I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 135

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Chapter 135 – 135. Disgust

A brief standoff.

Burning flames and the sharp noise of battle coming from all around.

In an ominous yet tense situation, Balkzar and I were only looking at each other.

He was glaring at me as if he was going to throw a spear at me at any moment, but he couldn’t actually take action.

This was because the ancestors on Balkzar’s shoulders and back were running away.



The great warrior was perplexed as the power contained in his hands began to disappear.

As the mighty power that was thought to be natural began to disappear, even the Daejeonsa was unable to move.

Now that he was embarrassed, this was his chance. I slowly opened my mouth and tried to talk.

Not Balkzar, but beyond.

“Red Eagle of the Great Forest.”

Toward the guardian spirit who gives strength to the great warrior by giving up his own life.

“Why do you abandon your home and come here and suffer?”

“You bastard, how dare you… … !”


A deep voice that seems to ring from the sky.

It was a different feeling from the majesty of the mountains that spread heavily throughout the body and tingled the skin like lightning.

It was a voice that could have come from a handsome man, but the heat inside contained the weight of time that could not be considered human.

[You are the most noble person in an ugly place.]

“… … !”

Horua’s evaluation of me was more generous than I expected, and Balkzar’s eyes trembled when he heard that.

[Your actions touched me too. The subjects of the kingdom can close their eyes in peace thanks to the presence of you.]

“That’s too much praise.”

Like Sangun, Horua reacted quite favorably towards me.

I decided that if I could take Horua’s power from the Great Warrior through persuasion, the battle would actually end easily.

‘That must be difficult.’

Even as they were talking like this, Balkzar’s red wings were shining brightly and burning.

It was proof that there was no retreat.

[However, do not think that your comfort will apply to me.]

“… … .”

[Your nobility is great, but you are foolish. I hope to embrace everyone, even the devil.]

“Velika is not a demon that can be easily defined. “He is a deformed great devil in name and appearance.”

Even her qualities as a devil were strangely distorted, as she called herself, Velika.

Sangun had faith in me, so he closed his eyes to the great devil, but Horua did not.

[Do not extend your dirty hands to me. I don’t need your consolation.]

“… … .”

A clear intention to refuse.

An assurance that Horua will not reveal why he is lending his power to the Great Warrior.

On the contrary, Balkzar seemed to have gained confidence from this conversation, and he raised the corners of his mouth and adjusted his grip on the spear.

With just one flap, it showed overwhelming speed along with the strong sound of the wind.

Quack! Quack!

“This… … .”

“If there’s just one thing we have in common.”

The tip of Balkzar’s spear, which was stabbing threateningly, could not reach me.

Baek’s hands grabbed his ankle as he was running away.

They all belonged to the kingdom’s citizens who were massacred.

“I guess it’s just that we have the same place where we can run wild.”

As a great warrior, the place where he can be most active is, of course, the battlefield. He roams the battlefield with great splendor, trampling on enemies, cutting off their heads, and intoxicating himself with the scent of the battlefield.

On the contrary, me too.

The battlefield where so many dead were created was the place where the greatest power could be exerted.

Although he was afraid of the sleeping saint and the great devil.

It was such a perfect stage that there was no need to wake up the two people who were sleeping well.

He takes out the Lemegeton from his pocket.

Because it was necessary to show a clear power gap.

A long black wave began to spread out from Lemegeton.

The sky trembles, and the earth begins to cry.


[why! why!]


[Help me! Please save me!]

It is said that they massacred everyone, regardless of age or gender.

It means that he took the weight of life so lightly, and that he will take responsibility for it.

Pouring of ghosts.

The cries and screams of the dead, the dead who vomited their regrets saying they wanted to live.


“To this extent.”



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“Oh my God.”

Like clouds covering the sky, like buds blooming on the ground.

As they looked at the materialized dead that were constantly rising up, Findeneye and Gloria who were behind them let out exclamations.

Lucia carefully knelt down, closed her eyes, and put her hands together.

Daejeonsa became the target of all these resentments.

He sweats profusely and swallows his saliva. As he held the spear in front of the overwhelming number of dead around him, the strength could be seen slowly loosening from his hand.

“You don’t even know the weight of death.”

On the contrary.

My hand holding the Lemegeton grew stronger.

Although the emotions are faint.

Now I can see clearly.

I was angry.

Not the kind of anger that threatens to explode like a volcano, but anger as sharp and cold as frost in the middle of winter.

“I don’t like everything from start to finish. “Out of all of them, the thing I don’t like about you the most is you.”

Souls flying towards the great warrior who killed them without any hesitation.

“ugh! Argh!”

I try my best to swing the spear and struggle. The souls of his ancestors try to watch over the great warrior, but it is not enough.

In the end, he spoke harshly to the great warrior, who was buried in his soul and had only one hand sticking out.

“If you were to claim that you were for the people of Setima, you should have at least said that you were for them.”

I wish I could go to war to avenge the death of the warchief and the massacre of the people of Setima.

At least I had to talk about them for a moment.

If that were the case, I would have shown at least some mercy.

“You used them as tools, too.”

It was just a necessary justification to open up the battlefield.

Now I can’t even hear Balkzar’s screams. Warriors from other tribes who came to wage guerrilla warfare with him had already met death by the swords of the kingdom’s knights.

