile came out of my face without me even realizing it. She didn’t look, but nodded her head.

“That’s great.”


He said it was fun.

He said he was very excited about his life ahead.

The girl shouted as she looked at Gray Pond, which was still shining instead of the stars in the sky.

“iced coffee! It’s beautiful!”

Open both hands wide.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Like a girl climbing a mountain and shouting ‘yay’.

“Time unfolds ahead in this beautiful world! My future! “I’m so excited and excited!”

Although the girl is not the main character.

Certainly, I will live a life that shines brighter than anyone else.

I will shine brightly and advance in a different way from the saint who is called the sun of the continent.

And everyone will follow in her footsteps and admire her. You’ll want to be together.

In fact, I too was excited with anticipation as I looked at her bright smile.

‘What kind of life will this child live in the future?’




That kind of life.


As if shaking out everything inside her, Aria cried out to the city and struggled with excitement.


The girl, who was so excited that she could feel the cold wind blowing, clenched her fists and shouted again.

“really really! “So so so so!”

It will be a very big part of your life going forward.

“It’s my favorite thing in the world! professor!”

First love.

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