I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 183

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Chapter 183 – 183. Sunrise in the Republic

There is now only one archdemon left.

Valkyria looks around while avoiding the fragments of the collapsing banquet hall ceiling.

Staring at Stella’s divine power, which had already spread wide like a cage, the spear she had been holding tightly became loose.

In fact, in my opinion, the archvillain Valkyria has the most devilish appearance.

The wings on its back were similar to those of an angel, but its skin color and eyes were the very image of a devil known on Earth before.

[I think we should hurry.]

Stella whispered that it would be difficult to handle divine power any more.

It certainly seemed like it would be difficult to take any more time, so I raised my head and looked up at Valkyria.

The Great Demon of Struggle.

Like Magan of Gluttony and Dune of Pride, each of the great demons had a special area related to their nickname.

Magan became exponentially stronger through the dinner party, and Dune’s power was amplified during the duel for pride.

As you can see from its nickname ‘Strife’, Valkyria is an arch-demon related to battle.

Did she ever think that she had really fought when she came here?

Warm up when dealing with Tyrun.

The fight with me was only for a moment.

When he met Stella, he couldn’t even resist and just ran away.

As combat situations that amounted to one-sided violence continued to occur repeatedly, Valkyria was so helpless that the name of struggle was meaningless.

A moment of tension as to whether she will die with her pride as an archvillain like Dune in her arms or whether she will show a different side.

“I surrender.”


Her expression, distorted by shame and anger, loosens and her spear falls to the floor.

Stella’s eyes and mine momentarily meet at this unexpected declaration. Check to see if you heard each other correctly.

A declaration of surrender so clean that the name struggle is meaningless. Valkyria came down, folding her wings.

Stella’s flame is burning on the ground, so Valkyria, standing on the remains of the collapsed ceiling, kneels without hesitation.

“I lost. But is killing me really the path to the future you want?”

In fact, the shameless way of speaking is astounding. However, Valkyria held a bargaining chip in her hand to survive.

“What do you think will happen if all the archvillains in the Republic die now?”

“… … .”

“It is true that the internal affairs themselves have been carried out by Magan, who wears the crown, alone, but the Clark Republic is a truly delicious land created by us four devils.”

Since this is a country created by great devils incorporating their individual tastes, other devils are bound to be greedy for it as well.

“The moment all four great devils die, other great devils will come to this land.”

“Can you stop that?”

“Yes! “Not only that, I can prevent the fallout from this incident.”

Actually, that was the part I was most worried about.

Although I didn’t intend to, I brought down the republic. Because he actually killed Magan, who was like a beam.

Now everything has a happy ending!

Can I say it like this?

Even if the rules were like bars covered in thorns, the law is the law.

If the iron bars suddenly disappear in an abnormal way, all that remains in their place is confusion, not the sense of accomplishment of gaining freedom.

Another Magan may be about to appear. If it turns into a lawless zone, it may degenerate.

There was a high possibility that the name of the republic itself would fade as external pressure poured in.

‘It is a perfect situation to become prey to neighboring countries.’

They were invited to a banquet, but all the country’s distinguished guests were massacred.

Magan tried to plant his spies in other countries using tobacco and bugs.

In fact, the plan was aborted and all that remained were miserable corpses.

‘already… … .’

In effect, the Clark Republic was over.

Since there is a justification, there will be countries that will not only apply diplomatic pressure, but also attack directly by waging war.

“If I had it… … !”

“That’s terrible.”

At that time, a voice that felt like a threat from an animal came from next to me.

Findeneye approaches, walking through the flames with an ax slung over his shoulder, glaring at Valkyria.

“What kind of bullshit is this?”

“Findenai… … .”

What was a little surprising was that Valkyria knew Findeneye. And what came out of his voice was not hostility, but welcome.

“You want to take responsibility? “What are you going to do in this country that has already come to an end?”

“… … .”

“In the end, you have to go back into the fence you made. What a cause, what a cause! “Same bullshit for the future!”


There was hatred in the blood-red eyes and struggle in the sharp fangs.

This was Findenai, the head of the scrap metal dealer.

“It’s ridiculous, it’s absurd! “It’s an unexpected situation, but I won’t kick the freedom that has come to me just because I don’t have the confidence to take responsibility.”

Valkyria asks Findenai as if testing him.

