I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 147

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Chapter 147 – 147. Festival Date (2)

After the morning, it was lunch time.

Eleanor went away to spend time with King Orpheus and was alone again.

Rather than going back to the lab, I thought I would at least go on a patrol and visit the festival.

In the meantime, we came across an overly noisy tent. Normally, I would have just passed by without paying much attention.

Not only were there enough crowds to block the street, but a familiar sound could be heard.

“… … .”

When I looked closely, I saw that not only people were gathered, but also ghosts who had been wandering around the academy without any harm were gathered there for the performance.

Above the tent was a roughly scrawled sign that read “Professor Deius’ Laboratory.”

“… … .”

When I turned around and came to the back of the tent, I saw Owen playing a small piano passionately, which I don’t know where he got it from.

As we quietly pass by the child who is playing with his eyes closed and immersed in it, we go to the front and there is a mini-sized duel arena that was used when playing with old mini cars or tops.

And there.


“Don’t lose! cheer up!”

One hand was fighting with something extravagantly decorated.

One person on each side is controlling Professor Per’s prosthetic hand by blowing his or her mana like a thread.

“Ego! walk! “Don’t be like a mothball and risk your life!”

Finden Eye encourages excitement by gambling in the center of the duel arena.

“How about this? If you look at this prosthetic hand… … .”

There is even Professor Per Petra, who has a stall in the corner and is recommending prosthetic hands to students.

I was already dizzy just knowing that I was doing this horrible hybrid thing under my own name.

At that moment, Erica Bright and Professor Karen Yang broke through the crowd.

Erica glances at me, comes over and asks.

“Well, here we have a bloody duel between our hands and we can gamble with it…” … “The report has been received.”

“Wow, I was wondering what they were talking about, but the person who reported it explained it well.”

Keren sticks out his tongue in admiration.

“I will organize it.”

“okay… … Cheer up.”


Two people who believed in me and went back. I take a deep breath and approach Owen.


After stopping the boy who was playing by the hand, I pressed down hard on the piano keys.


With a loud noise, people’s eyes are drawn in this direction.

Without realizing it, I furrowed my brows and spat out a word with an angry expression on my face.

“It’s all over.”

* * *

“Wasn’t it fun?”

“… … .”

“The idea was honestly good.”

Findeneye, who was patrolling the streets with me, looked disappointed and chirped next to me.

“Yeah, honestly, the idea itself wasn’t a bad idea.”

I have to admit what I have to admit.

I didn’t expect that an event would be held that satisfied Findeneye’s duel, Professor Per’s prosthetic hand, and Owen’s performance all in one shot.

But didn’t that go too far?

“The problem here was that Professor Per’s prosthetic hand was too perfect. “His hands were moving and blood was flowing, so it was too bizarre to be seen at the Academy Festival.”

“That’s why it’s fun.”

“Of course, the biggest problem is that it opens up a gambling scene. I’ll say it again, this is the academy. “Students’ festival.”

“what… … sorry about that “Because I’m excited.”

Finden Eye honestly admits his mistakes. In fact, she wished she had taken off the maid uniform because there were people outside of her rather than that.

Surprisingly, perhaps because it was a festival, outsiders did not think she was very strange.

Rather, it’s an atmosphere where people just think of it as an event and move on.

“Anyway, stay still if possible during the festival period. “Don’t make a fuss.”

“Well, I didn’t really mean to make a fuss.”

Findeneye looks around while scratching the back of his head. Students eat food while laughing and talking, play pranks, and raise their voices.

The word peaceful can be used in many situations, but at this moment, it was not enough to use the word peace.

“Are you bored?”

So, of course, I thought that a normal Finden Eye would have been disappointed to see this scene.

Because she was crazy about battle and murder.

But surprisingly, Findeneye opened her mouth with a worried expression.

“No, it looks good.”

“… … .”

It was an unexpected answer.

When I kept my mouth shut, thinking that I would often encounter unexpected situations today, Findeneye continued speaking.

“I am. “I fought because I was born in a situation where I had to fight, master.”

“… … .”

“And I’m fighting because I don’t want to create people like me, and I don’t like the republic putting them on a f*cking leash.”



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“They say we are deprived of freedom from birth. “I was fighting to get it back.”

A place where even the freedoms we take for granted were deprived of them.

