I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 148

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Chapter 148 – 148. Festival Date (3)

The time spent looking around with Finden Eye continued. Although she didn’t really intend to, we had lunch together, and I thought we might take a quick look around or take a break afterward.

Findeneye was summoned by Erica and the dean for gambling.

As I let the whining girl go, I enjoy the peace that has come again.

There is no sign of where the dark spirit has gone, and Iluania is walking around here and there, saying she will show Seville the festival.

Owen was also dragged along with Findeneye, so there was no one around.

I thought I had seen enough of the festival and was about to go back to the lab, but a girl caught my eye.

Aria Rias, wearing a funny white hat that looks like a souvenir, green-rimmed sunglasses, and holding a skewer in one hand and a huge drink in the other.

Next to him, he is seen laughing and chatting with old colleagues like Leorus, Happy, Forencia, and Jin.

“… … .”

It was so worth seeing that I unconsciously felt the corners of my mouth twitch.

“Ah, Professor!”

Aria seems to have noticed my gaze and runs towards me wearing sunglasses. Other students naturally follow her lead.

Even though she joined late, Aria seemed to be taking on the same role as the group’s leader.

“I’m enjoying it quite a bit, wonderfully.”

When I spoke to her, seeing her enjoying the festival twice as much as other people, Aria hesitated because it felt awkward.

“It’s just been a long time since I was able to have fun at a festival without thinking about anything… … .”

Yes, I guess so.

In the first round, he started to be influenced by me during the winter break of his second year, so he probably didn’t have time to properly enjoy festivals after that.

Rather than an event to enjoy as a student, it must have been viewed as an ordeal from which one must obtain something.

It was great to see him enjoying the festival even harder due to the reaction from that moment, so I wanted to pat his head, but the big hat got in the way, so I didn’t bother to reach out.

Aria left the drink she was holding to Happy next to her for a moment and took out a cat ear headband from her arms.

“But do you know where Eleanor is? “I bought this on purpose to wear it.”

As I look, the other female students are also wearing animal ear headbands one by one.

Eleanor has been going with these kids recently, so it must be a shame to not have her.

“We are spending some time separately. “I can spend the evening with you.”

“Anyway, there’s never a time when you really need it.”

It’s been a while since I’ve been spending time with King Orpheus, but perhaps he will be considerate of Eleanor and allow her to enjoy the festival with her friends in the evening.

Since I didn’t want to waste their time, I told them to enjoy the festival and tried to leave.

Suddenly, Aria takes off her hat and puts it on Leorus, and puts sunglasses on Forencia.

Aria put the skewer in Jin’s hand and returned to her normal self, then came closer to me.

“I’m going to spend some time with the professor! “I’ll join Eleanor in the evening!”

“what? wait for a sec… … .”

Leorus, who seems to have feelings for Aria, is desperate and tries to stop her, but Happy and Forencia respond right away.


“See you in the evening!”

The group leaves just like that.

Watching Leorus’ shoulders droop, I felt upset for no reason.

And in the first place.

“I have no intention of going around the festival.”

Since I was planning on taking a break, I didn’t really want to go around the festival with Aria.

But Aria smiled and answered.

“You know what? During the festival period, you drew me a map and made me walk around without a break. “Speak to someone three times, where to go and buy what, what to eat, etc.”

“That’s not me.”

“Yes. “But since we look the same, can’t we at least vent our anger?”

In the end, I sighed and nodded to Aria who mischievously asked me.

“Okay, if that makes you feel better.”

“Oh yea!”

He clenches his fists and begins to lead me, wrapping his arms around mine.

The sight of a student with his arms crossed around the professor’s arm was a scene that would inevitably make people say something.

Aria doesn’t care at all and just leads me along. Even as I move to free her hand, it doesn’t budge due to how strong it is.

“This is what I want to do first!”

What Aria pointed to was a dart stand.

A simple yet slightly difficult game where you have to throw a dart to hit a balloon.

