I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 99

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#99. Ruler of Gorgon Island


At the same time as Euryale was rolling on the ground helplessly, Baekseol, who had fallen on the floor, quickly transformed and came into Damdeok’s arms.

– will!

“Oh, I’m sorry~ I’m sorry~ I didn’t throw it away on purpose.”

He put down the sword to deceive Euryale, but he must have thought that Snow White had abandoned him.

Damdeok, who soothed Baekseol, who was extremely upset, slowly approached the fallen Euryale.

“You’re sure you fainted, right?”


I tried touching his forehead with a stick.

It looked like he had clearly fainted, with his eyes turning white and foam coming out of his mouth.

“As expected, the performance of Hercules’ club is amazing?”

Damdeok swung his club with a proud look on his face.

It’s been a while since I held it, and the grip feels really good.

at that time,

“Euryale!!! medusa!!!”

The excitement was broken by Stheno’s cries coming from afar.

Sigh. When I looked up, I saw Stheno glaring at Damdeok with red-hot eyes filled with anger.

“You bastard! Get away from my brothers right now!! “Get off!!”

Stheno was acting as if he was going to attack Damdeok and kill him at any moment, but in reality, he was just struggling, blocked by Elia’s skeleton army.

“medusa!! My sister will go now!! “My sister…!!”

Stheno gritted his teeth and struck down the skeleton soldiers, but the more he did, the faster Elia’s hands became.

‘As expected, I’m no match for Elia in a one-on-one match.’

No matter how immortal you are, wouldn’t it be a bit burdensome if your opponent is a necromancer?

They produce such large quantities of skeletons.

“… “What kind of trouble are you going through without being able to die in peace?”

Damdeok really thought so.

As the number of skeleton soldiers increased, the giant snakes that Stheno wore like armor were falling off one by one, and as they did so, deeper wounds were being carved into Stheno’s body.

“You annoying things!! Aaaaa!!”

Steno struggled, blood splattering everywhere.

“you!! You cowardly little boy!! “Don’t hide behind, come here now!!”

Stheno stretched out his hand towards Elia, who was far away, but was crushed beyond recognition by the blades of the skeleton soldiers who rushed at him in an instant.

Damdeok’s expression naturally frowned.

“Not all immortal bodies are good.”

No matter how severe the wound is, it heals in a matter of seconds, so the same area can be cut again, hit again, and again… .

‘He’s really gross too.’

Elia was silently staring at Stheno, who was in pain, and was constantly assembling skeleton soldiers.

“First of all, I know that the club of Hercules works well.”

Damdeok put the club he was holding tightly on his shoulder.

“Would you like to deal with the noisy one first and then discuss what to do with the main issue?”

With Elia holding on to her so tightly, it would be a piece of cake to fly over and hit her on the head.

Once everything is quiet, then go and take Medusa’s head… .

‘Ugh. ‘Let’s think about it later.’

Damdeok cries. It was the time when I relaxed my neck.

“Ha, don’t do it!”

Medusa shouted in a weak voice.

Glancing through the mirror shield, I saw Medusa with her legs hugging and her shoulders shaking.

“Please don’t bother my sisters anymore…” Please… .”

I guess it’s shocking to see my sisters being treated so cruelly right in front of my eyes.

Medusa’s big eyes were filled with tears.

‘It’s really weak… .’

More than just pity, I felt puzzled.

‘How did such a weak monster end up becoming such a terrifying myth?’

The terrible fear that the word Medusa gave me had suddenly been replaced by nameless pity.

Damdeok, unable to hide his bitterness, quickly began creating magic daggers.

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

… … .

[ skill activated!]

All of the magic daggers that emerged were aimed at Medusa’s neck.

“Don’t do anything unnecessary and just wait patiently.”

That was when Damdeok said that and turned around.

An unknown chill came over my entire body.

Instinctively, I lifted the mirror shield and looked behind me, but fortunately, Medusa was just sobbing on the spot.

‘What is this chill…? ?’


A powerful intuition hit my head like a bullet.

‘under… !!’



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As Damdeok kicked the ground with all his might, the grass he was standing on also rose up.


Next, Elia’s slow cry was heard.

“hey!! under!!”

Steno was already reaching out from below, smiling grimly.

Damdeok quickly swung his club and knocked away Stheno’s arm.

Tooung! Quang!

“Hoo, are you avoiding this? But that’s okay. “Unlike the silver-haired kid, you’re no match for me, right~?”

Beyond my vision, I saw Elia flying straight towards me with her teeth clenched.

Skeleton soldiers were also following her like a swarm of ants.

It takes about 7 seconds for them to get here.

‘You just have to last 7 seconds.’

As if reading Damdeok’s thoughts, Steno made a disgusting joke right in front of him.

“Don’t worry. 1 second. “I could twist your neck in just one second~?”

