I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 219

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Chapter 219 – 219. Revealed


Corner of Gray Pond Cemetery.

A woman is crouching and trembling, avoiding tentacles protruding from all directions.

I didn’t stop by here because I had an acquaintance who was buried in a separate grave.

She came to pray for the soul of the begging ghost who had tormented her in the past and to forgive the boy.

The feeling of relief that came from forgiveness had no choice but to be forgotten due to the sudden disaster.

Just like outside the castle walls and the debate hall, downtown Greypond was also thrown into chaos as Romuleus’s tentacles poured out.

At least the woman hiding by the unattended tomb could be said to be safer than the others.


Right in front of her, the wet dirt splashes like a fountain. Huge tentacles rose up, pushing away gravestones and smashing buried coffins.


Even though the woman was shedding tears, she was so shocked that she couldn’t move because her legs were cramping.

“no! no!”

The eyes on the tentacles rotate and capture the woman. The moment when she wriggled as if she had found her prey and was about to strike her down.

The woman’s body slowly begins to rise.

It was able to escape from the tentacle attack by rising into the air while hanging on as if someone was holding it from behind.

“uh? uh! Huh?!”

An incomprehensible situation continues to unfold. The moment I wondered what on earth was going on.

[Thank you, sister.]

The voice of a small boy lingers in my ears. It cannot be seen, nor can it be felt.

But the woman seemed to know who the boy was.

“Uh, was that the ghost back then?”

A boy who could not endure hunger and cold and died alone in a back alley.

That’s why, even after becoming a ghost, the child clings to people by begging for money.

What saved him now was the voice of the ghost boy who had been following him around so desperately at the time.

[Thank you so much for leaving bread on my tombstone. I’m sorry for bothering you. I was out of my mind at that time.]


Commemoration director Deius Verdi also clearly said this. Suffering from hunger and cold, he took a grudge and became an evil spirit.

I’m not saying I’m a bad kid.

Having heard the story, the woman followed Deius’ advice and came to place bread on the boy’s tombstone.

A woman escapes danger with the help of a boy she begged for. Her child dropped her off on her street and whispered to her again.

[Be careful, sister, I’ll go help others.]

Although it was not visible, the woman answered into the sky.

“Are you going?”

[That’s right, so be careful.]

As I say that, the cool chill that came over me disappears. The chaos around me, which had sounded like babbling, was now clear to my ears again.

The woman realized that the boy had left.

“iced coffee.”

Realizing that her forgiveness through the memorial service was meaningful, the woman began to evacuate with others.

[Go that way.]

It may not have been visible to the woman.

Currently, countless souls were flying towards one place in the sky of North Sweden.

And a woman with a black veil around her mouth who shows the way to such souls.

[It’s over there. He is in that debate room.]

The dark spirit was in charge of guiding the awakened souls to Deius’ call.

[Go and receive strength from him. And save people.]

Like fish swimming in the flow of a river, the souls that filled the sky were heading toward the direction her fingertips pointed to.


[I can see the memorial service again!]

[I can help him! I can return the favor!]

[My daughter probably still lives in Graypond.]

[What year is it now? I wonder how big my grandson will be.]

From souls who have been dead for just a few years.

[Why should we follow the warlock’s call?]

[Then he was just asleep! I woke up to protect my country!]

[Are these disgusting tentacles not the remnants of black magic?]

Articles and figures from history that seemed to be hundreds of years old were occasionally visible.

[right! right! right! right!]

[We cannot hand over this land to God!]

[It’s our land! Our land that our ancestors did not hand over to God!]

Even the ancient natives who refused to let gods into their land got up and headed to Deius.

[How much have you grown?]

Looking at those souls, the dark spirit felt both despondent and proud at the same time.

Now there is no Remegeton.

This scene was created entirely by Deius Verdi with his own abilities.

He is different from the necromancers he knows.

Also, Herald Hazard, who brought the Griffin Kingdom to the brink of destruction 200 years ago.



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A dark spirit priest who practiced necromancy, one of the most popular arts on the modern continent.

You can’t create a scene like this.

Although they are the same necromancer.

That man walking a different path.

[Maybe that’s why I keep following him around.]

I felt like I wanted to watch until the end.

* * *

“People called me the worst, worst warlock.”

Outside the debate hall.

Looking up at the ghosts floating in the sky, Luanes utters meaningful words.

The worst necromancer on the continent.

He who killed countless people, manipulated their souls, and killed others was truly such a being.

“Deius Verdi.”

