I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 98

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#98. A beauty hated by Athena (3)

center of the island.

Flowers in full bloom were seen around the lakeside with calm waves.

The green grass and delicious fruit trees were a bonus.

‘There is no other paradise on earth.’

Damdeok was staring blankly at the scenery in front of him.

A scenery that is completely different from the humid and gloomy forest.

Moreover, the center of the island was quiet, as if the surrounding forest was acting as a soundproof wall.

It was a completely different world, a place where only the warm sunlight and the chirping of birds could be heard.


Damdeok took a deep breath.


Not far away, a woman is taking a nap on the grass by the lake.

Since he was lying with his back turned, I couldn’t see his face, but I could recognize him at a glance.

‘medusa… .’

Even though I only saw a glimpse of my back through the mirror shield, my heart started pounding.

Is it because you’re scared?

you’re welcome.

It was because I felt uncomfortable.

‘You look like a normal person from behind.’

Unlike her previous two sisters, Medusa’s hair was light green and was not a living snake.

‘Even so, it would be a monster.’

I thought, if possible, it would be nice not to look in this direction when cutting off the head.

When I imagined that Medusa’s head would fall off and I would see it through the mirror shield, goosebumps rose up all over my body against my will.

‘It’s such a scary sight that I wonder if the Gorgon sisters will also appear in my dreams…’ .’

What does the real Medusa’s face look like?

Honestly, I wish I hadn’t seen it.

Even if it is reflected in a mirror shield.

‘Whew. Still, I have no choice but to do it.’

I’ve never had a part-time job that required this much effort.

Not only item farming, but also rigorous flight training.

You can’t give up just for this reason.

‘Close your eyes and cut with a single knife.’

Damdeok finally made up his mind and quietly approached Medusa.


The sound of stepping on young grass resonates particularly loudly.

‘It’s loud.’

As soon as I thought that, the wind blew from the front.

Thanks to the wind blowing in the opposite direction, Damdeok’s presence was completely hidden.


The grass lies down.

The sound of the trees swaying in the wind sounded like the sound of waves, and Damdeok’s steps continued straight ahead without stopping.


Medusa’s back, reflected in Damdeok’s mirror shield, became so close that I could almost touch it.

Damdeok’s eyes wavered slightly.

‘… what. When you look at it up close, it looks more like a person.’


The hair flows softly in the blowing wind.

Thanks to this, the exposed slender shoulders, the curved waist line, and the fragile legs that almost broke came into view.

‘… ‘Did I study mythology in vain?’

It is true that Medusa was beautiful at first, but that was a long time ago. She knew that Athena’s curse had turned her into a hideous monster… .

Damdeok, who was thinking deeply, shook his head vigorously.

‘There is no need to waste time. It’s a monster anyway.’

It was when Damdeok raised his sword, recalling the images of the Gorgon sisters.

Medusa, who was tossing and turning in her sleep, suddenly turned around.

Damdeok had no choice but to remain dumbfounded.

‘… … .’

White skin that reflects the sunlight.

Deep and long eyelashes.

Smooth nose, crimson lips.

And even the hair that has the color of emerald melted into it.

She wasn’t just a beauty.

Her face was so enchanting that I wondered if there were fairies with this kind of beauty.

‘This makes sense…’ ? This is what the curse looks like… ?’

Damdeok wiped the mirror shield with his sleeve and looked at it again, but the more he looked, the more clearly his beauty was reflected.

Right behind it, the sunlight sparkling on the waves created a mysterious atmosphere.

‘It’s going to turn.’

Damdeok touched his throbbing head.



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Aside from how pretty Medusa was, the energy she gave off was extremely fragile.

‘If you have this much energy, I’d believe you were just an ordinary human… .’

If I sense evil energy, I will kill it without hesitation, but to cut off the head of a living creature sleeping peacefully in the world like that.

It was a situation that would make anyone hesitate.

It was when Damdeok kept hesitating as he held his sword tightly.


With the sound of the earth shaking, the ripples on the lakeside began to sway.

‘… what?’

My gaze shifted to the temple.

The dense trees surrounding the lakeside collapsed, and a large number of skeleton soldiers and giant snakes rushed out.

Kwakwakwakwakwa!! Rumbling!!

Cloudy dust blowing.

Even though they were pushed out from the center of the forest to the lakeside, the group didn’t seem to care at all and fought in a tangled mess. I saw a familiar silhouette among them.


Elia, covered in a lot of dust, was blocking the Gorgon sisters with gritted teeth.


Stheno’s sharp fingertips crushed the skeleton soldier’s skull.

Burbubbuk! Push!

Euryale was also launching a series of frantic attacks from the side.

The two sisters’ physiques had grown strangely, and even giant snakes continued to flock around them, making it seem like Elia’s skeleton army was having a hard time.

