I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 222

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Chapter 222 – 222. Freedom


Thanks to the war shoes, I am soaring into the sky.

Aria, who was hanging next to Findeneye, glanced down.

It felt awkward watching Professor Deius and Dante’s leader, Luanes, working together to push away the tentacles.

The two people who were thought to be absolute allies and absolute enemies joined forces to pave the way for him.

bang! bang!

“Ha, you shoot well?”

Findeneye grinned as he saw Deia’s shotgun providing clean cover.

I was going up on the high-rise Romuleus, but since it was virtually at a right angle, the speed was not fast.

Without war shoes, it would have been impossible to even attempt to climb up.

Findenai seemed to know this as well, but he deliberately stepped on Romuleus and leapt, saving fuel by using his war shoes slightly later.

“Kid, isn’t this getting dangerous?”

Findenai speaks with heavy sweat and heavy breathing. When I checked below, I saw that I had risen to a dizzying height, but it also meant that I had reached the top.

“No fuel?”

“Oh, it’s going to fall slowly.”

“… … .”

Aria purses her lips. Just a little more and we can reach Romuleus’s mouth.

A method occurred to her, but it was difficult to put it into words.

“Get ready to step on it.”

However, Findenai did not hesitate to show his way of sacrificing himself.

In fact, Aria’s thinking was the same.

“… … Are you sure you don’t mind?”

If you fall from this height, you will die no matter how good you are.

Of course, there were leading warlocks like Deius and Ruanes waiting below, but even so, risking one’s life and falling from this height was impossible for an ordinary person with the courage to do so.


However, Findenai responded by raising the corners of her mouth as if it was funny.

“Do you think the owner will just watch me die?”

Faith without a single hesitation or wavering. An assertion that could almost be called blind.

Aria was a little envious of that, but nodded, thinking that she wasn’t being pushed back either.


The moment Finden Eye heard the answer, he immediately took action. She grabbed Aria, who was at her side, with both hands and threw her straight up.


Aria, who rose helplessly upward through air resistance, began to fall down again.

At the same time, Aria draws up mana and condenses it into her legs.

“It’s going to hurt a little!”

Before you know it, Finden Eye is hanging on Romuleus’ body as if it were rock climbing.

Aria, who fell below, steps on Findeneye’s shoulder and lowers her body like a condensed spring.


With an exclamation and a groan as if trying to force itself, Findeneye held on.


Aria uses her as a springboard to jump upward with a wave of mana. In contrast to Arya, who was soaring high at incredible speeds, Finden Eye was unable to withstand her impact and was falling below her.


My skin trembles due to air resistance, and the cold and strong wind blows at the high altitude.

However, I was able to hang on to it by sticking a knife into its huge mouth.

After arriving at the summit, Aria immediately checked Finden Eye. Seeing her very exposed maid in her master’s arms made her feel a little envious.


Aria enters the mouth stretched out towards the sky. As I passed between the giant teeth and entered, numerous tentacles were extending upward in a disgusting way.

Also, in the center was Mule, who had become one with the body of Romuleus.

His upper body was a mule, but his lower body became a tentacle and glared at Aria.

“Did you come here chasing your destiny?”

A bizarre illusion that seems to be a mixture of many people’s voices.

Aria glares at him, holding her great sword Duatein tightly.

“I don’t know about that. “I’m just here to kill you.”

The tentacles coming out from all directions seemed as if they were going to attack Aria at any moment, but Mule smiled as if she was so happy.

“That is your destiny, savior of the continent.”

“… … .”

“After all, you came here. “To kill me for putting the continent in danger.”

“… … .”

“In the end, you cannot escape your fate.”

Mule laughs as if the sky is leaving.

However, Aria asked him honestly without any change in her expression.


I couldn’t help but wonder.

“Why are you doing this?”

A question that penetrates to the core.

A god unknown to the people named Romuleus.

“What on earth do you want, why are you so obsessed with me?”



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The reason why he tried to bring Aria back to the path of a warrior, even to the point of falling down on her own.

“I am placing too much importance on the person I am, rather than saving the world.”

“… … .”

Mule’s mouth, which had been laughing so loudly just a moment ago, shuts tightly. For the first time, there was a look of confusion and worry in the corners of his eyes.

“I traveled to many places to save the world, and learned a lot while trying.”

Aria slowly approaches Mule.

The tentacles that were blocking her path suddenly became rigid and stopped moving.

“There are so many different reasons why humans live. “You could say that’s a kind of freedom.”

Happiness, fame, wealth, religion, anger, revenge, love, family, friends, hobbies, etc.

People live with many different goals. They could not have been a truly free race.

“The only reason demons live is pleasure. “They sacrifice their lives for the pleasure they feel, but they are infinitely indifferent to everything else.”

Some demons are from deceiving someone, some demons are from seeing the struggle, some demons are from serving oneself, some demons are from satisfying hunger.

