I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 223

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Chapter 223 – 223. Farewell

dark dawn.

Today, at Gray Pond, where a lot had happened, many people were still awake and holding lanterns.

The long line from the palace seemed endless, and everyone had their own stories and tears in their eyes.

“Here you go.”

“The day is chilly. “There are blankets too.”

Deia and Darius are handing out wet tissues, blankets, and hot tea in the middle.

It’s not like someone specifically ordered it, but the royal servants are also busy working.

Right now, it is not a matter of class such as nobles and commoners, but they are thinking and acting on what they, who have not lost anything, can do for those who have lost a lot.

Of course, it wasn’t just Deia and Darius.

“Can I really see you?”

“what? “If it’s not possible, why would people stand in line here?”

Although it was a bit rough, Findenai told the young man who asked the question in a questioning manner and put a warmed wet towel in his hand, telling him not to worry.

“Don’t worry too much. Even though the owner looks like that, he is secretly very affectionate.”

Findeneye passed by with a subtle boast about Deius and handed out supplies to the next group of people as well.

‘This is my first time seeing something like this again.’

Even during the Resistance era, there was a time when people were living in quite difficult times and provided material relief in this way.

It feels similar yet different from back then.

At that time, everyone was forced to eat and survive in order to survive together.

Now I feel like I’m cheering on the people standing in line.

It wasn’t too bad.

The sound of piano playing rang out at that time.

“Ah, it’s started again.”

“The little one is having a hard time.”

The performance continued in the evening.

Although this must have been physically limited for the young boy, he continued playing after only taking a 10-minute break.

As I followed the line towards the palace, I was able to meet a woman at the entrance to the palace.

Among the religious bishops and elders, Saint Lucy was holding the hands of each person standing in line and praying.

“Stand, saintess!”

From those who are crying and begging why this tragedy has happened to them.

“Is this really true?! I served the goddess Demeter so much! God is so harsh!”

A person who passionately resents the tragedy that occurred today.

“… … You have to be in this line. “What will be different?”

Even the people who gave up on everything and just went with the flow and stood in line.

Lucia looked at them all one by one, shed tears and prayed.

“How can I say that I know your pain?”

Even though the god Romuleus had created this tragedy, she prayed to him.

I really didn’t think God would hear anything.

However, there is a need to provide them with at least such a support.

Religion has always been the biggest barrier that protects people’s hearts.

Therefore, Lucia hugged them with tears and whispered to them.

“I hope today’s farewell gives you the courage to move on again.”

As the memorial service Deius Verdi was prepared for the dead, Saint Lucia stood here for the living.

We join in the hope that they will not stop here so that they can move forward further.

If you come inside, receiving comfort and encouragement from saints and religious figures.

There stood a handsome man with black hair, and he was the end of a long, long procession.

During Owen’s passionate performance, Deius asked those who came to see him.

“Can you tell me your name?”

Since they have already heard the explanation from the outside, what they are answering is not their own name.

“Chaila Romenos, Cheli Romenos. my… … “They are a daughter and a son.”

The woman holds back tears as if even saying her name is painful.

In order not to bother her any more, Deius slowly looks up at the sky.

Although it won’t be visible to others.

The royal sky was now covered with countless souls.

“Chaila Romenos, Cheli Romenos. “Is there one?”

Like a professor who sternly calls attendance. As he spoke the two names, a boy and a girl popped out from among the cloud-like souls and approached Deius.

He did it a few times today.

I used the magic to shape the soul again.

A mother who lost both her son and daughter on the same day sees them for the last time.

“ah… … ! Ahhh!”

Just looking at their children makes them shed tears and sigh.

I stretched out my hands, but they just passed by without being caught.


[Mom, don’t cry.]

“iced coffee! Argh! My, my children! “My children!”

Children who left before their mothers comforted their mothers even though they felt guilty about their disloyalty.

The mother calls out to her children in tears, but they can never meet or touch them again.

“I! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to leave you at home! “I’m sorry!”



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Just an apology.

All they do is criticize their past, lament, and struggle in pain.

A situation I have seen several times today.

However, it brings back the same echo and pain in my heart over and over again.

“There is no time.”

Deius Verdi coolly intervened.

“This is not a time for reunion. “It’s just a continuation of the breakup.”

We cannot reunite.

The dead are dead, dead, and must now enter into rest.

The law of the world is that the living must live as the living.

What Deius was doing now was to give them one chance to break up through the name of a memorial service.

Today’s farewell.

