I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 146

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Chapter 146 – 146. Festival Date (1)

The period when summer is coming to an end.

The students were busy moving around in the cool breeze blowing as if they were rewarding their hard work for coming to class under the scorching sun.

Today is the day of the summer festival that occurs once a year. Students put down their pens and professors put down their teaching books, take a breather, and enjoy the day leisurely.

‘Originally, I would have taken Aria to various places.’

Of course, when there is an event like this in the game, it doesn’t just pass over but gives out various bonus stats, skills, or items.

It was a kind of festival for users, too.

‘I guess there’s no need to do that.’

Because Aria is no longer a warrior.

There was no need to mechanically take her from place to place like a planned strategy.

The child just needs to enjoy whatever he wants to his heart’s content.

However, there is nothing I can receive in return for it. In the first place, as a professor, most of the things I can’t get, and even if I do get them, they are not useful.

In the end, this festival just passes by. It’s time to take a little rest.

Is it because of that?

I took a break from the commotion outside and closed my eyes alone in the cold air of the lab.

There is no one around me, not even Findeneye who cries noisily, nor the dark spirit who strangely shrinks in size in front of me, nor Owen nor Illuania.

Since everyone had gone out to enjoy the festival, I was taking a break by myself.

It wasn’t quiet.

The voice coming through the window was quite lively. But the time I was able to be completely alone like this was quite precious.

In my previous life, I couldn’t drive out ghosts, so I was constantly tormented by them coming to visit me.

Because I’ve been much busier in my life now than before.

Okay, just a short break.

This was enough.

I’m sorry.

But then the lab door opens and I cautiously step inside with light steps.

When I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Eleanor Luden Griffin looking at me with her big eyes blinking.

I knew it was Eleanor. There was a sense of formality in her steps, and she was the only one with the courage to enter my lab without knocking.


“I definitely told you to call me professor.”

He usually called me by my name, but if he called me by my name every once in a while, he would give me a penalty point.

I said I was sorry for getting teary-eyed every time. I wondered if such a smart person was under-educated.

Today was different.

Eleanor smiled and whispered.

“I’m not a student now, but a princess.”

“… … .”

I wondered what it meant, but the answer came straight into the lab. Although his face is covered by a grotesque mask sold at festivals, a kind of aura that flows subtly from his body already reveals his identity.

The formal yet confident steps and dignity he possessed were things that ordinary nobles could not have.

As soon as he took off his mask, King Orpheus appeared with his blond hair falling down.

“haha! “It’s been a while, Deius!”

He made a fuss, extending his hand in an exaggerated way, thinking he would surprise me in his own way.

When I saw His Majesty the King, I slowly got up and bowed my head. I don’t like being overly polite, so I kept it to a minimum.

“See you, Your Majesty.”

“… … “You are so boring.”

Orpheus is disappointed. But I didn’t react much, and the archmage Rockpelican followed me in and exchanged greetings.

“All the busy work related to the Meias has been sorted out. “At that time, I heard that there was a festival at my sister’s academy, so I secretly went there.”

“I’ll call the dean.”

I thought that he should be treated with the utmost respect, but Orpheus shook his head.

“No, that’s enough. I don’t want to ruin the festival atmosphere because of me. “Isn’t this a place where the student is the main character?”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

Indeed, Orpheus.

It was a small act of consideration because he knew that if he, the king, made a surprise visit, the attention would be drawn to him and not to the students at the one-day festival.

“Well, me and Rockpelican will have our own fun. Rather than that… … .”

Orpheus cleared his throat and glanced at Eleanor.

“Isn’t it true that at festivals like this, men who are interested in women often approach them?”

“I guess so.”

Surely, the excitement of the festival will give you the courage to approach other students you care about more boldly.

“Hmm, and isn’t it possible that there are people with dark intentions targeting our Eleanor? “Because Eleanor has an outstanding appearance and is also royalty.”

“What do you want to say?”

Eleanor argues with a puzzled expression. Orpheus cleared his throat and continued talking, pretending not to hear anything.

“So, won’t you please protect our Eleanor? “There’s no need to spend the whole day together, the morning is enough.”