His name, which I muttered out loud, felt heavier than I thought.

Ruanes had no choice but to admit it.

“A great necromancer.”

Opened a new horizon for necromancy.

Unlike ordinary necromancers who capture evil spirits, inflict pain on them, and sublimate the mana they contain into magic.

He treated the soul as a soul.

Treat them as human beings, not as tools.

Some say his expressions are infinitely cruel.

The truth that death is the end and that after death is nothing but rest is truly vain. In a way, it could have crossed the border of death and pervertedly polluted even the reason for living.

But on the contrary.

It was that man who moved and comforted those who simply closed their eyes and rested.

They are crueler than anyone else, but on the contrary, they respect them more than anyone else.

He couldn’t be anything other than a ridiculous man.

“professor… … .”

Likewise, Aria, who was looking up at the sky, clenched her fists.

Although I had just come out of the debate hall, I must have made up my mind at the moment when I turned to go back the way I came.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Findeneye quickly grabs her shoulder.

“Are you going to go and fight that thing? “That bastard is going on a rampage because of your destiny or something.”

“… … .”

Even if you always seem to have no interest in those around you and only care about your own life.

When situations like this come up, Finden Eye always comes in with a punchline.

You could call it an animalistic sense of smell, or you could call it an innate gift of insight.

“that’s right. “Maybe that god is doing this to make me pick up the sword again.”

Mule came to Aria and kept asking her to return to being a warrior.

These current situations could be seen as the foundation work to ultimately increase Arya’s guilt and return her to her destiny as a warrior who saves the kingdom from crisis.

“but… … “Is it really right to run away from here?”

Findenai could not answer the question separately. If she knew that, she must be a god or something.

However, he keeps his arms crossed and watches Aria’s eyes.

What she could do was not come up with answers through thinking like Deius Verdi.

Like a beast.

Like a wolf.

The answer comes out through instinct.

“let’s go.”

And her instincts were screaming. She said it was right for her to go back.

“Hey, you protect the little boy. “I will protect him.”

Since he is wearing the hand of a blood ancestor, he can hit with his fist. It’s a shame I don’t have an axe, but I guess it can’t be helped.

It was Finden Eye who was thinking of using his full strength right away and was trying to hit with a fast attack.

“I refuse.”

Ruanes is cold and rejects the request.

“I’m sorry, but the favor I received was to protect Arya Rias. “You are just stuck there.”

“I didn’t know I was being watched over by someone like you.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Findenai also responds without backing down.

Although it is not Romuleus’s tentacles, it is maturing into an atmosphere where it would not be strange to hit and fight with each other right now.

It was Owen who stepped forward here.

“Well, I can run away alone! “The spirit of the memorial priest is also helping us!”

It was just as the boy said.

The ghosts that came into contact with the memorial in the discussion hall were using the mana they contained to rescue people.

Living magic.

This was one of Deius Verdi’s greatest strengths and a technique that no one could imitate.

The spirits were not fighting the tentacles, but snatching citizens and running away or taking them to a safe place.

Deius knew that there was no point in fighting anyway.

Aria, who had the opportunity thanks to Owen who interrupted the flow between the two, answered firmly.

“Then you two, please follow me. “This is what I’m going to do anyway.”

“Ha, bold!”

“Yes, that was my promise to Deius.”

Aria runs towards the debate hall. Finding her speed nearing her full power, Finden Eye catches up with her through her war shoes, and Luanes follows, floating in the air, emitting white smoke from her body.

‘I heard you’re a necromancer.’

Findeneye had no idea how on earth Ruaneth was using magic.

It’s not important for now, so let’s set it aside for a moment.

“So what are you going to do?”

When Findeneye asked Aria, who was ahead, the girl answered with determination.

“The professor said so. In the end, I hold the key to breaking the bonds of fate.”

“Oh, I did.”

It was clearly something he said right before he left for the debate hall.

“I think I know what that is.”


“The professor already gave me something.”

Deius had already given himself the power and means to end this sudden fate.

Thinking like that, Aria was about to head towards Mule.


A roar that shook the heavens and the earth erupted, and at the same time, a monster rose from the ground and swallowed half of the huge debate hall in one bite.

The black body had no other parts, only an ugly mouth that fit the description of being vast.

The tentacles sprouting from all over the body are writhing in a way that is unpleasant to the eye.

Because of his appearance, the building that was originally the execution site began to collapse, and dust covered Gray Pond.

Above this land.

The fallen god finally appeared.

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