I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 221

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Chapter 221 – 221. Teacher and disciple

“The most important thing is Arya.”

At my words, everyone’s eyes turn to the little girl with black hair.

Although Aria was scratching the back of her head because it was awkward, she shrugged her shoulders, probably thinking that she was recognized by me in front of so many people.

“Everyone, please be my stepping stone.”

What he said wasn’t warrior-like at all, but whatever.


No one could criticize the arrogant words. Because there is no such time.

Romuleus’s cries echo as if urging him on.

I continued speaking right away.

“Aria is the only one in this place who can kill that monster. So she just needs to assist her and get in front of her.”

“In the end, you’re just going to play the role of a little boy’s assistant, right? “Are you wearing a diaper?”

“Are you kidding?! I’m eighteen! “You are now at an age where you can get married according to the laws of the kingdom!”

Looking at Aria rushing towards Findeneye’s taunts.

The royal family’s Archmage Rockpelican, Magic Judge Tyrn, and Guard Knight Gloria looked embarrassed.

If you’re making market street jokes in front of a monster that’s trying to devour the kingdom, you’ll naturally be embarrassed.

“So all we have to do is get through those tentacles that are rushing in and bring this little boy to the front?”

Deia takes the mana potion from where she got it and pours it into her mouth.

Her shotgun emits a blue light with a booming sound as if she is ready to unleash firepower again.

“I’m not a kid.”


“Kyo, professor?!”

He continued talking, ignoring Aria who continued to criticize him.

“Taylor, who has the strongest defense, takes the lead with the Magic Judges.”

“Is it a meat shield role? “Don’t do anything wrong.”

Tyrn immediately gathers the judges while holding his staff.

Stretched out in a row, they form a barrier, blocking the tentacles that have already begun to rush in and clearing the way.

“To protect this land, let’s take one step first!”

After confirming that he is taking the lead, I immediately look towards Gloria and the guards.


“I don’t like that Tyrn is first, but… … “A knight of the royal guard uses a sword, not a shield.”

There was no need to say anything else.

Gloria raised her greatsword high and became Tyrun’s next barrier along with the knights of the royal guard.

Because there were so many tentacles, some of them were able to penetrate the magic field of the Magic Judges.

When the Royal Guard knights joined, their numbers also decreased significantly.

“Darius and Deia… … .”

My honest feeling was that it would be better if those two were left out.

“I will also join the Royal Guard. “I guess there’s nothing much we can do other than that.”

Darius is afraid that I might ask him to go, so he quickly shouts and runs forward.

Deia, who looked at his back with an expression that said he had raised her well, loaded the shotgun and carried it on her shoulder.

“I can’t clear the road anyway. “I’ll just stand next to you and provide cover.”

“Ha, it’s dangerous, so stay next to me.”

I don’t know what they will do if I send them back for no reason. It would be best to just leave it aside.

“Take care of Findenai.”

“It’s easy.”

Since there was no weapon that could cause damage other than the blood ancestor’s hand, the sight of Findeneye clenching its fists was very strange.

“… … “Once this is over, I’ll find out which ax is right for you.”


Actually, I was originally going to find the Bangobu used in the game and give it to him.

This time, my thoughts changed after seeing how war shoes were handled freely.

There is no need to give her drop items, but if you give her an item from a higher level companion, you can further explode Finden Eye’s potential.

Now it was really time to go. The amount of tentacles pouring out at once was increasing, and the surrounding buildings had already been half destroyed a long time ago.

“Rockpelican, let’s go.”

“iced coffee.”

At my words, Rockpelican gathered up as much mana as he could and raised his staff again.

The mana of the disciples behind him resonates together, and the intangible mana is materialized into magic very quickly.


The ground tilts and begins to rise.

Although it is rough and has no aesthetics at all, it creates a bridge made of thick and huge stones.

The bridge gradually extends towards Romuleus.

Tentacles flew in to destroy it.


Gloria jumps with flames from the ground and runs forward with her legs forming, cutting down the tentacles.


When the magic stone bridge was completed, Rock Pelican broke into a cold sweat and spoke in a weak voice.

“Have a nice trip.”

No matter how great a wizard he is, he handled a lot of difficult magic on a large scale today.

He deserved a well-deserved rest, so he expressed his gratitude and headed to the bridge.



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“Ruanes, you take the lead.”

“… … “They use it blatantly.”

Even as she said that, Ruanes calmly took the lead and started running.

Tentacles sprouting out from all over the place. The white smoke rising from his whole body turns into the shape of his hand.

