I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 – 211. Reunion

Great debate.

Just hearing my name made me feel like the voices of the citizens who were booing me and the hateful gazes of the bishops were still piercing my skull.

The moment when I, a necromancer, wielded divine power with the help of the Holy Grail in order to be recognized as a necromancer.

The sight of everyone’s mouths falling silent and the bishops and saints being surprised is still vivid.

And this time.

A great debate took place once again.

Mul, who refers to me as the current memorial commander and me as a fake and a fraud.

Funnily enough, the religious community, which had a bad feeling towards me but had been bowing down due to the skyrocketing power of the king, seemed to see this as an opportunity and came out in support of Mule.

And now I was preparing to leave for Gray Pond, where the great debate was taking place.

“Isn’t it known that the memorial master has returned yet?”

Owen is sitting on a large bag placed in front of the carriage, reading a newspaper. He was already ready to go, but we were taking a short break.

“Yeah, Mule already knows I’m back. “I plan to see bishops who haven’t heard the news run amok even more.”

The royal family deliberately kept their mouths shut and accepted the grand debate requested by the bishops.

The royal family already knew that I had returned, but they did not make it public.

“It would be easier to cut it down if you craned your neck.”

The religious community continues to make increasingly escalating statements. The royal family was deliberately keeping quiet so that they could continue to cross the line, and Saint Lucia, who was on my side, was not taking any action.

In the end, like little children walking around an empty playground as if it were their own home, the bishops were giving long speeches every day at Gray Pond.

“If you believe in God diligently and continue to donate… … They say that even if you die, you will come back to life. “I heard a man named Charles is a witness.”

“… … .”

I was quite surprised by that when I heard the news.

Of the three corpses, the souls of two were accepted by God, and the other was resurrected because of his faithfulness to the faith.

It’s absurd, though.

Countless witnesses are pouring in right now, and a woman named Charles is also pouring out her testimony, so even those who did not believe are bound to be tempted.

“if… … “Grandpa too.”

It’s good to imagine what if.

I know that I can’t stop the regret that it would have been better if my grandfather had been alive.



“Even though it is sad and unfortunate, dead people cannot come back to life.”

That much was as steadfast as an eternal and immutable truth. Even if the opponent was a fallen god, he couldn’t just twist the main premise and roam the continent.

Owen suddenly came to his senses at my words and nodded.

“Right. that’s right. I thought about this for a moment. sorry.”

Owen bows his head and apologizes. I shook my head, gently stroking the boy’s head.

“It’s natural. It’s a pity to break up. “It is a natural human action to wish for reunion.”

It is also a natural human instinct to want to live life while fearing death.

“I have no intention of calling those who follow Mule foolish. “For humans, survival is an extremely natural desire and instinct.”

You can be free from death.

Is there anything else that fascinates humans as much as that?

There was also a being that, like Griffin’s evil spirit, ate up past royal families, survived terribly, and eventually became a devil.

Qin Shi Huang’s efforts to obtain the herb of immortality were also quite famous on Earth.

As mentioned in various media, the concept of death was truly absolute for humans.

I thought that religion is something that actually stimulates human emotions.

An uncertain present and a beautiful future.

Happiness to come.

Small satisfaction.

Life after death.

Eternal and immortal.


There are many words that touch the human heart, and I do not necessarily deny religion.

Like Stella and Lucia right now.

Because there are women who are truly walking the right path under the name of God.

“It doesn’t matter which god you believe in.”

Whether you serve the goddess Justia, who is in charge of justice, or the goddess Hertia, who is in charge of the hearth and fire.

To be honest, it didn’t matter to me what religious doctrines and beliefs they were motivated by.

I only respected their visible actions and beliefs because they were putting them into practice.

There are many people who cannot practice the same religion’s doctrines even after hearing them.

“Professor, do you use a neck pillow?”

At that time, Aria sticks her head out of the window of the carriage heading to Gray Pond and asks.

Although she didn’t need to go with me, I decided that she shouldn’t be left alone, so I decided to go with her.

“Not required.”

“Then what about the eye patch and cushion? “You might need it because sleeping in a carriage is quite uncomfortable.”

“Sir, you rarely sleep in the carriage.”

When Owen answered on her behalf, as if pretending to be a secretary, Aria nodded with a regretful expression.

