I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 212

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Chapter 212 – 212. The path the memorial monk walks

“I am truly grateful that this precious person came out to meet me like this.”

Mul, a man with a unique appearance wearing an iron mask and white robes, extends his hand to shake Lucia’s hand.

Just by not bending his back or lowering his head, he was already implicitly appealing that he was on the same level or higher than the saint.

If someone saw him, he would shout out that he was truly arrogant, but the crowds following Mule are all amazed and proud when they see his actions.

They perceive that the guide they follow is indeed on the same level as the saint of the continent.

“I’m sorry, but since my body belongs to God, I cannot come in contact with an outsider male.”

Lucia is also polite but responds strongly.

Strictly speaking, the closest person on the continent to God’s will is Saint Lucia.

This meant that she did not accept Mule as being chosen by God.

Noisy believers.

Ignoring their reactions, Lucia continued speaking.

“There are quite a lot of people. “We would appreciate it if you would refrain from causing any disturbance within Gray Pond.”

“Did you come here to say that on purpose?”

Inside the iron mask, Mule’s white eyes gaze at Lucia. Despite her threatening gaze, she nodded her head slightly.

“Nothing about you has been confirmed yet. As Monumentalist Deius Verdi experienced in the great debate, you will begin the debate from a conservative perspective… … .”

I slowly notice the long line of believers behind Mule.

“You will have to stand in front of the public alone.”

It means that you should not act carelessly inside the city because you may not know whether you are truly chosen by God.

However, Mule says he expected it and slowly takes off his iron mask and points to his followers.

“Do you see what these many believers are holding in their hands?”

Too many burdens to follow a prophet. Starting with the tent, food, blankets, and supplies were all sufficient for camping.

“No one will set foot in Graypond except me and a few of my servants. “They will just wait for me outside the walls.”

The believers respond to Mule’s words.

“you’re right!”

“We don’t harm anyone or cause disruption!”

“Please believe me, saintess! Mul is truly a messenger sent from God to comfort the dead!”

“Let’s deploy the tent! “We will not cause any harm to Gray Pond!”

While saying this, the believers are busy spreading out tents outside the walls of the castle.

Looking at them, Mul puts his hands together and bows his head for a moment as if praying, then looks at Lucia again.

“Those who serve God always strive to be an example to others. I absolutely hate harming someone. Isn’t that right, saints?”

Lucia’s head, as she was looking at the sight of an enormous number of tents unfolding, turned around.

What I just said was ‘saints.’

“Aha, one of you is no longer a saint. “The gods have relieved you of your burden.”

Mule is exactly next to Lucia.

So, look at Stella and smile.

“But, maybe that’s why you’re quite dirty.”

Contrary to words.

A benign impression that doesn’t seem to contain any malicious intent.

A harmless, flawless smile was one of the greatest weapons to gain trust from others.

“Then I’ll just go in.”

Mul passes by Lucia and heads toward the castle gate. Charles, who is said to have been resurrected, and several other servants follow him.


Stella, who had been keeping her mouth shut the entire time, slowly opens her mouth.

No one heard it except Lucia and Mule.

For some reason, Mule stops walking and slowly turns his head to look at Stella.

[What would you do if God suddenly tells you that your mission ends here?]

Upon hearing that, Mule almost snorts in bewilderment, but suppresses it.

He put the iron mask back on and held it in his hand, answering without a moment of hesitation.

“If that is His will, we must humbly accept it. “I am truly grateful that my role has been completed.”

The attendants following them did not find anything strange as they watched their memorial service suddenly answer into the air.

A belief that can even feel like madness.

However, seeing Mule’s answer and the servants’ reactions, Stella gave a small smile this time.

[You seem to be very different from me in many ways.]

“… … .”

[This is absolutely God’s perspective.]

After saying that, Stella turned around and looked at the horizon outside the castle walls again.

Mule felt strangely annoyed as he saw someone waiting for him even though he had already arrived.

Her words penetrated my core and I pursed my lips and put my iron mask back on.

“You’re off topic.”

What kind of expression does he make in there?

No one knew.

* * *

A few days have passed since Mule came to Gray Pond. He was already showing various performances inside Gray Pond.

