I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 – 15. How to save yourself

When I came down to the basement, Findenai and I didn’t say anything to each other. There was light shining through magic, but the darkness was so thick and the space was so wide that I could only see what was directly in front of me.

“Hmm, it’s a very spacious place.”

Findeneye pouts and looks around.

“Do you see anything?”

“Yes, I see it. “The smell of preservatives is strong.”

“… … .”

Findeneye looks around with a frown. Her blood-red eyes quickly adapted to the darkness and seemed to be watching something invisible to me.

This makes me feel incompetent because I can’t see anything.

It replaces the soul with light and makes it walk around the room. Their screams echoed like the wind, but it didn’t matter.

The spirits that light up the underground become what is commonly called a will-o’-the-wisp.

“… … .”

Only then did I see the sight that Findenai had in his eyes.

This was some kind of warehouse.

A warehouse where numerous bone fragments are sitting close together, waiting for when they will be discovered.

“Kiya, what was it? Verdi, the glorious barrier of the frontier? “No, I think it was just a monster that was stealing people from outside the country.”

Findeneye clucks and taps a bone on the floor with its foot. It was a shocking scene, but in some ways I was convinced.

‘This is why the mansion was so overflowing with evil spirits.’

Now I understand why there were so many evil spirits with grudges wandering around the mansion.


At that moment, one of the flames that was lighting the light screams and goes out. From that point on, one by one, the flames began to be sucked in somewhere.

An eerie blue light bursts out from the end and immediately brightens up the basement.

A giant centipede with a human face bursting out from among the bone fragments that made up the mountain.

The centipede, made of white bones and blue flames, was sucking back the souls that had been absorbed into me.

[no! I hate it!]

[Please save me!]

[I don’t want to die!]

The souls scream as if they are remembering the time when they actually died.

I understand that Skal didn’t want to come here for nothing.

“A centipede made of human bones?”

Apparently, that monster can also be seen by Finden Eye, and it laughs and steps in front of me.

“Master, I don’t think we can just catch this, right? “You have to have an axe.”

Finden Eye is writhing and complaining that its hands are empty. Her strength was so great that I thought she was a threat.

Crack, crack, crack!

A guy approaching with footsteps that sound like insects being crushed. Because it looked like he was planning to open his mouth and eat us at any moment.

“Mr. A!”

Findeneye hurriedly turned around and placed me under her side like a piece of luggage, then turned around and headed towards the entrance.

I protested with my eyes, asking why I was running with it like this, but the running Findeneye just snorted.

“You’re lucky you have a capable maid, aren’t you, master? “If it weren’t for me, you would have already died.”

“Whew, next time don’t ask for something so unsightly.”

“You have a lot to wish for! But if you go up there, won’t the mansion collapse?”

“Okay. “Seeing as we haven’t come out of the basement until now, we can’t go any further.”

“Hehehe, it would be fun if we followed along.”

While hanging next to the grinning Findeneye, I turned my attention to the centipede monster.

It has a face that appears to be a giant human skull, a body that extends out like a centipede, and numerous human bones embedded on both sides that act as legs.

‘… … A centipede made of human bones.’

Follow the end with your eyes.

The magic containing the soul worked for him, so I just shined a light with mana and reached the long end.

“… … !”

What was at the end of the centipede was not just a tail.

An expressionless girl with half of her skin peeling off and a hole in her chest.

This monster was connected to the girl’s heart.

Crack, clap, clap!

Finden Eye passed through the entrance and started climbing the stairs. Then the skeleton centipede twists its body, crushes the entrance, and begins to climb the stairs.

“It’s so f*cking disgusting!”

Finally, Findenai couldn’t stand it any longer and lowered her body and grabbed me tightly with both hands. And then he smiled.

“Hold on tight, master.”

When he put his arms around her neck, the overwhelming mana that Findeneye had hidden exploded out, and he was able to climb more than half of the passage in one leap.

In addition, the stairs collapsed due to the impact, starting from the point where it was used as a stepping stone, so the skeleton centipede could no longer chase after it carelessly.

“This is me. “Where are you going?”

We eventually reached the first basement level again. Finden Ai looked refreshed, saying it had been a while since she moved her body, but I was a little serious.

‘What is that girl?’

A girl whose heart is connected to a giant skeleton centipede. The skeleton centipede was too large to be considered simply a parasite.

My thoughts continue to dig deep, just before I fall into the feeling of being alone in the deep sea.


Findeneye blocked my path. Before I knew it, the head of the family, Darius, was about to hit me in the face, but Findeneye grabbed his wrist.

