I Became The Necromancer Of The Academy Chapter 117

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Chapter 117 – 117. Resistance

“You can’t do that, Professor.”

A clear refusal.

It was a shocking declaration that he would continue to kill others for me in the future, but when I actually heard the answer, my heart calmed down.

“I won’t say it’s for the professor’s sake.”

Aria’s clenched fists conveyed conviction in each statement she made, but it seemed like more consideration was needed as to whether it was right.

But one thing is certain.

Whether it was right or wrong, it was twisted.

“It’s for me. “I can live only if the professor is alive.”

“… … .”

“It must be really painful and difficult for the professor to dislike me. However, the professor will become stronger than anyone else and will prevent you from dying.”

Since Aria had already witnessed my death once, this remark was dripping with sincerity.

“I’m sorry for being like this. “I’m sorry you look ugly.”

Aria passes by me, opens the door, and goes out. In a moment of silence, I silently look at Duatein on the floor.

[Are you okay?]

The dark spirit asks carefully.

“It’s no big deal.”

After calling the maid and telling her to put Duatein in the warehouse, she sits down on a chair.

Maybe she had been sitting there before I came in, but Aria’s scent still lingered.

The more I thought about it, the deeper my concerns about her became.

* * *


Three days ago, Findeneye crossed the North Weden Mountains and entered the Clark Republic. Returning here after a long time, she felt only discomfort rather than nostalgia.

Is it because he came back from the Griffin Kingdom?

In addition to the overall stale air, the colors of all the buildings are gray and gloomy. Even though it is not a rainy day, the cityscape is hazy.

Also, like North Sweden, it was located in the north, so it was a bit chilly even though it was summer.

It felt different from the cold in North Sweden.

It’s a cold region to begin with, so it can’t be helped.

There was simply no heat here, so I had a strong feeling that a chill had taken its place.

“Ha, it’s a really shitty place.”

Findeneye shakes her head and adjusts the lapels of her brown coat to cover her face.

Is it because I got used to the maid uniform?

The clothes she used to wear felt strangely awkward, and for no reason it brought a strange smile to her face.

Fortunately, the location promised with the leaders of each resistance group was not far away, so we were able to arrive in three days.

If there had been an inspection along the way, time could have been tight, but fortunately we arrived on time and felt like we could go back again.

‘What is going on?’

The leader in dog breeds, Doberman.

Many resistance fighters had worked with him, and there were also many revolutionary armies that branched out from the opening numbers.

Excellent military power and cool-headed judgment. Also, brilliant leadership.

There were many who believed that when the flame of revolution burned brightly in the Clark Republic and eventually began to consume the entire republic, Doberman would be the starting point.

Finden Eye passed through the same lifeless, skinny people and entered the alley of the city.

At the end of the alley, there was a man standing in front of a door. He glanced at Findeneye, stuffed his hands into his coat pockets, and sighed.


“Shut up, if I call you, don’t ask for the password or anything, just accept the customer.”

Finden Eye walks quickly towards the member asking for the password while swearing. He gives her a dumbfounded look, but she recognizes Finden Eye, a woman who is quite famous among the revolutionary army, so he just shrugs her shoulders and gives her his way.

“Actually, there is no such thing as a password.”

Should I just take a stab at it and get started? Thinking it was the Doberman way, Findeneye went through the door.

Inside, there was a thick, pleasant smoke. Some people in Griffin would immediately frown and disgust, but in fact, it was a scene that could be seen on a daily basis in the Clark Republic.

As if there was at least a warm stove on, the stiff body melted along with the smell of oil.

The interior visible through the smoke looks like a typical bar.

Revolutionary soldiers from all over were sitting at different tables, sipping alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

It looks like they are each serving as a guard for the leaders of the Resistance.

Looking at that, Finden Eye reminds me of the scrap metal dealers I left behind. I left it behind on purpose because I was afraid I would worry, but I missed it when I couldn’t see it.

Eyes focused on Finden Eye. People who know her are cautious and roll their eyes at her for no reason, while people who don’t know her open their mouths and admire her beauty.

As I headed forward, ignoring the idiots, the large bartender raised his hand and pointed in one direction.

It was a room with a sign saying it was a private room.

It rattled.

Without hesitation, Finden Eye turned the doorknob and went inside. The smoke from the beginning of the year was heavier here than outside, but perhaps because it had been a while, I felt my nose tingling for no reason.

A round table can be seen through the smoke, and the captains of different resistance groups are sitting closely together.

There were some familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces, but Findeneye saw an empty seat and sat there.

“Hey, Findenai, it’s been a while?”

Lexi, a short-haired woman who smiles and pretends to be friendly.

Even when Lexi, the only woman here with Finden-eye, greeted me, Finden-eye immediately waved her middle finger.

“Don’t act friendly.”

“It’s cheap.”

The woman crossed her arms and grumbled that she was upset, but she could not swear or curse at the same time.

Everyone had the same goal of freedom, but the methods and reasons were different.

The Resistance was not a group that got along well with each other. Because we operate with different beliefs, reasons, and methods, we sometimes did not understand each other.



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Findeneye was always skeptical, wondering why there were so many reasons to fight for the same freedom.

The leader of the dog breed, Doberman, is the one who can bring the resistance together.

Long hair, short hair, long torn scars around the eyes, etc.

A man who may look like a soldier at first glance. The Doberman opens its mouth as it looks at the last Finden Eye that came in.