“Then I guess I won’t have to take care of it either. “Can I sit next to the professor?”

“… … do whatever you want.”

“Oh yea!”

As I saw her immediately throw away her neck pillow and blindfold, I could clearly see her naturally clinging to herself as she slept.



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“Are you sure you don’t mind? “You usually like sitting alone.”

Owen asks hesitantly. She meant that if Aria was bothering her, she must be tired, but I responded by looking at her carriage, which Aria had gone back inside.

“I’m pretending to be strong. “I need to make you feel safe by my side, even just for a moment.”

Although she was making a fuss, I could feel from her actions and the way she spoke that she was afraid.

When Owen answered that, he tilted his head and gave a thumbs up as if he realized something.

“As expected, Monumental Master. You are a precious student, so you will understand right away! “I will work hard to become like you!”

“… … .”

I can’t say it’s wrong, but it’s also difficult to say positively.

After waiting for a while, the dark spirit finally came making a fuss.


“Let’s get ready.”

At the words of the dark spirit, they begin to load the luggage into the carriage again. This part was much easier than on Earth because you could move objects with mana without having to use force.

A huge carriage approaching from afar.

A smooth black-blue body and thick wheels for riding on mountain roads. As soon as the carriage with Verdi’s emblem protecting North Wales entered the academy, the door flew open before it even stopped.

And a white-haired maid jumping out like an animal.

“You bastard!”

Findeneye kicked the ground so hard that dust flew up, overtaking Verdi’s carriage and running toward me.


Owen stuck his tongue out, saying he didn’t know Findeneye would welcome him this much.

I naturally moved the mana that was used to move objects and spread it around.

“You’re behind!”


Findeneye takes out an ax and leaps forward swinging at me. As expected, the spread mana is transformed into a shield.

The Quagga Gaga River!

Owen, startled by the harsh impact sound, covers his ears, and Aria sticks her head out the window again.


Smoke spewed out from the war shoes that Findeneye was wearing, and as he did so, he spun around in the sky and climbed upward, stepping on the circular shield.

Strike the ax down again.








“You don’t have to go!”


The protection spell was eventually broken due to intense ax cutting. Finden Eye, who came down through the protective magic that shattered like glass shards, suddenly stands in front of me.

“Do you have anything to say before we turn around?”

Like Owen said earlier that I know Arya well.

As I look into Findeneye’s blood-red eyes, I can feel what she is feeling right now.




Because many complex emotions were coming out of her gestures and actions.

Although she was worried about me, I was glad she came back, but I placed my hand on her rough-mouthed head.

“It came later than expected. “I’m sorry if I made you worry.”

“… … ok?”

Finden Eye opened his eyes wide in embarrassment, probably not expecting such a reaction, and looked at the hand on top of his head.

When I thought about it, I realized that she had never behaved like this before, so I was about to slowly lower my hand.


Deia gets off Verdi’s carriage, which has suddenly stopped. The magical power gun that reminded me of a revolver has gone somewhere, and a shotgun with a dark blue glow and a subtle hint of mana approaches, firing it into the air.

“Don’t go anywhere, come here. “I’m going to shoot gently, so let’s just get one shot.”

And a large man comes out after her.

“Deiusuuu! “I’m so glad!”

Even Darius came running with both hands outstretched.

The three people we had been waiting for returned.

Now we are ready to head to Gray Pond.

* * *

[…] … .]

Stella, a former saint who came to Graypond one step ahead, stood silently in front of the castle gate.

Another woman came up next to her, who was quietly waiting for someone with her eyes closed, as if savoring something.


Lucia, who succeeded Stella as a saint, carefully breaks the silence.

After Deius Verdi disappeared, Stella flew to Graypond to ask Lucia for help.

Although I searched quite intensely for a month with no results, I was relieved to hear that Deius had returned.

Even though they hated him for making them worry, they both thought that they were really glad that he came back.

[Lucia, he is coming.]

The sound of pounding footsteps and praise travels faintly on the wind and reaches Gray Pond.

At Stella’s words, Lucia also raised her head and looked beyond the horizon.

There, countless people were gradually approaching Gray Pond, following a man wearing an iron mask.

Mul, who calls himself a memorial service.

The two saints looked worried as they watched him enter Graypond.

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