I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 170

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Chapter 170 – 170. Time to learn

Rattling rattling.

Deia feels bad at the sight of the Republic outside the carriage.

I already knew from the moment I saw the invitation that this would end up happening in the end, but now that it’s actually happening, I can’t help but sigh.

A banquet invitation was sent to the Griffin royal family. From Griffin’s point of view, he could not ignore this banquet, even because he bowed first to the Clark Republic.

I had no choice but to go to a banquet.

“Don’t hate it too much. “This is also a place where people live.”

“So you are active in the resistance?”

“That’s because there are more animals than people.”

Smirking, Findeneye shrugs his shoulders and points out the window.

“Flower garden? Are you stopping by?”

“Well, the horses are tired from returning to the mountain range, so we’ll rest here for a day.”

“Hmm, that’s not a very good decision.”


As the name suggests, the village sign that says Flower Garden had a bright atmosphere, welcoming guests from North Wales.

In particular, the yellow flowers that seemed to be growing in a greenhouse in the distance gave the village scene itself a poetic atmosphere.

“Sseu-eup, that’s a place I’ve heard of somewhere before.”

Deia clenches her chin and mutters.

Since the Clark Republic itself is so secretive, I saw villages that were not marked on the map several times on the way here.

But the name Flower Garden feels strangely familiar. I heard it somewhere once.

The answer to the question came from Finden Eye.

“Emily. “It’s the hometown of the girl who turned into a human skeleton in the basement of your mansion.”


Emily, a girl who loved flowers.

As the girl said she loved the yellow flowers of her hometown, Deius Verdi also left flowers at the girl’s grave in the North Wedden Mountains.

“That’s a flower a child will like.”

“… … .”

At those words, Findeneye looked out the window without saying anything.

There is no need for you to be resented for telling the truth in advance, which you will find out anyway.

The closer you get, the more you can see that the area around the village is covered in thick yellow pollen. That alone already made Deia feel strangely anxious.

“Cough! Cough! Keck! Keek!”

The old coachman who was driving the horse suddenly started coughing and not being able to breathe properly.

“Oh, shit.”

Findenai comes out with a puzzled expression, stops the carriage, and brings the coachman inside.

Thanks to this, the carriages with other party members lined up and stopped as well.

“Hehe! Hehehe!”

“what! Come on!”

Findenai hurriedly brought the coachman inside, ignoring Deia’s question, and as he took out water, the coachman’s face swelled.

Findenai sighed as he looked at the driver whose breathing had finally begun to stabilize.

“Do you have bronchitis or something like that? “I haven’t even gotten close to it yet, so why are I showing symptoms already?”

Findenai turns his shoulders in frustration. Now her Deia looked at her, asking her to give her answer, and Findeneye answered with a shrug.

“Flower Garden. “It is the largest drug producing area in the republic.”

“what? drug?!”

“Uh, those flowers are all raw materials for drugs. “Even though it was specially manufactured in the Republic and is in raw material form, it is quite harmful to the human body.”

Deia looks at the flower field stretching out into the distance, saying she is dumbfounded, but suddenly turns her head away.

“Then Emily…” … .”

“You heard what he was thinking. “My parents never let me touch the yellow flowers.”

“ah… … .”

That’s why Emily admired and liked yellow flowers. Because she’s never been touched.

“You can think of that village as some kind of colony. “There are even separate laws that apply only to them.”

For example, there is a law that says dating is not possible until the age of 20.


I thought it was a bit of a strange clause, but Findeneye shrugged and told me the truth.

“Roughly speaking, if you live there for 20 years, you’ll have developed some antibodies, right? “Only people like that should have children.”

“… … .”

“That way, children will continue to circulate. Don’t have a child that won’t survive. “Something like that.”

“Crazy bastards.”

In response to Deia’s reaction, Findenai also silently agreed. It was a moment when I understood why the people who fled from Flower Garden tried to cross the North Weden Mountains.

At that time, two people appeared at the carriage window. A mask with a purge can that looks like a mask that covers the entire face.

Although they had rifles on their shoulders, they knocked on the carriage quite graciously.

“Are you guests from the Griffin Kingdom?”

Had it already been discussed?

Deia nodded and answered from inside the carriage.

“Yes, that’s right. food… … It’s done. “It was late today, so I was planning to take a quick rest.”

There is no way that the food provided in places like that is real food, so let’s move on.

“It is impossible to enter the village. However, it is possible to park a wagon outside and pitch a tent.”

A place that would normally be impossible to get close to. At least since it was a delegation, they were treated like this.

“Also, if you need it, I will give you a separate gas mask. Although it is impossible to do so in large quantities.”



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“Bring it quickly.”

Deia nodded urgently. Before leaving, the two people wearing gas masks glanced at Findenai next to Deia, but turned their heads and left, pretending not to have seen them.

Although he was a wanted criminal, he was currently one of the envoys of the Griffin Kingdom, so he was not someone who could be arrested carelessly.

“If possible, cover your face.”

“It’s really refreshing to see that they can’t be arrested even though they’re doing it openly, right?”

Even with a grin on his face, Findeneye replies that he understands and gives advice.

“It won’t last long, but it won’t be so bad that you won’t be able to go out, so don’t worry. “The reason they are wearing gas masks is because they are not from Flower Garden and have to stay nearby for a long time.”

As Findenai sneaks out, Deia wipes the coachman’s sweat with a towel and then sneaks out.


It was definitely hard to breathe and it felt like something was blocking me, but maybe because of the distance, it didn’t seem to be a big problem.

Because the coachman was old, his immune system was very weak, so it seemed like he was reacting noisily.