“Thank you for gathering.”

Heavy mid-bass sound.

A voice that echoes as if speaking from a cave.

“There’s no need for us to gather together and watch. “Just get to the point quickly.”

“Yes, that’s right. “I don’t know when the relief workers will come.”

At the words of the other captains, the Doberman closed his mouth for a moment as if he was holding back something and then opened it again.

“I thought so.”

The two people seemed to accept the opinion, but when they were threatened not to interfere any further, the two people who opened their mouths immediately turned down their tail.


If you don’t have the confidence to fight, shouldn’t you bark? Every minute and every second here is dangerous, so why waste time?

“You probably know that the pressure on relief workers has gradually decreased recently.”

Everyone nods slightly at those words. This was information that only Finden Eye, who had crossed over to the Griffin Kingdom, did not know.

‘Those crazy people?’

Those crazy bastards who call the Resistance a pest and a bug and come looking for them with veins in their eyes to save them have stopped their movements?

This was a matter of concern about future danger rather than safety.

And the Doberman seemed to think the same way as Findeneye.

“This is not a normal situation. “It probably means that they are preparing something so big that they won’t be able to care about us even if it’s only for a short time.”

The expressions of some idiots who were relieved that the rescue team members’ activities had decreased suddenly darkened.

Guys like that don’t last long.

Fighting for freedom in the Clark Republic was not a matter of motivation alone.

“be careful. Don’t move hastily. Also, if possible, I think it would be good to share information with each other for a while.”

Some people frowned at those words, but most seemed to welcome them, as if they had been waiting.

I don’t know what will happen, but we need cooperation, even if only for a moment, to survive the harsh hardships that will come.

“And what if one person blows it all up?”

Here, Findenai just sits on the table and crosses her legs. As if they didn’t like her attitude, some people immediately got angry and seemed ready to attack her, while others hurled a few words at her.

“Put your legs down.”

“What are you doing?”

“Findenai, do it in moderation.”

Findeneye, who heard all their chirping, scratched his ears and took a deep breath.

Sal Ari glares with blood-red eyes filled with hostility.

“If you’re going to squeak, at least pull out your sword, you f*cking bastards.”

A man who eventually responded to Findenai’s words to not bother him for no reason.

The large, plump, round-shaped man sitting right next to her immediately pulled out the sword from his waist and swung it at the bottom of Findenai’s chair.

Already before that.

A white hand grabbed the man’s collar, and Findeneye pulled the man toward her and punched him in the face.


With an exhilarating breaking sound, the nose bleeds and the teeth are pulled out.

He fainted, foaming at the mouth, and Findenai, who had caused the tragedy, patted his hands off and folded his arms again.

“so. Is that why you called me today? “Let’s hug each other and wrap ourselves up tightly in preparation for the cold spell that is coming soon?”

“… … Findenai.”

“It was crazy, really. Some of the kids here are new to me. How can I trust that? The way I saw it, even if it only lasted 5 minutes, the rescue workers would smell it and come crawling here?”

“I only called people I could trust.”


Findeneye’s heel smashes into the table. She jumps up and glares at the Doberman with her hideous blood-red eyes.

“I don’t believe you? “That Doberman does things so sloppily?”

“Findenai. Since you have gone over to the Griffin Kingdom, you have no choice but to know… … .”

“Damn, how has the Republic changed so much in just a few months? Been rolling here since I was 3 years old. “It’s perfect when you see it.”

When Findeneye took out a dagger from his pocket, it changed into the shape of an ax with a clanking sound.

As soon as she raises her weapon, the other captains also get nervous and place their hands on their weapons.

Seeing that, Findeneye grinned.

“Yes, you should be scared like that. You idiots, if you want to live, grab your weapons and get ready.”

This is because Finden Eye has always had a sense of smell that was as good as that of an animal.

“The bug extermination team has arrived.”


Respond quickly to sudden explosions coming from outside.

Rescue workers found out about this place and came to visit. Everyone looked down at the explosion and glared at the Doberman.

He shakes his head with a nonsensical expression.

“Everyone, prepare for battle.”

Even in a situation where dust was rising, the Doberman responded calmly rather than questioning who was responsible.

The wolf’s blood-red eyes pierced through the smoke and shone brightly.


A voice that resonates eerily even in chaotic situations.

Her words came out softly, as if she were whispering in my ear, as if she had performed some kind of magic.

“So you sold it?”

Findeneye immediately turned and flew towards the other female captain, Lexi.


She was so desperate that she raised her wrist to block it, but the sleeve of her clothes tore and the steel protective gear came into view.

It blocks all bullets and blades.

Items used by rescue workers.

“Did you even take the clothes and eat them?”

Finden Eye kicked Lexi in the chest, saying it was absurd. Despite being pushed back, Lexi lets out a seductive sneer.

“How did you know? “I thought we were trusted among ourselves.”

“I could see it splitting when the explosion exploded.”

Findeneye, who was growling in frustration, picked up a piece of tobacco that had been rolling on the floor due to the explosion and put it in his mouth.

Lexi, who was watching this, shrugged her shoulders and took out a dagger and a pistol.

“I’ll give you at least some time to light a fire. “Still, I like you.”


Finden Eye gives her a middle finger, saying it’s ridiculous.

“f*ck, I’m quitting smoking.”


“Who doesn’t like Republic tobacco scent?”

With those words, Findeneye immediately raised his ax and rushed towards Lexi.

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