I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 214

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Chapter 214 – 214. Getting Started

Before starting the grand debate.

We needed to find a clear answer as to what our victory would be.

Griffin’s huge execution site was used again for the Great Debate.

I was having a conversation about it while facing Lucia at the table in the waiting room.

“I’m perplexed.”

“But that’s the truth.”

He seemed quite shocked to hear that the identity of the man named Mul was the fallen god Romuleus, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t believe it.

Because she also did not think that Mule was a being within our common sense.

“Then I guess I have to say that divine power actually doesn’t work?”

He deliberately points to the Holy Grail that Lucia brought and laughs bitterly.

I handed it to her after the last Clark Republic incident.

“Yes, after all, it is one of the subjects of divine power.”

[I feel helpless.]

Stella, who was accompanying Lucia, also felt sorry for me.

The fact that divine power does not work on the other person means that Lucia and Stella are no different from civilians.

“Not only that. “If you fight, you can’t do any damage with normal weapons or magic.”

Although I said it calmly, this was actually the part that bothered me the most.

The reason I was able to know this was because of my experience in the dream battle.

Romuleus, whom we met in the trance battle, did not suffer any damage other than the treasures he created there.

I still vividly remember the sight of things like my magic and Hanso’s fist just passing by.

‘At first, I thought it was the rules of the dream battle.’

There were no such rules in the trance battle, and Romuleus was not a being that the trance war could contain in the first place.

When he fired magic at Mule, who was visiting Aria at the academy, he didn’t suffer any damage and didn’t even feel pain.

“Even if you fall, God is still God. “Mere creatures cannot touch themselves.”

Lucia’s expression darkens at my words. From the standpoint of serving God, this situation would not be very pleasant.

[Lucia, come to your senses.]

But next to her, Stella shook her head.

[Do not consider him the same as the God we serve.]


[Also keep this in mind.]

With a grin, Stella declared with an unwavering voice.

[What do we serve God for?]

It was a word with an implicit meaning.

It was not a very desirable thing for a former saint to say.

Rather, thanks to the confident declaration, Lucia seemed to have strengthened her resolve again.

“That’s right, Stella.”

Lucia nodded, clenching her fists with her dainty hands. I glanced at Stella for her help and expressed my gratitude with a glance.

“Please stay with Lucia during the debate period.”

[all right.]

For Lucia, who has not yet fully grown into a saint, Stella’s presence will be of great help.

“So what do you think our victory is? “Mule confessing his identity?”

“That won’t happen. “All we have to do is make it known that he is ugly and that he is actually inciting lies.”

[False incitement?]

I answered Stella’s question with confidence.

“No god can bring a dead person back to life.”

[…] … .]

“It is an absolutely immutable law, and it is the fate given to this continent.”

I’ve said it once before.

“God is not as omnipotent as you think.”

Even if it was a bitter truth for the saints to hear, I needed to say these words.

However, even in the midst of the heavy truth, the two do not waver.

There was too little time for each person to come up with their own solution, but now was the time to put the worries aside and take action.

A guidance sound coming from outside.

Lucia stands up when a voice asks her to take a seat as the debate will soon begin.

“I’ll go back to my waiting room first.”

[See you later.]

Lucia and Stella left and only Findeneye, Owen, and Aria were left in the waiting room, looking at me blankly.

The three people seemed to be paying attention and kept their mouths shut while we talked.

Deia and Darius were not here separately as they decided to watch from the audience.

“By the way, how are you going to live your life from now on, dealing only with bigwigs like this? “Aren’t we going to end up fighting with the real world later?”

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Findeneye, half-lying on a chair and clasping her hands behind her head, clicks her tongue and answers.

“It’s not wrong. There is no such commotion. “We destroyed the Great Evil, burst the Republic, and now fight the fallen God.”

“… … .”

When I realized she had something to say, I slowly looked away.

Findeneye smiled, saying that only then did he look after her.

“I’m always by your side every time?”



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“… … .”

“not a big deal. Just be aware. “I don’t have anywhere to go anymore anyway.”

He bit his tongue slightly as if he wanted to put a piece of tobacco in his mouth, then continued speaking.

“No matter what the owner turns against, I will be by your side.”

I felt a little at ease when Findenai told me not to worry unnecessarily and to just go and fight to my heart’s content.

I realized that it was her own way of cheering, so I accepted it without saying anything.

Now it’s almost time.

I also stood up and approached Owen.

“We, Monsignor, will definitely win!”

Owen was also cheering me on, holding both his cute hands tightly, but there was something else I wanted from him here.

“It will be a time when you can understand the definition and weight of the name Memorial Temple.”

“… … yes?”

It seemed like a random thought, but it was something I had been thinking about for a long time.

Why I accepted Owen.

“Take a good look. “What should we do in this position and how should we face the dead?”

“… … .”

“You are next after me.”

Owen looked up at me in confusion at the unexpected words. Feeling that such a boy is cute, he pats her on the head and heads toward the entrance.

Aria happened to be standing next to him.

His complexion was dark and his expression was not very good, but it seemed to be because he thought I was fighting for his fate.

It wasn’t wrong, but it didn’t mean I wasn’t responsible.

The reason Romuleus came down to this land was because I ultimately twisted Arya’s fate.


“professor… … .”

“There are definitely limits to what I can do.”

I will accept her fate and save this continent on her behalf.