Aria Rias and Erica Bright get off the carriage right behind them.

The two also accompanied us in preparation for any unexpected situation.

“Hmph! Can’t you change that carriage?! The professor keeps trying to teach me something! “Are you interested in becoming a teaching assistant for me?”


Did the professor’s instincts kick in as he was alone with the student in the carriage? Erica slightly turns her head in embarrassment and pretends not to hear anything.


“this… … .”

But maybe it was because they were two sensitive people? I frown when I sense that the air around me is strange.

The back of the carriage the two rode in.

Two other people getting off the largest and most luxurious Verdi carriage.

Darius Verdi and Deius Verdi.

“Deia, what’s going on?”

Darius reacts a bit late, probably because he woke up from a sigh of relief. His head is also covered in hair, and there is a slight trace of saliva on his mouth.

When Deia saw that, she tried to say something.

“Sniff! Sniff! “Sniff, sniff, sniff!”

“You crazy guy!”

Deia immediately vents her anger as she sees Deius sniffing into the air as if he is inhaling something.

“I put it in the wagon right now! Findenai, go and get a gas mask? Take that! “Put it on that bastard!”

Deius recognizes the components even in the fine pollen in the air and inhales it like an instinct.

A man who was addicted to drugs and knelt down in front of local gangsters even though he was the second son of a count.

Even if the current Deius regrets the past and wants to atone for it.

Drugs and addiction were problems that could not be solved through simple willpower.

After losing his mind and losing consciousness, Deius began to inhale the fine powder in the air as if by instinct.

“Ah-oh! “Just knock him out!”

“I’m sorry, little brother!”

Darius’ clenched fist hits Deius, who started running towards the flower garden with red eyes.


Deius fell to the floor and fainted.


Deia gets irritated, complaining that she can’t help but swear.

Findeneye urgently brings a gas mask and Erica prepares some magic.

And Aria covering her eyes with both hands.

“… … “What are you doing again?”

Aria responded with a bright smile when asked if something was in her eye.

“I don’t want to ruin the image of the professor I know.”

“… … .”

“The professor is absolutely invincible! Thank you! Smart! Genius! Elegant! Cool! Be kind! “He’s crazy sexy and even fatal, but I don’t want to see the professor ruined by that idiot.”

“The evaluation is insanely generous?”

But in another way.

“It’s also very wise.”

Yes, I thought he was a very wise kid.

“I wish I could close my eyes.”

The moment Deia sighed, the golden mana from Erica’s hands spread widely, starting from her.

Erica’s magic made in a circle. The air inside gradually begins to become clearer.

“You know how to use spirit magic.”

Magic with the help of nature-friendly spirits. With this, it seemed like there was no need to worry about impurities in the air even without a gas mask.

“Still, go ahead and put on your gas mask.”

When Deia pointed to the fallen Deius, Findeneye said it was good and ran straight away.

* * *


I felt like something was shaking.

I wonder if it’s just my mood, but considering where I am right now, I wonder if there’s something wrong with Deius’ body.

“So how long are we going to stay like this?”

The scenery that unfolded this time was a lake.

However, there were no fish swimming around and there were stars in the clear, transparent water.

When you look at the lake at night, you can see the sky reflecting on it, and it was exactly the same.

In front of him, Stella and I were holding fishing rods one by one without any meaning.

I thought that the term ‘fishing for time’ might be used in situations like this.


Stella, who is sitting right next to me, asks my question in confusion.

“Did you hate it?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it.”

“Actually, I wanted to try something like a fishing date because I was longing for it.”

“… … .”

Although I was speechless when I said that, I forced myself to swallow and continue speaking.

“It was good. But I don’t think I should stay still like this. Thanks to you, I received a lot of comfort and rested. “I have to go back now.”

“is that so.”

Stella looks at me with regret. That gaze almost made me relent for a moment, but I had to go back anyway.

As I slowly got up from my seat, Stella also followed suit and smiled.

“sorry. “I wanted to spend time with you to the point where I had to be selfish.”


“see you next time.”

Wood clatter!

A horn sprouts from Stella’s forehead as she gestures and greets him. Her eyes themselves have changed into those of the devil.

“Did you have enough fun with Stella? Now you have to have fun with me!”

“What are you talking about?”

I wondered what on earth she was saying when she said she had to go back, but Velika immediately raised her middle finger.

“What I’m saying is that I can’t let you go.”

Is it really necessary to make that kind of gesture with Stella’s body?

“What are you going to do now? “Are you really going to fight with Magan again and then go after him this time?”

“… … .”

“Hey, if you die, do you know how many demons will come to eat you and Stella in addition to me?”

It was rough, but it wasn’t wrong. My life didn’t just belong to me alone.

There were two women inside who were responsible.

“You lost the Lemegeton, and your right hand was cut off.”

Overwhelmingly reduced power.

In fact, if he were to fight Magan again, he would inevitably lose.

“Stupid bastard. “That’s because a necromancer fights with his greatest strength.”

“The greatest power?”

When she sees her with a feeling of hopelessness, Velika proudly points to herself and shouts.

“In order to deal with an arch-devil, shouldn’t there be an arch-devil of the same level?”

She introduces herself as a secret weapon and laughs from ear to ear.

“I heard you have such great talent? “Stella has been bragging all day long.”

“… … .”

“The border between the living and the dead. The man standing right in front of him! Kiha! “It’ll be fun!”


As Velika takes a big step forward, the surrounding scenery begins to change rapidly along with the vibrations.

The lake disappears, and the stars in the black sky disappear.

In the pitch-black darkness, only Velika’s eerie eyes stare at me without losing their light.

“How about you, necromancer, can you handle me?”

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