The white hand showed off its presence by snatching tentacles, burning them, or tearing them apart.

“Is that necromancy?”

Findeneye has doubts about Ruaneth being a necromancer, but he is indeed a necromancer.

But he doesn’t handle spirits like a normal necromancer like me.

[You are dealing with your own soul, right?]

The dark spirit who came next to me looked at Luanes’ back in bewilderment.

The dark spirit guessed the correct answer at a glance.


Ruaneth Luden Griffin is a necromancer who manipulates souls, but he manipulates his own soul.

Therefore, he was a necromancer who did not need other people’s souls.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t deal with other souls like me. However, in order to see the evil spirits he had, his life had to be put in danger.

You can’t see it now.

As I run, following Luanes, Aria immediately follows.

This is followed by Deia and finally Findeneye.

The formation was formed like this and I sang the aria.

“If possible, run with all your strength. “I’m telling you not to take out your sword.”

“yes! “I know!”

A voice filled with pride as he realized what the answer I had given him was.

When I heard that, a faint smile appeared on my face without me realizing it.

Before I knew it, I was already a professor, and I was feeling proud of my students’ achievements as if it were my own work.

“professor! “Do you remember that you freed me from the fate of a hero?”

“Yes, of course.”

While continuing to push forward, Aria started talking a little out of the blue.

Even though Findeneye and Deia were there, they paid no heed to their presence.

“You told me that the end of my life was right then.”

The ending of Aria Rias living as a hero in the game called Retri.

And the life of student Aria Rias unfolds in the future.

When I thought about it, I realized that even though I was giving her the ending, I had received quite a lot of help so far.


Because I was lacking, it was inevitable that there would often be situations where she held the sword.

He apologized for that, but Aria smiled and shook her head as if she had expected it.

“No, I’m not blaming you, Professor. “This is my fault.”

“… … .”

“You gave me a weapon that could kill God, but you didn’t tell me that. “That’s what he wanted me to realize.”

Yes, that is correct.

She now possessed the only weapon on earth that could kill a god.

“He has shown you the way, but you must achieve that realization yourself. “You can’t grow even if others feed you everything.”

After listening to that, I was able to get an idea of ​​what she was going to say to me next.

I didn’t bother interrupting.

Even if you realize it, there are things that are meaningful to say or hear with your ears.

“The professor showed me that I can end my life as a warrior.”

“… … .”

“But ultimately, breaking that bondage is what I have to do.”

The distance from Romuleus is getting closer. Before she knew it, Aria was holding the sword of gluttony, Duatein.

A great sword that cut down and swallowed two of Dante’s warlocks. I usually had an unusual energy, but today it was unusual.

The great sword, which was black, was distorted strangely for some reason and its color was not fixed.

And that sword.

It was the only weapon in this place that could cut down Romuleus.

“The professor gave me a method, an opportunity. “They prepared everything.”

“… … .”

“Now I’ll do it.”

The average Duatein is not a very good weapon.

But due to the nature of this sword.

It had the characteristic of changing its properties by eating what was cut down.

The last thing Duatein cut down was none other than Mule’s clone.

I used Duatein to cut down Mule, who came to the Academy.

From then on, Duatein continued to change form.

You will probably only be able to properly swing a sword that has consumed the remnants of a god once.

Duatein cannot endure any more than that.

But just once.

I was confident that that would be enough of an opportunity for Aria.

“Resistance is growing stronger.”

Luanes, who was leading the way, begins to slowly slow down.

Tyrn and Gloria below had also stopped moving for a long time.

The closer we got to Romuleus, the stronger and bigger the tentacles came out to deal with us.

“Here we approach Romuleus. Take the left side.”

He stepped to Ruaneth’s right and waved his hand widely.


Then, along with Velika’s loud scream contained in the prosthetic hand, black mana spurted out and tore the tentacles apart.

“Great devil Velika… … .”

Ruaneth hesitated for a moment as she looked at my necromancy, and then immediately began to emit more thick smoke from her entire body.

“You can’t be pushed around.”

White hands made of smoke and Velika’s black mana roughly cut through the path.

Although it was only for a moment, the sky was wide open.

“Hold on tight!”

Meanwhile, flames and smoke are spouting out from the war shoes of Findenai running from behind.

Running forward at maximum power, he grabs Aria’s waist and leaps forward.

“I’ll be back!”

Aria’s shout, holding Duatein firmly with both hands, spreads out for a long time.

The distance between the two of us quickly grew further away from us.

“Please come back.”

I just looked at the back of my student who had grown up.

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