I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 220

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Chapter 220 – 220. Romuleus

At a time when Romuleus had not yet appeared.

I was still in the discussion hall accepting the souls led by the dark spirit.


Rockpelican, who is watching from the side as the souls sleeping in Gray Pond come to me and are replaced by magic, clicks his tongue.

“Wow, that’s really surprising.”

“Dark magic… … “I never thought the day would come when I would consider myself noble.”

Since he did not have the energy to respond, he remained silent and did his job, and his disciples behind the great wizard responded on his behalf.

To those who can’t see my soul, it will look as if blue light is continuously emanating from my hand.

When the mana contained in the souls is replaced with magic, they begin their activities.

[I will eradicate those evil monsters!]

[Fireworks! Give me a flame that will burn everything!]

There were often souls asking me to replace them with attack magic, but of course I ignored them.

The reason I called them was not to take down Mule, but to rescue people.

A simple magic that could move a person was enough.

Without the Remegeton, I was busy dealing with a fairly large number of souls.

The battle with Mule continued.

“I’m locking you up! “You can’t be pushed!”

The Magic Judges, led by Tyrn, surround Mule and create a magic dome.

The tentacles of the mule trapped inside are continuing a power struggle, protruding from the inside and outside to break through.

Mule used his divine power and gestured to turn the Magic Judges into tentacles.

The leadership of divine power was completely won by Stella and Lucia.

Even as he continued to be pushed back, Mule kept his mouth shut and focused on handling the tentacles.

“Isn’t it easier than you think?”

“I was worried because they said it was a fallen god, but I’m glad.”

Rockpelican’s disciples sigh in relief when they see him like that.

Rock Pelican also looks at me while drooling, saying that there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do other than pushing Mule.

“It looks like most people have evacuated.”

The souls of the audience in the debate hall were all sent out. Many souls have searched inside, so there will be no one left.

It had been a long time since His Majesty escaped, escorted by Gloria, the commander of the Knights of the Guard.

“Then the Archmage will leave now as well.”

“Hmm, are you going to leave them alone?”

Rock Pelican said he had no intention of doing so, but I shook my head.

“The smell has gotten worse.”


“The ground is gradually shaking.”

You may not have felt it in the urgent situation, but the ground was shaking slightly from earlier.

It wasn’t an earthquake or anything.

“He will appear soon.”

As if in response to my words, the floor suddenly cracked and the walls of the huge debate hall began to collapse.

It was fortunate that there was no ceiling like the Colosseum, otherwise all of us would have been crushed by the ceiling.


“You’ll know when you see it.”

Romuleus’ body can only be described as a monster. You will understand it much faster if you just look at it than if you add any verbal formulas.

Knock knock!

Thick, ugly teeth protruding from the edge of the debate hall.

Its huge roar echoes through the ground along with it.

As warned, the shaking ground eventually began to collapse.

The Magic Judges who were dealing with Mule were also unable to continue the fight because the ground had collapsed.

The enormous mana began to sublimate into wind.


Civilians have already evacuated, and bishops who are incapable of fighting have also long since fled.

The only ones left were me, Lucia, and the Magic Judges.

As if this number was light, Rock Pelican held his staff with both hands and stretched it towards the sky, and the wind lifted us above the grand debate hall as if it had been waiting.

The moment when Mule, who was left alone in the venue, looked up.


It was like a shark suddenly jumping out of the sea.

A huge monster that rises up and eats half of the debate hall in one bite.


Tentacles sprouting from his entire body became furious and began to extend toward Graypond.

The remaining half of the debate hall also began to tilt and collapse.

[It’s much more ugly than I thought.]

Stella, who flew next to me, blurted out a word, unable to hide her discomfort.

As a saint who has served God, it was natural for her to express her displeasure, but I would like to add a word for no reason.

“I am not the god you serve.”

Justia, the goddess of justice served by Romuleus and Stella, was a completely different being.

Stella didn’t know that either, but it still didn’t change the fact that it was God’s will that Romuleus was moving now.

[I think what I can do for you is now over.]



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A regretful Stella slowly approaches behind me. Seeing him attacking Graypond as Romuleus rather than Mule, it seemed like the turn of divine power was definitely over.

[Please, Velika.]

Thanks to Rock Pelican’s magic, I couldn’t feel the strong wind even though I was floating in the sky.

As Stella disappears and a new evil appears, the air changes.

[I never thought there would come a day in my life when I would really kill God!]

A horn sprouts from his forehead and Velika lets out an exclamation.