‘I can’t believe I was pushed this far… .’

I had no idea when we were fighting inside the forest, but when we reached the lakeshore, the distance was less than 200 meters.



The Gorgon sisters cried out and stretched out their arms without hesitation towards Elia’s heart. A dangerous situation continued to unfold.

‘I need to help you first.’

That was when Damdeok made that decision.

“… Haaam~ I slept well.”

I almost looked away from the ecstatic tone.

Damdeok gathered his wits and raised his mirror shield.

Medusa woke up and was looking at herself with big eyes.

‘If you look directly into those eyes, you’ll turn into stone?’

Well, it wasn’t something I could pray for.

“Don’t move.”

The pure white blade was aimed precisely at Medusa’s neck. Even if I had to cut his throat later, I had to make sure he couldn’t escape.


Medusa, startled by the sudden voice, trembled and looked pitiful.

Judging from the unsteady look in his eyes, it seemed like he was probably trying to figure out my location through sampling.

“W-who are you doing this…” Help me… .”

‘Please help me’ followed by a scream… .

If you look at it again, it’s still the same.

Medusa’s energy was very weak compared to the two Gorgon sisters.

‘It seems like my combat skills are terrible.’

Well, it would have been recorded in myth that he was killed by a human hero called Perseus.

Damdeok gritted his teeth and made Medusa sit on his right side.

“If you take even one step from now on, your head will be blown off.”

“Sobbing… Black… Help me… .”

Looking at Medusa’s tears reflected in the mirror shield, Damdeok says, “Tsk!” She clicked her tongue.

I feel bad.

I felt like a vicious villain.

“don’t cry.”

“Well… “Sniff.”

Damdeok, who was looking at the obedient monster, Medusa, with uneasy eyes, heard the roar again and hurriedly lowered his shield and looked towards Elia.

“Kahahahahah!! die!! die!!”

Stheno, with giant snakes wrapped all over his body, stretched out his arms like cannons. My physique seems to be bigger than before.

Skeleton soldiers jumped in front of Elia like moths to protect her.

Bubbuk!! Bubbuk!!

Skulls that shatter into pieces as soon as they are touched by Stheno’s cannon-like fist.

“… “Get up!”

Although the skeleton soldiers were constantly being regenerated by Elia’s touch, it was very unsettling.

If there was even a moment of opportunity, Steno was ready to cut through the skeleton soldiers and blow off Elia’s head.

“what are you doing! Cut it down quickly!”

Elia glanced towards Damdeok and shouted.

Medusa trembled at the direct way of speaking.

“I told you to cut it down quickly!!”

Elia shouted as if overcome by evil, but Damdeok only held his sword tightly.

‘I can’t cut it.’

No one can cut down with this kind of uncomfortable feeling.

It felt very different from the enemies he had cut down so far.


“… it’s okay. “It’s up to me to cut off her head.”

“What are you talking about, you idiot…?” Seed!”

Elia swallowed his words urgently.

Following Stheno, Euryale also began attacking with giant snakes wrapped around her body.

Elia’s hands become busy.

The mounds of dirt rose and collapsed, and new skeleton soldiers were created and destroyed repeatedly.

“Don’t move from that spot. “I definitely warned you.”

Instead of withdrawing the sword aimed at Medusa’s neck, Damdeok stepped on the edge of her dress.

“Baekseol. A runway.”

The pure white sword instantly transformed into a magnificent bow.

‘We must help Elia while preventing Medusa from escaping.’

After a long time, it was time to show off the shooting talent I learned from Apollo.


He quickly attached an arrow made of magic to the bowstring and pulled it.

ping! Piyung!

Bright arrows flew fiercely through the air.

Pick! Peep! Pick!

You got it right.

It was true, but… .

Damdeok lowered his arm holding the bow with a shit-chewing look on his face.

‘Not even a drop of blood will come out… .’

The Gorgon sisters, who were wrapped around giant snakes like armor, were not hit by thin arrows.

It seemed like he didn’t even know that the arrow had come and hit him.

‘I need a slightly thicker arrow.’

Damdeok added magical power to create a thicker arrow and fired it.

ping! Piyung!

Pick! Peep!

‘Not yet. A little thicker!’

Piyung! Peeing!

Peep! Pick!

‘little bit more… !’

Arrows that gradually grew larger continued to fly toward the Gorgon sisters.

After repeating this a few times, the sound of the wind cutting became quite heavy.

Shoo! Shuak!

puck! Pow!

The Gorgon sisters began to look closely.

The thick arrow started to bother me.

‘Great! One last time… !’

Damdeok concentrated as much magical power as he could and made an arrow.

I thought that if it was this big, it would be able to pierce even the hard part of the neck.



An unexpected problem occurred.

The arrow was too big to be caught on the bowstring.