Starting with healing the sick, they go to cemeteries to lead the souls of the dead to God or offer blessings and prayers.

Lucia clearly told me not to act recklessly in the city.

With the support and help of the bishops, Mule was literally the busiest person in Gray Pond.

“You said the Verdi family carriage was coming in tonight, right?”



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The bishops who support him were still meeting in the underground chapel today for talks.

There is now one day left until the grand debate.

Just in time, I heard that the Verdi family carriage was coming into Gray Pond.

They didn’t know exactly whether Deius had returned yet.

“It’s definitely come back.”

McDoren Pirence, an old man with deep wrinkles, was certain. He was the bishop of the goddess Hertia, whom Stella served.

“Otherwise, there would be no way to suggest holding a grand debate at the royal palace.”

Because it makes no sense if there is no current memorial service member in the discussion about memorial service.

I wondered if they had deliberately entered Graypond with a day left to make a dramatic appearance.

All other bishops agreed with what he said.

In the end, Deius Verdi will come in today.

“Have you deployed personnel?”

“Yes, of course. However, from what I heard, his followers hate Deius to the extent that it doesn’t matter if we didn’t come forward for no reason.”

“Wow, he really is a strange man. “Could it be that all of this was planned thoroughly?”

What they were talking about was about Mul’s followers outside the castle gate.

If Deius Verdi enters Graypond through the main gate, he must cross the tent village built by Mul’s believers.

It was a situation that went beyond just verbal abuse and could have directly harmed Deius.

Still, not surprisingly, the man named Mul had made the believers hate Deius in a way that bordered on brainwashing.

Public opinion within Gray Pond was also gradually being swayed through sermons.

Attractive appearance.

Good laugh.

A move that does not go against doctrine.

A miracle that proves that God chose him.

He was a man with enough magic to captivate people’s hearts.

“If Deius enters Graypond through a route other than the main gate, it will also lose its appearance.”

Unlike Mule, who confidently led the believers through the castle gate.

You may be criticized for passing through the back door like a thief.

The choice before Deius is worst and worst. No matter what choice was made, Deius was bound to suffer damage.

“Looking at that, Mule may have intentionally entered Graypond one step ahead.”

“Of course it will. I talked to that guy a few times… … “It’s not normal.”

“Because he was chosen by God.”

As one bishop put his hands together and declared calmly, the other bishops made subtle expressions.

When you see him performing incredible miracles, it can only be seen as the power of God.

Also, they always preach God’s will with their mouths.

But why did the gods, who had chosen only a saint for hundreds of years, suddenly choose another man?

The bishops still had some uneasy questions.

However, he was a very attractive card to turn Mule into an enemy.

Rather than Deius Verdi, who practiced the black magic of necromancy and traveled around comforting souls, earning the king’s favor.

It was much more advantageous for Mule, who preached God’s will and cooperated with them, to sit in the position of a memorial priest.

Since the emergence of the Monumental Priest, the position of bishops has been gradually narrowing.

The inability to respond to spiritual situations due to lack of divine power was compared to Deius, making the bishops look incompetent.

“No matter what, we just need to assist Mule.”

As McDoren summarized his words, the other bishops also nodded.

Many people have already witnessed, experienced, and expressed gratitude for the miracle of Mule.

In fact, it was a very easy situation for the bishops to just recite all of Mule’s actions.

* * *

The sun sets beyond the walls of Gray Pond.

Smoke from a huge bonfire rising toward the dense stars and moonlight.

Outside the castle walls, believers were shouting wildly in front of a huge bonfire at the center of the tent village set up by Mul’s believers.

“Everyone, Verdi’s carriage is coming soon!”

“As people who serve God, are we really supposed to just watch the warlock go to Mule?!”

“This is our chance to carry out God’s will!”

“I don’t want to let you waste time, Mul!”

When the believers intentionally planted by the bishops raised their voices and shouted, numerous people responded.

There was no need to separately persuade, spread doctrine, or forge the words of Mule.

The believers let out exclamations and shouts as if they had been waiting for this situation, and blocked the street, saying they would block the carriage approaching Gray Pond.