Eleanor, who has finally realized Orpheus’ intention, lets out a faint exclamation and remains silent.

With that extraordinary mind, I quickly decided that it would be beneficial to remain silent for now.

Having been caught in the brother and sister’s wicked tricks, I calmly answer.

“Princess Eleanor, do you plan to enjoy the festival as a princess?”

“… … Ah, um.”

“If you do that, I will follow. But there will be many restrictions.”

If it were princess Eleanor rather than student Eleanor, then of course my behavior towards her would be different.

Eleanor hesitates, as if she doesn’t want that again.



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“Uh huh, wouldn’t it be okay if you stay together and treat me like a student?”

“That is impossible. “As a professor, just by being together, bad rumors could spread to Princess Eleanor.”

If you are acting like a princess, you can of course be attached as a guard.

However, if you are working from a student’s perspective, there is no need for me to be involved. Strange rumors will only spread.

And this was my least resistance.

“just do it.”

“… … .”

“It’s the king’s name.”

As he runs out of words, the king uses the royal special move. I looked at Orpheus for a moment and then lowered my head.

“I will accept it.”

* * *


“It doesn’t matter. And please speak comfortably. “I am now escorting you, the princess.”

In the end, the situation went according to King Orpheus’s wishes. I wasn’t so stupid that I didn’t know what the intention behind letting Eleanor and me go together was.

Even so, I couldn’t act as intended. First of all, I have a fiancee.

I answered while trying to exclude personal feelings as much as possible, but Eleanor actually smiled.

“Yeah, really? Deius!”

“Yes, princess.”

“lol! As expected, I like calling people by their first names like before. “If you call me Professor, it overlaps with Aria and it feels like there’s a wall.”

I’m not sure about that, but anyway, if Princess Eleanor is good, it’s probably good.

“So, is there somewhere you want to go?”

“Hmm, but if possible, it would be better to go somewhere where other people won’t notice, right?”

After thinking for a moment, Eleanor said she remembered a good place and grabbed my hand.

Although she was a little embarrassed because it was so fleeting, Eleanor seemed to be in such a hurry that she just started running.

At first, I felt like I was being dragged around by a tomboy princess. She noticed that she was showing quite a bit of courage, as her ears behind her were turning red.

I pretended not to notice.

The place where Eleanor brought me was the rooftop of the academy. A place where there are no people, is quiet, and has a cool breeze.

“wait a minute.”

Eleanor, whose face was red, turned around and went out to the rooftop again, soon returning with a canvas and a fan.

“… … .”

Since she already had a criminal record, Eleanor immediately frowned, but Eleanor was so desperate that she shouted.

“Oh, no! I won’t draw anything weird! I just wanted to draw Deius right in front of me! It seemed like a good opportunity… … .”

His voice shriveled as he spoke, as if he was unsure of himself.

“Why not?”

I answered with a light sigh as I saw Eleanor secretly looking up.

“Do I need to take a separate position?”

“no! no! “Just relax!”

I immediately brighten up, take out a pen, and place the white beret I brought on my head.

Since she said there was no need to pose, I just sat on the bench on the rooftop and quietly stared at her.

‘You have quite the attitude.’

Eleanor’s eyes were quite serious as she glanced at me.

I thought it might have been ruined for no reason because I drew a strange picture, but when I saw his serious expression, I felt relieved.

It didn’t take long.

Eleanor scribbled diligently for about 30 minutes, then smiled brightly and held out the drawing.

It was drawn quite well.

I remember the characters were drawn quite well when I saw them in the past, but now they are of such a high standard that I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Claren, the city of artists.

She was a girl with talent in many fields, and once she fell in love with painting, she grew up in an instant.


“Hehe, right?”

Eleanor says she feels good and sits down next to me. Then he suddenly turns his head, looks at me, and asks.

“Deius, is this place real?”

Eyes full of anticipation.

Normally I would have ignored it, of course.

Yes, at least for today.

“Isn’t that the magical girl I told you about last time?”

“oh! Oh oh! huh! huh!”

When I told her the answer and also told her about magical girls, Eleanor answered with her eyes shining brightly.