“Is this really the limit for a bow?”

Since I mainly used a sword, it was difficult to take advantage of my shooting talent.

This was when Damdeok put down his bow with a disappointed look in his eyes.

[ skill has been created!]

“horsepower… dagger?”

An F-grade skill was created.

If you look at the rating alone, it is the lowest. It was a level of skill that Damdeok, who had two SSS levels, would not be very impressed with.

“It’s a magic dagger… .”

However, Damdeok, looking at the magic dagger floating in his hand, suddenly sparkles! His eyes lit up.

“If this happens… !”

Damdeok began making several daggers using all his remaining magical power.

[ skill activated!]

[ skill activated!]

… … .

[ skill activated!]

10 daggers floating around.

Damdeok could feel it right away.

These magic daggers are connected to one’s body as one.

It was a similar logic to how Baekseol could be handled with only will, not words or actions.

The corners of Damdeok’s mouth quirked up.

“You must have shooting talent… “It’s not only effective with a bow, right?”

Damdeok’s eyes sparkled.

The floating magical daggers flew towards their targets as fiercely as if they were alive.

Burbubbuk! Plop! puck!



Daggers were instantly embedded in the neck, arms, torso, and head. The Gorgon sisters screamed in horror.

Elia, who had been fighting with her teeth clenched her teeth, looked at Damdeok in surprise at the sudden situation.

“Wow, it was good. “Did you catch me?”

Before he knew it, Damdeok was surrounded by magic daggers.

“That kind of rat… !! Oh my! “You take care of that guy!”

“Oh, I understand. sister!”

The embarrassed Gorgon sisters finally turned their gaze to Damdeok.

Elia blocked Stheno, and Euryale glared at Damdeok and spread her mud-colored wings.

“One-on-one? It’s good.”

As soon as Damdeok said that, Euryale came flying like a bullet.

“medusa!! I can’t handle even one guy like this! “Can’t you get up quickly?!”

Medusa began to whimper again at the rumbling sound.

Damdeok didn’t care and immediately created magic daggers.

Wedge! Wedge!

The magic daggers created were fiercely extended towards Euryale, who was quickly flying this way.


Euryale threw away all the daggers and began to attack mercilessly.

Not knowing where Damdeok is, he attacks recklessly in the direction from which the magic dagger is flying.

“Hide tight, I’ll show your hair~”

“Hide tight, I’ll show your hair~”

Attacks pouring in here and there as if it were a game,


In the end, the transparent helmet was pierced and it flew backwards.



This was when Euryale’s disgusting face came within a stone’s throw.

Damdeok quickly swung the sword in his hand.


Three or four hair snakes were cut off. But that’s it, the hair snakes regenerate right away.

The same was true for other parts.

Arms, legs, torso, face, neck, etc. No matter how many magic daggers were driven into her, Euryale’s body returned to normal after only 3 to 5 seconds.

‘Fucking immortal body.’

Wow. Euryale smiled grimly while looking at Damdeok grinding his teeth.

“Are you upset? No matter how high the gods are, they cannot kill us Gorgons. Especially if it’s a stupid god like you!”

Euryale began to attack as if she had made up her mind.

Kwaang!! Kwakwaang!!

It was an attack that used force alone without any technique.

Damdeok dodged the attack and swung his sword even faster.

Wow! Sigh!

Blood splattered and flesh fell off, but it quickly healed after 4 seconds.

“it hurts!! It hurts!! Hahahaha!!”

Euryale laughed madly and held Damdeok’s right hand tightly with both hands.


“No matter how hard you struggle, what do you think? Should I break the wrist bone itself like this~?”


The force was so strong that the hand that was being held did not move.

Damdeok, with a stiff face, spoke quietly.

“Put this aside.”

“You don’t like it~? You’re nothing without a sword, right~? “Ebebe~”

Damdeok, with a very proud face, grinned.

“I can’t do anything without a sword?”

“Why~? Are you going to make small daggers and throw them again? “That doesn’t even tickle, so try as much as you want~”

Despite Euryale’s sarcastic remarks, Damdeok’s expression did not change at all.

I just relaxed my grip and slowly let go of the sword.


The sword fell to the floor helplessly.

A puzzlement appeared in Euryale’s eyes.

“what? Are you surrendering? It’s weaker than it looks… .”

It was just a moment.

The moment Euryale reached down with her left hand to pick up Damdeok’s sword that had fallen,


With a strong bursting sound, Euryale’s eyes turned white.

“… “Wow!!!”

Damdeok muttered as he watched her slowly falling down with a single scream.

“There are so many things to swing besides a sword.”

As Damdeok said that, the club of Hercules was tightly held in his left hand.

The corners of his mouth turned up with a grin.

“Come on. “Is this your first time with the Club of Hercules?”


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