The night air is still chilly.

As the human barrier was erected, they felt each other’s warmth, and that warmth made them even more mistaken that they were doing the right thing.

[You pathetic people who are blind even though you have eyes.]

Stella looked at them from the top of the castle wall and clasped her hands tightly.

It was also for the sake of Deius Verdi, who would arrive soon, but I couldn’t look away when I saw him being controlled as if he had been brainwashed by a man named Mul.

Still, Stella was worried about Deius.

What would happen next was not simply entering Graypond.

Mule showed his greatness and popularity by coming to Gray Pond with a huge crowd.

A kind of performance before the grand debate begins.

It was clear that if he showed even the slightest unsightly appearance, bad rumors would spread rapidly among the citizens.


A moment when I think about the name I miss and will meet in a month.


The gate, which normally should not be opened on a late night like this, shakes.

Soldiers in armor and wizards in robes rush out past the open castle gate, emitting a long yet stark sound.

Not only were there simply private soldiers, but there were also several knights, and their armor had a red falcon and the emblem of the Geronia family drawn on it.

The yellow robes worn by the wizards on the other side had the sword of light and the symbol of the Briat family engraved on them.

Although the wizards were relatively small in number, they used magic to gently push away the dense believers of Mule like the wind.

“Make a way.”

Under the gate.

Stella is surprised and relieved to hear the cold-blooded voice of a woman.

A month in which Deius Verdi disappeared.

In fact, the woman was busier than anyone else and spread her hands here and there to find him.

A fiancée who had been looking for Deius by receiving private troops from the Bright and Zeronia families who had promised to cooperate with Deius at the meeting.

Erica Bright.

She was leading the troops with even colder eyes than when she was teaching students at the academy.

“Now, wait! “What is this doing?”

“The grand debate hasn’t even started yet! Doesn’t the fact that the royal family is supporting troops like this mean that the outcome of the Great Debate has already been decided?”

“It’s absurd!”

Believers raise their voices and shout without even thinking about the time.

However, the golden mana that had formed on Erica’s fingertips shot up toward the sky.

It immediately takes the shape of a huge butterfly and scatters light mana everywhere.


They shouted something at the top of their voices due to the widespread silencing spell, but only the quiet sound of insects echoed.

Quick and easy!

Accordingly, knights and wizards pushed out believers and cleared a path along the main street.

Private soldiers and wizards stand in a huddle with their backs to both ends of the street, like a solid wall preventing believers from coming out onto the main street.

A wide open road.

As she walked there, Erica muttered in a low voice that made you feel cold.

“It is natural that there are differences. “Mule is just a propagandist who has not yet received any recognition.”

Erica’s voice rang out even longer thanks to the silence provided by the silence magic.

The believers tried to rush in, claiming that Mule had been insulted, but they were unable to break through the wall of private soldiers and wizards.

“The ensign is someone chosen and appointed by His Majesty Himself to take on important responsibilities for this country.”

Tap, tap, tap.

They said they would definitely come by carriage.

Get off the wagon on purpose.

Erica secretly smiled at the sight of his silhouette walking here alone.

It meant that he, too, was well aware that the performance of this entrance to the palace was very important.


[iced coffee! You have come! He has come!]

[Someone who will listen to our story has come!]

[I’m tired. Now give me rest.]

Additionally, the believers tremble in fear as the screams of evil spirits, which cannot be blocked by Erica’s magic, begin to erupt all at once.


Contrary to Mule, who entered Graypond with praise and admiration from numerous believers.

Deius Verdi enters the night, echoing the sorrowful voices and earnest pleas of countless souls.

[That’s the correct answer.]

Stella, who was watching the scene from the castle wall, smiled.

What those who comfort their souls need is not praise or admiration from those around them.

There was only a crying, suffering soul.

“Make a way.”

Erica stretches out her hand and once again firmly protects the path he will walk on.

“The king’s chosen one is coming.”


His feet sink.

A path filled with the resentment and curses of countless people, and the resentment and sadness of even more souls.

A path that Mule clearly walked a few days ago, but now has a completely different meaning.

Deius Verdi started down that path.

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