I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 122

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Chapter 122 – 122. Old colleague

Check the round clock above the entrance to the main auditorium. I don’t think the lecture went as well as I expected, but two hours have already passed.

What I was saying was that it should end now.

But would you say that personal greed takes precedence?

I didn’t want to interrupt the flow right now because I was wondering when I’d see the students so focused again.

“To summarize again, just as all humans have mana, ultimately all souls also contain mana.”

Therefore, I thought I would continue this concentration and just briefly organize it one last time and finish it.

Knowing that I am about to end the lecture, not only the students but also the professor focus on finishing the lecture.

This is the time to pick up the most important things that were said during the lecture.

“However, as I said, it is not the body that fixes the soul’s mana, but a kind of will.”

This is where the difference arises.

“That is why evil spirits often have different strengths depending on their will. Although it was expressed with the word ‘will,’ it can actually be seen as ‘resentment’ or ‘lingering regret.’”


Students were so nervous that you could hear them swallowing. It seemed like an experience they had in the first semester came to mind.

“As you have experienced, ordinary magic does not work on such beings.”

This time, the professors let out a groan and nod in agreement. I fully sympathized with them because they were trying to fight against the evil spirits that had plagued the academy several times.

“A simple fireball, a bullet of water, a bolt of lightning. “Even though they were created through mana, they are ultimately magic created for physical damage.”

on the other way.

A blue flame burning at my fingertips.

A special magic called the necromancer’s flame.

“In this way, warlocks have a way of harming things that are not tangible. but.”

The audience was shocked when I put my hand into the flame.

However, my hands only felt the heat of a sauna and did not get burned or anything.

“It’s hard to harm something tangible.”

Of course, even among the magic of warlocks, this type is very rare. In the end, you are dealing with humans. There was more magic against humans.

The necromancer’s flame is held in my hand and disappears like a scattering.

“Today, I briefly explained the background and theory. “We will start practicing next time.”

There is silence for a moment at those words.

I knew what they were worried about, so I took the plunge.

“I am a warlock, but I have no intention of teaching you black magic.”

Students were wondering what it meant. Of course, if you listen to my lecture, you probably came with your own determination, thinking that you would learn black magic.

This was not a subject that could be learned with such half-hearted determination.

Like Dante and the Dark Spirit.

It was truly possible to walk the Sado without any hesitation.

“I will teach you how to detect and respond to black magic, evil spirits, monsters, etc. I also plan to teach such beings how to protect themselves, and future lectures will also focus on that.”

That way, we won’t lose the academy as carelessly as before.

Additionally, the teachings taught to young students will spread throughout the Griffin Kingdom, allowing the kingdom, which is vulnerable to warlocks and psychic phenomena, to gradually be able to fight back on its own.

Since the evil spirit of Griffin, a warlock, created this kingdom with such a deformed structure, I, as a warlock, must maintain balance.

As I was about to end the lecture, one student raised his hand.

A lot of time had already passed, but there was no other student to bother, so I pointed at him with my hand.

“I’ll tell you.”

“I heard that the professor solved several cold cases this summer vacation.”


That was correct.

In the end, most of the unsolved cases in the Griffin Kingdom involved evil spirits or monsters.

“Then will related content also appear in class? For example, you give a lecture based on the situation at the time.”

That’s a great question, and one I’ve been thinking about because of the advice Erica gave me yesterday.

Rather than simply pouring out knowledge, it would be much more focused and exciting if I gave the lecture based on events I had experienced.

Of course, I can’t tell you about every incident out of consideration for the victims. I was thinking of choosing among the lighter ones.

“okay. “I was planning to hold the next lecture based on an actual incident.”

Then the room becomes agitated again.

If you really want to ask, does it feel like an experienced detective showing his case notebook?

I thought it would be a pretty interesting topic.

“thank you!”

The student who asked the question sits down with a satisfied smile. I held the microphone for the last time and explained.

“Finally, the student who found out about the Dark Spirit Temple can come and talk to me at any time. However, this is only one opportunity per person, so please be careful.”

Because they can come and take random pictures and eat up my time. The students didn’t react too loudly, as if they had expected that much.

“Then, I will conclude the lecture.”

I just left the auditorium.

* * *

The impact of Deius Verdi’s black magic lectures did not stop at the Lovern Academy.

Black magic has been completely denied and suppressed by the kingdom until now.

Parents were quite displeased with the fact that this was a lecture being taught to students, and the bishops of the church were also watching closely.

Thinking that he might corrupt a student at any time, I tried to attack him as soon as he did something even slightly suspicious.

Quite literally.

