I Became a Part-time Employee For Gods Chapter 97

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#97. A beauty hated by Athena (2)

“what… ?”

Before Damdeok could react, a clattering sound was heard from behind.

The monster’s barely attached neck was moving convulsively.

“What~ What is this~? It’s been a while since I’m bleeding! Ah, this really feels like~”

The monster’s neck, which had been shaking, clattered and reattached itself in an instant.

“… the best!”

The image of a monster laughing so hard that its mouth would tear apart.

Even though he only saw it through a mirror shield, Damdeok felt fear as if his blood was rushing.

At that moment, the monster attacked right away.

Damdeok quickly threw himself away and rolled to the side.

Quang! Ujijik!

A large snake stretched out from the monster’s arm and completely crushed the place where Damdeok was standing.

“Hmm~ Did you avoid it? “Wasn’t it over there?”

The monster began to roll its bulging eyes and look for traces of Damdeok.

Hundreds of hair snakes hissing at the same time! A threat was made towards Damdeok.

Damdeok flinched for a moment, but he was trying his best not to show his presence.

‘Thanks to the invisibility helmet, I don’t know exactly where I am.’

Although the monster was looking at us closely, its gaze processing was unstable.

There was a very high possibility that the previous attack was probably done by intuition.

‘If I can’t see… .’

Although it may be scary, there is nothing to worry about.

Even if the opponent is immortal.

Damdeok’s feet carefully moved back.

‘I said the monster that was sleeping face down on the rock earlier was the firstborn… .’

The monster in front of me was most likely the second one.

Euryale, the second eldest of the Gorgon sisters.

In mythology, it was a monster nicknamed “the one who jumps far.”

‘… That’s why I was able to keep up with the wind sprint skill.’

For some reason, I wondered how a monster that had neither power nor the system of the gods could follow the Wind Rush skill.

The sound of laughter that followed closely behind me came to mind and made me shiver.

‘… Huh, this won’t go up unless your fear resistance goes up.’

Damdeok wiped the sweat from his forehead.

I felt strong confidence.

I am confident that if I complete this task safely, I will not be shaken by any fear in the future.

‘Let’s not do anything useless and quickly cut down Medusa first.’

There is no benefit in fighting an immortal body.

That was when Damdeok thought that and took a step back.

Another voice came from beyond the bushes ahead.

“Why are you so loud? “It’s been a while since I had a good night’s sleep.”

Damdeok’s body stopped again.

A monster yawning and coquettishly walking out of the bushes.

It was Stheno, the eldest son of the Gorgon sisters, who was sleeping face down on the rock earlier.

‘What, why are you crawling out again…? !’

Damdeok’s fist clenched of its own accord.

I don’t know if it’s just one.

Will I be able to get out of here against the two Gorgon sisters? ?

Because of the all-out attack just now, his spiritual power was already at its lowest point.

‘Fortunately, I still have mana left… .’

I had to be careful.

If I use up everything here, the battle with Medusa will be in vain.

‘Elia, what on earth is this damn kid doing…? !’

No matter how much he used his Wind Rush skill with all his might, he hasn’t shown up yet. It wasn’t that far.

‘no way… It’s not like he got splashed alone… ?’

Damdeok’s eyes, as he held the sword, began to shake uneasily.

“Huh~ What are you doing making so much noise, Euri? “Don’t you know that I’m paying a lot of attention to skin care these days?”

First, Stheno was scolded, and second, Euryale waved her hand.

“Don’t be so carefree, sister. “There’s an intruder?”


For a moment, Steno’s eyes sparkled.

“Ah~ Who could possibly come in here without fear?”

Steno’s eyes were shining like those of a large anaconda as he looked around while saying that.

[The status abnormality falls into ‘fear’!]

It’s starting again.

Big, creepy eyes, wriggling snake hair, lumpy skin and protruding tusks.

The eldest and second Gorgon sisters were exactly like twins.

At this point, I was even afraid to imagine how terrible the youngest Medusa would look.

‘Because those two look like they haven’t been cursed… .’



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What about Medusa, who has a cursed appearance that turns you into stone if you make eye contact with her?

“It’s true, sister! That stupid guy cut off my head! “You cut it off?!”

“Hmm~ Really? “I can’t forgive you for bullying my little brother.”

As Euryale was making fun of her sister, Stheno started humming and snapping his fingers as if it was fun.

Ta-dak! Perfect! Ta-dak!