“Will you be able to withstand the chaos and external pressure that will come later?”

“Uh, f*cking bitch.”

“… … .”

“Despite your f*cking persecution, we persevered and survived. “It will be the same this time too.”



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Findenai did not mean to protect the country called the Clark Republic. Even though it is her hometown, she is far from patriotic.

It is about loosening the leashes of those who, although they are humans living on this earth, survive like livestock.

I hope others don’t feel the pain and intense life I experienced.

Because it was a Finden Eye that only wanted that, it was showing determination.

[I took a hit.]


Conflict and concern briefly rose in my heart at Valkyria’s words, but I admitted that I had been persuaded by Findeneye.

If you ask who should judge the freedom that came to the Clark Republic, it was natural that it would be Findenai, who had fought the longest and most passionately on the front lines.


Valkyria laughed as she looked at Findeneye.

Along with the bursting laughter, there was deep regret in her eyes.

Findeneye glared at Valkyria and pulled out her ax again.

The flame of divine power spreads across the ax stuck in the ground, creating a splendid sight.

“But let me do the last part.”

The final blow for the freedom of the Clark Republic.

Stella and I humbly stepped back, and Valkyria knelt down and looked up at Findeneye.

“Findenai, you are truly a great woman.”


The words that came out of Valkyria’s mouth were quite unexpected. The exact opposite of how he was begging for his life.

Stella and I both knew that the starting point was the appearance of Finden Eye.

“Do you know why we archvillains established a republic?”

“… … .”

“After the really old war, we didn’t want to fight anymore. But each person’s desire still remained.”

I heard it from Velika.

It is said that a long time ago, there was a war between demons, and those who survived among them are now called the Great Devils.

‘It’s a setting that didn’t even appear in the game.’

Since the existence of the devil does not actually appear that much in the game, I did not know the inside story.

“It was to fulfill that desire. This land was a huge table for gluttony.”

Magan, who turned countless humans into livestock, ate them as they were.

“Worship is a stage on which one stands wearing the mask of God.”

Since the Clark Republic has so many tragedies, I know there are many people who call on God.

Faerun, the great demon of worship, must have accepted the faith of the people of the Republic by playing as many gods as he had tails.

“It was a place where cold and tragedy mixed together to further ignite human pride.”

Dune, the Great Demon of Pride.

The oppressing relief workers and the resistance against oppression. He truly enjoyed seeing the pride in many people’s arms.

And last.

“I felt joy watching you risk your lives and fight.”

“What a bitch.”

The reason why Findeneye listened to the devil’s will was because I was worried that Valkyria might spit out the information I needed.

However, Finden Eye seemed to be unable to bear it any longer and started swearing and glanced at me.

I nodded.

There’s nothing more to hear now.

The reason why the great devils created the republic was a very trivial reason.

Raised axe.

Even though the end of her long life was coming, Valkyria had her eyes set solely on Findenai.

“Ahhh. “How beautiful you are.”

“… … .”

“Your life is a struggle. It was a struggle itself. Findenai.”

“I hated it.”

“I guess so. “I understand because I have lived that kind of life.”

Valkyria has fought so many battles that she has been given the name of the Great Demon of Struggle.

She, who could not forget the stimulation and excitement it gave her, looked like a drug addict addicted to the drug called struggle.

[I guess I got vicarious satisfaction from watching FindenEye.]

“It’s ugly.”

Valkyria felt satisfied as she watched Findeneye, who had said that life was all about struggle.

How many Findenai have passed through Valkyria in the history of the Republic?

Also, if we hadn’t stopped her here and now, how many replacements for her would have been created?

“You know, right? “Killing me means throwing yourself into a struggle that will never end.”

“It’s the same as before.”

“Hehe, it’s a pity that I can’t see your life beyond mine.”

Valkyria bids farewell as she looks at the ax being thrust towards her.

“Congratulations on the liberation, and blessings on the struggle that will follow.”


Valkyria’s decapitated body is buried in Stella’s flames.

Valkyria disappeared into ashes in an instant. And after confirming the death of the great devils, Stella’s divine power quickly disappears.

Even though the white flame was extinguished, light was already falling on the collapsed banquet hall.

rising sun.

Suddenly, I had the impression that the sun also rises in the Clark Republic.