Deius Verdi was solely teaching us how to fight against black magic.

And that too, because he himself became a hands-on partner.




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Eleanor raises her mana and creates a green barrier to hide her entire body.

The dark spirit’s flames pouring down upon him.


Her hands were shaking and her head felt dizzy and painful, but because the dark spirit controlled her strength, Eleanor was able to block it.

“Sigh! Haha!”

Cold sweat flowing.

I’ve used a lot of magic that consumes simple mana, but this was my first time using magic that used mana and mental power at the same time.

I also had no idea that the broad concept of mental power would be so clearly established.

The response method taught by Deius was that in order to deal with thoughts, the opponent must also have the corresponding will.

“Good job, next.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Eleanor wipes her sweat and smiles brightly at Deius’ praise and stands in line again.

The next student comes forward.

“I am Leorus, a first year student.”

A boy with impressive blue hair. He was a master of the spear and later became an important tank in Aria’s party.

[Wow! I don’t want to do it anymore!]

The dark spirit who has been acting as his partner since a while ago grumbles that he doesn’t like it, but Deius doesn’t bother to reply.

In the end, the dark spirit poured out fire again.


Leorus falls backwards. Somehow, the concept of using mana and mental power at the same time was still difficult.

“Okay, next.”

In fact, Leorus was a pretty good saver. Although people like Eleanor and Aria received praise from Deius, most students did not receive any positive response.

In this way, most of the lectures are conducted through practical exercises, and in the case of theory, it is explained based on Deius’ experience.

Both were popular with students. In addition, it has already been stigmatized as a required subject in L’Obern, which was swayed by evil spirits in the first semester.


The student, unable to withstand the dark spirit’s flames again, left the room in tears.

Next turn.


The main character, Aria Rias, looks at me with a confident expression.

[…] … .]

The dark spirit’s expression turns cold. The flames poured out a little stronger towards Aria, but with more force.

Aria calmly protects herself by putting up a barrier as if nothing happened.

An appearance that seems to symbolize her strong mental strength.

“… … Good job.”


Is even this light compliment really that happy? Aria smiled brightly and turned her body around.

Aria stands in the line next to her for the next training. In front of her, her classmates who had been defeated by the dark spirit were lining up first.

“Aria, how are you so good at it?”

“Wow, this is really amazing.”

“Can you teach me later?”

“It was pretty good.”

Friends with unique yet significant looks.

Leorus, Happy, Forencia, Jin.

“… … .”

All colleagues from round 1.

As I said before, Leorus was a master of the spear and was always active in the vanguard. Since he had high-level water magic, he was also great as a barrier.

Happy was a female archer who used a bow. She was always in charge of firepower with Forencia in her rear, and she had good compatibility with Clark Republic items.

Forencia is a wizard.

He was the backbone of the party, helping the team recover and supporting Happy’s lack of firepower. If she falls, her party’s back will be cut off.

The last Jin is an assassin who wields dual weapons. He is currently pretending to be a quiet student, but his family has been active as an assassin for a very long time.

Jin was the next leader of the assassination group, but he joined the party.

He was a man with a variety of abilities, including reconnaissance, dismantling of ships, and surprise raids.

Suddenly, I remembered the time when we were talking to each other in front of the bonfire.

– Wow, it’s hard.

Leorus, the vanguard, grumbled and wiped his sweat with water magic.

– Seeing things like this makes me miss the academy.

Happy is grilling meat over a bonfire and misses his academy days.

– We are still students.

Forencia answers in a shaky tone as she prepares the meat.

– Get in there, you idiot.

Jin sighs and angrily tells Happy not to cook.

A scenery that Aria had seen many times.

A time when, after a day’s adventure, we gathered together in front of a bonfire and talked.

Of course, the most talked about story at the time was about the time I attended the academy.

This is how I came back to the academy. In the previous episode, I ended up not coming back.

Would it have been okay if I came back like this?

Aria suddenly felt a doubt.


I momentarily frown at the pain pounding through my head and take a breath.

“Why, what’s wrong Aria?”

“uh? “Do you think it hurts somewhere?”

“Shall I call the professor?”

“Take a deep breath.”

Cold sweat wets my forehead, and the other students are also worried about Aria’s sudden appearance.

Aria gritted her teeth and spoke to her former colleagues.

“Everyone go away. “Just enjoy the academy life you loved so much.”

Aria clenched her fists with fierce hostility.

You don’t need it all.

I will only protect the professor. I will never have to choose between you and the professor again.

Even if that time comes.

“I will definitely choose the professor.”

Aria suddenly turns around and walks away. I didn’t feel like being with them anymore.

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