Snakes gather in an instant to the rhythm of the sound.

Sssss. Self.

The smallest one was well over 2 meters long.

“My cute babies~ Let’s sleep~ We can find intruders at once, right~?”

Hiss! Whoosh!

Giant snakes are closing in on the siege from all directions.

The Gorgon sisters were leisurely walking to the spot where the guys passed by on their stomachs.

Damdeok, who was hesitantly backing away, was touched by a thick bush.

‘shit… .’

The moment you run away through the bushes,

You will definitely get caught.

Sssss. Self.

The snakes came right in front of us.

The terrible faces of the Gorgon sisters were just as close.


Stheno took a big sip right in front of Damdeok.

Her eyes flashed frantically.


Shhh! Shhh! Shhh shush!!

At the same time, all the snakes crawling on the ground rushed at Damdeok.

Damdeok also swung his sword with his eyes flashing.

There was no longer any place to retreat.

Whether it’s porridge or rice, there’s no choice but to fight… !


The black flame that spewed out from Damdeok’s sword began to burn everywhere.

Then, he pounded the heads of the snakes that were charging at him with his ice-covered fists and feet! It exploded.

A battle fought solely with pure mana.

It was Damdeok’s unique fighting method that utilized Bingryong’s enormous mana to maximize his raw talent.


Every time the sword was swung, dozens of snakes writhed in black flames.

Ting! Teeing! Tidding!

The snakes that continued to dig into the gaps and rush at him also often failed to pierce the skin of the lion of Hercules and bounced off.

The corners of Steno’s mouth, who had been watching while circling, gradually lowered.

“… “Is it pretty?”

The snakes of her hair, which had been fluttering happily, hung down.

Damdeok’s eyes turned sharply to her.

Damdeok was swinging his sword and fist at the charging snakes, while keeping an eye on the Gorgon sisters.

Even if you look at it, the atmosphere is unusual.

There will definitely be a big attack.

Euryale, who was standing next to him, began to giggle.

“Do you know what my sister’s name means?”

What do you know about that?

Damdeok did not respond.

He was simply refining the circle aura created near his heart to make it as strong as possible.

Kiiing! Keying!

The mana wrapped around the ring thickly, piling up in layers.

‘It explodes all at once.’

Then, no matter what attack comes, you will be able to cancel it out at least once.

It was the only defense he could do now.

At the same time Damdeok bit his lips tightly,

Euryale grinned mischievously.

“My sister’s name is Steno. “She means ‘strong woman.’”


With a loud roar, Stheno’s falling hair began to rise high into the sky.

The hair snakes, which were at most the size of an ordinary rattlesnake, suddenly grew huge and began to flutter like a hydra from hell.

‘That’s crazy… !’

It is so huge that it blocks all the sunlight shining from behind.

As I looked at the giant snakes swarming in the air, I felt dizzy.

‘It’s an immortal monster after all…’ .’

The life that came out was different.

Damdeok had a hunch.

The first and last blow will come right now.

“The excitement ends here.”

Stheno’s voice was somber.

The giant snakes all raised their heads towards Damdeok, licking their tongues.


“Kyahahahaha. “It’s been a while since I had meat~ It’s been a while since I had meat~”

With Euryale humming, the snakes rushed at Damdeok like arrows.

At the same time, a message appears before my eyes.

[Elia: Ready. I’ll go.]

“Elia, you crazy… ! “If you want to come, please come quickly!!”

Damdeok screamed and jumped towards the charging giant snakes.

Can you beat them?


But what can I do?

In a situation like this, it’s either death or nothing.

I was used to it.

Since I was born with no talent, the world has always been a challenge for me.


This was when Damdeok exploded all the mana in his heart and jumped into the snakes’ jaws.


Suddenly, my vision seemed to darken, and a huge amount of dirt came pouring down from above at once.

“what… ! town… !!”

The snakes’ wide-open mouths were filled with dirt, and dirt poured into Damdeok’s eyes, nose, mouth, and all of his orifices.

It was an instant.

Everything was covered in darkness, and the whole world was clogged with dirt.

It felt similar to when I was hit by an avalanche in Niflheim.

A situation where you cannot perceive the space itself whether you are lying down, sitting, standing, or upside down.

Damdeok reached out to dig up the dirt and quickly retrieved it.

‘If you stir it around for no reason and get stabbed by the fangs… .’

It goes straight to the goal.