Because it was so sudden that no one could have expected it.

Because the situation was too urgent to accept separation, whether dead or alive.

He was giving it a chance.

“ah… … .”

The mother, a woman, listens to Deius even as she sheds tears.

There is no time.

I will soon be parting ways with these children.


“Are you blaming yourself and planning to let these children go?”

I hold back tears.

I rub the corners of my eyes with both hands and wipe away the tears.

A woman who lost her husband a long time ago and has lived as a widow and worked hard to raise her two children.

It may be a little early, but she has let go of her role as a mother.

I smiled and greeted the two children with all the strength that the name “mother” possessed.

“I really loved you. “You have been one of the few blessings in my life.”

[I really, really love you too, Mom!]

[You have to live well without us! Absolutely!]

Lastly, the children went to rest, leaving tears and blessings for their mother.

Let them disappear.

The mother just knelt down and cried on the floor.

“Go, thanks! Thank you!”

Thank you for making our early breakup last a little longer.

“The ground here is very rough. “It will hurt you.”

Erica, who was waiting nearby, came up to the woman and gave her a tight hug, naturally leaving her spot.

And then the next person comes in.

“Tom Mentra. father… … “You are.”

A son who lost his father.

Contemporaries who lost friends.

People who lost their loved ones.

So many people come and go and face separation. They showed various reactions, but in the end, sadness was always underneath.

Because that’s what breakups are like.

[Take a little rest.]

[That’s right, I’m overdoing it!]

While waiting for the next person.

Stella and the dark spirit came from both sides with worried voices.

However, Deius still maintained a blank expression and asked as he looked at the long line of people.

“Did you really think this world was for a girl named Aria Rias?”

[…] … .]


The dark spirit seemed not to understand, but Stella pursed her lips and waited for his words.

“Did you really think that it didn’t matter if all these people were sacrificed for just one girl, that they were just part of the supporting cast?”

Aria Rias was asleep now. He expended too much power and also fell because his corpse disappeared like particles as he cut down Romuleus.

Fortunately, Deius and Ruanes took it well.

“Look at this sight.”

The gods could have felt unfair to themselves.

Although he carries the name of God, he can handle more power than others.

In the end, it could be said that it moves according to an instinct created by programming in the game.

“Look at those suffering amid widespread sadness and separation.”

Deius still had an expressionless expression.

However, there was hidden anger in his voice.

The two souls noticed it.

“I will not use this scene as a cornerstone for a great cause.”

Anyway, this is reality, not a game anymore.

“This separation and sorrow are entirely theirs.”

Deius expressed his determination and prepared for the next farewell.

* * *

East of the Griffin Kingdom.

A land of heat that appears after passing through the Marias Grand Forest.

Sahar Desert.

A place called a cursed land for humans. It was called the land of fear because it sucked people’s sweat, blood, and eventually life.

Of course, that was a few decades ago, and now the German Kingdom, adjacent to the Sahar Desert, has developed the technology to plant crops such as potatoes.

However, the fear of the Sahar Desert did not completely disappear.

Every year, people get lost in the desert, die, or go missing. The desert was gradually expanding its territory towards the Great Forest and the German Kingdom.

A fight that cannot be won.

Although it would eventually be eaten by the desert as time passed, the Germanic Kingdom was on the forefront of fighting against the invasion of nature.


A blonde girl looking at the desert with her chin resting on the round window of the German Kingdom.

No, beyond the desert and forest, to be exact.

It was Princess Eleanor, who was missing her hometown, the Griffin Kingdom.

There are quite a few reasons why she is here.

Being in the German Kingdom itself wasn’t that bad. I got used to the food, and I can use ice magic to deal with the heat.

The German Kingdom, which knows how to properly serve distinguished guests, was indeed treating the princess without any flaws.

There’s just one problem.

“Princess sister!”

Jump up!

A boy with bronze skin came in through the door.

I think he was around Owen’s age.

He smiled brightly and entered, followed by five men rushing in.



“Are you looking out the window today too?”

“If it’s too hard, should I tell my father?”

“It’s pathetic. “Don’t worry too much, it’ll be okay.”

“… … .”

Eleanor is already feeling bloated. These are the six German brothers.

So, the princes of the German Kingdom.

“So, have you decided on today?”

“Isn’t it me too?”

“Keep your turn!”

“I was very lucky.”

“Eleanor, I hope you don’t feel too pressured.”

“Aren’t you going to give it up to your eldest son?”



These were men proposing to Eleanor.

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