As if making a final move, Steno rained down a storm of hair snakes at Damdeok.

Wedge! Wedge!

An attack so tight that there was no room for Hercules’ club to fit through.

Damdeok gritted his teeth and focused on Stheno’s attack.

‘Any minute now!’

Let’s just hold on for the next 5 seconds.

Then you can live.

Pee it! Pee it!

The blood started to burst and the flesh started to tear.

Meanwhile, Elia was approaching right behind Steno.

‘it’s okay… !’

That was when Damdeok clenched his fists while thinking that.


Stheno’s desperately stretched out hand tightly grasped Damdeok’s mirror shield.

“Hehehe, you must have been able to spy on Medusa with this cute shield~?”

That’s it.

A ghost power that is several times stronger than that of Euryale. It was a force that could not be twisted or shaken off.

“If you just destroy this, you will become blind~ Then you will never be able to kill Medusa~”

Skeleton soldiers rained down on the head of Stheno, who was smiling brightly.



At the same time as Stheno was buried by hundreds of skeleton soldiers,


Damdeok’s mirror shield shattered and became distorted.

“it’s over!! It’s over!! You lost!! You lost because you couldn’t cut down Medusa!! Hahahaha!!”

Stheno laughed creepyly even as he was being hacked to pieces among the skeleton soldiers.

Jump and jump.

Elia walked towards me with a grave expression.

There was no mirror shield on her arm either.

It was probably broken during the battle.

“Why did you do that?”


Elia grabbed Damdeok by the collar.

Perhaps because he was short, he couldn’t apply his strength properly.

“why!! Why didn’t you kill me!! We’re almost there… !! I was able to catch Medusa for the first time… !! why!!”

Elia scolded Damdeok with an angry face.

Damdeok couldn’t say anything.

Well, why was that?

Because Medusa is a weakling?

Because you yourself used to be that kind of weakling?

I don’t know.

Honestly, I really don’t know.

I just… .

Damdeok spoke quietly.

“… “I feel uncomfortable.”

“… what?”

Elia asked back with a puzzled look.

“I don’t know what cutting off the head of a monster that doesn’t resist is for. “If it stays like this, only discomfort will remain.”

It truly was.

If you have to cut off the heads of the weak to stop the war of the gods, if you really think it’s for the good of the world, then you… .

“under! “Don’t show me some foolish sympathy.”

Elia’s shout cut off Damdeok’s thoughts.

“Because of you, my party, which I put a lot of effort into, was completely ruined. Would you like to see where we stand?”

Elia sent several skeleton soldiers towards Medusa.

So so so so so.

Immediately, the sound of the skeleton soldiers turning into stone was heard.

No matter how many times I repeated it, it was the same.

Elia shot Damdeok a sharp voice.

“Did you see it? Now there is no way we can kill Medusa on this island. how is it? Are you feeling refreshed?!”

Damdeok didn’t respond at all.

“Didn’t you come to this part-time job because of your fear resistance? “My purpose and your purpose are now completely in vain.”

Damdeok is still speechless.

Elia sighed, rubbing her head in frustration.

‘I thought he was a pretty good guy, but he was a complete idiot!’

The main point of this part-time job announcement was to deal with the strong Gorgon sisters while the party members cut off the head of the relatively weak Medusa.

Of course, it was difficult to achieve that goal as the party members so far died immediately from the Gorgon sisters’ single attack… Damdeok was different.

‘You helped me by shooting an arrow from afar, and you even knocked out one of the Gorgon sisters yourself.’

Elia herself had never knocked out the Gorgon sisters.

If you look at the results alone, Damdeok had superior fighting skills than himself.

But like that! Stupid! As I act, I can’t help but feel upset!

‘Ha, it’s a big deal. If you don’t get Medusa’s head again this time, you’ll be very disappointed… .’

Anxiety flashed through Elia’s eyes.

It was then.

Damdeok, who had been lost in thought the whole time, began speaking.

“Do you have to be covered in Medusa’s blood to gain fear resistance?”

Elia responded with a disapproving look on her face.

“okay. A few drops won’t do it. I have to cover myself thoroughly. “The best way to do that is to cut off his head.”

Damdeok’s stern eyes were aimed straight at Elia.

“really… “Is that the only way?”

Elia’s eyes wavered for a moment.

Another method that came to her mind.

Elia hesitated for a moment and then opened his mouth.

“… Another way is to look straight into Medusa’s eyes. It’s an impossible method in the first place. “At the same time you gain fear resistance, you will turn into stone.”

“Look straight into Medusa’s eyes… .”

As Damdeok muttered that, Medusa’s sorrowful voice was heard from behind.

“Don’t do that…” please… No living thing has survived after seeing me… . I don’t want to see anyone die because of me anymore, so please! Black… Please leave this island now… .”

