I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 191

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Chapter 191 – 191. Cool Love

Take Findenai and Erica. After asking Owen for the two of them, she returned to Ophelia.

She was already smiling, carrying a fairly expensive bag on her shoulder.

It was rather unpleasant because his expression showed that it didn’t matter that I was late.

We continued to spend time together after that. It was a luxurious place where most people spent a lot of money, and the more they did, the more a bright smile spread across Ophelia’s face.

It’s already late at night.

The stars are dense and cover the sky of Lovern, and the chilly night air of January calms the mind.

“How was your day?”

“It was so good!”

There was no lie in her bright smile. I’m holding on to the things I bought today, so of course it must have been nice.

“Lastly, if there is a place you want to go, I will go there.”

When Ophelia said that she would take him to the place she wanted for the last time since she had been taking him with her all day, greed flashed in her eyes again.

Ophelia naturally twisted her body, licking her lips like a snake.

“Actually, I took annual leave today, but I have something to tell my coworkers.”

“… … .”

“Can you come with me?”

Ophelia slowly pushes her upper body forward while emphasizing her cleavage.

Without saying anything, he nodded and motioned for me to lead the way.

‘That’s shallow.’

Ophelia is a bar girl.

They encourage people to order a lot of expensive alcohol in the room they enter and receive incentives, or it affects their work performance.

Looking at it today, I must be liked by him and he has a lot of money, so I guess he’s planning to take me to the store and rip off me while I’m at him.

Following Ophelia, we enter Glass Street. I’ve only been here during the day, but when I came late in the evening, the street had become a completely different place.

People who were seen sparsely were walking around in all directions as if they had just woken up, and they were soliciting customers regardless of whether they were men or women.

Fortunately, I was with Ophelia, so no one approached me, but I could hear whispers from people who knew me as a memorial person.

“Isn’t it Deius Verdi?”

“Shh. Normally, high-ranking people pretend not to see it.”

“Well, he’s a man.”

It may sound annoying, but rumors in that direction are already widespread in North Wales anyway.

A few words added from Lovern do not bring any message.

[Oh wow.]

[Oh wow.]

At that time, two women’s voices were heard giving the same reaction.

Before I knew it, the dark spirit and Stella were walking together behind me.

The two of them look around while covering their mouths with both hands.

[Well, this is my first time in a place like this.]

[Me too, senior. That person is only wearing underwear. Is that okay?]

[Hi! Why is that guy wearing only boxers?! Are you a beggar?]

[May God take care of him.]

“… … .”

There is a dark spirit who has spent his entire life studying necromancy by confining himself to his laboratory, and Stella has lived a chaste life praying for others.

Since it was their first time seeing such an overt yet busy night street, they showed quite a fussy reaction.

[Hehehe! There are two people kissing!]

[oh! oh! oh!]

“… … .”

They cover their eyes with both hands, but they are both staring intently at the kissing scene between their fingers.

The reactions were such that I had no intention of saying anything to the two people who suddenly appeared.

[Wow, that’s amazing.]

[It can be this obscene.]

The dark spirit exclaims in bewilderment and Stella puts her hands together and prays.

I understand both people’s reactions.

But this place was uglier than they thought.

In particular, I had never even set foot on the streets of bars and brothels in my previous life.

[Mites! Mite! Mite!]

[Mom, what are you doing?]


The deeper you go, the more you hear crying coming from all over the place.

They were usually children’s and in fact most of them were babbling.

Hearing this, the dark spirit and Stella look around with shocked expressions.

The souls of young children could be seen everywhere, unable to sleep, holding on to their parents’ collars, or crying and walking around looking for them.

[This… … .]

[Ah, benevolent Goddess Hertia.]

I slowly slow down, increase the distance between me and Ophelia, and then open my mouth.

“These are the souls of children who were never born into this world, or who were abandoned even though they were born.”

They are poor children.

Most streets lined with bars, motel towns, brothels, etc. had scenes like this.

That’s why I didn’t really want to step in.

[Can’t you comfort me?]



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The dark spirit’s question was a bit unexpected. Isn’t he a necromancer who treated souls simply as objects?

Although the question implied that she had changed a lot since being with me.

I shook my head.

“Most souls rest after death.”

So to speak, falling asleep.

However, after death, those with emotions, will, and resentment so strong that they cannot fall asleep wake up.

Usually, most of the emotions are negative, and if you go any further than that, you become an evil spirit.

