I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 185

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Chapter 185 – 185. While he was asleep (1)


Even after traveling, the fatigue is incredible, but when you come back after destroying a country and sit on the sofa in your room, the fatigue you had forgotten quickly begins to wash over you.

In the end, Northwedden returned after finishing everything. As I sat calmly, I was surprisingly feeling homesick.

A limp body.

Fatigue does not go away just by sitting still.

“Hehehehe, I’ll make you some tea!”

Finden Eye is humming and preparing tea, wondering what is so exciting.

“Do not boil.”

I’m tired, but I don’t want to get even more tired by drinking Finden Eye tea, so I refuse, and he sheepishly opens his eyes.

“They told me my skills have improved.”

This is what she said while drinking drugged tea when she broke up with Findenai.

“I didn’t say it tasted good, kid.”


For a moment, Findeneye’s body stiffens.

He puts down the teapot with a clatter and slowly turns his head towards me.

Unusually, Findeneye’s face was stained red with shame.

“S-don’t call me that.”

“Why are you doing that? Didn’t he ask me to call him Ai since Finden Ai is dead?”

When I think about how he came to my dorm that early in the morning and started playing music, I still get nervous.

“ax. Where is the axe? “I have to break the master’s head.”

“Go and help Dana. “You looked busy.”

Since we have returned to the estate after a long time, Deia, the housewife, must have quite a lot to do.

“Well, I understand, so don’t call me that again. “Unless you really want to get your head split.”


“Sir, if I drink again, I’ll be like an animal.”

Findeneye walks out of the room while muttering. Seeing her like that, I slowly got up from her sofa.

The sun was high in the sky, but in the end, I couldn’t overcome the fatigue that came over me and lay down in bed.

I felt like the scent of another Deius, not mine, lingered on the bed that gently wrapped me.


How long will it be for a nap?

When I think about it, I don’t think I’ve had a nap since I came to this continent.

I slowly closed my eyes.

I definitely thought I was going to sleep and wake up right away, but when I opened my eyes, the room was already dark.

I tried to force my tired body to get up, but I felt a weight pressing down gently from above.

A hand felt above the head.

[Are you awake?]

Stella’s voice is as calm as a lullaby and reaches my ears. I soon realized that she was supporting my head with her thighs.

Even though it has no substance, it allows you to feel this touch and warmth through mana. She was a talented person who would have succeeded even if she had lived as a wizard rather than a saint.

“… … .”

What should I say more than that?

If Finden Eye had behaved like this, I would have told him to get out of the way right away.

If the dark spirit did it… … Likewise, I would have told him to f*ck off.

If it had been Aria and Eleanor, they would have immediately given them penalty points and made them write bitter comments and reflections.

But what about Stella?

I couldn’t think of anything in particular to say. Thanks to her warmth, she fell asleep comfortably, even though the fatigue from her body was gone.

It was questionable whether this should be accepted positively.

“What time is it?”

Is that why?

I slowly get up, changing the subject.

Likewise, Stella also stands up and answers with a mischievous smile.

[It’s now 8 PM.]


Did you sleep for almost 8 hours?

I only tried to sleep for an hour or two, but I ended up sleeping more soundly than I expected.

[Outside, preparations are being made for the festival. Other people came to call you earlier, but when they saw you were asleep, they just left.]


[Because the owner of the land has returned.]

Are you holding a festival to commemorate the return of the Verdi siblings? I thought it was a little early, but listening to the noise coming through the window, it seemed like they were having a lot of fun.


I was so tired that I realized I was lying on the bed with my clothes on.

As I was taking off my outerwear to change, I felt an unusual scent.

Sweet yet fragrant.

Not a single scent, but a feeling of multiple scents overlapping.

After hesitating for a moment, I finally asked Stella.

“Did something happen while I was sleeping?”


Such a resolute affirmation.



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However, because of that, it subtly irritated me.

“Say it.”

[It’s a secret.]

Stella gasped and covered her mouth with both hands. I also had no intention of letting her go, so I looked at her intently.

At that time, a horn sprouted from Stella’s forehead, she removed her hand, and shouted.

[Why are you asking so much?]

“… … .”

[Just say so and go!]


I turned around, acknowledging Stella’s wisdom, wondering if it was possible to deal with the Great Evil in this way.

* * *

Go back in time a little bit.

About 30 minutes after Deius fell asleep.


[What, are you sleeping?]

Stella and the Dark Spirit, who came after looking around North Weden, look down at Deius, who is napping.

The dark spirit, who tried to show off that he had guided Stella to North Weden, felt regretful for a moment, but then quietly laid down next to Deius.

[…] … What are you doing, senior?]

A very familiar movement.

The dark spirit is also surprised and quickly gets up again.

[Oh, no! It’s become a habit. haha!]

Judging from the way he was awkwardly scratching the back of his head, it seemed like Deius often acted like this when he was asleep.

[But is this your first time seeing you take a nap?]

[…] … .]

[You must have been very tired, right?]

[…] … .]

[I’m sorry, but could you please stop looking at me like that?!]