Her trembling voice was being transmitted through the magic dagger.

Damdeok could feel it.

‘I’m afraid… .’

Medusa is not afraid of her own death.

The deaths of countless lives turned to stone because of him… And they were afraid of the deaths of other lives that would occur in the future.

‘On the topic of monsters… .’

Damdeok thought with a bitter expression.

A way to achieve your goal without cutting down Medusa.

How to look at Medusa with your own eyes and not turn into stone.

‘There must be some way… .’

As Damdeok was thinking deeply, his eyes began to sparkle.

‘No way, if this hypothesis is correct… .’

Damdeok walked forward with great strides and swung the club of Hercules at the fallen Stheno.


Steno immediately slumped down as if he had fainted.

Damdeok squatted down in front of him and began to fidget vigorously.

Elia couldn’t understand his sudden behavior at all.

“… “What are you doing now?”

Damdeok answered without even looking at her.

“anesthesia. “Even if it’s a monster, you have to make sure it doesn’t hurt.”

“What on earth do you mean… .”

For a moment, Elia was shocked.

Damdeok was holding his hand to the eyes of Stheno, who had fainted.

“Hey, what are you doing… !”

Before Elia could finish speaking, Steno’s eyes popped out! And I got out easily.

“Whew. good.”

Damdeok stood up holding the neatly removed eye in his hand.

The recovery power was so great that Steno’s eye, which had been pulled out, was quickly being restored to its original state.

Damdeok looked at Elia with a calm face.

“But since I’m immortal, I feel much less guilty. “Let’s put an end to the fact that this guy tried to kill us.”

“… What are you doing? “Why on earth are you taking out the eyeballs of such a monster?”

Damdeok chuckled.

“Isn’t it strange? If anyone looks directly at Medusa, they will turn to stone. Even the omnipotent gods.”

“… That’s a known fact. “What does that mean?”

Damdeok laughed softly again.

“You two sisters don’t turn into stone, right?”

At that moment, a shiver ran through Elia’s body.

It was true.

When the Gorgon sisters see Medusa, they do not see her reflection as a mirror shield.

Elia’s astonished eyes slowly turned to Damdeok.

“you… no way… .”

Damdeok chuckled.

“okay. If my hypothesis is correct… .”

Damdeok poured what was in his palm into his mouth.


As soon as he swallowed, the messages appeared before Damdeok’s eyes.


[You have consumed the eye of the Gorgon!]

[The Gorgon tribe’s unique power, , has been obtained!]


My hypothesis was correct.

The eyes of the Gorgon sisters, who had spent their entire lives with Medusa, thought that it would have the same effect as an elixir, which was exactly right.

‘In fact, the eyes and internal organs of monsters are used as valuable ingredients in Hunter’s herbal medicine shop.’

Wouldn’t this be a similar context?

‘I was a little offended because the eyes were so disgusting… .’

What is good for the body is usually bitter to the mouth.

“Then shall we go?”

It was time to test the power of the newfound authority.

Elia, standing next to her, was just looking at Damdeok walking towards Medusa with his mouth open.

Jump and jump.

Damdeok continued walking without stopping.

Through the gaps where dozens of stone statues of skeleton soldiers were erected, emerald-colored hair could be seen fluttering.

Stand tall.

Damdeok’s steps soon stopped.

He looked at the magic daggers that were emitting bluish light and were aimed at Medusa’s neck.

Medusa, who was sobbing, lowered her head and cried out.

“Don’t come! please… !”

Damdeok didn’t care and moved closer.

“No! Anymore… .”

Damdeok slowly lowered his body and carefully made eye contact with Medusa, who lowered her head.

Medusa’s eyes shake violently.

“How dare you look at me… Except for my sisters, everyone turned to stone… What the hell are you… .”

As soon as I met those eyes, which were a mixture of sadness and joy, a message came to mind like a firecracker.


[I looked into Medusa’s eyes!]

[The power is activated!]

[Resist the unbearable fear!]

[Resist the unbearable fear!]

[Resist the unbearable fear!]


[You have earned the title !]

[From now on, your resistance to all fears will increase!!]

“… … .”

It was strange.

These are messages that I have longed for since coming to this island, but somehow, seeing them in person makes me feel relieved.

Damdeok slumped down on the lawn without realizing it.

I couldn’t control my body properly because of the strange feeling of relief that was spreading over me.

‘Strange… .’

Some unknown change was taking place deep within my heart.

Hades of the Underworld, Asmodeus of the Demon World, Grandmother of the Underworld, a forgotten god, and the Gorgon Sisters here… .

The countless fears they felt were disappearing as if they were being ground in a shredder.

“haha… My part-time job is really tough… .”

Looking at Damdeok laughing while sitting on the lawn, Elia was shaking her head vigorously with a completely fed up face.

“You idiot… That’s a real joke… .”


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