I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 199

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Chapter 199 – 199. Pseudo

“Ruanes? “It’s quite an old-fashioned name.”

“You sure look cute on the outside.”

The dark spirit and Hanso were behaving favorably towards the boy named Ruanes who saved their lives, but my expression could not help but be stiff.

It was obvious that the boy intentionally did not mention his last name, but he did not bother to mention the other two people.

But I couldn’t let it go that easily.

Luanes Luden Griffin.

The youngest son of the Griffin royal family 200 years ago.

However, he is a half-descendant whose identity should not be revealed without permission.

Although the name Ruanes is not mentioned at all in history books, on the contrary, the boy was an indispensable figure in the history of the griffin.

This is the source of further accelerating the suppression of warlocks that had originally followed Griffin, and causing an obsessive level of hatred towards warlocks.

A warlock who leads the army of corpses and souls that alone brought Griffin to the brink of destruction.

The boy in front of him was known as Herald Hazard rather than Ruanes.

Of course, the truth is that it was a self-made play that was only ordered by the royal family.

However, it could not be said that he was not guilty.

“But what was that magic just now?”

The dark spirit secretly asks Ruanes. She immediately realized that what Luanes was dealing with was black magic.

“Uh, um.”

Although he hesitates openly, saying that he does not want to talk, the dark spirit does not back down and waits for Ruaneth’s answer.

“Don’t stay here like this, let’s go down and talk.”

When I intervene, Luanes nods and hurries down the stairs. He said he would get hurt if he ran, so Hanso ran after him and the only ones left were me and the black spirit.

I’d like to explore the third floor more, but I needed to go down first and get things sorted out.

As I walked down the stairs alone, the dark spirit asked me a question.

“You know that that’s black magic, right?”


I don’t know much about the process of a boy named Ruanes growing into Herald Hazard.

However, considering his talent, using black magic at the age of about 10 did not seem particularly strange.

“Calm? “Do you know who that kid is?”

I thought about the dark spirit’s question for a moment. If it were a dark spirit I knew, I would have answered without much hesitation, but as of now, I don’t know where the dark spirit will end up.

If Heralhazard were told the truth, they would have a different mindset.

You might find it surprising that someone from more than 200 years ago is here.

Moderate truth.

Thinking that it would be just as good, I reveal another truth about Herald Hazard.

“You know Dante, right?”

“hmm? Crazy guys shouting about saving the continent? “I know.”

“… … .”

“I only heard it through rumors. “I heard he was approaching a great warlock, but he hasn’t come to me yet without seeing.”

The dark spirit crosses his arms in disappointment. Since he is still 18 years old, it seems that he is not skilled enough to receive Dante’s offer.

After all, there’s no need to tell you that you’ll get it later.

“He is the head of that place.”


The dark spirit suddenly turns his head to the completely unexpected truth. Even so, he asked, just in case.

“Are you Dante too?”

“No way.”

“But how do you know?”

I’ve met him many times in the game and killed him many times.

In fact, that boy’s life was no different from a trigger leading to game over.

That answer was on my tongue, but I swallowed it and arrived at the first floor without answering much.

The dark spirit gave me an uncomfortable look, but I didn’t want to answer, so I didn’t ask any more questions.

When I came down to the first floor, Ruanes and Hanso were talking to someone.

A person who covers his entire body with a white cloth-like robe and wears an expressionless iron mask.

“Do you know who that is again?”

Ignoring the dark spirit who asked me questions like I was poking a dog or a cow, I approached the three people.

“That’s how you live your life. “Romuleus tells us so many things.”


First time hearing this name.

Tall but thin body.

Only after hearing a mumbling voice inside the iron mask do you realize that he is a man.

Probably one of the guests.

He looked at me and the dark spirit priest and shrugged his shoulders to welcome us.

“ah! Another person has arrived! “I’m glad to be able to spread my gospel!”

At those words, the dark spirit and I simultaneously glared at Han So, and he scratched the back of his head in awkwardness after receiving the gaze.

“He suddenly said he would come and tell us good things. “I wondered if he would tell us any rules we didn’t know.”

Even though I wanted to just ignore him, I still thought that the person here must have some kind of skill.

“Haha, everyone. I think it’s because you don’t yet know Romuleus’ mercy. “Why don’t you go to the restaurant and have a chat with me?”

“Come after you clean up this idiot.”

The dark spirit says he doesn’t even want to talk and turns towards the restaurant.