But those kids aren’t feeling negative. Even if it is a slightly older child, fetuses and children who cannot speak properly do not recognize that their parents have abandoned them or that they have died.

“A desire so strong that it can overcome even rest. “Those kids have only one need.”

[It’s something you do with your parents.]

Stella gave a bitter answer.

I nodded and looked away from the spirits.

“Unfortunately, I cannot give anything to those children.”

Even if you want to comfort them, all the children want is their parents.

No matter how hard I try, the emptiness will not be filled.

[Can I be with those kids for a moment?]

Stella stopped walking.

With a bitter smile on her face, her hands were still neatly folded as if praying.

[Even if I can’t comfort you, I want to be with you, even just for a moment.]

“Yes, please.”

After bowing her head and saying thank you, Stella walked towards the children’s souls.

The woman who did not lose her saintly nature even after death was truly beautiful.

When I look at Ophelia and then Stella, my heart becomes calm and warm.

Today, I felt like my tired heart was healed.

[…] … I will go too.]

“Do you have an idea?”

Stella thought it was possible, but the dark spirit was a bit surprising.

The dark spirit lowers his head, clutching the robe he is wearing with both hands, as if he is thinking a lot.

[I just want to see Stella do it.]

I didn’t bother to answer.

I motioned for the dark spirit to follow, telling her to do whatever she wanted, and she calmly followed Stella.

‘It seems like you have quite a few feelings.’

The change in the dark spirit was not bad, though.

“… … .”

After already losing everything.

In the end, I was worried that the realization she gained from being a wandering soul and having to one day enter rest would leave her with deep regret.

No matter how nice it may be said.

After all, the dark spirit is a dead person.

Change through enlightenment and influence through change.

It was allowed only to the living.

The previous case of Deius was just a very unique case.

“Commonwealth Master! “Here!”

Ophelia’s voice cuts through my thoughts. Ophelia, who had already walked away, raised her hand and called me.

The store’s sign is quite flashy and the touts standing in front of it smile brightly and greet me at a 90 degree angle.



“… … .”

I didn’t even want to answer.

As I passed them and entered the store, Ophelia naturally led me to a room.

Suddenly, I wondered if I had really won her love.

‘Did I fail?’

Isn’t it simply a perception that it is a good tool to use?

In fact, it may have been less attractive because it was too controversial.

I sit on the sofa, recalling the day’s events in my head, as if organizing incorrect notes.

Huge tables and soft sofas commonly seen in movies and dramas.

There are no windows so you can’t tell the time outside, and there is an orange light that makes it unclear whether it is day or night.

The smell of tobacco on the sofa made me uncomfortable for no reason, but I didn’t show it on my face.

A large man with a scary face opened the door and came in. However, her expression brightened and she bent her back slightly and rubbed her hands together.

“Oh my! “I am so, so thankful that the memorial master came to such a humble place!”

Huge plates coming in behind the man who appears to be the owner.

Numerous snacks were spread out on top, starting with raw fish, nuts, various fruits, etc. In addition, a large number of alcoholic beverages were served in a basket filled with ice, set up at an angle.

I’m planning to suck it up in earnest.

“There are so many of our kids who are fans of the memorial service!”

As soon as the waiters carrying the snacks and drinks left, women wearing revealing clothes came in.

They all put on extravagant makeup and give me subtle and explicit looks.

‘Did Deius play like this in North Weden?’

Suddenly a thought occurred to me.

“One Ophelia is enough. And make sure no one comes in until you call.”

“Oh, of course! “I will guard this photon fiercely!”

Porton and the women go out immediately at my word.

The corners of Ophelia’s mouth were raised as she was left alone.

I must have been anxious because if I drank with another woman, the results would be shared accordingly.

She tried to come right up to me.

“Sit there.”

When he pointed to a sofa a little away, Ophelia trembled and sat down naturally.

Since the bill wouldn’t be processed if I didn’t open the drink, my hand seemed to nervously move towards the drink and the glass.

“Have you come to love me?”

When I asked the question explicitly, Ophelia’s mouth trembled slightly and she answered with a bright smile.

“sure! “This is the first time someone has treated me so well!”

“Yes, it failed.”

As I calmly penetrated the truth, Ophelia’s expression hardened.

The problem was that I did everything I was told too much. The fact that this person appeared in a low posture, not a man, but a tiger, was clearly revealed in the scenery unfolding in front of me.

I asked, crossing my legs without even touching the food and drink in front of me.

“I thought about many things while spending time with you today.”