“Let go of this! “If you are indebted to a foreigner, you should obey him quietly, but interfere with your master!”

“Aren’t you my master?”



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That is correct.

Because Findenai belongs to me, not the Verdi family.

I slowly made eye contact with Darius and asked.

“Did you know what was in there?”

“what? What are you going to do with that? If you just drink and hang out with women like you normally do, that’s what you do! “Have you forgotten that you decided not to interfere in family affairs?”

Did you make that promise?

I’m sorry, but that’s not me.

“I will ask you again. “Did you know what was in there?”

“You know that… … !”

“Break it.”

Wood clatter!


My brother’s wrist, which was caught by Finden Eye, is broken cleanly. The workers behind him were also startled and tried to urgently approach Darius.

When I took a step forward, they took a step back as if they were being pushed away.

I looked down at Darius, who was rolling around on the floor in pain, and warned him.

“Don’t test my patience anymore, brother. “For the last time, I ask you, did you know?”

* * *

The dean’s office at Lovern Academy.

Health professor Karen and Professor Erica Bright were having a war of nerves over the dean.

“We need to bring back Professor Deius.”

Erica frowned and declined the initiative of health professor Karen.

“Are you kidding me? “How long has it been since Professor Deius was dismissed?”

Erica naturally turns to the dean and continues speaking.

“Dismissal is the highest level of severe punishment. This is not a simple dismissal, but it is stipulated by law in the kingdom that upon retirement, one cannot be reappointed for a certain period of time. If we bring back Deius here, not only will we flout the royal law, but the authority of Lovern Academy will also be shaken.”

In addition, the dean’s expression darkens when he adds that there is a possibility that the royal family’s support, which is still shaky, may become even more uncertain.

Karen scoffs, saying it’s absurd.

“So? Is authority important now? No, Professor Erica! Didn’t you see with me the work of strange evil spirits? “Professor Deius knew about it before anyone else!”

“Deius was just lucky enough to know. “Now that we have found a clue, we are fully capable of responding.”

“no! under… … .”

Keren was extremely calm and cold in battle. However, in discussions like this, even the honed skills I learned while working as a mercenary cannot be put to use at all.

Keren, who was now beyond frustrated and dumbfounded, looked straight at Erica and asked.

“Why on earth? Surely you weren’t solving cases with me until yesterday? But why did you suddenly change like this?”

“I haven’t changed. “We have worked hard to solve the case, and we will still do our best.”


A debate that seems like it will continue forever. Finally, the dean opened his heavily closed mouth.

He looked friendly, but today he looked very serious and worried.

I gave the answer.

“It is impossible to reinstate Deius. But, let me at least get some advice from him. “Given the circumstances, it seems true that he knows something about the current situation.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Erica Bright bowed her head deeply in satisfaction with the result, and Karen pursed her lips and turned around to leave the dean’s office.

The dean sighed when he saw Karen like that and spoke to Erica.

“Professor Erica probably doesn’t want to be associated with Deius.”

“… … .”

Say yes in silence.

“I will contact the Verdi family separately. Professor, please comfort the students and do your best to solve the case.”

“All right.”

Erica Bright bowed her head and walked out into the hallway.

Strangely dark sky.

Even though there was not a single drop of rain, the dark clouds that had settled in thickly seemed to represent the uneasy situation at the Academy.

In fact, there were many ways to reinstate Deius Verdi.

In the first place, he was a visiting professor who came to the university thanks to a woman named Erica Bright.

In a word, non-regular workers.

Of course, coming into this year, it was only a matter of time before I was selected as a full professor.

We confirmed his qualifications as a professor for three months, and he sufficiently proved his abilities.

In fact, the letter of recommendation for appointment as a full professor had already been sent to the royal family.

But before that, the disciplinary action for dismissal was handed over first.

According to the laws of the kingdom, disciplinary action such as dismissal cannot be imposed on visiting professor Deius Verdi. At best, dismissal.

In fact, he was disciplined in a position where he could not be disciplined.

It was ridiculous, but I did it.

If you ask me how, there is nothing I can answer other than that Gideon’s Geronia family helped me.

‘I will somehow prevent you from returning to this academy.’

Erica Bright clenches her fists and makes a promise as she walks down the hallway.

I will definitely try to prevent him from coming back.

No matter how unreasonable it is.

Even if you use absurd logic.

Even if it means being the lover of a f*cking narcissist.

Because that is.

‘Because it’s a way to save you.’

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