The appearance is so simple that I almost smiled without realizing it, but I continue speaking with strength in the corners of my mouth.

“It comes from a kind of animation. “It’s a form of drawing multiple pictures and making them look like they’re moving.”

“ah! “Like kids doodling on the corners of books?”

Eleanor pretends and understands when you pretend. She nods and says yes.

“There is also a job called a voice actor who adds voices to that.”

“Voice actor?”

“It’s about acting and talking as if you’re a magical girl.”

“Oh oh! Voice actor! Voice actor! “I want to try something too?”

Since she seemed embarrassed to dress up as a magical girl, I thought she might like it that way, but Eleanor stamps her feet and says she likes it.

I thought it was a good thing I said, but suddenly Eleanor was looking at me.

“Oh, not this.”

Eleanor, covering her mouth, smiles and speaks playfully.

“What are you talking about? Of course it’s reality!”

“… … Did you want to do that?”

A line that says he realized a long time ago that it wasn’t a dream.

I wondered if there was a reason why she wanted to do it again, but Eleanor answered as if she was a little embarrassed.

“Because it was the only experience in my life where I felt destiny. “I wanted to do it again and again.”

Then, Eleanor carefully placed her hand on top of mine.

“princess… … .”

Even if you did it earlier because you were moving, it doesn’t work now.

When I call her to draw a line, Eleanor firmly interrupts.

“This is my order as a royal, Deius.”

The voice itself had quite a bit of power. It was a serious and overbearing attitude, but it was so upright that it seemed like it would break easily.

“Please stay like this for a moment.”

“… … “As you wish.”

Eleanor’s hand, gently holding my hand, was slightly trembling. She doesn’t look like the girl who was smiling brightly and talking just a moment ago.

“You know, Deius. I mean me. From that day on, I love dreaming.”

“Thank goodness.”

It was a bit of an unexpected confession, but it wasn’t a bad thing.

It was natural that it was good news that she, who was afraid of falling asleep, came to love it again.

“Actually, sometimes I have nightmares and sometimes I dream of creepy or scary situations.”

“… … .”

“To be a little more honest, there are more cases like that. “I guess I haven’t really gotten over my various traumas yet.”

The emotion felt in her gently trembling hands was clearly fear.

I remember when I entered her dream at the royal court, her mother, Hyran Luden Griffin, appeared as a strange figure.

Of course, that was because Griffin’s evil spirit had taken over his body.

For Eleanor, for whatever reason, her mother will remain an object of fear.

“Do you still like dreaming?”

As I asked carefully, Eleanor’s head gently rested on my shoulder.

“Yeah, it’s still good.”

She quietly closes her eyes and pours out her dreamy emotions as if she is dreaming.

“Because I can see you.”

“… … .”

“No matter what nightmares I have, no matter what monsters are chasing me. You always come and save me. Deius… … No, Kim Shin-woo.”

Eleanor lightly rubbed her face on my shoulder as if bewildered. She smiles and lowers her head, still with her eyes closed.

“I want to see you again. “I want to see you, not Deius, but Shinwoo Kim.”

“… … .”

“That’s why I like dreaming. Because I can see you. Because I can meet you again.”

Eleanor continues speaking by adding,

“I guess that’s why I drew you like that. After you wake up, you end up breaking up. “I’m so sorry.”

Eleanor is holding on to me as if pleading.

I know very well how she feels about me. But if she asks if I can accept it, she says no.

“I cannot accept your feelings.”

A firm refusal.

Even if it hurt her, I thought I had to get rid of those feelings first.


Eleanor rested her forehead on my shoulder and smiled.

My body momentarily froze at the relaxed reaction I had never imagined.

Eleanor slowly opened her eyes and was looking up at me with her clear golden eyes.

“Did I tell you? “I always meet you in my dreams and break up with you when I wake up.”

“… … .”

“I see you every day and I lose you every day.”

Eleanor Luden Griffin.

In the game, she is a corrupt princess who dreamed of rebelling by killing her brother, the Wise King Orpheus, and ascending to the throne herself.

“I lost you again today.”

I had gotten used to her changed, naive appearance and had missed it.

“I’ll try harder tomorrow.”

What a strong girl she was.

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