Even though it was completely natural, it was a scene that felt strangely awkward.


Looking at the sunrise that announces a new day for the Republic, Findeneye sighs with many concerns.

Nothing is over yet.

We dealt with Magan, which was the center, and the other dark forces that were hiding.

Because of this, the Clark Republic will become a semi-lawless zone for a while.

In order to take responsibility for creating such a land, Findenai was determined to run even harder.

“Please leave my seat for a moment.”


I walk steadily while looking at Findenai’s back.

Stella thoughtfully left the room. The dark spirit who had been avoiding due to divine power clings to Stella.

[I know you had a hard time this time. Come here. Since I am a senior, I have something to say.]

[Hehe, you are a dark spirit senior.]

[Even necromancer ghosts have rules, right? First of all, laughter that makes you feel relaxed is prohibited.]

I thought he was going to say something useless, but I pretended not to hear him and stood next to Findeneye.

She just slightly rolls her eyes, looks at me once, and then takes in the scenery of the republic again.

The overwhelming sense of liberation felt because the banquet hall was completely destroyed. In fact, it was safe to say that it was now outside.

Clockwork, the capital of the Republic, visible under the sunrise over the horizon.

“It was definitely a dirty, bloody neighborhood. “It looks really pretty when you see it from above like this, doesn’t it?”

I also nodded and agreed with Findenai’s sentiments.

Of course, the soldiers were in such a hurry that their movements looked quite unsightly.

“It’s going to be quite an arduous time, right?”


It’s going to be a tough time.

The Great Devil escaped responsibility by dying, and those who remain must bear the burden he has left behind.

“The republic itself may disappear.”

“Not bad?”

With a short laugh, Findeneye nodded. The tone of voice was truly that it would not matter if a country like this disappeared.

“There was definitely a dramatic meeting. “It’s been quite a while since we met again.”


Now that I think about it, I was attacked by Magan right after I saved Findeneye.

After that, I realize that this is my first time talking to Findenai.

“I wanted to ask you something. “If I do it now, I think I’ll just end up regretting it.”

Findeneye, still with clockwork in his eyes, squats down, takes out a tobacco plant and bites it.

It was out of consideration for me to just hold it in my mouth and not light it on fire.

I slowly extended my finger to her, and there was a small flame at the tip.

“What’s going on?”

“It’s only today.”

This is Finden Eye, lighting a candle and breathing in it as if savoring it. Long stretches of smoke are quickly swept away by high-altitude winds and disappear.

“Why don’t you ask me what I wanted to ask?”

A pouting tone, as if upset.

I thought for a moment and then slowly smiled.

“If you have any regrets, it would be better not to ask.”

“… … f*ck, it looks like a f*cking knife.”

Finden Eye is smoking a cigarette with his lips pouting. I found that sight strangely cute.

“So don’t ask.”

“Uh, I’m not going to ask. “Just search because you’re curious.”

“I will answer instead.”

“… … uh?”

Slowly turn your body to face her. The Finden child, who had been squatting, was standing up as if she was possessed by something.

I held her in my arms.



“ah… … .”

The beginning of the year suddenly falls to the ground.

Findeneye lets out an exclamation like a green maiden, saying she doesn’t know what happened to her.

That is indeed it.

So ridiculous.

Because it was lovely.

“I think he probably has similar feelings to you.”

To be honest.

I do not know.

Compared to Deius’ sublime feelings towards Iluania.

Although this thing that bloomed in my dull emotions felt really poor.

At least I knew it was the same type of emotion he made me feel.

Findenai, whose body was stiff, could not say anything. Only the sound of the strong wind broke our silence.


Findeneye snuggled into my arms like a child and whispered in a low voice.

“maybe? similar? 개새끼야, 그렇게 애매하게 말할 거야?”

“… … “This is the best we can do now.”

“You look so scared.”

Even as I criticized him, Findenai’s hand around my waist did not loosen.

Therefore, I continued speaking.

“We will do our best to provide the desired answer.”

I am sure that that moment will come one day. Unlike before, I felt through her warmth that I too was a human being who could change.

“Do whatever you feel like. “I’m not smart so I might forget, so I’ll tell you in advance.”


Findeneye, who strengthened her hands, lowered her head even further to avoid showing her face, but declared clearly.

“I love you so much, master.”

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