However, in the end, only Aria herself could break the destiny that had been bestowed upon her.

“Well, what… … .”

“It’s okay, just look at me. “What enemies do you have to fight, and what do you have to cut down?”


“The key to breaking this bondage has already been placed in your hands.”

He taps me on the shoulder and walks out. There was no need to give a complete answer.

In the end, Aria herself needed to take active action to break the shackles that were arbitrarily placed on her.

As I was heading to the debate hall, I stopped in front of the sunlight-filled passageway outside.

A man wearing a black robe with Dante’s symbol on it.

It was strangely quiet, and I was surprised that there were no staff or security guards.

It was easy to see that he was the cause of all the heterogeneity.

“I thought he might come.”

Because I expected it, I opened my mouth without being too surprised.

He reveals his identity as is.


Dante’s leader.

A warlock who massacred the Griffin Kingdom 200 years ago, and the worst necromancer who still lives today, carrying the burden of the royal family.

Also known as Ruaneth Luden Griffin.

When I called her name, Ruanes turned over her hood and looked at me.

His white hair reaches down to his eyes, and his golden eyes prove that he is of royal blood.

Although the skin on his face was slightly distorted, he was clearly a handsome man.

However, white hair does not feel as beautiful and pure as mule. There was a strong feeling that the color had faded and become cloudy.

There was definitely some remnants of my childhood that I saw in the Demon Demon Battle.

“Deius Verdi.”

Luanes called me with a subtle expression, perhaps a little surprised because I had been expecting her to come.

“I didn’t know you knew me. Besides, did you expect me to come?”

“If I think about your purpose, I was able to deduce it without difficulty.”

“… … .”

Ruanes frowned, perhaps feeling that he had penetrated the point despite the surprise visit.

But I continued talking without giving up the initiative.

“Did you think there might be new possibilities in that Mule resurrected the dead?”

“… … Yes, because what I do may change.”


So, Ruanes had only one purpose.

Salvation of the Continent.

In fact, to see the true ending, you must not kill Ruanes.

More precisely, he should be killed after he has achieved his goal.

Because Aria failed in the first round, the continent was destroyed.

Necessary evil.

The necromancer in front of me could be defined like that.

It seemed like he came with some expectations, but I shook my head.

“There is no such thing. What Mule showed was not resurrection, but fraud. “The dead cannot come back to life.”

“… … .”

Perhaps because he had expected it, Ruanes didn’t bother to add anything else.

He lowered his gaze for a moment, exhaled with regret, and then changed the subject.

“Then I guess I’ll have no choice but to go ahead with the plan.”

“Yes, I guess so.”


“I will stop.”

The salvation method he chose was completely opposite to my beliefs.

When I answered firmly, Luanes frowned and glared at me as if in pain.

“This continent is already saturated. You know it too. “There is no more room for souls to lie down.”

After killing Ruaneth, there is only one ending.

The boundary between life and death on the continent collapses.

The dead have piled up over thousands of years. In the end, there is no longer a place for the dead to lie down on the continent, and they stir up the continent without sleeping.

Those who become ghosts act as they please since they died anyway, and those who died unjustly rise again and take their revenge in the same way.

In the end, the continent becomes a land of the dead.

Ruanes, who had already observed such a future 200 years ago, chose only one method.

“It destroys all the dead who have entered into rest.”

A word full of determination.

This was not something a necromancer who manipulates souls would say. After all, if you don’t have a soul, you can’t even be a magician or a necromancer.

But Luanes chose.

“It’s about cleaning up the continent. “The problem is solved by extinguishing all souls that have already entered rest for the sake of those who will die anew.”

“… … .”

“There is no other way than this. So help me.”

Luanes slowly stretched out her hand.

It was a touch filled with pathetic pleading, but of course I did.

“I refuse.”

Don’t hold that hand.

“… … If we leave it like this, the continent will be destroyed. “You can’t just sit there and let it go.”

“Even if they are dead, they are still human.”

He and I stand on the same border.

I was looking at them with opposite eyes.

“There is no big difference between rest and extinction anyway! “What can I do if I care about people who are already dead?”

There are people who lose their attachment to life because they are close to death.

There are people who feel that life is more noble because they are close to death.

This was the difference between him and me.

“It is the last thing left behind by everyone who has struggled as a human being.”

Some kind of record.

Just as we record the past in history books and remember, learn, and grow from the people of that time.

Those who entered into rest were the history books of mankind and the libraries of the continent.

“… … .”

“I have a way.”

I’ve thought about it several times.

In fact, I’ve been thinking more about whether there was a way to replace Ruaneth’s plan than about the continent’s ending.

Ever since I entered this continent.

I put into words the answer I found in that way.

Luanes’ eyes widened as she heard everything, and she pursed her lips and shook her head.

“It’s a tabletop discussion.”

“It may seem that way now.”

“It’s impossible. “That kind of thing.”

“But I will do it.”

I have always accomplished things that seemed impossible. This time too I will make it possible.

I decided that further conversation was pointless, so I walked past Luanes.

He stands tall, glares at me, and blurts out a word.

“Thank you for slaying Griffin’s demon on my behalf.”


He said without stopping his steps.

“Guard Aria in the waiting room. “Put it at a price.”

Because it was clear that Romuleus would approach Arya in some way.

I left Luanes behind and headed to the discussion hall where I was waiting.

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