This is especially true because Findeneye could be considered a slave class in the Griffin Kingdom.

“Scream every day. For freedom! Let’s get our freedom back! Let us escape from the oppression of the Republic! “Like a broken music box.”

“… … .”

“But one day, when most of the scrap metal dealers died due to the rescue team’s trap. Do you know what I was thinking?”

Finden Eye glanced at me.

It was a foreign conversation that did not fit with the street scene, but I listened calmly.

“What were you thinking?”

“f*ck, to the extent that children bleed like this. “Is freedom necessary?”

“… … .”

“Shouldn’t we just bow our heads and go in and try to survive?”

There was a bone in the horse.

They said that most of the scrap metal dealer’s personnel were killed, but it seems likely that they were non-combatants such as children.

“I crossed the mountain range with those concerns in mind.”

Findeneye shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around again.

He shrugged his shoulders as if he realized something.

“Yes, it was such a good thing.”

“… … .”

“That’s why everyone was struggling so hard and shouting for freedom. “Because it’s so good.”


Seeing her reaction, I unconsciously called her name.


For some reason, I felt like if I didn’t do that, she would go somewhere.

Maybe that’s why, uncharacteristically, I turn my head a little and point to the drinks stand next to me.

“Drink something.”

“Are you thirsty? “I will live.”

For some reason, Finden Eye took out a coin from his pocket and bought a drink. It was juice with floating ice, and it tasted just right enough to drink easily.

So we stood there for a while and had a drink. Findenai said it was surprisingly delicious and drank it quickly, even biting into the ice.

Looking at her like that, I take a moment to say the words I had gathered in my head.

“The contract between you and me is for five years.”


Findeneye bites the ice and eats it before answering.

“Uh, I know. “It seems like it’s been at least two years, but it’s surprising that only half a year has passed.”

I continued speaking while looking at Findeneye who was laughing.

“In five years, everything I need to solve will have been completed. It is also the time when you become free from your contract with me.”

“I guess so.”

As if imagining that day, Findeneye’s eyes turn to a distant place for a moment. There was a feeling of regret in those eyes.

“at that time. “If I achieve my goal and there is still a continent left.”

“… … .”

“I will help you this time.”

Five years is the time remaining after the fate of the continent has been decided.

If I had prevented it properly then, it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to help Findenai against the Republic after that.

“Ha, it’s on a scale that saves the continent, right?”

“Didn’t you feel it while we were walking together?”

When I asked Findenai, who was jokingly asking me a question in a sly manner that was not typical of me, the other side laughed in return.

“Yes, I felt it. “I have a really great owner.”

Findeneye, who had been giggling, slowly stopped laughing and let out a slightly lamentable sigh.

And Finden Eye looked around and started talking.

“My lord, what if I had been born in a griffin?”

“… … “It’s not like a griffin is heaven on earth.”

It was annoying that he deliberately changed his mind without responding when I said he would help, but for now, he responded to Findenai’s words.

“Do you often hear this from students? “What if it were like this, what if it were like that?”

“… … .”

“If I had been born in North Wales, would I have been much different from what I am now?”

Finden Eye asks as if he is being forced.

“Probably, that nasty temper still remains.”


“He might not have been as strong as he is now, but he might have recognized his talent and applied for the guard.”

“Oh, it really seems like something.”

Findeneye nods his head in agreement. I try to be a little more imaginative.

“If you work in the guard like that, you might have caught the eye of Darius and become close friends with members of the family.”

“The way I saw it, if the owner had been a libertine, he would have come to work for me right away.”

“… … .”

When I look at Findeneye for a moment, she also makes eye contact with me.

Okay, let’s just lose this time.

“Yeah, it could have been… … No, it definitely would have been like that.”

Because you were a more attractive woman than you thought.

“So, am I going to be a northern girl who screams ‘f*ck you’ but ends up being taken in by her master’s sweet words and techniques?”

“… … “I don’t know if you’ll like me back then.”

“It’s just my imagination, why are you being so serious? “I’ll think he’s the same owner I’ve seen so far.”

Findeneye smiled and closed his eyes for a moment. She exhales deeply and raises the corners of her mouth.

“It’s a completely useless imagination. I am a northern country girl. “It really doesn’t suit me.”

“… … .”


It must be fun.

It felt like those words were added later.

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