It may have been a surprise attack in its own way, but in the end it was a complete failure.

I had too much faith in my own strength.

It was no different from the foolish endings of Lu Bu and Xiang Yu that we saw on Earth.

But there is one difference.

They are godforsaken.

The point is that Balkzar was not abandoned by God.


The flame of the guardian spirit that burns the souls creates a huge pillar. The souls that were flooding in began to retreat one by one, and I also drained my mana to prevent them from suffering.

Balkzar flies as if spitting from a pillar of flame. He was already covered in blood and unconscious, but Horua’s wings were forcibly carrying him high into the sky.

A scene that shows Horua’s firm determination to save at least the Daejeon Temple.

I thought I could completely secure my victory, but Balkzar escaped.

But I didn’t think there was any need for me to join the battlefield anymore.

It must have been quite a trauma for me and I realized that I could not blindly trust in the power of Horua and my ancestors.

It was a war led by one great warrior, Balkzar.

In fact, it showed a difference in level.

The moment he cowered, it was as if this war was already over.

* * *

“Cough! Cough!”

Balkzar, who managed to escape thanks to Horua’s mercy, was receiving treatment in his barracks.

Once the treatment was over, Balkzar struggled to raise his upper body, pushing away the woman who was wiping away the blood he had vomited.

Then, as if he had been waiting for it, Shaman Shon gave a sharp reprimand.

“Didn’t I tell you so much! You shouldn’t fight him! If we took advantage of our tribesman’s mobility, we could fight without running into him! “I could have won!”

“… … .”

“Your ancestors have left you, and Horua’s power is limited! In the end, our tribe and the great forest will be eaten by the desert!”

Balkzar, looking at Chon, who is shouting that there is no future, feels tired and has a headache, as if parasites are crawling on his head.

It was my first time.

That he, who had always wanted to win, was defeated so cruelly.

Instead of swinging the spear properly at the enemy, he just got hit and ran away.

He also realized how heavy the weight of the acts of slaughter he had been carrying out until now was.

Balkzar was afraid of everything, so he didn’t even want to move anywhere, and all he wanted to do was run away.

I was on the verge of completely losing my mind. Chong sighs and brings a map.

“Really final. There are still a number of counterattacks. If you don’t break down here… … here.”


The place where Schon’s finger pointed on the map was Lovern, where the Academy was located.

“This is where his weakness lies. “If you get this, you won’t even have to fight him.”

“Haven’t all those stupid nobles already failed?”

The nobles who had been quiet in the corner of the tent flinched when they mentioned that they had completely failed to assassinate the commander and his fiancée.

After the failed assassination, three nobles whose positions became even narrower. In particular, the German Kingdom, with which it had its own relationship, had completely abandoned the three, so if the Marias failed, it would be the end of the situation.

If you continue like this, you will eventually die.

Thinking like that, noble Romerzan took a step forward and shouted.

“There is still a chance! If you just capture the Soul Master, you can win in the end! “We will definitely find out what his weaknesses are!”

There still remains a connection with an informant active in Lovern. The relationship was so fraught that it was soon cut short by this assassination.

In response to Romerzan’s words, Chon adds one more word.

“Are you going to break down here? A great warrior like you? The fight has just begun. “Don’t kneel down just because you lost once.”

“… … .”

Balkzar, who had been keeping his mouth shut, took a deep breath and clenched his fists.

He still felt like the memorial priest’s cold eyes were freezing his whole body and piercing it to pieces.

‘I am Daejeonsa.’

Since it was a position that he had no choice but to overcome, Balkzar nodded.

“Go and find his weakness. And tell me. “I will come directly with Horua’s wings.”

A firm intention not to leave it to the nobles.

With the mobility of Horua’s wings, it was an understandable decision since it would be possible to travel to and from Lovern in a short period of time.

Romerzan was rather curious about Shaman Schon’s intentions.

As far as I know, there are currently no weaknesses of Commodore Deius Verdi at Lovern Academy.

His fiancée, Erica Bright, is away on training, and so are princess Eleanor Luden Griffin and his favorite female student.

I wondered what on earth was in Lovern.

Schon pinpointed one person quite accurately.

“Now find a pregnant woman who is about 7 to 8 months old.”

“pregnant woman?”

Just listening to it already makes my head stand on end.

Does Deius Verdi have a secret mistress?

That’s all that came to Romerzan’s mind.

“That pregnant woman is the vile of the memorial service.”

Balkzar, who heard Schon’s words, told him to move quickly, so Romerzan quickly took the crystal ball out of his pocket and began contacting his henchmen in Lovern.

But at the same time, a feeling of anxiety crept into my heart.


Ignorance is usually a weakness.

‘If you touch it, doesn’t that mean you will definitely die?’

I got goosebumps.

What on earth would happen if the memorial service that made even Daejeon Temple tremble like this was truly angry?

For a moment, Romerzan felt the urge to surrender now.

Because Balkzar and Chon’s intimidation continued to weigh on him.

Romerzan could only hope as he poured mana into the crystal ball.


After touching the evil of the dragon called Memorial Temple.

May the great warrior cut off the dragon’s head before its wrath reaches him.

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