“You are not alive.”

[Can you tell jokes? young.]

Velika giggled, dismissing the words telling her to come to her senses as a simple joke.

There is no need to accept her into me like I did when I fought Magan before.

At the time, it was an auxiliary concept close to possession, but now it was not my body but a more convenient object.


Velika’s soul is sucked into my right hand. To be exact, it was a prosthetic hand made by Professor Per Petra.

The prosthetic hand now truly feels like a part of me.

As Velika was contained, it gradually began to turn black, and soon her mana flowed into me.

[It’s a deformed method! Do you like it!]

Even if it were me, accepting the soul of the great devil into my body was not something I could do at any time.

As I moved my right hand a few times, opening and closing it as if checking for a well-placed archdevil, I found myself on the ground before I knew it.

In front of the collapsed debate hall.

There were many familiar faces, starting with Darius and Deia who were evacuating people from the stands earlier.

There were His Majesty King Orpheus, the Knights of the Guard, and the Commander of the Knights Gloria.

“Okay, flying hurts my back.”

The Rock Pelican, which was roaming the sky with a large number of people, patted its waist with its hand and grumbled.


“your majesty.”

King Orpheus rushed towards me, pushing away even the royal knights who were protecting him.

“I’m glad! I’m so glad! “I thought you were swept up in there!”

“Your Majesty, I am here too.”

When the Archmage spoke with a pout that was inappropriate for his age, Orpheus laughed heartily and placed his hand on his shoulder.

“cancer! “I thought our Grand Wizard would survive.”

“I saved everyone there too.”

“I’m sorry, but nothing is over yet.”

If I left it alone, the two of us looked like they were going to have a drinking party, so I stormed in and calmly discussed the current situation.

“Tentacles are still sticking out from inside Gray Pond. “It looks like he’s planning to devour the nation’s capital today.”

The number of tentacles writhing beneath the dark clouds was difficult to count.

Buildings are collapsing, smoke is burning, and people are screaming.

It was truly a gloomy sight.

“But thanks to your magic, many people’s lives were saved.”

Orpheus may have been telling me not to think too pessimistically, but I couldn’t be complacent about that.

As I just said, in the end, nothing is over.


When Romuleus, who rises straight like a spire and is so long and large that it almost reaches the clouds, roars, the tentacles on his body stretch out and begin to descend towards Graypond.

The royal guard knights and magic judges immediately stepped forward.

The most difficult part about dealing with this guy is that it cannot be used unless you have a weapon of a certain level.

Therefore, the normal kingdom army was virtually useless.

Attacking with a small number of elites will not be inconvenient and may cause greater damage.

“Your Majesty, it is dangerous.”

“Yeah, I was so excited.”

King Orpheus steps back at the words of Gloria, commander of the Knights of the Guard.

“Lucia, you too, stop walking away.”

Saint Lucia, who was also swept away by Rockpelican’s magic, was also in danger.

She had a dark expression, which probably means she still needs to grow up.

“Think calmly. “There is nothing left for you to do.”

Even though it was a battle directly involving God, he seemed to feel helpless that there was nothing he could do.

It was a comparison with Stella, who realized that her role was over and handed over her turn to Velika.


Lucia, who was looking at me with her lips pursed, nodded slightly and took a step back.

Knight Commander Gloria stands next to me.

“Is there a way?”

“Simple weapons or magic can cause damage, but they won’t be able to take his life.”

For example, you would need a mythical weapon like the Holy Grail to take the life of a fallen god.

You need a weapon of that caliber to cut off that guy’s head.

“My great sword is made from phoenix feathers. “How about this?”

Gloria holds out her great sword.

The sword body filled with red energy and the jewels encrusted with it were certainly not ordinary items.

“It’s impossible with just a treasured sword.”

No matter what, the opponent is a fallen god.

It cannot be matched by man-made treasures.

“Then what should we do?”

Deia sneakily came next to me. I tried to kick him out, asking why he was here.

“Hmm, my family’s treasured sword won’t work.”

Darius also follows Deia’s footsteps and naturally shows his determination to join the battle.


“If you’re going to get out of this, I’m going to get out of here too.”

“Aren’t we family!”


I knew this answer would come back, but when I actually heard it, I was at a loss.


Aria, Findeneye, and Ruaneth are running from afar.

I clenched my fist when I saw that the person I had really been waiting for had finally arrived.

“Let’s begin.”

Dark clouds are slowly falling.

It looked like it was going to rain so it needed to end now.

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