Since there was no way to know what was buried everywhere, it was much better to stay still for now.

‘… Still, thanks to you, we defended well.’

I already felt it when I rushed in.

If I had fought back, it would have taken several months to recover.

It was then.

suddenly. Someone’s hand appeared and snatched Damdeok’s back.

A body soaring upward.

In an instant, my vision brightened and a familiar face appeared.

“Cough! Pfft! hey… you!!”


She was staring at Damdeok with an expressionless face.

“you… ! “What on earth are you doing and showing up now?!”

“I made some preparations. “I really want to cut down Medusa this time.”

Damdeok looked around at the end of her dry words.

I was speechless.

A completely new terrain had been created before my eyes.

‘This little guy… ‘Did you pour dirt all over this area?’

It was as if the wasteland seen in a western movie had been cut and pasted together.

Not only Stheno, but also Euryale and the surrounding snakes, no, everything that existed in this area was buried under a huge pile of dirt.

‘This guy is also quite a crazy god… .’

Damdeok glanced at Elia and thought so.

Surely, with this method, even an immortal would have no choice.

I know this because I experienced it during an avalanche.

If you get buried like this, it will take a long time to get out.

However, that thought was crushed by a single word from Elia, who was looking at the pile of dirt.

“The Gorgon sisters are not such easy opponents. “It will probably break through the dirt in less than 5 minutes.”

5 minutes… .

Damdeok’s face suddenly darkened.

Is it possible to get out of here and cut down Medusa in 5 minutes?

That couldn’t have been possible.

Even while I was thinking like this, a minute had already passed.

“I was expecting to deal with the Gorgon sisters anyway. Because it’s always been like that. And all the other party members died before I even got there.”

“… … .”

Elia glanced at Damdeok.

“You’re not dead. So now, let’s divide up the roles. “I will take charge of this place, and you go to catch Medusa.”

“Are you alone? “The opponents are immortal monsters.”

“I know that much.”

Elia responded dryly, stretching out her clasped hands in front of her.

‘Anyway, confidence… But what are you trying to do all of a sudden? ?’

Damdeok looked at her curiously.

Her straight silver hair was gently swaying in the wind.

“… “Get up.”

Elia’s calm voice.


Suddenly, I thought I felt a vibration, and then a huge pile of dirt began to wriggle simultaneously.


Damdeok couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Clap. Ttuduk. Clap. Ttuduk.

White skeleton soldiers were standing up on top of the dirt that covered the area.

“… What are you. Was he a necromancer?”

Damdeok’s eyes widened for a moment.

This little guy, it seems that simply throwing up dirt wasn’t all he was capable of.

“go. “There is nothing to worry about here.”

Elia’s will seemed firm.

“Medusa’s head is mine according to the contract, so don’t touch it. To get the fear resistance you want, all you have to do is soak yourself in Medusa blood. Of course, you have to be careful not to make eye contact even then.”

Uncharacteristically for Elia, a fairly detailed explanation followed.

Damdeok grinned as he looked at the army of skeleton soldiers lined up in pure white.

“Wow, it’s killing me.”

“… “Do you even say things like that in situations like this?”

“why? Let’s just enjoy what we’re doing~”

Elia quietly looked at Damdeok, who was giggling.

‘He’s a really strange guy.’

Well, how about anything?

Elia, it didn’t matter what happened as long as she could get Medusa’s head.

‘If I stop the Gorgon sisters here… .’

The rest was a matter for party member Damdeok to handle.

I’ve always died without being able to do one simple task properly, but this time, it felt good for some reason.

‘He’s pretty strong for an intermediate god.’

His will was also extraordinary.

I had a strong feeling of success.

“… “Why aren’t you going?”

When Elia urged Damdeok, he immediately raised his hand and said he understood.

“okay. Let’s divide up the roles, right? Well then, good luck. “Necromancer.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Yes, necromancer~”

“… … .”

Elia silently watched Damdeok’s back as he walked towards the lakeside, waving his hand.

‘Medusa is much weaker than the Gorgon sisters, so cutting her down won’t be much of a problem.’

Is it finally possible to complete the mission?

It wasn’t an easy time at all.

That was when Elia let out a small sigh.


Stheno and Euryale flew up through the dirt that exploded in the middle. The mud-colored wings were spread out on the backs of the two monsters.

Elia, who saw that, muttered in a whisper.

“charge. from now on.”


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