They feel satisfied and cite it as a reason to live their lives.


“What about God?”

Aria was always curious.

Even abandoning his position as a god.

Until I came down to this earth with this hideous appearance.

Also, at the end.

Even giving up his life to help Aria return to the path of a warrior.

What does God want?

“What on earth do you want?”

Mule’s mouth was tightly shut.

Before we knew it, Romuleus had stopped howling.

It was just standing there, strong.

“That guy… … .”

Then say a word.

Mule glares at Aria with eyes filled with love and hate.

“Kim Shin-woo had a lot of influence on you.”

A name called with a lot of hatred in it. Aria nodded her head without hesitation.

“That’s right, the professor made me like this.”

In the past, I would have just cut it down. Instead of having a conversation, he must have been worried about the commotion that would happen under her and was busy with Mule.

Because that was actually what Mule wanted.

“Because I am his disciple.”

Mul lets out a sigh of relief as he sees Aria smiling and saying that she is so proud of it.

It seems as if his death was truly in vain.

“God’s reason for living.”

Is that why?

Mule gives Aria the answer she wanted.

“It’s for you.”

“… … what?”

Not at all unexpected.

Aria was taken aback by the completely unexpected answer, but Mule answered calmly.

“This world exists for you.”

“… … .”

“Our gods have always waited for you, and are moving for the appointed moment when you will save this continent.”

It was as if I had become a different person.

Like some kind of theater actor.

Take off the mask, get off the stage, and shake off the role you were immersed in.

I felt like I was having a conversation for the first time with a being called Romuleus, not a god.

“What happens after that?”

If you save the continent.

Then what is there?

When asked with that question, Mul shook his head.

“We don’t know either.”

“… … .”

“So we are hoping for that day. “I wonder if the day you save us will also be the day freedom comes to us.”

It was a truth filled with devastating emotions.

Why are beings called gods so desperate to reinstate themselves as warriors?

Also, I felt like I could understand why Deius Verdi, or Kim Shin-woo, was so hostile.

“You are the meaning and subject of this continent’s existence.”



Those are words I’m sick of hearing. However, the weight of hearing from a being who was a true god was difficult to bear.


“I see.”

Aria answered boldly.

“That’s too bad.”

It’s like he doesn’t care.

“Helping your mission is why we exist. As the owner of the continent, you must save this land.”

Did it seem like escaping reality or running away from a mission? It was Romuleus reprimanding Arya, but she shook her head.

“you idiot.”

Mixed with playful criticism as if it was funny.

“Where is the main character on the continent?”

“… … “Is that what you’re saying?”

At Mul’s helpless words, Aria puts Duatein on her shoulder and smiles.

“I can say it because it’s me. Are you talking about the hero, the protagonist, the person who will save the continent? “I don’t care about that.”

“… … .”

“Am I special than other people?”

The person who leads the play is called the protagonist.

The other people behind them are supporting characters, effectively assisting the main character.

It would be nice if this were just a play. If this applies to reality, how pathetic it would be for the supporting actors.

In the end, isn’t all of one’s actions used as seasoning for the main character?

“Then I will give up being special.”

Aria comes off the stage.

I will more definitely abandon the name ‘Hero’.

In the end, if everyone becomes a supporting actor.

On the contrary, everyone is the main character.

It will become a salvation for all who existed only for one girl.

“… … .”

“why? “Don’t you like it?”

“What you are doing is ultimately an act of ignoring our long, long wait.”

“I guess that’s possible.”

“In the end, you are only deceiving us who have worked hard for you. All they are doing is abandoning responsibility and running away.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Mana gushes out from Aria Rias’ whole body.

A huge force that has been suppressed until now. The second coming of a girl who once almost saved the world.

“So what.”

It could have been different in the past.

In fact, in the original game, in the second game, Aria sacrificed herself to save the continent.

But it was different now.

Because I learned from a professor that that is not the true answer.

Duatein soars high.

The Sword of Gluttony, which ate God’s alter ego and became a weapon that could cut God down just once.

“As the warrior Aria, it is to end my fate.”

The huge mana that surrounds the great sword rises toward the sky like a pillar.

Then Romuleus, who had been quiet until now, began to move roughly.

“This is the final salvation I can give to everyone.”

So that everyone’s value can be held in themselves, not in Aria.

“The salvation of the continent! Destruction! Are you really going to pretend not to know that?”

The giant Romuleus’ mouth begins to close. At the same time, the tentacles in his mouth rushed towards Aria.

However, Aria confidently responded to Mule, who was struggling and shouting.

That person will do it.

“f*cking bitch! Our wait! Make an effort! Get ready for you! My life! “You just throw everything on the ground!”

“Freedom for all.”

Let the warrior truly come down from the stage with the falling light.

This continent, tied to a girl named Arya Rias, has lost its purpose.

This meant freedom.

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