Hanso and Ruanes naturally followed suit and left, leaving me and the man alone.



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He shrugs his shoulders and shows his embarrassment.

“Everyone is like that. When you first hear about it, you might think that they are just stupid people all around. But Romuleus is near us.”

“I don’t know about that.”

Since this was my first time hearing the name Romuleus, I could only give a vague answer.

But he must have thought that I was responding well, so he put his hands together and lowered his head as if praying.

“Who would have understood the logic from the beginning? Come with me. “I will tell you more about him.”


Did I think wrong?

Hanso to the Dark Spirit Temple, and even Luanes.

Since I was only looking at the prominent figures in the battle of demons, I may have mistakenly assumed that the man in front of me would also be great.

It is much more likely that it is simply a cult obsessed with a god whose name we have never heard of.

“Just go.”

Without wasting any time, I leave him alone and turn around to head to the restaurant.

I hope he doesn’t come along and create unnecessary conflict.

To the sound of my footsteps echoing from the first floor entrance hall, he opened his mouth again.

“Why are you so impatient?”

There was a strange eerie feeling in the low voice. What was important was that his threatening voice gave me a similar feeling to the strange sensation I had just felt on the fourth floor.

When I stopped walking and slowly turned my head, I saw that he had taken off his mask.

Pure white hair falling down.

The white eyes seen through the long hair that reached down to her waist were full of purity.

“How can you ignore me so much even though I have the name of a memorial service?”

“Do you know me?”

Did they come from a similar time zone to me, or did they come from the future?

An appearance that would be liked not only by the opposite sex, but also by the same sex. Perhaps if I hadn’t been wearing a mask, I wouldn’t have been ostracized by others like I was just now.

“Ah, there’s no way you wouldn’t know. “For us, you are a person of love and hate.”


“We exist because of you, but we truly hate you.”

“I guess I’ll have to learn how to talk again.”

Even though I shot at him who was only saying what he wanted to say, his expression did not move at all.

No, unlike his bright voice and lively tone from earlier, his expression was stained with hatred.

“Are you from a future ahead of me?”

I asked him because I had never met a god named Romuleus or a fanatic wearing an iron mask, but he shook his head.

“Rule 11. The further back the room is, the more likely it is that they are from the future. You are the last number, number 110, right? “I am number 109.”

It was my first time knowing that.

In the end, does this mean that there is no being from the future before me?

The question of whether or not I had prevented the destruction of the continent did not seem to be resolved so easily.

As he secretly looks around the Mongmajeon, he asks through gritted teeth.

“You’ve been to the fourth floor, right?”


“It really is a disgusting place, isn’t it? This place is nothing short of blasphemy. “Tears of blood flowed.”

“… … “You were the one who found rules 27 and 29.”

The man gestured that such things were not important.

“You are truly blasphemous for daring to impersonate God. Archdemon Learic will definitely die.”

“If you want to enjoy talking to yourself, I’ll leave now.”

Conversation doesn’t work anyway.

The words he spoke were interesting, but I didn’t intend to take away from the flow.

“My name is Mule.”

As I start heading back to the restaurant, the man shouts from behind me, saying that what I said was not wrong.

“You will find that it is I and the believers who serve Romuleus who can truly comfort the soul.”

“… … .”

“See you outside, Kim Shin-woo.”



Pooh wow!

The sound of flesh being crushed was heard. When he turned his head in surprise, he saw Mule lying on the floor with a stake stuck in his neck.

His white robe is turning red, and the blood soaking the floor lists the rules just as it did during Zortu.

-11. The higher the room number, the more likely guests are to come from a later time slot.

-15. There is no day in Mongmajeon.

-27. There are up to 110 guest rooms. There is no room 111. If you find Room 111 and there is anyone staying there, kill them immediately. This is an uninvited guest who was never invited.

-29. There is no 4th floor in Mongmajeon.

It felt like a storm had passed.

He introduced himself as Mul, and was a fanatic who worshiped an unheard-of god called Romuleus.

Something that didn’t exist in the game.

Not only did he know my real name, but the words he left behind, ‘We exist because of you,’ were annoying.

It’s already going very differently from the content of the game. One chapter’s boss, Findenai, has already joined my side, Dante has already started to move, the Clark Republic has collapsed, and Arya has quit being a hero.

I know it’s difficult to expect a game-like flow, but I was dizzy with so many unexpected and bizarre things popping up.


It was a time when I especially wanted to hear the voices of others in the lab.

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