The dark spirit, unable to withstand Stella’s gaze blankly looking at him, turns around.

[I don’t know! I’m going! I heard earlier that they were setting up a campfire in preparation for the festival, so I thought I’d just watch it!]

[I won’t say anything to this person, senior.]

[…] … Please do that.]

Then the dark spirit passed through the window and flew out. As she walked around the village earlier, Stella watched closely as she prepared the campfire. Stella smiled at the thought that she was a fairly innocent woman.


Stella awkwardly cleared her throat and glanced around. Even though he knows that no one can see him, he still looks at him for no reason.

At that time, the initiative was taken away and horns sprouted on the forehead.

[Ah, it’s frustrating.]

Since I share my feelings with Stella, I know what she is conflicted about right now.

He goes straight to Deius’ bedside and infuses mana into his knees to give them weight.

[Isn’t this okay?]

Velika, who was still on her lap, shrugged and took the lead, asking what she was worrying about.

[…] … .]

Stella is back again.

When you lower your head, you can see the face of Deius, who is sleeping peacefully on your lap.

Stella cooled her burning face without saying a word, but her posture remained unchanged.


“Hey, talk to me for a moment… … .”

At that time, the door opens and Stella’s head turns. Her younger sister, Deia Verdi, came in with an awkward gait.

“What, you’re sleeping.”

He looked at Deius sleeping and made a subtle expression.

Until then, Stella was feeling ashamed because she felt like she was doing something she shouldn’t even if she knew she couldn’t be seen.


Deia slowly approaches Deius.

She looked around at Deius’ face and gently poked his cheek with her finger.

[Wake up, what are you going to do when you wake up… … .]

“You must have been tired.”

Deia, who was stabbing Deius in the cheek without knowing that Stella was in front of her, suddenly feels a sense of déjà vu.

“brother… … .”

The one in here now is Kim Shin-woo.

It is not the original Deius Verdi, but Kim Shin-woo’s body.

Deius sacrificed himself and closed his eyes and saw it with his own eyes.

From then on, Deia was feeling a strange sensation.

Deius Verdi was a piece of trash that I really didn’t want to see or see, but he still changed at least at the end.

Looking at that, Deia felt confident that even though he was a beggar, he was finally able to admit that he was her ‘brother’.

But the important thing is.

“Kim Shin-woo.”

After Deius died and took her brother’s place, she realized that there was confusion in her feelings toward Kim Shin-woo.

This is not the feeling I have when I see Darius and Deius.

It’s a little different.

A little special.

“… … .”


I nervously push my finger against his cheek. I think it’s a little fun and I feel like I might become addicted.

“It’s softer than I thought.”

Deia was endlessly fiddling with her cheek, but her time like that soon came to an end.

“Is Deia here?”

Darius suddenly opened the door and came in. Startled, Deia’s shoulders shrug and she withdraws his hand.

Then he glared at Darius and whispered.

“I’m sleeping so be quiet.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. “Findeneye is looking for you outside.”

“I didn’t give you a job to finish this quickly… … But why are you telling me that?”


“Ugh, if you leave, act like the head of the family.”

Deia grumbles and takes Darius out of the room. Before closing the door, Stella did not miss the sad look on Deius’s face as he slowly fell asleep.

[It looks like your younger sister has a lot of concerns.]

Because Kim Shin-woo and Deius were eventually recognized as separate people.

So after a while.

About two hours have passed.

Stella was still staring down at Deius in an unmoving position.

A knock was heard outside the door.

When there was no reply, the door opened carefully. What was visible through the gap was Erica Bright, a neat, blonde woman.


Erica sneaks inside, looks around, finds Deius lying on the bed, and sighs.

“You were sleeping.”

Stella looks blankly at Erica, who is whispering softly.

From her perspective, Deius’ fiancée, Erica Bright, was quite an interesting person.

Erica comes up next to Deius and carefully strokes his slightly matted hair.

“… … .”

Stella noticed that Erica’s cloudy eyes contained many thoughts.

The eyes of a lamb that is wandering and contemplating its own path that I have seen many times in my life.

As Erica looked at Deius as if she was about to collapse at any moment, Stella was unconsciously possessed by the urge to reach out to her.

But on the contrary.

Erica’s hand, which had organized Deius’s disheveled hair, moved softly.


The sound of swallowing saliva echoing quietly.

The white touch touched Deius’ forehead, passed between his eyes, and down his nose.

Touching my soft lips.

[…] … !]

The middle and index fingers carefully touch Deius’ lips and stay there as if engraving one’s own fingerprints.

And then it is slowly taken away.



Erica places her fingers on her lips. A hot breath flowed from the corner of her mouth as she closed her eyes for a moment, remembering her kiss from before.


A red face as if flushed.

That series of actions contained a seductiveness and lust that no one else in the group could see.

The moment she slowly opened her eyes, Erica, who had finally come to her senses, covered her burning face and carefully walked out so as not to hear any footsteps.


The door closes.

Stella, who was watching the whole scene, muttered in confusion.

[Well, it was something amazing.]

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