I tried first, pushed by Aria’s momentum, but my body was lower than that of an ordinary person, so I wasn’t able to pop the balloon very far.

“Hehe! I will do it!”

As if she had expected it, Aria comes right over and throws a dart. Of course, her inhuman visual acuity and strength shined through even in times like these.

Pak pak pak!

After neatly popping all the balloons, Aria raises her nose and shrugs.

“Hehe! “This is the power of someone who almost saved the world!”

“… … “If you’re satisfied with showing off something like this, I’ll accept it.”

Since I popped all the balloons, I thought I would get a big teddy bear or something, but all I got was a small coupon.

With that, Aria leads me again and heads right next to me.

A street vendor selling waffles.

When Aria holds out the ticket, the street vendor shouts loudly.

“One special waffle!”

So after a while.

A rather luxurious waffle is held in your hands. It was similar in size to regular ones, but it had a variety of toppings and even contained rare fruits.



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“Try it once. “This is something you can’t eat even if you pay for it!”

“… … .”

It was delicious.

If you asked me if it was my taste, it wasn’t, but it was definitely excellent for something made by a student.

In terms of price, it didn’t seem to be cost-effective at all, so I guess that’s why it was given as a special Dart product.

It was similar after that.

Aria must have been busy going around the festival and was able to have quite a good time.

If you ask me if I enjoyed it, I actually felt tired because I didn’t really like it.

After wandering around together for quite some time, we returned to my lab.

“You’ve been quite busy, haven’t you?”


Now I’ve been so busy that I really want to rest. Aria smiled brightly and nodded her head.

“Now you can go somewhere and brag that you enjoyed this year’s festival 200%.”

I agree that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t know where I can boast about that.

And now I think I know why she did this.

I asked her as I sat down in my seat.

“So do you think I did something similar to what I did for you in the first session?”

“I guess that’s the case?”

In the first round, I would have given Aria a very tight timetable and sent her here and there to raise her.

When we develop a character in a game, we play with minimal rest.

Aria must have been similarly forced into an inhumane schedule by me in the first episode.

Even though I am a student, I cannot enjoy being a student.

“It’s quite hard work, isn’t it?”

“Yes, you must have been very tired.”

When I answered with full understanding, Aria smiled brightly.

But I didn’t sense any malice in it.

“At that time, I didn’t even think I hated this. “I thought it was natural because it was a mission given by the professor.”

It’s natural, considering the way Aria has treated me since the first time she saw me.

She probably acted like a saint who received a revelation from God, saying she had to follow it unconditionally.

“So what do you think now?”

Now I am definitely choosing to break up. I was curious about Aria’s impressions that escaped me in the first episode.

Not much time had passed yet, but I was still curious about what she was thinking.


Aria closes her mouth, makes a sound, and places her finger on her lower lip.

Each of those gestures made me feel like she was really the main character in the game.

Aria, who was rolling her eyes as if she was thinking, smiled and answered.

“It was great!”

‘… … ‘I heard a lot of unexpected things today.’

Starting with Eleanor, Findenai and Aria.

The women I spend time with today give me answers that are outside the scope of my thinking.

I never thought he would think that my first order, which was the same as taking away his school days, was a good thing. As he looks at her, asking her to explain, Aria puts her back to him and leans her body out in front of her.

“Thanks to you, I am where I am today. Now that I think about it, those days when my eyes were rolling were not that happy, but in the end, I overcame it and got rid of everything.”


A relieved expression that says he has no regrets.

I don’t feel any regrets or feelings towards myself from the first time.

Because I realized that it was really her growth.

Without even realizing it, a smile appeared.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Her growth was truly desirable. That’s why she didn’t bother to hide her congratulatory smile.

“And there’s another good thing!”

Aria slowly approaches me.

I felt a strange sense of pressure from that sight, so I unconsciously leaned back and hit the back of the chair.

“I can teach you many things the professor doesn’t know!”

“… … .”