Ophelia’s expression hardens as the situation turns out in a different way than she thought.

“At Claire’s General Store, you bought ‘Living with Real Love.’”

“Uh, yes. that’s right.”

“But the general store granted your wish in a rather drastic way. “I didn’t make you love me, but on the contrary, I got rid of my former love in front of you so that you could find someone else when your love cooled down.”

“… … .”

“If you think about it that way, you can understand the tattoo on your chest that attracts the opposite sex. “Because you can find your next love more easily.”

Ophelia’s hands writhing on the sofa. The desire to avoid this place was clearly visible.

Of course I had no intention of sending it.

“The method was also quite eccentric. “The daughter you paid for is killing men.”

It was an extremely disgusting method.

Demons who think of humans as toys naturally come to mind as suspects.

“I asked Paul, the commander of the guard, to investigate the sudden outbreak of illness that occurred in Lovern over the past year.”

“… … !”

Ophelia’s eyes tremble.

“I only searched for young men in their 20s and 30s, and they came quickly. The total was seventy-seven.”

“Well, I couldn’t have killed them all!”

“Yes, but your stake will be considerable.”


I present the list of deceased people that I carried in my arms all day today.

“How many of those names do you know?”

Ophelia purses her lips. Eyes glancing at the list.

“Your daughter said she could fake her death as an accident, so the number of people you killed will probably be double the number of people you know on that list.”

“Well, it’s not like that! “I can’t say I killed them all!”

“Don’t lump it together. “You know.”

I jump up and take one step closer to Ophelia.

Perhaps she was scared, so she quickly got up and tried to run out of the room.

Quad deuk!

Before that, my hand reached for the door, and the doorknob melted in the heat and then hardened in an instant.


Ophelia was embarrassed as she looked at the fixed door. I shake my head and click my tongue.

“Foolish woman, only you. “I knew the injustice of the innocent people who died.”

“Oh, no! “It’s not my fault!”

“Even when they died, they probably didn’t even know why they died. I fell asleep without even realizing the injustice. “I wasn’t even given the chance to hold a grudge.”

Ophelia is trembling and looking at me with her back to the door. But my words are not finished.

“Enjoying luxury and pleasure. They only use others as tools. “Although they also say they are victims.”

My fists clenched in intensified anger.

It wasn’t just because I was swayed today.

“On the other hand, he might have enjoyed it by pouting as if he were a god.”

I flinch.

Ophelia’s shoulders shook.

As if she had hit the nail on the head, she cried out with her mouth trembling.

“Get off, get off! What if I loved you? “If my feelings cool down now, you’ll be the one who dies!”

“Did you like it?”

It was so absurd that I burst out laughing. In response to my question, Ofelia looked like she had no idea what it meant.

He stabs a dagger straight into her chest with his words.

“Was it good to turn the daughter you killed into a murderer?”

“ah… … .”

“You ugly woman.”


Ophelia slid down to her knees, holding her head in both hands.

“You wicked woman who ate your own husband and daughter to get rich.”


Thump thump thump!

what’s the matter!

Porton knocks on the door from outside as if he heard Ophelia’s cries.

But rather, the noise was making Ofelia even more mentally anxious.

“And yet you masturbated because you didn’t have a single drop of blood on your hands?”

I make eye contact with Ophelia, who is shedding tears while ruffling her hair.

The tattoo in her heart, longing for affection, cried out harshly to wipe Ophelia’s tears and hug her.

dog sound.

“Actually, you probably know that, right? “How dirty and disgusting you are.”

“… … “Ugh.”

“Do you still love yourself like that?”


I felt like I heard something break.

The moment Ophelia, who was extremely stressed, shook her head.


A black thread spewing out from Ophelia’s chest.

As soon as I pulled back, a skein of thread began to gather in the area where I was standing, and soon it took on the shape of a hunched, skinny human being.

“You did not take my words lightly. “If they had truly tried to solve the case, at least something like this wouldn’t have happened.”

But Ophelia just took advantage of me. He only wanted material things and thought it was a good source of money to handle.

“The opportunity has already been given. “The one who tried to take advantage of you was you.”

In that case, I had no choice but to use the last resort.

“When your love cools, your daughter appears and kills the object.”

Because tattoos only apply to the opposite sex, and because Ophelia is heterosexual.

The execution of daughters did not necessarily apply only to men.

“I guess I will have to pay the price for not loving myself.”

The red eyes of the daughter who had killed countless men were fixed on her mother this time.

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