“I can also provide a lot of help to you, professor. “I have only been receiving, and this is the professor’s final arrangement.”

Smiling expression and bright voice.

Anyone could see that she was a girl approaching with a bright smile, but strangely enough, it felt like she was facing a predator.


It was truly an amazing move.

Before I know it, she sits on my thighs on the chair and faces me.

I wanted her to trap my legs between her thighs and subtly rub her buttocks, which was not appropriate for her age.

“Stay in line.”

“When I said goodbye, I was held in the professor’s arms for the first time.”

“… … .”

I immediately realized that he was referring to the time when he shook me off in the first round, and my body froze for a moment.

“Can you make me feel for you one more time, Professor?”

“Keep your lower body still.”

“… … “You never respond to students.”

Aria pouted her lips bluntly. But since I didn’t refuse, she carefully leaned her small body into my arms.

“I hear a pounding sound.”

“… … .”

“I’m not sure if the sound is coming from my chest or the professor’s chest.”

Hehe, Aria’s laughter flowed from under her chin. Aria slowly wrapped her hands around my waist. Her slightly weak voice surprisingly contained tears.

“Professor, as you know, saving the continent means living in pain.”

“… … .”

“People will applaud, cheer, and thank the professor.”

Aria’s hand trembles slightly.

“Will they know? “In the end, it all came back to me as a burden?”

Expectations, gratitude, blessings, envy, etc.

Many good feelings must have reached Aria. When she first received it, she must have had a strong sense of duty and motivation.

It gets longer.

Because there is more to lose, and the road is difficult.

In the end, all of those things just became another weight weighing down Aria’s shoulders.

“It is a path of suffering, pierced with swords and spears. “It was a time when, in order not to lose anyone, I had no choice but to lose myself.”

“… … .”

“professor… professor… … “I hope the professor doesn’t have to go through the hardships I went through.”

Moisture was gently deposited on my chest. Aria’s voice was already crying.

“If you tell me any time, I’m ready to walk there again. Instead of you, I am ready to sacrifice myself for this continent.”

“… … .”

Perhaps Aria doesn’t know the weight of what she just said.

When I first met Aria Rias, there was only one reason why I didn’t feel fortunate even though it was only the second time.

This was because Aria in that state could not have reached the true ending even in the second round.


‘The true ending of the second episode is completed with the sacrifice of a girl named Aria Rias.’

The death of the protagonist.

So the game ends, and the girl saves the continent and closes her eyes.

Now, Aria has matured mentally enough to bring the true ending to the continent.

I gently hug the girl in my arms. Still, her hands were strong. She was determined to never let go.

“There is only one thing you have to do.”

It wasn’t about collecting the items needed to save the continent, building relationships with colleagues, or growing.

“Doing well on final exams this winter.”

“… … .”

“And finding what I want to do before I graduate from the academy.”

“graduate… … .”

“Anything would be fine. Find your aptitude, discover your talent, and hone in on what you want to do. “There is no need to be afraid of the future.”

Slowly place your hand on your child’s head. Aria did not refuse, but closed her eyes and accepted.

“Little girl, the continent is safe.”

Because I have it.

Because I will save it.

Tears flowing long down my cheeks.

The tears were filled with relief as the girl who had gone through a lot of hardships was finally able to finally let go of her burden.

There was no need to wipe it.

Aria, who shed tears for a long time, sniffled and buried her forehead against my chest.

Aria whispered, taking a deep breath, as if her emotions had finally calmed down.

“still. Still, if you’re really having a hard time, come and tell me. Lean on me. As the only person who understands the path the professor walked, and as a person who has walked it before. “I will stay with you.”

“You’re trustworthy.”

“Hehe, she is the strongest female student on the continent.”


Aria’s voice, hugging me tightly and resting her chin on my shoulder, reaches my ear along with the sound of her hot breath.

“I’ll be waiting for the day to become the professor’s sword.”

I hope that doesn’t happen.

“I’m not looking forward to it.”

That’s what I answered.

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